The hidden face of TikTok on France 2

All touched by TikTok!

Thursday January 14 at 10:55 p.m., on France 2

TikTok, network of Chinese giant ByteDance, has conquered the world in four years. “Survey add-on” explores the many facets of this application which has already been downloaded over 2 billion times. Users post short videos of sketches and dances, which are then often imitated by their subscribers.

→ MAINTENANCE. Should we be afraid of TikTok, the favorite app for teens?

What makes TikTok addicting is its algorithm, a well-kept secret that journalists here try to dissect with the help of a hacker. The network analyzes the type of content to which each user pays the most attention, to seduce them and then keep it as long as possible on the platform. The report reveals that the algorithm would censor what it considers “negative”, in particular by reducing the visibility of videos of people with disabilities, or having for example birthmarks, supposed to harm the pleasant image of the platform.

TikTok, a diplomatic issue

Half of French college students are already seduced: never has a social network aroused the enthusiasm of such a young audience, which has become the target of the application. Thus, although registrations are theoretically reserved for over 13s, the platform does not delete the accounts of the youngest, exposing them to vulgar content and sometimes very suggestive choreography.

But other users are trying to make the network a political tool to alert in particular to the condition of Uyghurs in China. These videos were quickly censored, so that the application was accused by the United States of being in the pay of the Beijing government. The Chinese network is also suspected of eagerly spying on the data of its users … “Further investigation” tries to make the difference by pointing out that if TikTok is greedy for our personal information, its American alter egos, Facebook and Instagram, have nothing to envy him in the matter.


“France Info Junior”, behind the scenes of information verification

France Info agency was born five years ago. Unique in France, this internal news agency made up of 17 journalists checks and validates information from franceinfo and all the channels of the Radio France group. The project was born after the terrorist attacks Charlie Hebdo, in a desire to centralize information and avoid the publication of contradictory information.

Radio France now has its news agency

On the occasion of this anniversary, “Hi Info” the podcast ofAstrapi (2) and franceinfo, offers children aged 7 to 11 a behind-the-scenes look at the agency. In order to answer their questions as faithfully as possible, Estelle Faure, journalist in charge of the program, questioned them directly in the classes. “They are curious about the profession of journalist and ask lots of questions about the way we work” she rejoices. The podcast deciphers journalists’ information verification work. Estelle Cognacq, director of the France info agency, also tells who the sources of the information are, and how the agency gives the green light to the publication of an article.

All the work of the report

Highlighting the work of the France Info agency helps young people to sort through the mass of information they hear on a daily basis and to distinguish fake news. “Children can sometimes get lost in the information jungle. We suggest that they learn to look for information, verify it and cross-reference sources ” details Estelle Faure.

This episode is part of the will of “Hi Info” to introduce children to all the stages of a journalist’s work, as Estelle Faure explains, “ Before a minute of reporting, there is a lot of work to go back to the right source of the information, and verify it before publishing it ”.


On Arte, Eric Clapton, the prodigious guitar

« Clapton is God », had written a fan on a London wall forging the excessive nickname of a gifted artist. The British guitarist, born in 1945, himself keeps the thread of this story of his flamboyant and heartbreaking life, without masking his fatigue, the wear and tear of his voice. The finesse portrait of a difficult, egocentric and arrogant personality, marked by dramas and transcended by a demanding, primordial artistic passion.

The blues “soothe his pain”

From this “life in blues” we can remember the traumas: a teenage mother who rejects him, a dive into drugs, a beloved son who died at 4 years old when he fell from a skyscraper … “Music saved my life”, says Eric Clapton. Child, he has a “Revelation” on hearing Muddy Waters. “This music soothed my pain”. Become “Addicted to the blues”, he trains alone on his first guitar, playing over his records day and night.

→ CRITICAL. Eric Clapton, up and down and across

He forges his virtuoso playing in hard work, open to all influences. He wants to play like BB King, sound like the Indian oboe of Bismillah Khan, the harmonica of Little Walter, the blues of John Mayall, find harmonies worthy of the Beatles, become the equal of George Harrison, whose wife he courted. Patti who inspires him Layla…

When his prodigious guitar is heard, when the artists with whom Clapton played, those he admired, those he betrayed, parade the film becomes fascinating. Roger Waters of Pink Floyd salutes “A revolutionary sound”, Bob Dylan listens intently, Muddy Waters laughs at “White people who know how to play ten times more chords than me, but who will never have the voice”, Aretha Franklin offered him a session, Jimi Hendrix dubbed him, the Beatles invited him to the White Album, BB King paid homage to him… The legend of the guitar hero is on the move.


