Fake judge, prosecutor also deceived her husband

Özdemir, a graduate of the Vocational School of Justice, told his family and friends that he was studying at the Faculty of Law.

Fake judge, prosecutor also deceived her husband

According to the news of Dilek Yaman Demir from Sabah, while surfing the internet in 2017, she noticed that a judge, whose name and surname were the same, was assigned to a city on the assignment list published by the Board of Judges and Prosecutors (HSK). Özdemir, who made a diabolical plan after what he saw, printed a fake prosecutor’s identity card.

Fake judge, prosecutor also deceived her husband

He added the registration number of the judge of the same name to the ID and pasted his own photograph. He made a membership to the gym with a fake ID, and took advantage of the motor insurance discount for the vehicle he owned.

Fake judge, prosecutor also deceived her husband

The woman, who went to Antalya Courthouse and introduced herself as a Çeşme judge first to her future husband and then to her so-called colleagues, said that she was temporarily assigned as an inspector of the HSK in Antalya, but could not start working because of her child’s illness. Özdemir married Antalya Public Prosecutor Alper Tunçer, whom he made believe he was the judge with his lies. The real judge- Zeliha Özdemir was the judge of the Criminal Court. Özdemir, who got married and took the surname Tunçer, even discussed the judicial legislation with his wife and consulted on many issues.


Fake judge, prosecutor also deceived her husband

Özdemir, who could not find the fake ID he had prepared on the way from Antalya Airport last April 5, was so caught up in the realism that the fake ID gave him, that he applied to the airport police headquarters, claiming that he had lost his identity. However, an hour later, he remembered that his identity was fake and withdrew his application.

Fake judge, prosecutor also deceived her husband

The game of Zeliha Özdemir, who continued to lie that she could not get a salary because she did not start working for a long time, ended with the assignment list of the HSK. Prosecutor Alper Tunçer called the HSK and asked if his wife’s name was not on the assignment list and if there was any mistake. He was told by the HSK that there was no mistake, and that Zeliha Özdemir was now in the records with a different surname.

The real judge Zeliha Özdemir, whose registry was used by her husband, who was a fake judge, got married and her surname was changed. After the notification of Prosecutor Tunçer, fake judge Özdemir was detained in Antalya. Özdemir was arrested by the Criminal Judgeship of Peace on 16 July and sent to prison. Tunçer, on the other hand, filed a divorce case against his fake identity wife. The investigation launched against Özdemir for crimes such as “forgery of official documents and improper public service” continues.


Flights are so expensive now compared to 2019

With the Corona crisis came the crisis for the aviation industry. But now many trips are possible again and the situation is easing. Nevertheless, flights in Europe in particular are more expensive than they were in 2019.

Despite the Germans’ desire to travel Corona-pandemic apparently not past – but you have to dig deeper into your pocket for that. The flight prices for the ten most frequently booked destinations are currently 29 percent higher than in the same period of 2019 as the comparison portal Check24 communicated.

The prices for return flights rose the most Spain. They are currently 34 percent more expensive than before the corona pandemic.

Book flights for late summer and autumn soon

“The increasing demand is driving flight prices up,” said Sebastian Sager, Managing Director Flights at Check24. In May, the average price level was 16 percent higher than before the Corona crisis.

“Anyone planning a vacation for late summer or autumn should take care of the flights soon before prices rise further or the preferred connection is fully booked,” advised Sager. The airlines had planned more cautiously due to Corona, so there was generally less capacity available.

Turkey and Greece are particularly popular

The demand for flights to Turkey and to Greece rose the most, according to Check24. The holiday destination Turkey was recently booked more than twice as often as in the same period of 2019. In terms of price, the flights to both countries are currently eight percent higher than in the same period of 2019. For the popular holiday destination Italy, the portal found 16 percent higher flight prices, for Croatia 13 percent . For the neighboring countries of the Netherlands and Austria, the portal even stated a price increase of 106 and 86 percent, respectively.

The database was all flight bookings via Check24 in June for departures between July 1 and September 30, 2019 and 2021.


Criticism of President: “Erdogan has lost sight of reality in the country”

For years Ahmet Davutoglu was Prime Minister of Turkey and party friend of Erdogan. There was a break in 2019. Now the politician is sharply critical and sees Erdogan’s government soon at an end.

Photo series with 23 pictures

Former Prime Minister of Turkey, Ahmet Davutoglu, has made serious allegations against Turkish President Erdogan. “Sections of the government are mafia”, he told “Spiegel”. Davutoglu, who has founded a new party, also expects Erdogan to lose in the next election. “If the situation calms down, nobody will vote for Erdogan’s ignorant, incompetent government,” said the former prime minister.

From 2014 to 2016 Davutoglu was Prime Minister of Turkey and previously Foreign Minister under Erdogan. In 2019 there was a dispute, Davutoglu left the ruling AKP party. However, he does not see himself as part of the Erdogan system. “If I had tolerated corruption, mismanagement, nepotism and attacks on the rule of law, I would still be prime minister today,” says the 62-year-old, who has since founded a new party.

