Pop legend Michael Jackson looked more like “a person” to Frauke Ludowig


July 18, 2021 – 11:14 am Clock

“Unforgettable moment” for Frauke Ludowig

If you think of Michael Jackson († 50), you have a huge stage show in mind and mega hits in your ear. But how was the “King of Pop” actually away from the big stage? RTL presenter Frauke Ludowig (57) met him at the time as part of the “Tribute to Bambi” foundation and chatted out exciting details about the “unforgettable moment” for her on “Exclusiv – The Podcast”.

The “King of Pop” was hardly to be felt

Not many have been lucky enough to meet pop legend Michael Jackson in person in the past – Frauke did. In the “Exclusiv” podcast with Bella Lesnik, she remembers that the “King of Pop” handshake wasn’t exactly the strongest. In the second episode of “Exclusiv – The Podcast” you can now hear why the great Michael Jackson looked more like a delicate “little person” to Frauke.

Guardianship drama about Britney Spears

But not only Michael Jackson is mentioned in the second podcast issue. The “Free Britney” trial surrounding pop singer Britney Spears (39) is also an issue. How did “Exclusiv” reporter and USA correspondent Dominik Maur experience the guardianship drama? We’ll also reveal that on “Exclusiv – The Podcast”. (sleep)

In the video: Britney Spears makes serious allegations against her father

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Again and again on Sundays: Stefan Mross seriously – “bad pictures”

“Always on Sundays” (ARD): Stefan Mross with serious words – “very, very bad pictures”

Every Sunday: 3 facts that you don’t yet know about Stefan Mross

Every Sunday: 3 facts that you don’t yet know about Stefan Mross

Stefan Mross has been moderating “Always again on Sundays” since 2005. Here are three facts you didn’t know about the trumpeter and singer.

show description

It is the start of the Schlager Sunday: The ARD-Show „Everytime on Sundays” With Stefan Mross spreads a good mood for many fans even at the breakfast table.

But this Sunday everything was different – “Everytime on Sundays“-Moderator Stefan Mross did not come, as usual, singing and happy on the stage in the Europapark Rust. Instead, you saw the pop star unusually serious.

“Always on Sundays”: ARD broadcast with an unexpected beginning

Parts of Germany are still fighting the effects of the floods of the last few days, many people have died or are still missing. That also lets “Everytime on Sundays“-Star Stefan Mross not cold.


This is ‘Always on Sundays’:

  • “Always again on Sundays” has been broadcast on ARD since 1995
  • First the show was moderated by Max Schautzer – followed by Sebastan Deyle and, since 2005, Stefan Mross
  • The name “Always Sunday again” alludes to the song of the same name by Cindy and Bert
  • Stars from the pop and folk music scene are guests on the show
  • Helene Fischer and Florian Silbereisen have also performed with Stefan Mross


The 45-year-old does not start the sixth edition in 2021 as usual – singing with the classic “Immer wieder Sundays” by Cindy and Bert – but with a serious expression.

“Usually we start our show very differently. But we are like you – we saw very, very bad pictures and many of you have experienced bad things, ”explains the moderator directly. “Dear citizens in North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate, meanwhile also in parts of Bavaria, Saxony, Austria – you are not alone,” said Stefan Mross sympathetically.

+++ “Always on Sundays” star Stefan Mross: wife Anna-Carina speaks plain language – “It’s difficult” +++

“Always again on Sundays” (ARD): Action from hit guests causes criticism

Then he makes it clear: “We want to show you that we are with you.” That applies to him, host Stefan Mross and “to all of my guests” who have already gathered around the moderator.

Then Stefanie Hertel’s ex-husband starts a song of encouragement (“Hand in Hand”), supported by his wife Anna-Carina Woitschak and the guests around Bernhard Brink, Olaf Berger, Tamara Kapeller and many others. The data of a donation account are shown again and again.


More on “Always again on Sundays” (ARD):


However, the special gesture does not go down well with all “Always Sunday again” viewers. On Twitter there is a hail of criticism under the corresponding hashtag: “Oh wonderful. The Schlager do-gooders are back at the start. Perfect world. Save the song and just donate without raising it, ”commented a user on the campaign. Another writes: “With the song for the flood victims, the topic is ticked off and you can go back to the ideal world of hit music.”

