US election: Trump calls Brexit hardliner Farage “King of Europe”

Do we know on election night who won?

Millions of Americans have voted, but every state has different rules about when to vote Counting these voices may be started. This will mean that some results are available at different times – possibly first Days or even Weeks after the actual election day.

In some places, the election workers can start evaluating the ballot papers weeks before November 3rd. That means they can review voter information and get the ballot papers out of the envelopes so they are ready to be counted on election day. In some of the hotly contested so-called swing states, however, the laws prohibit the early evaluation of the ballot papers. On November 3rd, officials there must both hold an election and work their way through an unprecedented number of postal ballot papers.

This is likely to delay the final results. In addition, the results of personal voting could be turned upside down by the counting of postal ballot papers.

President Donald Trump has repeatedly warned of the alleged vulnerability of postal votes to fraud without producing any evidence. Therefore, it is feared that he will use delays in the counting of votes to judge results as illegitimate. But if results come in later than usual this year, it’s because of the way people vote – not because of fraud.

Here’s another sticking point: nationwide delay in the Delivery of the post raise concerns that voting papers will not arrive in time to be counted. The Republicans, including Trump’s campaign team, have filed a lawsuit to prevent ballot papers arriving after election day from being counted.

As things stand, swing state Pennsylvania counts ballot papers that arrive in the mail three days after November 3rd. The decision was preceded by a lawsuit that made it to the highest US court last week. The Republicans have filed another lawsuit against it. Pennsylvania also bans preprocessing postal ballot papers, which complicates the process.

Meanwhile, in Michigan, another highly competitive US state, an appellate court has conceded a 14-day extension of the count – prompting election officials to ask voters to vote in person rather than by mail. Similar extensions in Wisconsin and Indiana have also been rejected by courts.


Brazilian newspaper … Argentine coach “Sampaoli” rejects “victory”

Brazilian press reports revealed that Argentine coach Jorge Sampaoli received an offer from the Saudi Al-Nasr club to replace Portugal’s Roy Vitoria, who is close to leaving the team if there are any negative results coming.

“Uol” newspaper reported that the famous Argentine coach refused the Saudi club’s invitation and preferred to continue in the Brazilian championship with his current team, Atletico MG, with whom it ranks third in the competition.

The Argentine coach had previously led the Ecuadorian Emilech, Universidad of Chile, Sporting Cristal of Peru, Sevilla of Spain, and the teams of Chile, Argentina, Santos and Atletico MG Brazil.

It is noteworthy that Al-Nasr management has renewed confidence in Portuguese coach Roy Vitoria before the team’s important match against Al-Ahly in the King’s Cup, but if any negative results for the team will be announced, the Portuguese will leave.

Sabq electronic newspaper


Brazilian newspaper … Argentine coach “Sampaoli” rejects “victory”

Brazilian press reports revealed that Argentine coach Jorge Sampaoli received an offer from the Saudi Al-Nasr club to replace Portugal’s Roy Vitoria, who is close to leaving the team if there are any negative results coming.

“Uol” newspaper reported that the famous Argentine coach refused the Saudi club’s invitation and preferred to continue in the Brazilian championship with his current team, Atletico MG, with whom it ranks third in the competition.

The Argentine coach had previously led the Ecuadorian Emilech, Universidad of Chile, Sporting Cristal of Peru, Sevilla of Spain, and the teams of Chile, Argentina, Santos and Atletico MG Brazil.

It is noteworthy that Al-Nasr management has renewed confidence in Portuguese coach Roy Vitoria before the team’s important match against Al-Ahly in the King’s Cup, but if any negative results for the team will be announced, the Portuguese will leave.

Sabq electronic newspaper


Michigan governor accuses Trump of inciting violence

It was not the time for rivalries. One after another, Republican Michigan politicians on Thursday took to social media to condemn armed militias that planned to kidnap Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, but not Donald Trump.

Unlike. The president accused the governor of having done “a horrible job” during the pandemic for ordering the closure of businesses that so outraged the far-right radicals who wanted to kidnap her and subject her to a summary “trial.” The plan was to attack the state Capitol, take several representatives as hostages and cause “a civil war”, they had explained in the recordings made by an FBI informant.