TV series, six nice surprises to start the year

The promise

TV series, six nice surprises to start the year

The spectacular storm that ravaged the Landes in 1999 forms the backdrop to this six-part series written by Anne Landois. This “Natural and intimate devastation” inspired the screenwriter, who worked ten years on Gears (Canal +), a dark story of kidnappings of young girls. Olivier Marchal plays a battered cop, whose personal life has been devastated by an unresolved investigation.

→ CRITICAL. New cogs for “Engrenages”

Years later, a new disappearance and the tenacity of a policewoman (Sofia Essaïdi) will reshuffle the cards. Two eras, two strong personalities for a classic thriller, but one that has some surprises in store.

Salto, since mid-December, and TF1, from January 7.

The Little Murders of Agatha Christie

TV series, six nice surprises to start the year

After seven years of good and loyal service, Avril, Marlène and Laurence bowed out last October. The collection of Small Murders continues nevertheless with new colorful characters and a feminist fiber exacerbated by the 1970s.

Leather trench coat and blouse with a pelle-à-tart collar, Annie Gréco (Émilie Gavois-Kahn who, for once, takes on a role worthy of her talent) takes the reins of the Lille police station, determined not to let yourself be walked on the pumps.

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As Max Beretta (Arthur Dupont), hothead with the easy trigger, gives him a hard time, she sends him to consult a young shrink (Chloé Chaudoye). This ill-assorted trio will have to collaborate to solve new investigations, always inspired by the novels of the queen of crime.

France 2, end of January.

In therapy

TV series, six nice surprises to start the year

What is going on in a psychoanalyst’s office? What special relationship unites the therapist with his patient? These questions are at the heart of Olivier Nakache and Eric Toledano’s adaptation of the Israeli series. Betipul, which sixteen countries have already seized (such as the United States with the remarkable In Treatment, worn by Gabriel Byrne).

Freeing itself from its model, the ambitious French version – 35 episodes of 26 minutes – is set in 2015, the day after the attacks of November 13, which open up intimate gaps in each character.

In the closed room of the cabinet, alternately refuge and place of tension, verbal games give pride of place to the intense play of the actors: Mélanie Thierry, on edge as a surgeon close to burnout, Reda Kateb as a police officer under the shock of his intervention in the concert hall, Céleste Brunnquell as an unstable teenager, Clémence Poésy and Pio Marmaï in the midst of a marital crisis, not to mention Carole Bouquet and Philippe Dayan, very convincing as shrinks with divergent practices.

Arte, from February 4.

►The Good Lord Bird

TV series, six nice surprises to start the year

Humor, raw violence and many nods to the western. Here are the main ingredients of this fresco on America on the eve of the Civil War, whose staging recalls the cinema of Quentin Tarantino.

Inspired by the eponymous novel by James McBride, awarded the prestigious National Book Award, Ethan Hawke paints a portrait of a controversial historical figure: John Brown who, in the name of the Christian faith, crisscrossed the southern United States with a ragged army to free the slaves of the plantations in blood, beheading several landowners in the process. Between illuminated logorrhea and touching generosity, his performance, full of fervor and fury, impresses.

Canal +, from January 7.

►Mare of Easttown

TV series, six nice surprises to start the year

Ten years after his memorable role in Mildred Pierce, which had earned her an Emmy Award, Kate Winslet returns to the small screen with this mini-series created by Brad Ingelsby (The Infernos of Wrath) and directed by Gavin O’Connor (Jane Got a Gun, The Americans).

The actress plays the inspector of a town in Pennsylvania investigating a murder. Beyond the detective story, the series focuses on Mare’s whimsical and sharp personality and her personal setbacks at the heart of a dysfunctional family.

OCS, first semester 2021.


TV series, six nice surprises to start the year

Accused of stealing a precious necklace that belonged to Queen Marie-Antoinette, the father of Assane Diop, a driver of Senegalese origin, was sent to prison, where he died shortly after. Twenty-five years later, Assane intends to redress this injustice by stealing the jewel, found by its owner in troubled circumstances. Fan of Arsène Lupine, he is inspired by his methods… This family series, which revisits the novels of Maurice Leblanc, brings together a prestigious cast, from Omar Sy to Clotilde Hesme and Nicole Garcia.