The counterpart to “Always again on Sundays”, the ZDF “TV Garden”, takes place regularly on this Sunday – but without YOU. You can read here which popular singer canceled her performance at short notice.


FLOOD DISASTERS in NRW and Rhineland-Palatinate: Disaster control in the KRITIK – WELT news channel

  1. FLOOD DISASTER in NRW and Rhineland-Palatinate: Disaster control in the KRITIKWORLD news channel
  2. Countless people still missing: More than 140 dead after the flood disaster in GermanySmall newspaper
  3. Flood devastated retiree’s apartment: 60 years of memory destroyedPICTURE
  4. Floods in North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate: Dramatic photos from the airPICTURE
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Current CORONA NUMBERS: 1,292 new COVID-19 infections – incidence in Germany at 10 – WELT news channel

  1. Current CORONA NUMBERS: 1,292 new COVID-19 infections – incidence in Germany at 10WORLD news channel
  2. RKI: Incidence value in Germany rises to over 10STERN.de
  3. The seven-day incidence remains at a low levelSouthgerman newspaper
  4. Incidence rises to 10.0: Altmaier rules out a new lockdownDaily mirror
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Zenit – Lokomotiv: review of the Super Cup match – Zenit Football Club

  1. Zenit – Lokomotiv: review of the match for the Super CupZenit Football Club
  2. Kiryakov does not see Zenit’s competitors in Russianews.Sportbox.ru
  3. Ex-footballer – about RPL: ​​Zenit always comes first, others play for the restGazeta.Ru
  4. Kiryakov – about Zenit: “One team is fighting for the 1st place, the rest are playing the next”Sport24.ru – online sports news in Russia and the world
  5. Zenit showed Malcolm’s emotions after winning the Super Bowl (video)news.Sportbox.ru
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Rafael is Fernanda’s new pawn! Enjoy HERE the chapter of ‘La Desalmada’ | The soulless

Fernanda takes advantage of Rafael to put him to milk cows. You have to see it!

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In chapter 10 of

“The Heartless”,


“I will be your employer”,

‘Rafael’ offers to work at the Nuevo Amanecer ranch in order to get the Maharaja back, but when he gets to his first day of work, ‘Fernanda’ puts him to work as a laborer!

In addition, ‘Octavio’ takes revenge against ‘Guzmán’ for having beaten his son.

If you missed it, enjoy it here:


Enter the official site of

“The Heartless”

and enjoy everything we have prepared for you.


The embassy in Austria warned the Russians about the threat // Look

Floods remain in Europe, and Russians are asked to be careful when visiting Austria.

The Russian embassy in Austria is calling for vigilance and caution amid warnings about the threat of floods in some regions of the country, the Russia 24 TV channel reported.

The Austrian Disaster Management Service has issued a flood warning, and a storm warning has been issued for most federal states. The rivers Salzach, Inn, Enns and Steyr are at risk of flooding, the embassy said on social media. It is clarified that the tense situation will continue until the end of Sunday.


GZSZ star Chryssanthi Kavazi reveals in the podcast: Drama is her supreme discipline!


July 18, 2021 – 11:01 am Clock

At GZSZ Felix doesn’t want to see Laura anymore

At GZSZ, Laura’s (Chryssanthi Kavazi) life is currently in ruins. After her perfidious baby lie is exposed, Felix (Thaddäus Meilinger) turns away from her and Laura loses almost everything that was once important to her. In a new episode of the GZSZ podcast, Chryssanthi talked about this topic and exclusively reveals to us which drink she really sipped on for the drunken scene of role Laura and why drama is one of her supreme disciplines.

Click here to listen to the full GZSZ podcast episode.

Chryssanthi Kavazi: “I was born with it!”

Yes, the exposed web of lies in Chryssanthi’s role Laura can really be described as a real drama and this is exactly the topic the actress is fully involved in. In the podcast, she reveals: “My supreme discipline is drama. I come from near a Greek city called drama. That’s probably why it was laid on my couch.” And what is the supreme discipline of colleague Felix van Deventer (plays Jonas Seefeld)? Just so different from Chryssanthi. Felix ‘sees his strengths in the field of comedy. His GZSZ colleague can only confirm that: “I sometimes have to laugh too, although I don’t want to and I always ask myself: Is that a play or is it coincidental?”