Two of the thirteen detainees appear in the shocking photos of armed protesters who stormed the state capitol last April to protest the confinement and the use of masks, without the police being able to prevent it by exercising their constitutional right to bear arms freely. “And when I said it was scary to work like that, they answered me that I was exaggerating,” the governor tweeted.

Whitmer blamed this directly on the president, who at that time instigated his followers to take up arms and take justice into his own hands with phrases such as “Free Michigan!” “Just last week the president again instigated them by telling them ‘be ready,’ he recalled referring to the get that Trump launched at them during the presidential debate, when the moderator asked him if he condemned the extreme right.

Trump responded by calling her “ungrateful” in an interview with Fox. “It was MY Justice Department that aborted the plan and stopped them,” he stressed, in a possessive tone that alarmed many. “It is not YOUR Department of Justice, but that of all Americans,” recalled Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal.

Although the governor has received special protection from the FBI, the state congressmen who may have shared her fate in the kidnapping they planned will be left alone with fear in their bodies. The Wolverine Watchmen militia that the detainees were part of is by no means the only one that has tuned in to Trump. During these four years the president has sent them enough signals to empower them in their violent plans and the last one, “take a step back and be ready,” is considered a call to chaos in case the polls do not give him victory. that waits.

Trump’s alibi is that he has “Jewish grandchildren,” his vice president Mike Pence recalled during Wednesday’s debate, but he takes advantage of Nazi swastika lovers for his own purposes and has turned them into his personal militia. On Twitter, he said he does not condone the violence but immediately referred to the one that Black Lives Matter supporters created after George Floyd’s death at the hands of a policeman.


Trump at the election rally protests: “Turn on the TV and nothing else is heard, only Covid Covid Covid Covid Covid Covid”

US President at Rally in Lumberton, North Carolina | CorriereTv

US President Donald Trump protests with the media. He does so at an election rally in Lumberton, North Carolina: “That’s all I hear now. Turn on the TV and you don’t hear about anything other than ‘Covid, Covid, Covid, Covid, Covid, Covid’ “. A word that the head of the White House repeats 6 consecutive times like a refrain in front of a crowd delirious for him: “Well, after November 4 you won’t hear this word again”


Right-wing organizations are suing the gun ban at polling stations in Michigan

About a week ago, Jocelyn Benson, the highest electoral officer in Michigan as Secretary of State, banned the open carrying of firearms in front of polling stations. The democrat, whose duties resemble those of an interior minister, wanted to prevent right-wing extremist militias from intimidating voters or even storming the seat of parliament and government. But numerous professional associations of the police and sheriffs announced that their members would not enforce the ban.

Two weeks ago, thirteen people were arrested in Michigan for planning to occupy the seat of government in Michigan’s capital, Lansing, and kidnap and execute the Democratic governor of the state, Gretchen Whitmer.

On Thursday, three far-right organizations – the Michigan Gun Owners, the Coalition for Responsible Gun Owners and the Michigan Open Carry, Inc. – filed lawsuits against the ban in support of police resistance against the state’s elected government. Dean Greenblatt, who represents the latter organization as an attorney, filed the lawsuit in Michigan Administrative Court.

Armed protesters outside the government headquarters in Lansing, Michigan on April 15, 2020 (AP Photo / Saul Sancya File)

Specifically, Greenblatt is suing Attorney General Dana Nessel, Secretary of State Benson and the head of Michigan State Police, Joe Gasper. When the police associations announced that they would not enforce the ban, Nessel announced that the Michigan State Police would be deployed. These police forces are not counties or municipalities, but report directly to the state government.

Nessel also warned that the plot against Whitmer was still an acute threat and that the revelations in court so far were only the “tip of the iceberg”.

The controversy over whether guns can be openly carried in front of polling stations in Michigan raises a crucial question: Who is in power in this state – the police or the government? What is going on in Michigan appears to be followed closely at the national level. US President Trump urged his voters to vote and “look very carefully”. This amounts to an open threat of violence against voters and is an important part of Trump’s strategy to stay in power regardless of the outcome of the November 3rd election.