“Erdogan surrounded himself with yes-men”

He asserts that he has always campaigned for more democracy in the country. “I tried to change the party from within. It was never about overthrowing Erdogan. I wanted him to succeed.” His testimony to Erdogan’s reign is sobering: “When Erdogan became head of government in 2003, he wanted to curb corruption in the country. Today it is rampant as never before.”

In addition, the president lost sight of reality. “Erdogan surrounded himself with yes-men,” said the politician. There are parliamentary elections in Turkey in 2023. Davutoglu expects new elections as early as the spring. Then the former Erdogan confidante also wants to compete with his new future party.


Everyone was locked into that statement: ‘three surprises’ from President Erdogan

President Erdogan’s historic visit to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) on July 20 to attend the anniversary celebrations of the 1974 Cyprus Peace Operation is already being watched with interest in the Western world.

During the visit, which has become the main agenda of European countries, especially the Greek Cypriot Administration and Greece, eyes are locked on three possible surprise statements by President Erdogan.


According to the news of Sabah, the British broadcaster BBC used the expression, “The first of these are the possibilities of the announcement of the presence of natural gas in the territorial waters of Cyprus, the change of the status of the closed Maraş region or the establishment of a permanent military base on the island.”


European media also include the possibility of Turkey establishing permanent military bases on the island.


Regarding his visit to the island, President Erdoğan said, “I hope I will be in Cyprus on July 20 and I will give the necessary messages from Northern Cyprus to the whole world from there and I will be in Northern Cyprus for him. Because our presence in Northern Cyprus means Northern Cyprus. The messages we will give from Turkey concern not only the candidate but the whole world, and if you do not show your determination, if you cannot demonstrate this stance, no one will put you in the place of a man,” he said.


Newspapers that served the 20th of July celebrations as “a black day for the Greeks” gave provocative messages.

The Greek media, which brought the visit to the agenda with the view that “Erdogan is getting ready to give big news”, also revealed the atmosphere of panic.


‘Tosuncuk’ Mehmet Aydın before the judge: The dialogue that draws attention in the trial

The hearing would normally be held in September, but because the court had an arrest warrant for Mehmet Aydın, an interim hearing was held yesterday.

'Tosuncuk' Mehmet Aydın before the judge: The dialogue that draws attention in the trial

Mehmet Aydın attended the hearing from Edirne Prison and his lawyer from Bursa via SEGBİS. The court board lifted the arrest warrant for Mehmet Aydın at the beginning of the hearing and decided to arrest him from both files in the court.

'Tosuncuk' Mehmet Aydın before the judge: The dialogue that draws attention in the trial

During the identification, the following dialogue took place between Mehmet Aydın and Court President Ali Günay:

Chairman: Mehmet Aydın, welcome to the country.

Aydin: We enjoyed it. Hello.

Chairman: How old are you, where were you born, are you literate?

Aydın: I am 30 years old. I was born in Bursa. I am a secondary school graduate.

Chairman: Do you have a criminal record? Do you use phone?

Aydın: I don’t have a criminal record, I don’t have a phone either.

Chairman: What is your income?

Aydın: I have no income at the moment.

Chairman: Are you married?

Aydın: I am not divorced, it has not been finalized yet.

'Tosuncuk' Mehmet Aydın before the judge: The dialogue that draws attention in the trial

Mehmet Aydın, in his defense after his identification, said the following in summary:

“My $5 million worth of assets were confiscated in Uruguay. When the arrest warrant was issued, my $7 million Bitcoin business facility, which we sent to Paraguay and which was in the hands of Osman Naim Kaya, was also seized by Osman Naim Kaya. He is in Uruguay due to the investigation against Osman Naim Kaya. He was arrested. Later he was placed under house arrest. I don’t know what he is doing now.

'Tosuncuk' Mehmet Aydın before the judge: The dialogue that draws attention in the trial

“My assets in Turkey were also confiscated by the state. I do not currently have any money to compensate the victims. However, I will compensate the victims with my confiscated assets in Cyprus and Turkey. I have been abroad in different countries until the red notice was issued. When the red notice was issued about me, Uruguay “I was in ‘I was in Brazil. From here I went to Brazil. We can think of these as two different provinces. I went to Brazil without any problem and control and surrendered to the consulate.”

'Tosuncuk' Mehmet Aydın before the judge: The dialogue that draws attention in the trial

At the end of his defense, Mehmet Aydın said, “When I went abroad, there was no arrest warrant for me. I demand my acquittal.” Aydın’s lawyer, Fatih Kuş, also stated that his client was in a position to compensate all the victims with his current assets and demanded that he be tried pending trial. The court adjourned the hearing by rejecting the demands. The court decided that all statements made by Mehmet Aydın after his arrest be sent to them and that Mehmet Aydın’s detention should continue.


