Donald Trump and his ambitious claim involving the COVID-19 vaccine

In addition to pretending to continue in politics, the former president made a surprising revelation regarding the coronavirus drug.

Donald Trump has once again generated controversy with his statements. This time the former president of the United States spoke not only about politics but also about the pandemic, specifically about the COVID-19 vaccine.

The Republican recently attended a political event in Mar-a Lago; where according to CNN journalist Kevin Liptak, he insulted Senator Mitch McConnell (Kentucky), whom he described as a “silly son of a bitch * & *% a.”

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As if that were not enough, he dared to boast of the health strategy to counteract the effects of COVID-19 in the United States.

“Trump told everyone they should call ‘trumpcine’ (instead of vaccine),” Liptak posted on Twitter in reference to the suggestion about coronavirus immunization.

This is not the first time Trump has claimed vaccine credits. In March he assured that thanks to him the vaccine was developed in record time.

“I hope you all remember when you get the COVID-19 vaccine that if I hadn’t been president, you would either get that beautiful shot in five years at best, or you probably wouldn’t get it at all. I hope everyone remembers it! ”Trump said at the time.

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Vaccination credentials, another controversy

The debate over the creation of a document to identify people vaccinated against covid-19 has intensified in the United States, where companies and state governments are studying formulas to do so while Republicans try to use this issue to attack the Government of Joe Biden.

In the last hours, the president of the ultra-conservative Freedom Caucus of Congress, the legislator Andy Biggs, introduced a bill that would prohibit federal agencies from issuing any type of documentation that shows that an individual has been or has not been vaccinated.

Speaking to Efe this Friday, Biggs considered that these accreditations will only serve to impose the surveillance system of “Big Brother” in American society.

The bill, backed by 18 other ultra-conservative lawmakers close to former President Donald Trump, has no chance of being passed by the Democratic majority in the US House of Representatives, but it shows how far Republicans are willing to go. .

Faced with this, the Joe Biden Administration has made it clear that it has no intention of getting involved or supporting any effort to create a credential that is mandatory at the federal level, although it has left the door open for the private sector to develop its own systems.

An idea promoted by the private sector

The idea of ​​the private sector is to create a universal credential that airlines, restaurants or stadiums can use to allow entry to Americans who have already been vaccinated, in an attempt to increase the sense of tranquility and return to pre-pandemic economic activity .

Those credentials would be similar to boarding passes for airplanes, which can be displayed with an app on the phone or can be printed out in a pdf document.

Popularly, they have been called “immunization passports,” but their use would only be within the US, not abroad.

Behind that proposal is a coalition called the “Initiative for Vaccination Credentials” and which is made up of 225 public and private organizations, including Cínica Mayo and the tech giants IBM and Microsoft.

IBM, for example, has already helped New York state create its own digital credential dubbed “Excelsior Pass” that some New Yorkers began using last week to enter Madison Square Garden.

Other members of that coalition is The Commons Project, a non-profit organization specialized in technology and that has developed the “CommonPass” application that travelers on some JetBlue, United and Lufthansa routes are already using to show that they have given negative in a covid-19 test.

Aerolineas por América, the US business association for the industry, does not want the government to force passengers to get vaccinated in order to get on a plane, but it is in favor of creating a credential that increases the feeling of security for passengers. Travellers.

How to choose from 17 options

One of the biggest challenges, however, is choosing the best system among the 17 currently being developed by companies or non-governmental organizations.

One of them is the technology EagleForce, which last year launched an application called “myVAx” that allows users to document all their vaccines, including anticovid, and which is already available in the US, as well as in other countries in the world. American and African continent, its executive director, Stanley Campbell, explained to Efe.

Campbell, originally from Florida, was in talks with the Florida government to implement it; but just last week the governor of Florida, Republican Ron DeSantis, signed an executive order that prohibits companies from asking their clients for this type of credential.

Another of the GOP’s star governors, Greg Abbott of Texas, has passed a similar measure this week and is being evaluated by Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves.

At the international level, the World Health Organization (WHO) has not recommended the use of these credentials because it is not yet known to what extent vaccines reduce the transmission of the disease.