On his Facebook page, Greenblatt claims the ban would “incapacitate voters who exercise their basic right to self-defense”. It continues: “Secretary of State [Jocelyn Benson] demands that voters either give up their right to self-defense, guaranteed by the second amendment to the constitution, or their right to vote. ”In truth, the lawsuit aims to give the fascist militias free rein to act in front of the polling stations. The police associations use the same arguments to justify their refusal to enforce the ban.

The police associations receive support from Trump’s campaign team and the Michigan Republican leadership. Michigan Senate Republican majority leader Mike Shirkey condemned the ban on firearms at polling stations. His spokeswoman Amber McCann mocked Benson’s remarks, saying, “We understand that your actual job attracts less attention than a firearm ban barely twenty days before the election.”

Opponents of the ban within the police force include Michigan Sheriffs Association director and executive Matt Saxton, and Livingston County Sheriff Mike Murphy. Saxton said, “The ban created a solution where there was no problem.” Murphy said, “You choose where you live. I don’t know what external influences could disturb you. ”Both flatly deny that the right-wing extremist militias pose a threat.

The lawsuit brought by Michigan political activist Robert Davis also argues that the ban relates to a non-existent threat. Davis says the decision is fueling “a hysteria that just doesn’t exist … This Jocelyn Benson just wants more power. It is obvious that this is a classic example of the most egregious government overreaction that I have ever seen. “

The events of the last few weeks paint a different picture, however: During the first presidential debate, Trump called on the fascist Proud Boys to “take a step back and stand by”. A week before the debate, the President’s son, Donald Trump Jr., posted a video on Facebook calling on his father’s supporters to join the “Army to Secure Trump’s Re-election”. Shortly thereafter, it became known that militias that had participated in protests against the Corona measures and were funded by Republicans close to Trump wanted to kidnap and murder Governor Whitmer.

The Michigan Democrats have failed to inform the public that their voting rights are in jeopardy. Even the major media companies did not think it necessary to report that almost all police in the state refuse to implement the government’s instructions. Instead, the Democrats hope that pro-government sections of the Michigan State Police will fend off the plot. They know that if the truth of what happened would come out, resistance to the police would be fueled and the population would be mobilized. The Democrats are appealing to the police – that is, they are betting precisely on the forces whose associations are rebelling against them – and making them the arbiter of Democratic rights in Michigan.

The Michigan Civil Rights Agency recently voted for the police to guard the polling stations. The agency’s director, James E. White, who was deputy chief of police in Detroit prior to taking office, said: “The right to vote is the cornerstone of our democracy. We take it very seriously should this right be endangered, thereby violating federal or state civil rights laws. “

The presence of police officers in front of the polling stations would only aggravate the situation and negatively affect voter turnout in working-class neighborhoods, where police violence is particularly common. It is also possible that the police will assist the militia in intimidating voters. The reaction of the Democrats to the resistance of the police makes it clear that their behavior is playing into Trump’s hands in this important “battleground state”.


Strategists do not expect the markets to recover until 2021

Dax curve

The development of the corona pandemic remains in the focus of investors.

(Photo: dpa)

Frankfurt Investors will find it difficult to escape from their nervous wait-and-see position for the time being. On the one hand, positive quarterly reports from companies show that parts of the economy have recently recovered. In addition, purchasing managers’ indices indicate a relatively positive mood in European industry. On the other hand, the rapidly increasing numbers of new corona infections in Europe and the USA, the tussle over a new US economic stimulus program and the approaching presidential elections are putting a strain on the markets. In this quarter, strategists therefore expect share prices to continue to fluctuate massively. The stock experts are betting that the economy and stock markets will get a new boost in 2021 with a vaccine against the pandemic.

The prospects for the last quarter of this year are relatively bleak, says investment strategist Felix Herrmann from the world’s largest asset manager Blackrock. Above all, he points out that the most recent recovery phase “seems to be behind us.” In particular, the fear of a second forced economic standstill paralyzes investors and, on balance, has pushed the stock markets into the red last week. The German leading index Dax posted the weakest week in around a month with a loss of two percent, even if the index posted a daily gain on Friday after good company figures.

