Mother saves child from being kidnapped in broad daylight in New York

New York police arrested this Saturday a man who tried to kidnap a five-year-old boy in broad daylight in the neighborhood of Queens, New York.

The case became famous for the action of the child’s mother. With visible courage, Dolores Díaz López did everything to prevent the man from taking her son, having managed to avoid the worst. On social media, images have gone viral.

The suspect was identified by authorities as 24-year-old James McGonagle, who has been charged with attempted kidnapping, among other crimes.

The detention was based on images circulating on social networks, where Dolores Díaz López with her three children can be seen, around 20:00 local time (00:00 in mainland Portugal).

Suddenly, a man gets out of a car and rushes to take one of the children, putting her in the back of the car where he was going.

The five-year-old’s mother and two brothers managed to grab him through the window, pulling him out of the vehicle before James McGonagle managed to pull away.

To the media, Dolores Díaz López explained that she was on her way to work with her husband, father of the children, when her son Jacob was grabbed by the suspect.

About the heroic act, he has no doubts: “It was necessary to do whatever was necessary, however it was”.


10 and 16-year-old brothers die in an accident on Via do Infante

A search of a light vehicle caused two deaths and three serious injuries, at the end of the afternoon, on highway 22, in Loulé, in the Algarve.

The vehicle with five occupants, all from the same family, was heading towards Faro-Albufeira when it lost its way, collided with a road sign and jumped over the curb.

The car ended up falling several meters high, on a secondary road that lies under the A22.

The fatal victims are two brothers: a 16-year-old boy and a 10-year-old girl.


Parents abandon daughter on a desert island for being “too rebellious”

A 13-year-old girl was abandoned by her parents on a desert island in Shandong province, China, because she was “too rebel”. According to the parents, the teenager refused to go to school and stayed in her room all day.

Tired of their daughter’s bad behavior, the parents decided to teach her a lesson about the difficulties and adversities of life, forcing her to survive in adverse conditions. According to the teenager, she only had a few cookies and water on the island to eat.

The young woman was rescued two days later by fishermen who were passing through the area. The workers called the police, who immediately went to the aid of the girl. When the authorities arrived, the girl told them that “I couldn’t take it anymore” live on cookies and water, reports the newspaper China Press.

The parents ended up taking their daughter home.

The island is located one kilometer off the coast of Rushan city and has been deserted for many years. It has no running water or electricity.


Parachute failed, but man managed to cheat death and survive the 4,000 meter drop

A paratrooper ‘cheated’ death after surviving a fall of 4,000 meters. The British military fell on a kitchen roof in the city of Atascadero, in the United States, after the parachute did not fully open during a training exercise.

According to local police, the accident took place in the late afternoon of July 6, and the soldier was transported to hospital with only minor injuries.

The paratrooper was disoriented but conscious, described some pain, but had no visible serious injuries. The occupants of the residence were not at home at the time of the fall and, therefore, no more injuries were recorded”, wrote the police of Atascadero, on the social network Facebook.

Authorities said the parachute failed and did not fully open at the end of maneuvers during training at Camp Roberts base. It is also said that this was the only incident recorded, with all other paratroopers landing safely.

Speaking to a local television, several neighbors said they saw the parachutist fall and immediately went to see if he was okay.

I ran to see if he was okay and if he had his eyes open, but I wasn’t sure if he was hurt. I didn’t want anyone to move it”, says Rose Martin to KSBY.

For me it’s a miracle. Who falls like that without a parachute and survives?”, he added.

Linda Sallady, the mother of the owner of the house where the soldier fell, was surprised that there was no more damage: “It went through the roof and there isn’t that much damage to the house. It’s amazing.”.

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It was secured to a place with duct tape after trying to open an airplane door in mid-flight

Passengers on American Airlines Flight 1774 did not win the scare last week after a woman lost control. The plane made a two-hour connection between Dallas and Fort Worth, in the United States, carrying 190 passengers on board.

Elizabeth LaClair was sitting in the second row, making the journey home, and she told the Washignton Post all the stress experienced. The woman realized that something wasn’t right when she heard someone in the back row say that they didn’t want the plane to go higher.

She seemed disconnected and very strange”, said the passenger, who reports a clear lack of control on the part of the woman.

The passenger started to get more agitated and to make a lot of noise, while the man beside her, together with the crew, tried to control the situation, but without effect.

Suddenly, the woman left her place and went to one of the aircraft’s doors, trying to open it in mid-flight.

The hosts eventually managed to take her down without anything bad happening, ending up holding her wrists and feet for the rest of the flight.

One of the passengers filmed the woman tied to a chair at the exit of the flight, in a video where it can be seen that the agitation was still going on.

Despite being controlled, the woman’s agitation did not end there, and Elizabeth LaClair says that the rest of the flight was made with erratic and violent behavior, through several kicks.

