Beyond Good and Evil 2 sends spaceship as a sign of life

It’s been around four years since Ubisoft announced Beyond Good and Evil 2. Now there is a new sign of life – in the form of a spaceship.

A trailer last gave insights into Beyond Good and Evil 2 in 2018.

the essentials in brief

  • With Beyond Good and Evil 2, Ubisoft announced a successor to the 2003 title in 2017.
  • However, there hasn’t been much news about the game since that announcement.
  • With a spaceship, the game is now giving another sign of life.

Ubisoft has been working on the space shooter Beyond Good and Evil 2 for some time now. The title was first advertised around four years ago. However, an actual release of the game still seems to be in the distant future. Now there is at least one more sign of life.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 lands with spaceship

In keeping with the setting of the upcoming game, the game with a spaceship seems to be announced. On the Dutch and Belgian Twitter account, Ubisoft showed exciting pictures of “World UFO Day” last Friday. You can see a spacecraft breaking out of the clouds over the cities of Ghent and Amsterdam.

Only a hashtag points to Beyond Good and Evil 2, there is no further information.

How far the title is in development or when a release can be expected remains a mystery. With these new posts, it is at least clear that Ubisoft has not yet forgotten the game.

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superior technology, are they really among us? – Free Daily

Caterina Maniaci

The first lights of stars are already shining in the night sky. They palpitate winking, but remain fixed up there. Suddenly a light appears that moves very fast, following an extravagant parable, ending up in the water of the sea. It cannot be a plane, it is not a drone, the speed is unimaginable. What is that? This is a UFO, an unidentified flying object – and attention, unidentified does not necessarily mean alien. There are thousands of these videos, they have been accumulating for decades, thanks to private citizens but also to military pilots. For the first time, official US government sources have admitted that the question exists, is open and there are no explanations attributable to recognized land activities. With the consequent happiness of the followers of the “creed” of ufologists all over the world, the redemption of decades of humiliation and mockery.

Ufo, finally public the Pentagon document.  Delta variant, what we know so far, about Liberotg

Videos on this topic

The expected report from the Pentagon and intelligence, released last Friday, does not offer definitive conclusions, so some have called it “disappointing”, but in reality it does not rule out “alien activity”, leaving the door open to new theories on extraterrestrials. . What is the summary of the report? The 143 episodes recorded since 2004, out of a total of 144, remain unexplained. Of these 21 could be traced back to trials by Russia, China or other countries that may have achieved hypersonic technology. In essence, this technology, which the American military leaders admit they do not know, is not attributable to usual terrestrial parameters. And at this point, new, mysterious and fascinating scenarios open up: who could have achieved the ability to create “flying objects” at speeds unknown in our civilization? Could the Chinese, or the Russians, or the Indians, in great secrecy, really have created this, without ever leaking any news?

Some of the sightings detailed in the report date back to about twenty years ago and it is objectively difficult to imagine that at the time they could have developed such advanced technologies compared to the US. The officials, however, agree on one fact: the ambiguity of the phenomena detected does not exclude that the military pilots who observed them may have come into visual contact with non-terrestrial objects. Particularly perplexing the experts are some characteristics of the observed objects, especially their ability to accelerate, in addition to the sudden changes of direction, which seem to defy the laws of physics, and their ability to immerse themselves in water and disappear. According to the report, there is no concrete evidence that the recorded incidents relate to US secret military programs, Russian or Chinese unknown technology or extraterrestrial visits. But even in the absence of evidence, the report states, these are explanations that cannot be completely dismissed. With this report, even if it does not present exhaustive conclusions, for the first time the American government admits the existence of such phenomena.

Are aliens watching us?  The proof in this American study: here are the 29 inhabited planets from which they spy on us

“There are no clear indications that there is a non-terrestrial explanation to justify them, but we will go where the data will take us,” Pentagon officials explained. Skeptics turn up their noses and dismiss the question, and yet some doubts should arise even in those who believe in aliens only in the film version. Yes, the cinema, the radio: the first to convey and to increase the enormous interest in aliens, from the USA all over the world. Since the time of Orson Welles, with his radio drama “The War of the Worlds”, which in 1938 threw listeners into panic and then the great season of science fiction that dangerously crossed with reality, with stories born around super-secret activities of the famous Area 51 in Nevada. Even the Vatican amazed everyone with openings on the existence of extraterrestrials. During the pontificate of Pope Ratzinger, Jesuit astronomers reiterated the possibility that they exist, especially with the statements of Father Funes, director of the Vatican Observatory. And with the famous astrobiology conference organized in the Vatican in 2009, repeated in Tucson (Arizona) in 2014.

I fell in love with an alien.  This woman?  Kidnapped and carried away by a UFO: the story that upsets England


Pentagon expert – UFOs could have switched off US nuclear missiles *** BILDplus content *** – News

Secret service report is supposed to bring the truth to light

Foto: picture alliance / Photo12/Ann Ronan Picture Librar

The whole world is eagerly awaiting the UFO intelligence report, which is due to be published on Friday (June 25). New details are already emerging. The suspicion: atomic bombs are said to have lured the aliens to earth!