The lines of conflict surrounding the US presidential election campaign are particularly stressful. President Donald Trump’s opposition Democrats and Republicans continue to struggle to find a compromise on new economic aid. Almost no one believes that they will come to an agreement by the presidential election on November 3rd.

Trump and US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin recently stressed that House spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi would have to compromise. Trump reiterated not to approve any further federal financial aid to US states and cities run by Democrats. He doesn’t think Pelosi wants to reach an agreement before next month’s presidential election. Some strategists in the US are now not expecting a major stimulus package before the first quarter.

Clear course setbacks are possible at any time

The approaching election day is also making investors nervous. “Investors have had enough of Trump, Brexit and other political risks for years,” says Christian Kahler, chief investment strategist at DZ Bank. “But given the unpredictability of the protagonists, a setback on the stock market is conceivable at any time,” he fears.
According to US strategists, investors are increasingly concerned that the race could end in a draw in the swing states – that is, in the US states that are not considered a safe bet for the Democrats or the Republicans. They often tip the scales and decide in favor of a candidate.

The Brexit continues to concern investors. Negotiations continue despite British threats of hard separation from the EU. “The British economy would find it difficult to cope with the double burden of a pandemic and no-deal Brexit,” warn the experts from US asset manager Brandywine.

DZ Bank strategist Kahler thinks that important indices such as the Dax or the broader S&P 500 can collapse by up to 18 percent in bad news. However, he does not think it is likely, especially since the reporting season for the third quarter is already showing better results than in the first half of the year. The supply of liquidity on the capital markets also remains abundant. The strategist sees that the Dax and the S&P 500 will remain roughly at the current level until the end of the year.

The end of the pandemic could raise hope

For the coming year, strategists will mainly draw hope from this that the corona pandemic could be overcome. Robert Greil, chief investment strategist at Merck Finck, is convinced that economic momentum will pick up again after a breather in the current quarter: “Despite the new corona wave, the global economy is in an early-cycle upswing, which will depend on further pandemics and vaccine Development will noticeably gain momentum again in 2021. ”

Kahler from DZ Bank sees it similarly: “If a vaccine is distributed across the board in the third or fourth quarter of 2021, the companies will report significantly increasing sales in 2021 and in the years thereafter,” he expects. In many cases, the companies’ costs would now be reduced, so that after the end of the pandemic, profits should rise disproportionately. “The new stock market cycle will then have a foundation for further rising prices,” says Kahler.

At least there was positive news about the fight against the pandemic towards the end of the week: The US drug agency FDA has now approved the drug Remdesivir for the treatment of Covid-19 diseases. In addition, the German company Curevac, listed on the Nasdaq, published positive preclinical data for a vaccine candidate.

A wealth of company figures and economic data is pending

In the new week there is an abundance of company figures on both sides of the Atlantic, and numerous important economic data will be published. Almost a dozen Dax companies announce their balance sheet figures. These include Deutsche Bank and Volkswagen. In the USA, the technology companies Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft and the Google parent Alphabet are opening their books.

On Monday, the Ifo Institute will publish the latest business sentiment in Germany with the business climate index. The restrictions that have been tightened again due to the pandemic should be reflected here, predicts Commerzbank analyst Christoph Weil.

In Germany, the October labor market report on Thursday and the retail sales in September and above all the first estimate of the gross domestic product for the third quarter on Friday are on the agenda. For the euro zone, figures on economic confidence for the current month will be published on Thursday – the ECB meeting will take place on the same day. On Friday, the euro zone unemployment rate in September, the inflation figures for October as well as figures on the economic performance of the entire euro zone from July to September close the week.

In the USA, incoming orders for durable goods and consumer confidence will be published on Tuesday, followed by figures on gross domestic product for September on Thursday. And the figures for industrial profits come from China on Tuesday and the official purchasing managers’ indices for October on Saturday.

With agency material.

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The Taliban see positive that Trump withdraws his troops for Christmas

Order or wish? That was the first question that arose after reading the tweet in which Donald Trump wrote: “We should have home the small number of brave men and women left in Afghanistan for Christmas!” A few hours after the announcement on the networks, the national security adviser, Robert O’Brien, qualified those words, and referred to a “reduction” to leave the quota at 2,500 mans, which means that the process is progressing faster than expected since the initial plan was to have between 4,000 and 5,000 men by that time.