Faced with the woman’s insistence on devious behavior, the crew ended up tying her with duct tape.

The incident was confirmed by the airline, which added that the woman even bit a host.

The lady was dominated until the flight landed and was forwarded to the authorities. We are grateful to our crew for their professionalism and quick action to protect everyone on board”, referiu a American Airlines.


Worker dies run over by cylinder during road works

A 20-year-old worker died when he was run over by a road machine (cylinder), this Monday, in the locality of Teixoso, in the municipality of Covilhã, sources from the GNR and Civil Protection told the Lusa agency.

According to the District Command of Relief Operations (CDOS) of Castelo Branco, the accident occurred around 16:28.

The commander of the GNR Territorial Detachment of Covilhã, David Canarias, said that the victim is 20 years old and that it is a worker who was carrying out work on the road (TCT axis), near Teixoso.

According to him, the circumstances of the occurrence are still unknown.

Death was declared on the spot.

The Covilhã Fire Department, the Covilhã Emergency and Reanimation Vehicle (VMER) team and the GNR were present at the site, in a total of six operational and three vehicles.


Owner takes dog in emotional farewell before partner dies of cancer

Ten-year-old Monty and his owner, Carlos Fresco, have always loved hiking in hills and mountains. When the animal was diagnosed with cancer for the second time, Carlos knew he would have to say goodbye to his companion.

I knew Monty was dying because the cancer had come back, expressed Carlos, quoted by the Metro newspaper.

The dog had been diagnosed 18 months ago and responded well to chemotherapy. However, the leukemia returned and weakened him very quickly. At that time, the owner knew he needed to give Monty one last hike to his favorite mountain in the Brecon Beacons National Park in South Wales.

To climb to the peak of Pen y Fano Mountain, Carlos had to push the dog with a wheelbarrow. During the tour, many visitors were moved and wanted to help the dog climb the mountain.

The people, who were strangers, were very kind and asked if they could help push Monty on his last trip. Many even shed a tear for our four-legged friend’, confessed the owner.

Monty ended up dying on June 21st, but the owner was left with a sense of accomplishment.

Monty died, at the age of ten, at the foot of my bed. The little one endured Father’s Day and is now at peace. I would like to thank all the wonderful people we met in Brecon for their kindness and friendliness. He was truly a special guy. good night little friend”, thanked Carlos Fresco.


Italian dies beaten by 600 people with sticks and stones in Honduras

A man of Italian nationality was beaten to death in Honduras, the Central American country’s Security Secretariat confirmed.

The homicide allegedly took place in the Los Mangos neighborhood, in the city of Santa Ana de Yusguare, after 600 armed people invaded the home of Giorgio Scanu, considered responsible for the death of a resident of that locality.

The victim ended up being beaten to death using sticks and stones, and the mafia even set fire to the house and vehicle.

The police tried to intervene to prevent the attackers from reaching the man, but the call to order was not heeded, and Giorgio Scanu ended up dying in hospital.

The director general of the Honduran police, Orbin Galo, said that a team of investigators will be set up to find out what exactly happened.

Violence in Honduras results in a daily average of 10 to 11 homicides, according to local authorities, who attribute much of the crime to organized crime and drug trafficking gangs and groups.


Woman gets out of the car and tries to drive alligator away from the highway

“A normal day in Louisiana” is how Kelsey Mercantel described the moment when a woman tried to drive an alligator off a highway in the United States of America.

According to The State newspaper, the animal refused to leave, until a man approached with a piece of wood and managed to push it away.

Kelsey recorded the moment on video and shared it on her TikTok page. The publication has been seen more than 2 million times and in it you can read comments like “good way to lose a foot” and “dangerous game”.

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries has pointed out that it is illegal and dangerous to keep or handle alligators or crocodiles and that people should not try to move them, even if they appear on highways.

Later, Kelsey made a new video where he explains that this kind of thing happens frequently in the city of Louisiana and that no one in the video was trying to harm the animal.


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GNR military attacks young man and says covid-19 no longer exists

The GNR is going to institute disciplinary proceedings against a soldier from that corporation who was filmed attacking a young man with a slap in the face in Fânzeres, Gondomar, in the Porto district, revealed the General Command.

The Guarda Nacional Republicana does not accept this type of behavior, which is why the respective disciplinary process will be instituted to investigate the facts and circumstances that led to such acts”, says the corporation’s General Command in response to a request for clarification from the Lusa agency.

In the recording, broadcast on social networks, it is also clear that one of the agents claims that covid-19 no longer exists and that it works without a mask.

The disciplinary process is open, according to the GNR, “not only due to the type of approach to the citizen, but also due to the lack of use of personal protective equipment, in disregard of the internal rules in force in matters related to covid-19”.

The facts reflected in the video, admits the General Command, “will concern the performance of a GNR patrol during the dawn of the 4th of July, from the Fânzeres post”.