Once started, Chryssanthi will reveal another secret. Because for the scene in which her role Laura is completely drunk in the hotel room with a bottle of “Ouzo”, instead of alcoholic schnapps, water with lemon concentrate was simply mixed into the bottle. Chryssanthi tasted it so good that she didn’t mind emptying almost the whole bottle.

Chryssanthi Kavazi and Felix van Deventer reveal more about the current story of their roles and how GZSZ is still tricked when it comes to drinks.

GZSZ – The official podcast

The “Good Times, Bad Times” podcast – every Friday at 8:15 pm on AUDIO NOW. The stars of the series look back on the episodes of the past week, talk about particularly emotional and challenging scenes and, as fans of their own series, analyze the characters and stories of GZSZ.

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MERKEL at BIDEN: Germany and the USA are “close friends” – WELT news broadcaster

  1. MERKEL at BIDEN: Germany and the USA are “close friends”WORLD news channel
  2. Nord Stream 2: Security expert Ischinger criticizes Angela Merkelt-online
  3. Merkel and Biden emphasize German-American partnershipnachrichten.at
  4. Biden promises to review entry restrictions for Europeansdoes
  5. Chancellor on trip to the USA: “Angela Merkel has offended Joe Biden”t-online
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Flood disaster in NRW: WDR justifies criticized crisis reporting

Critics accuse the largest ARD broadcaster of not having adequately informed the citizens of NRW about the heavy rain. The WDR admits deficits – and the news boss is now taking a position.

Photo series with 46 pictures

When the tide comes, it will be too late. Masses of water pave their way, engulfing cars, houses and people. In the severely affected areas in North Rhine-Westphalia, such as the 350,000-inhabitant city of Wuppertal, sirens warned residents of the flood that overflowed its banks.

But the media are also essential for warning notices. Radio, television, Internet: the largest broadcaster in the region, WDR, is represented on all of these channels. Here t-online informs you about all ongoing developments of the flood disaster. But on Thursday the public broadcaster was heavily criticized for its sometimes low coverage in the night from Wednesday to Thursday. There was talk of “failure to provide assistance” and “total failure”, t-online summarized the voices – and already received a statement from the WDR.

Stefan Brandenburg, head of the WDR newsroom, has now also commented extensively on the criticism in an interview with the media magazine “DWDL”.

Stefan Brandenburg: The WDR newsroom boss is available to answer questions after the severely criticized storm reporting. (Source: WDR / Linda Meiers)

This is how the journalist formulates the remarkable sentence: “In hindsight, you are always smarter.” And especially with a view to the radio coverage in the dramatic hours, he admits: “Of course, considering the extent of the night, one should have decided that WDR 2 should withdraw from the ARD night service and make its own special.”

As early as Thursday, a WDR spokeswoman, when asked by t-online, admitted that the reporting from Wuppertal in particular was insufficient: “We share the assessment that WDR should have reported more extensively from Wuppertal”. According to the broadcaster, the flood itself was to blame, as “the WDR studio there itself was so badly affected by the storm” that it “could no longer broadcast itself” after 3:00 am.

Personnel capacities are reaching their limits

According to Brandenburg, certain failings were also due to the “capacities”. Although the situation was foreseeable worsening, the WDR was not adequately staffed to be able to cover all crisis regions with reporters.

This critical self-reflection is also noteworthy because allegations were made against the WDR as early as 2014. At that time, weather expert Jörg Kachelmann, among others, blamed the broadcaster for people losing their lives due to a lack of information. When asked about this, the newsroom boss of the WDR gives in and says: “Everything is still better. But we were with reporters all night: inside and updated and reported every 15 or 30 minutes”. The focus was on “prime time”, which is one of the reasons why little was reported at night. Brandenburg makes it clear: “In the past 48 hours, the WDR was on duty with over 100 reporters at 108 locations.”

The WDR is the largest broadcaster in the ARD community. Every day, a total of over 4,200 employees work at different locations in North Rhine-Westphalia for television, radio and internet offers – and that’s just the permanent employees. Freelance reporters are not yet included in this list.