Netflix, January 8.


For the end of the year, six podcasts, treasures of sound emotions

1 – Generous

We are at home !, Binge Audio

For the end of the year, six podcasts, treasures of sound emotions

If it sometimes lacks delicacy, this podcast from studio Binge Audio is not stingy with benevolence. Carried by the journalist and actress Sophie-Marie Larrouy, who baptized it with a slight impertinence, the project is simple but necessary: ​​to travel through France and to interfere, for a few hours, in the homes of those in who never holds the microphone. There, between the discussions on rain, good weather, memories and projects, deep and existential questions slip in.

Each episode thus unfolds a story: the reality of a nurse from Hérault, the aspirations of a couple from Alsace or the daily life of a Jura herbalist who, when put end to end, draw the France of ‘today. These ten twenty-minute episodes are so many moving conversations – interspersed, raw, with some aside comments – which offer a generous journey into the France of the anonymous.

Available on, Spotify, Apple podcasts …

2 – Tolerant

Passages, Louie Media

For the end of the year, six podcasts, treasures of sound emotions

There is never only one version of the story: sometimes you just need to move the cursor – that of time, space, age or sensitivity – for the tale of the same event is transformed. Every other Wednesday, the “Passages” podcast takes hold of a memory, be it of friendship, family, war or love, and lets each of its actors tell it in their own way. This score in several voices plunges us, thanks to a careful narration and a refined aesthetic, in the meanders of subjectivity.

→ READ. The new podcast El Dorado

There is, for example, a delicate chronicle of childhood delivered by Marina and her two deaf parents, Suzanne and Tarek, of which she was also the main interpreter. In this new series, launched in October by Charlotte Pudlowski and Maureen Wilson, the Louie Media studio reminds us of the benefits of tolerance towards others.

Sur, SoundCloud, Apple podcasts,…

3 – Decisive

Profiles, Radio Art

For the end of the year, six podcasts, treasures of sound emotions

At the microphone, Leslie recounts how she discovered, following a DNA test, that her father was in fact her godfather, who was once her mother’s lover. Roisin, she returns on the day when she understood how the poetry of rock could be comforting, while fleeing the blows of her big brother. Gaël, finally, traces the thirteen and only days of existence of his son Roman, born prematurely and suffering from esophageal atresia.

These three stories have in common neither the plot, nor the place, nor the time. Not even the format. But they are, for sure, those strong emotional moments, those which turn an existence upside down. This is enough to link the slices of life gathered in the “Profiles” collection, proposed by Arte Radio and nourished by nuggets. Their whispered secrets, their delicate writing or their ideal soundtrack awaken in us, each time, a discreet empathy which allows us to recognize ourselves in these extraordinary stories.

Sur, Apple podcasts…

4 – Magnetic

In dangerous hollows …, Wow !

For the end of the year, six podcasts, treasures of sound emotions

It is a sonic gem that we do not come out of unscathed. In the dangerous hollows, or the damaged wolf is the first movement of a concert-fiction in “five songs” telling in verse and alexandrines the history of each member of a family which breaks up. Author Florent Barat and composer Sébastien Schmitz, who founded the collective Wow !, in Belgium, immerse us in the emotional world of a tormented mother.

Masterfully set to music by a cappella voices taking up songs or the title of the work And you, where do you take your tears ?, this bewitching sound odyssey brings to mind the tumults of a woman’s soul. Fleeing with a crash “the grudge and hatred” which “overflows” the marriage bed, she knows loneliness and escheat and, like the wolf, wants to find her young. This first “song” – the 2020 Phonurgia Nova Awards for sound fiction – will be followed by self-portraits of the spouse and their children.


5 – Tender

The ripe age, The general post

For the end of the year, six podcasts, treasures of sound emotions

What is left of a life? For Denise, 97, these are trinkets, postcards, a poem. Muguette, 98, keeps everything in mind and in the photo album that she browses while thinking of her ” great love “, rocked by France Culture. Patrice, 71, shares his life with his television and still wonders about his presence here since 1993. By asking the residents of La Seigneurie in Pantin, a large public Ephad in Seine-Saint-Denis, to describe their room, the artist Vincent Malone and journalist Félix Barrès unroll the thread of dense, joyful, painful or broken lives.

Their empathetic listening invites them to engage, philosophize, fight against the feeling of being “A little grain that we put somewhere … and that we forget”. After these confidences, in a joyful sound staging, trademark of the Poste Général (the podcast platform of the BETC agency), you will want to spend more time with elderly and isolated people who have so much to do. say.

