fell and was traded on average at $ 3,979 this August 10

The dollar in Colombia closed this Tuesday at an average price of $ 3,979, which represents a slight decrease of $ 8.58 compared to the Representative Market Rate, TRM, located this day at $ 3,988.27. After starting the day higher and opening at $ 4,000, the currency reached a maximum of $ 4,007.50 around 8:20 […]

“Sex change, how organs are built”. Just those – Libero Quotidiano

“To change sex, the first transformation is at the hormonal level. If you want to act in a more radical way you have to intervene at the surgical level. Hormones I’m very responsible of our appearance. In a male organism, hormones must be inhibited to reduce the male presence. And then the feminine ones are […]

“Checks and maintenance, what I discovered in 2016” – Libero Quotidiano

We discuss the tragedy of Stresa Mottarone cable car gives Giovanni Floris a Tuesday, its La7, in the episode of May 25 e Milena Gabanelli raises the serious question of the maintenance of Italian infrastructures: “I had dealt with the question of checks on bridges and overpasses after the fall of the Annone bridge on […]

Asthma vaccine has been shown to be effective in mice

Hope for people with asthma. A team of scientists has developed a vaccine, effective in mice, which would induce protection against allergic asthma with lasting effects. The work currently carried out in animals shows that it would reduce the severity of the symptoms of patients whose quality of life would be significantly improved. Asthma is […]