Elections in Misiones: the provincial government g …

The Front Renovador de la Concordia – a space led by Governor Oscar Herrera Ahuad – prevailed in Misiones with 46.6 percent of the votes, compared to 27.77 percent of Together for Change, in what were the first elections in the framework of the coronavirus pandemic in the country. In third place was the Frente Encuentro Popular Agrario y Social para la Victoria (PAyS) with 14.29 percent of the votes with 98.47 percent of the polls scrutinized. Beyond the fact that the National Congress approved the postponement of the PASO and the general elections for one month each and the recommendation of the National Government that all provinces unify the electoral calendar, Misiones did not do so and this Sunday it was voted the same. The protocols were strict and, according to the province’s Minister of Government, Marcelo Pérez, the event “was a success”, since “all the protocols could be strictly complied with.” In any case, turnout was low: 60 percent of the 947,560 people qualified to do so voted. Participation in 2019 had been more than 78 percent.

In the first electoral test for the government of Alberto Fernández won the Renewing Front of Concord with 48 percent of the votes, which is an ally of the space led by the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Sergio Massa. The first candidate on that list was the provincial deputy Martín Cesino, followed by Sonia Rojas Decut and Mario Vialey. The space that represents Kirchnerism in the province, meanwhile, is the Frente Encuentro Popular Agrario y Social para la Victoria (PAyS) which led Santiago Mansilla, Blanca Álvez and Martín Sancho as the first candidate for deputy, and which obtained a 14, 62 percent. Together for Change came second, with the list headed by radical leader Ariel Pianesi, followed by Micaela González Coria and Germán Kiczka.

In Misiones this Sunday, 20 titular provincial deputies and seven substitutes were elected. The province is also one of the three in which the Law of Slogans is in force –in this case for the councilor category– that is why the Electoral Court approved 247 sublems to elect half of the councilors (three) in 12 municipalities : Puerto Iguazú, El dorado, Leandro N. Alem, San Vicente, Montecarlo, Puerto Rico, Aristóbulo del Valle, El Soberbio, San Pedro and Dos de Mayo.

First elections in pandemic:

Given the context of a pandemic, as will happen on September 12 and November 14 at the national level, in this election the number of establishments had to be expanded compared to those of 2019. This allowed avoiding overcrowding as there were fewer tables per school –from 20 tables, a maximum of 7 per establishment – and therefore fewer people. In Misiones this Sunday there were 459 voting centers, that is, 97 more establishments than two years ago. The other novelty was that the voting hours were extended and instead of ending at 6:00 p.m., the voting ended at 7:00 p.m.

“What was different was everything related to biosecurity. The health agents became protagonists who were the people who apostatized in the income of all the schools and ordered people and controlled that all the protocols are fulfilled,” they assured from the court provincial electoral in dialogue with PageI12. In addition, the province decided that only people who are vaccinated could be table authority and that is why it was decided to give priority to the teaching staff, who were inoculated in their entirety.

Each table authority was given six chinstraps so that they could change them throughout the day, there were cleaning kits and thermometers that were used only to take the temperature of the table authorities. On the other hand, although there are not yet all the details, people who had coronavirus and who were therefore unable to attend to vote will have to upload their medical record to an electoral court website in order to justify their absence.

The bell, meanwhile, was totally atypical and was done only virtually. There were no acts or any of the typical activities that were carried out in previous campaigns were carried out. “The networks took over the scene, there were many audiovisual products and WhatsApp was used a lot. That also caused false news to multiply and there was a great job from the government that had to come out to deny it,” provincial sources assured.

The health situation in the province

In the last 24 hours, according to data from the provincial Ministry of Health, Misiones had 182 new infections and five deaths. The health situation in the province was controlled because, although it borders Paraguay and Brazil, two countries that are very complicated in terms of the health situation, the border crossings have been closed for more than a year, a measure that reduced the flow of people and contagions. It is the second province with the fewest deaths in Argentina, also a product of the strong vaccination campaign. Health personnel, teaching personnel and all those over 80 years of age have already been inoculated in and this week in the province began to vaccinate those over 40.


Peñarol 5 – Boston River 2: mirasol excelled on offense and got his first win – Ovation – 05/30/2021

Peñarol comes on stage on the third date of Opening Tournament 2021 versus Boston River in the Champion of the Century Stadium in the second presentation of the mirasol this season.

The team of Mauricio Larriera is going for his first win this season of the local tournament as he comes from a goalless draw with Phoenix in the second stage and has pending the game of the first day against Plaza Colonia scheduled for Wednesday, June 1.

For their part, those led by Juan Tejera They are also going for the first success of the season since they lost on the first date with Wanderers and on the second with Rentistas.

Peñarol and Boston River at the Champion of the Century Stadium.  Photo: Estefanía Leal.
Peñarol and Boston River at the Champion of the Century Stadium. Photo: Estefanía Leal.

First time

Mauricio Larriera’s team came out to play with their classic 1-4-2-3-1 but with the inclusion of Pablo Ceppelini as central midfielder along with Jesús Trindade in the double five, while the “Sastre” started with a 1- 5-3-2 with Enzo Larrosa and Ruben Bentancourt as forwards.

And despite the fact that with a header from Bentacourt at 4 ‘of play, Boston River disturbed the Mirasol area, the game quickly became one owner and it was Peñarol. The coal team took possession of the ball, true to its style, and began to generate risky situations in the attack.