Read with BILDplus what US experts say …


Pentagon UFO report: first look at the files worries MPs – foreign policy

The UFO hype is taking hold of US politics!

On June 25th, the Pentagon publishes its UFO report. Some MPs now got a glimpse – all top secret. The first details are still there.

“UFOs could pose a threat to America’s national security,” said MP Sean Maloney (54) after a briefing in Congress about the UFO report.

120 sightings of missiles of the unknown type are said to have been analyzed in the report. Verified military videos show how UFOs, often in the form of a “tic-tac”, whiz through the air with inexplicable flight maneuvers – and were seen particularly often near military installations and warships.

The whole world is eagerly waiting for details and possible explanations. However, the US media had recently revealed at least one central passage: According to the report, there would be no clear evidence that aliens jet around here. But: There wouldn’t be any to be able to exclude it …

Members of the House of Representatives have now been given a first look at the report by the FBI and the Navy in a tap-proof complex, the Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF).

Many were generally concerned after reading the book – but without revealing any details. “Obviously something is going on here that we cannot deal with,” warned Republican Tim Burchett (56).

The people’s representatives are all members of the House Permanent Select Committee on Counterterrorism for whom the briefing was held.

The tenor in the round: The data on “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena” (UAF), as the military calls UFOs, must be taken seriously: “We have to find out what we are dealing with,” Maloney told the New York Post. .

And: “There are legitimate questions about the safety of our staff, our operations and our sensitive activities – and we all see that there is a proliferation of unknown technologies out there.”

You have to understand space “a little better,” he said.

The UFO bundle should be available to the congress by next Friday – parts of it will be made public

The “UAP Task Force” within the Pentagon must present the UFO convolute to Congress by next Friday at the latest: There should be a de-classified version that can be made public – and a secret long version that remains top secret.

Many of the MPs were cryptic after the first review of the bundled findings of dozens of analysts from the military, the FBI and the US intelligence services: “I have learned things that were certainly new to me,” said the Democrat Adam Schiff. But not all congressmen were so alarmed: “That doesn’t necessarily tear me off my pedestal,” said the Democrat Peter Welch.

Previously published videos had caused the greatest UFO excitement since the rumors of an alien crash in Roswell (New Mexico) in the fifties or the revelations of Bob Lazar (62) in the late eighties – who claimed to be in the secret military installation “Area 51 “tests with alien spaceships ran – led:

► In pictures from 2004, for example, a UFO is racing over the surface of the sea;

► In a video published in April, numerous triangular UAPs can be seen near a US aircraft carrier;

► In May, images of an oval flying object appeared near a warship off the coast of San Diego.

The “whistleblower” Luis Elizondo, who had once evaluated UFO sightings within the Pentagon, recently also warned of a “serious threat”: There had been incidents in the USA “in which these UAPs intervened and actually put our nuclear capabilities out of order he recently told the Washington Post.

After reading the UFO report, Burchett is almost certain that this is not Russian or Chinese technology: “If the Russians had such UFO technologies, they would have cashed us,” he said: “If all of this is correct , it has to be something that comes from outside of our galaxy … ”

Not a photo, but an illustration. Could alien ships look like this?Foto: Getty Images/Science Photo Library RF

Elizondo was last in the same horn! You see a technology here that would go far beyond the next generation, said the expert: “Something that could be between 50 and 1000 years ahead of us.”

No wonder that in view of these evaluations by politicians and experts to be taken seriously, the tension during the countdown to the publication of the report is now increasing daily: A true “UFO week” in US politics is imminent.


A photographer filmed two UFOs speeding across the sky

Photographer and filmmaker James Cawley was filming the sunset in the Moab area of ​​Utah, with a drone, when they appeared on the screen of UFOs (see video below) that crossed the sky at supersonic speed.

With the release this month of the highly anticipated US government report on UFOs, the buzz surrounding them is at an all-time high. While the initial findings in the report do not say that these unexplained sightings are of extraterrestrial origin, the government has not ruled out the possibility either.

“The most obvious assumption would be that it was bugs or birds“Cawley told PetaPixel.

With a drone he was filming the sunset in the desert of Utah, United States, when the two objects appeared in the sky (Video capture).

“I have seen many of them fly against the light in this way over the years. What made me question these objects was speed. Since I had a neutral density filter activated and my drone was less than 60 meters above me when I saw them go by, I turned to see them fly over the horizon behind me and they were shining like metal. “

The theories

Netizens have offered other ideas, such as a bullet or a racing drone. A bullet seems almost impossible as the average bullet travels over 2,000 kilometers per hour, it would be too fast for a camera to capture. While Cawley cannot rule out the other possibilities either, there is one thing that does not fit this hypothesis.