The General Post. On

6 – Sensible

Emotions, Louie Media

For the end of the year, six podcasts, treasures of sound emotions

Louie Media’s radio nugget with 450,000 listeners is the dream companion to resist the gloom and approach 2021 with a better knowledge of oneself and of others. As the episodes go by, on self-confidence, guilt, anxiety or resilience, we find ourselves wondering what the world would be like if each of us gave an ear to this sound adventure chiseled by Cyrielle Bedu . This podcast is about emotions, that is, how an individual reacts to stimuli, but also questions the society that prioritizes them.

Each episode, from 38 to 55 minutes, is like an investigation, mixing testimonies and insights from experts. The journalist adds an extra soul to it by starting from her experience and her questions. As in the episode on “Is hypersensitivity a force?” ”, Where she asks if people moved by“ extreme empathy ”are not“ more human than others in a world that is not enough ”?

Sur, SoundCloud, Apple podcasts…


“France in the kitchen”, a history of French cuisine

Ninety minutes. This is the time that the actor François Morel gave himself to make a successful traditional veal blanquette, while telling us the tormented love story that links the French to cooking.

If the bet is daring, it is taken up with humor and humility in this documentary by Lauren Malka: we discover, between a few sequences at the market or in the kitchen and a dive into the archives, how political, social and cultural history has upset our relationship with food since 1945.

→ READ. Prepare a fair Christmas meal

In the aftermath of the war, France managed to get out of a food shortage thanks to American aid and the sweat of farmers. While the “bread menu” was definitively abolished in 1949, the early 1950s marked the end of war vegetables and the French could once again be concerned about gastronomy.

From frozen foods to the “nouvelle cuisine”

During the glorious thirties, the rhythm of daily life accelerates and the cuisine must follow. On tunes for the occasion composed by Boris Vian (The lament of progress) or Nino Ferrer (Pickles), François Morel returns, for example, to the appearance of Leclerc supermarkets which leave small grocers on the floor, or that of the fridge and microwave revolutionizing the life of households.

But at a time when frozen foods are king and American fast food restaurants are experiencing their first successes, Henri Gault and Christian Millau are launching “nouvelle cuisine” which invites you to rediscover clear flavors, while the Restos du cœur warns of precariousness food in the era of overconsumption.

→ READ. Viviane Mesqui: “Under the Ancien Régime, there were New Years Eve parties all year round”

With the irony we know him, the actor ends up evoking the complexity of current cuisine, marked by a multitude of diets, the scourge of food intolerances, the return to natural products, at the same time as the temptation of dishes remains. prepared.

If the documentary sometimes gives the impression of flying over the plates of the past 70 years, it manages to show how much France loves cooking, but above all how much she loves talking about it.


“Soul”, a soul in the dark

Let’s start with a huge regret: Soul (“Soul” in French), the latest addition to the Pixar studio, will not be released in theaters but only on the Disney + digital platform. This singular and daring animated film, which encourages introspection, existential questions and examinations of conscience, was cut out for dark rooms, their collective intimacy, their ability to arouse emotion and reflection. The health crisis wanted it otherwise, plunging on the 7e art in deep concern for its survival, even if the Cassandras have always buried it too quickly.

→ READ. The world according to Disney

Joe Gardner, the hero of Soul, did not say his last word either, while fate chose to throw him into a manhole! A college music teacher, a bachelor in a row, the 40-year-old New Yorker has “Jazz to the soul” : he dreams of being part of a group, of playing in a club in the metropolis. His dream came true when one of his former students called him back to offer him a quick replacement for the pianist of jazz legend Dorothea Williams. Euphoric, he spins through the streets until the ground slips away …

“We don’t crush souls here, we send them to Earth for that! “

Black screen. Joe’s soul comes into play. On the escalator that leads him to the white light of the beyond, she turns back to land where it all begins, the “Grand Avant”. In this gently hilly landscape evoking an ethereal Tuscany, new souls are born – bulb heads with emoticon expressions – before being sent to Earth.

Guided by skinny-looking “advisers”, between Picasso and the Italian animated series The line, they acquire their specificity, a combination of five or six character traits (and not one more!), at the end of a journey through the various places of initiation: the Pavilions of personalities, the Theater of your life, the Grand General Bazaar, etc. So many opportunities for Pete Docter and his team to reconnect with the complexity of fantastic worlds, like those of his previous feature film, the brilliant The other way around (2015), journey to the center of a little girl’s head.