At 8 ‘a great play by Agustín Canobbio on the left ended with the ball in the area and after a series of rebounds, the ball was left to Facundo Torres and the shot of 10 hit the hand of Pedro Silva Torrejón but Christian Ferreyra he did not sanction that clear penalty in favor of the local.

Christian Ferreyra.  Photo: Estefanía Leal.
Christian Ferreyra. Photo: Estefanía Leal.

Peñarol continued to promote his offensive game circuits, widened the court, played on the right and on the left, but he also tried through the center and that was where the first goal was created.

At 16 ‘, Facundo Torres put Giovanni González on the run, who faced the area and finished off, but his shot saved him well placed by Gonzalo Falcón, and on the rebound Agustín Álvarez Martínez appeared to put the 1-0 charcoal burner.

The domino mirasol was such that at 25 ‘and now with a very good move on the left, Joaquín Piquerez overflowed, stepped on the area and gave just the pass back to Facundo Torres, who with a superb definition put the second of Peñarol in the Champion of the Century.

The Peñarol players celebrate a bit of a charcoal burner.  Photo: Estefanía Leal.
The Peñarol players celebrate a bit of a charcoal burner. Photo: Estefanía Leal.

And despite being at a disadvantage, Boston River did not lower his arms and at 28 ‘Pedro Silva Torrejón took Peñarol’s defenders from above and took a shot that passed very close to the right post of Kevin Dawson, who at 35’ went bad after a cross from the left and the defenders took the ball to the corner defusing a bomb in the mirasol area.

And after that incident, Joaquín Piquerez felt, was assisted by health and had to request the change – at 38 ‘Valentin Rodríguez entered – after an injury that not only worries Peñarol but also the Uruguayan team since the left back He was cited for the qualifying matches against Paraguay and Venezuela.

Despite losing 2-0, the “Tailor” did not stay and sought the discount. He got it at 44 ‘after a corner from the left that Agustín Nadruz connected absolutely alone and without a mark to make it 2-1 and leave the visitor in a game before the end of the first half.

Boston River players celebrate goal at Champion of the Century.  Photo: Estefanía Leal.
Boston River players celebrate goal at Champion of the Century. Photo: Estefanía Leal.

Second time

Start to pure vertigo and back and forth in the complement. First a shot from outside the area by Agustín Canobbio that Gonzalo Falcón saved well and then Boston River had a clear play by Ruben Bentancourt in the area, threatening notable and defining just above the horizontal, losing the tie.

But that equality came. The “Tailor” saw that the charcoal burner had defensive problems and attacked. At 55 ‘and after a creeping center from the left, Bentancourt appeared and this time he did not forgive: he won the position from Gary Kagelmacher and defined remarkable to score the 2-2 of the visit.

Ruben Bentancourt celebrates Boston River's goal.  Photo: Estefanía Leal.
Ruben Bentancourt celebrates Boston River’s goal. Photo: Estefanía Leal.

Cold water bucket at the Campeón del Siglo Stadium because despite the fact that Peñarol dominated and had the ball generating more danger, Mauricio Larriera’s team was once again held hostage to its own defensive neglect.

But at 61 ‘and after a free kick by Jesús Trindade from the right of the attack, Nicolás Freitas grabbed Gary Kagelmacher in the area, Christian Ferreyra charged a penalty and Pablo Ceppelini, whom Gonzalo Falcón tried to disperse by winning the yellow card, defined very well and put the 3-2 of the aurinegro.

With the advantage again and with the entry of Cristian Olivera by Juan Acosta for Giovanni González to go to the right side, Peñarol began to better manage the situations of the match. Pablo Ceppelini was huge in the middle of the court and the coalman was in control again, but he did not offer many guarantees in the last zone and that was something that Boston River was willing to continue taking advantage of for its benefit.

Pablo Ceppelini celebrates his first goal with the Peñarol shirt.  Photo: Estefanía Leal.
Pablo Ceppelini celebrates his first goal with the Peñarol shirt. Photo: Estefanía Leal.

At 72 ‘and after a throw-in, Pablo Labandeira took a strong mid-distance shot that passed near the left post of a Kevin Dawson who this time was attentive and accompanied the trajectory of the ball in another play in which the mirasol had trouble defending.

But at 76 ‘, Cristian Olivera hooked in the Boston River area and Pedro Silva Torrejón took him down, Christian Ferreyra took a penalty and a minute later Peñarol changed the player because Agustín Canobbio asked for it but sent the ball out and the mirasol missed a great chance to start settling the match.

But that tranquility on the scoreboard was given to Peñarol, his scorer. At 85 ‘and after a clearance from the Boston River defense, Agustín Álvarez Martínez appeared again to stop the chest ball and define notable to score the mirasol’s quarter and the second of his personal account.

And as if that were not enough, at 91 ‘and after another good offensive combination, Jesús Trindade grabbed the ball on the edge of the Boston River large area and took a cross shoe to score a goal and put the 5-2 that ended up being the definitive result in the Champion of the Century.

Peñarol ended up closing one night with a very good offensive production because he scored five goals and also achieved his first victory in the 2021 Apertura Tournament, but once again he showed defensive weaknesses that he must improve in the near future to avoid problems because on Wednesday Larriera’s team will go on stage again to face Plaza Colonia from 6:00 pm, again at home.


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