“I did not hear anything”, He says. “It was pretty quiet out there, as it usually is in the remote parts of Moab. If they were bullets, he should have heard a gunshot echo through the rocks. If they were drones, most likely I would have heard them humming since they were less than 60 meters above me. “

Photographer and filmmaker James Cawley was filming the sunset in the Moab area of ​​Utah, with a drone, when two UFOs appeared on the screen (see video above) (Video capture).

Photographer and filmmaker James Cawley was filming the sunset in the Moab area of ​​Utah, with a drone, when two UFOs appeared on the screen (see video above) (Video capture).

Cawley told PetaPixel That this isn’t the first strange thing you’ve seen in this remote Utah desert area.

“As a producer and director of a creative agency working closely with Utah Tourism, I have posted other strange things on my account. Instagram before. The desert is a strange and unique place, that’s one of the reasons why I love it so much. I’ve been to the peaks on summer nights where you can see the stars move due to the heat distortions in the canyons below creating a magnifying effect, “he says.

I’ve seen meteorites explode, leaving a mysterious cloud of green dust. The only other “inexplicable” thing I came across was when I was working on a video project and went into the desert to capture a night time lapse of an old windmill. About half my time span, something very bright flew slowly over me without making a sound, “he remembers.

"I turned to see them fly over the horizon behind me and they shone like metal" (Video capture).

“I turned to see them fly over the horizon behind me and they shone like metal” (Video capture).

“I was glad when I started editing and noticed that it appeared in the frames I captured. At first, I assumed it was a low-flying plane, but there was no sound. I felt more confused after realizing how slow it must have been, since it took me a couple of seconds to cross the frame and I was taking 30-second exposures. “

Regardless of what the correct answer is, bugs, bullets, drones, or aliens, this video shows what perfectly fits the definition of UFOs – these really are UFOs.

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UFO sighting: CIA document occupied, pilots have been observing aliens since 1953 *** BILDplus content *** – News abroad

Ex-head of the secret service: It’s not the Russians or the Chinese

Photo: CIA, JE / AP

After the sensational unveiling videos and hundreds of sightings by Navy pilots, the US secret services must disclose what they know about UFOs in a report by June 25 (BILD reported).

Or maybe they are not UFOs? Because: Another theory of the secret services: the UFOS could be advanced technology of the Russians or the Chinese!

And what the former ex-secret service chief John Ratcliff says about the phenomena, read more with BILDplus.


UFO Sighting Keeps Pentagon Concerned

An official US report concluded that there is no evidence that UFOs exist but acknowledged that it is difficult to explain the mysterious phenomena observed by military pilots, media reported on Friday.

The Armed Forces and intelligence found no evidence that unidentified flying objects (UFOs) sighted by military pilots were extraterrestrial spacecraft, said that report, according to The New York Times newspaper and other media.

But the report also does not explain dozens of phenomena and incidents, some filmed by pilots, so the existence of aliens cannot be absolutely ruled out.

The New York Times, which cites unidentified senior officials, said the report finds that the majority of about 120 incidents in the past 20 years have nothing to do with the unknown or with US military secrets or government technology.

They are also not related to objects such as research balloons that, for some, would be behind the reports.

Consequently the report does not explain, for example, what US Navy pilots saw when they filmed objects traveling at near hypersonic speeds, spinning and mysteriously disappearing.

The amount of what the Pentagon calls “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena” (UAP) is serious data when US adversaries, such as Russia or China, could be using unknown and highly advanced surveillance technologies.

“We take all incursions into our operational spaces very seriously,” Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said Friday.

“They could have to do with security or national security concerns,” he said, referring to the UAP reports.

The investigation was requested last year and the result will be forwarded to Congress by the end of this month by the national intelligence director.

The main report may be disclosed but will have attachments that will be kept secret.

The report, The Washington Post said, “will not offer firm conclusions about what objects … they could be.”

Interest in the possibility of highly intelligent extraterrestrial life was sparked after the Pentagon released videos last year in which pilots expressed their amazement at unknown objects that were moving quickly.

Added to that were comments from senior officials with access to intelligence reports, including former President Barack Obama, and a report from the CBS 60 Minutes program in which the pilots were questioned about what they had seen.

“The truth is … that there are films and records of objects in the sky that we do not know exactly what they are,” Obama said on May 17 on a television program.

“There are a lot of sightings that have been made public,” John Ratcliffe, intelligence director for eight months under Donald Trump, told Fox News in March.

“There are times when we don’t have good explanations for many things that have been seen,” he said.

Luis Elizondo, who worked on the Pentagon investigation into UAPs and urges disclosure of what is known, said that much of what is seen suggests extremely advanced technology unknown to humans.

“If the information in The New York Times is correct, the objects seen by pilots around the world are far more advanced than any other ground technology known to our intelligence services,” Elizondo said on Twitter on Friday.

“It is time to release the full report, videos and data of what we have seen at the Pentagon,” he added.