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Electromobility in Turkey: Porsche Taycan very popular

VThree years ago, the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan gave the go-ahead for the construction of the first Turkish fully electric car. At the end of 2022, the first TOGG, an SUV designed for a wide range of buyers, is expected to hit customers and hit the Turkish streets, and then to Germany in 2024. “We will have reached our goal on the day we see our cars on the roads around the world,” Erdogan said at the time. Until then, however, foreign e-vehicles will be cavorting on Turkish roads, especially German ones.

Andreas Mihm

Business correspondent for Austria, East-Central, Southeastern Europe and Turkey based in Vienna.

There aren’t many e-cars, but their quota on the overall market is 0.1 percent. So we are far from the million that Germany is supposed to reach in July. But the few e-cars stand out – in the streets of Istanbul, Ankara or Izmir. Jaguar, Mercedes and Porsche are particularly popular. Tesla has been announcing the official start of sales for years, according to the Turkish automotive industry. Apart from gray market imports, nothing has happened so far.


Will Ekrem İmamoğlu be satisfied with the İBB? Remarkable statements by Öztürk Yılmaz and Yılmaz Ateş – CNN TÜRK

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THEOPOLITICS Prof. Dr. Mehmet Şahin – Fear of “What if the party goes away” in CHP

When we look at the statements and comments coming from the CHP recently, it can be easily seen that the most important thing for Kılıçdaroğlu and his team is to keep the party.

In fact, the understanding that keeping the party administration is more valuable than the presidency is evident in a way that cannot be hidden.

Almost “A bird in the hand is better than two in the bush.” acting with logic.

In the 2018 Parliament and Presidential election process, “fear”, It has largely shaped the course of action of the CHP administration and still continues to shape it.

The administration does not want to lose the opportunity for the presidency, which is not guaranteed to win.

I wonder if this is the reason behind Kılıçdaroğlu’s efforts to nominate Abdullah Gül in the 2018 Presidential election. “fear” did you have?

Maybe we can learn the answer to this question with new explanations in the coming days.

Kılıçdaroğlu is not running as the leader of the main opposition party in 2018.

As discussed in detail, Gül cannot be nominated.

And Muharrem İnce is compulsorily nominated.

From that moment on, the CHP administration has been working not for the nominated Ince to win, but for him to lose.

If “Come on Muharram” it starts with saying.

Later, we understand from Şaban Sevinç’s statements that Halk TV management, close to the party, was called by the deputy chairman, referring to İnce’s rallies. “Are you going to get us in trouble, why are you showing so much?” is being printed.

“Do not broadcast Yav Meral Akşener’s rallies, why, our votes are shifting to the Iyi Parti.” It is requested that the other partner of the Nation Alliance, Iyi Party Chairman Meral Akşener’s rallies not be held.

Here is what comes out: In fact, the CHP administration entered the June 2018 elections only for the parliament and accepted to lose the presidency from the beginning. Otherwise, why should they feel uncomfortable with the work of their candidates and partners?

On the evening of June 24, 2018, according to the results of the ballot box, while the CHP remained at 22.65% in the parliamentary elections, Muharrem İnce received 30.64%.

Since that evening, the CHP management has taken an approach to keep Muharrem İnce away from the headquarters by neutralizing him.

Everything necessary was put in place so that the 30 percent result would not be converted to the Headquarters.

What happened? Let’s remember

The election center established in the CHP collapsed, and the election results could not be given to İnce.

The news that İnce was missing/abducted spread.

“He couldn’t appear in public because he drank too much.” gossip circulated.

He was excluded from the 2019 local election process.

“Yesterday is yesterday, my dear. Now the place has a new owner” messages were given.

The party was not respected as much as Gül and Demirtaş.

Politicians close to İnce started to take a stand.

“CHP member who went to the Palace” Thin was tried to be targeted with his explanations.

Ince was treated as a criminal because he received almost 30 percent of the vote.

The fear of “What if the party loses us…” in the CHP is not an unfounded fear.

After the 2018 election, the signature campaign process for the election congress of the intra-party opposition is almost in question. “fearwould make it happen. Because, while the signatories said that they found enough signatures, the headquarters made the process flow by putting pressure on the delegate.

Therefore, in order not to face the same situation, Kılıçdaroğlu and his team will want to nominate someone for the presidency who will not put them in a difficult situation.

The reason behind the announcement of Kılıçdaroğlu’s candidacy “fear of losing the party” It should not be underestimated that it is.

Coming from the team of İmamoğlu, who won the presidency of İBB “The place now owns it” statements, İmamoğlu’s efforts to use every opportunity for the presidential candidacy and the names of İmamoğlu and Yavaş being asked in the polls are developments that are closely followed by the CHP Headquarters.

A new presidential candidate “Slim case” They will not want to live.

CHP management stated that the person to be determined will not only be a presidential candidate, but also “placeHe thinks he will walk towards ”.

That’s why Kılıçdaroğlu is wanted to be a candidate.

“It’s not just the presidency” you will understand.

“PlaceIt’s more important to protect…


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