The message, markedly electorally biased with three weeks to go before the vote in the United States, reached Afghans immediately, and reactions were different. The Government and the Army assured not having any news about a possible advance in the withdrawal of their allied forces. The Taliban called it “a positive step towards the implementation of the Doha agreement“, In the words of its spokesperson Zabiula Mujahid, who issued a statement with the seal of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, the model of country that radical Islamists aspire to reinstate in the near future.

Qatar was the place where Washington and the Taliban made peace after 19 years of war. The pact was signed on February 29, and the insurgents promised to negotiate with the Kabul government and not attack foreign forces, in exchange for their total withdrawal and the release of 5,000 prisoners. Seven months later the dialogue between Afghans began, which runs between “An unusual violence”, due to the high number of insurgency attacks against the national security forces in Afghanistan and the large number of casualties among civilians, soldiers, police and Taliban.

The priority for Washington is to get its troops out as soon as possible and close a 19-year war in which they have suffered 2,400 casualties. In February they had 14,000 men and the roadmap marks the summer of 2021 as the final date to complete a withdrawal process that is underway and progressing faster than planned. The Taliban fulfill their part of the agreement and do not attack foreign troops, “but the war continues in Afghanistan,” the US special envoy to the Afghan process, Zalmay Khalilzad, recalled on the Tolo channel.


I voted for a guy named Trump: the president of the United States voted in advance in Florida

“I voted for a guy named Trump,” he said smiling before the press before leaving one of the libraries authorized to vote in the state to which he changed his residence from his native New York.

“It is an honor to vote. To do it in this area that I know so well. We are going to do three great events today,” the president said, adding: “We are doing very well in Florida and everywhere.”


The president of the United States, Donald Trump, voted this Saturday in Florida.

The voting center he went to is located a short distance from his private club Mar-a-Lago, which since 2019 became Trump’s official residence.

Frustrated by his lack of political leadership in his hometown, Donald Trump moved his residence to Florida from New York. He also hoped that the change of address would give him a boost in the electoral battle in that critical state, since his path to another term in the White House is difficult without a victory in Florida.

Nearly 55 million Americans have already cast their early vote, According to a count released Friday by the US Elections Project monitoring group, in an election conditioned by the coronavirus pandemic.

Compared to the total of 47 million people who voted four years ago in the period immediately prior to election day, this increased preliminary attendance also reflects the enormous interest that this electoral process arouses among the population.

This year 239.2 million people are eligible to vote and a rise in final votes is expected, amid the polarization of the campaign and the interest aroused by the dispute between Democrat Joe Biden and Trump.


Trump votes early in Florida

The president of United States, Donald Trump, has deposited this Saturday his early vote for the elections to the White House on November 3 where he will seek to renew his mandate against the Democratic candidate, the former vice president Joe Biden.

“I voted for a guy named Trump“, the president has joked after depositing his ballot in a West Palm Beach library, a mask on his face.

Shortly after, however, the president reiterated his criticism of the vote by mail system, which he has been disdaining for months, considering that it encourages electoral fraud, a claim with which neither the electoral authorities nor the courts that have studied the allegations of fraud from Republican Party.

“It was a very safe vote, much safer than when you cast a ballot. I can tell you that. Everything was perfect, very strict, according to the rules. When you send a ballot … it cannot be as safe as voting in person, “said the president.

Trump has participated in the last hours in several events in the state of Florida, one of the most disputed ahead of the presidential elections and whose 29 delegates for the Electoral College they are vital for the Republican candidate if he wants to get a second term.

At these events, Trump has charged against Biden, whom he has branded as the candidate that China wants him to win, and has highlighted his anti-elite profile by ensuring that “he does not sound like a Washington because he’s not a Washington politician. “

Likewise, his campaign has assured Fox that the Republican candidate raised $ 26 million (21.9 million euros) after the debate that confronted him with Biden last Thursday night, although Trump’s campaign remains well below that of his rival in total collection.