Substituting himself for one of the mentors responsible for accompanying the beings in the making, Joe struggles to help one of them, the mischievous 22, to find his way. “We don’t crush souls here, we send them to Earth for that! “, taunts this strong spirit, in no hurry to leave the comfort of his little paradise. At the risk of falling into the Astral Plane, a sea of ​​sand where the poor lost heroes get stuck …

Crazy inventiveness

With Soul, the filmmaker tackles head-on the favorite theme of his filmography: the exploration of the human soul. That of childish fears in Monsters, Inc. (2001), a fantastic journey through the doors of toy cupboards; that of the broken dreams of a cranky old man in Up there (2009), an aerial odyssey in a house suspended from balloons; or those of the meanders of the mind of a preteen girl, in The other way around, dont Soul seems to be the metaphysical and spiritual counterpart.

→ CRITICAL. “Vice Versa”, journey to the center of the head

Like great classics playing on the porosity between the terrestrial and the celestial – Life is Beautiful, by Frank Capra, A matter of life and death, by Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger, Wings of Desire, by Wim Wenders -, this great animated film with crazy inventiveness and elegant staging raises the eternal questions: where do we come from? Who are we ? Where are we going ?

Directors consulted with priests and rabbis

Soul does not really settle the great debate between the innate and the acquired and avoids spiritual questions. However, the directors consulted priests, rabbis, representatives of Hinduism and Buddhism, and even shamans in order to know their point of view and not to offend any major religion …

On the other hand, the film invites you to stop chasing vain dreams, to reconnect with your body and its environment. “You humans with your passions, it’s a primary! “, laughs one of the “advisers”. This message is not surprising from Pixar who, despite its constant quest for technical and artistic excellence, prefers, to the cold mirage of perfection, the warm improvisation of life on a few notes of jazz.


Pixar mainstay Pete Docter

1968. Birth of Pete Docter.

1990. Join Pixar, where he becomes one of the pillars, participating directly or indirectly in all the studio’s films, including the first feature film, Toy Story (1995).

2001. Corealizes Monsters, Inc..

2009. Corealizes Up there, of which he is also a co-author. The film received the Oscar for best animated film the following year.

2015. Co-produce and co-write The other way around, also named best animated film at the Oscars in 2016.

2018. Appointed Creative Director of Pixar Studios following John Lasseter’s departure over charges of “Inappropriate behavior” with regard to its employees.

2020. Corealizes Soul, of which he is also a co-writer.


the show continues on the internet

“Arte en scene”, the new collection of the cultural channel, wants to reconnect private performing artists with their audiences. It offers 25 performances, from five to ten minutes, shot with actors of the performing arts. A brief overview.

In the baroque living room of a town hall, Leïla Ka opens the ball. Half ballerina, half hip-hop dancer, she offers a choreography on a trio by Schubert, taken from her creation Can be, awarded five times internationally.

→ READ. Arte Concert, and the music comes to you

On the steps of the Philharmonie de Paris, another music takes us: Nina Santes, accompanied by Betty Tchomanga and Soa de Muse, dances an excerpt from the piece Zombie republic. Their jerky movements plunge the bodies into a state on the border between life and death. Adrien M and Claire B make men dance with light: the dancer’s body goes out, at the same time as darkness sets in.

Contemporary dance

Everyday objects are hijacked by circus artists. The barrier on which a tightrope walker walks, despite the interventions of security agents, becomes a symbol of freedom in Amalgams of the Singular Company. With Prelude for a cane, Jive Faury hijacks a trivial broom: he introduces us to aerial juggling, a practice that seems to make objects levitate.

Alone facing the sea, the contemporary dancer Manon Bouquet presents her Lost dream, that of a room filled by the public. Here, the sun acts as a spotlight, and the waves are reminiscent of the applause. The duo Baro d’Evel also feels The Void of the Other.

→ READ. Culture comes to us: our selection in times of reconfinement

In a black and white environment, two characters help each other and struggle in the middle of empty silos, to distressing music.

Another tension with the show Horizon, in which Chloé Moglia is suspended several meters above the ground. Through a game of camera, the acrobat sometimes seems to fly in the sky, sometimes to be suspended in the void. Her calm breath contrasts with the perilous situation in which she finds herself.