The ball, the medicine and the pen: stories of overcoming, and of pain

“I have a baby picture. I see myself sitting, and I have a ball with me. That is my first memory of football ”. Telephone communication barely allows one to imagine the face of the person saying the phrase, while saying it. One is left with the face of Juan Manuel Herbella with an emoticon […]

Belgrano’s brilliant strategy in the Jujeño Exodus – Viva la radio

On August 23, 1812, General Manuel Belgrano, in charge of the Army of the North, received the news of the advance of the royalists from Upper Peru. The Spanish troops outnumbered the patriots in numbers and weapons, so Belgrano began what is historically known as the Jujeño Exodus to Tucumán. / Home Embed Code / […]

They found the lost bikers in the Quebrada del Portugués – News

After intense hours of searching, the officers of the Western Regional Unit and the group of police endurists found the pair of bikers who had not appeared since Sunday night. They are Yésica Lizarraga and José Leonardo Svetliza, both 35 years old, who had left on Sunday morning to make the journey of cycling from […]