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Biden slap Trump: no funds for the wall on the border with Mexico

The new White House is therefore moving forward in the work of scrapping the Trumpian legacy on all fronts. And Biden doesn’t want to waste time.

Wall with Mexico, all funding removed – In its first budget proposal, that for 2022, it keeps one of its main promises: not even a dollar will go to the iconic work of The Donald. Not only does Biden exclude new resources to complete the wall with Mexico, but it also eliminates funds already allocated and not yet used. Because, they tell the US administration, the immigration problem is not faced with repression but by attacking the problem at its roots and with broader policies and a medium and long-term horizon.

But 1.2 billion for border security – An approach that appeals to the left of the Democrats, but which can create big problems for Biden when there is an unprecedented boom in entries across the border with Mexico, with thousands and thousands of immigrants arriving from Central America and above all with an impressive number of unaccompanied minors crossing the border every day. However, the American president is asking for 1.2 billion dollars to strengthen border security.

Commission to reform the US Supreme Court – Another bad news for Trump and for the Republicans comes from Biden’s decision to set up a presidential commission that will have to study the possible reform of the highest US court, perhaps as many are asking by extending its composition to more members. Another promise kept by the new president, to try to rebalance a Supreme Court shaped by Trump and too biased to the right.

The highest court under the lens – The commission, they say in the White House, will be made up of a bipartisan group of experts. He will have to present a picture of the various positions on the field within 180 days of his first meeting. Among the aspects to be evaluated, the role of the Court in the constitutional system in the light of current times, the length of the mandate of constitutional judges, currently for life, and their possible rotation, the number of “wise men” who must make up the Court and rules for the selection of cases to be considered.

715 billion in maneuver for defense and 770 billion for health, education, fight against poverty – The maneuver presented by Biden provides for a total expenditure of over 1,500 billion dollars. As many as 770 are required for health, education, the fight against climate change and poverty. The resources that Biden intends to ask Congress for the Pentagon instead amount to 715 billion, a figure higher than last year but lower than Trum’s forecasts. However, it is too much money for the left dem, which continues to demand a change, with a drastic cut and once and for all to the “monster” budget of the defense.


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Trump’s influence on the national debate fades

Former President Donald Trump insists he is enjoying his life outside of Twitter. He argues that the press releases that his aides are releasing with increasing frequency are more “elegant.” Plus, you no longer run the risk of generating negative reactions by retweeting nasty messages.

Yet since Trump was banned from major social media channels after helping incite the deadly Jan.6 assault on the U.S. Capitol, his ability to influence the national debate is being put to the test.

Trump went from being a reality television star to being first a politician and then a president, using communication tools and the media at will. He still manages to connect with his followers through his communiqués and appearances on Fox News and other conservative outlets, where he repeats misinformation about the 2020 elections. Additionally, he remains a powerful force in the Republican Party, starring in a starring role Saturday in a Republican National Committee event to be held at their Mar-a-Lago club in Florida.

However, the influence over the country that it once had appears to be waning, at least for now.

“It will never be the same for Trump unless he runs again,” said Harold Holzer, a historian who is director of Hunter College’s Roosevelt House Institute for Public Policy and who wrote a book on presidents and the press. “I don’t think it’s unnatural for coverage to drop. I’m sure it’s hard on his ego, considering the amount of oxygen it sucks and the amount of ink it generates, but it is not unnatural for a former president to receive less attention ”at the end of his term, he added.

However, it has been a dramatic adjustment. Trump’s tweets used to boost the news cycle, and CNN, MSNBC and Fox News used to spend dozens of hours a week showing his missives, according to an analysis of television news archives by GDELT. Since being banned from Twitter and other platforms, Trump can no longer directly address much of his audience and must now turn to his followers and conservative and mainstream media to amplify his messages.

But few of those comments have resonated since the mainstream media, long criticized for allowing Trump to dictate its coverage. Agora the media is cautious about repeating its falsehoods, especially in relation to the 2020 elections.

While Trump still enjoys some press coverage, search results for his name on Google are at their lowest point since 2015, as The Washington Post noted this week. On late-night television, some have tried to eliminate him entirely: “Late Show” host Stephen Colbert refuses to say his name.

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