Mark Wahlberg has the best exercise for a movie six pack

Mark Wahlberg He is already 50 years old, but for him that does not mean anything, it does not mean that he is going to stop trying, working hard and getting up at dawn to start one of the hardest routines in Hollywood.

Part of the work of Mark Wahlberg It’s looking good and being in good shape so that you can keep making the movies you love and he takes it to a very “interesting” extreme to show that when it comes to fitness, age is just a number and you should never let it be. become an obstacle.

Since I was a teenage rapper (called Marky Mark), the protagonist of Ted and the shooter has been following a brutal training routine and a healthy diet that allows you to maintain the weight and muscle mass that characterize it, and among all that it has different exercises that are very effective and that can also be done anywhere (so that there is no excuse to stay active wherever you are, or so that you can imitate it yourself).

According to the actor, his favorite exercises are high intensity, since these make the body keep burning calories even a few hours after training is over, and the best part is, like Will Smith, The Rock, Chris Hemsworth, and every muscle man in the movie industry, he often shares his favorite workouts and exercises for his fans and followers can get an idea of ​​what it takes to have a body marked for life.

Mark Wahlberg



Colombia and the US begin the international air exercise Lightning VI

Deployment of F16 and Kfir fighters

F16 during exercises. Photos: Jonahtan Ortiz for

07/17/2021 | Black

Erich Saumeth

The Colombian Air Force (DO) and of the United States (USAF) have started their participation in the international exercise Lightning VI, which takes place over Colombian skies, more precisely from the Cacom Air Combat Command No.5 located in the city of Ríonegro, in the north-east of the country and which will run during this week.

Colombia deployed units of its IAI Kfir C10 / 12 COAwhile the USAF, its squad of Lockheed Martin F-16C/D Block 50 (made up of five F16C and a F16D), in a series of missions aimed at strengthen interoperability, guidelines, tactics, techniques and doctrines between both forces, within the framework of the standards of the OTAN, an organization of which Colombia is a global partner.

In developing the maneuvers, particular emphasis will be placed on on S-type missionsEADIn other words, the destruction of anti-aircraft defenses, operations in which the FAC is continuously trained, as well as in air support and surveillance and control of airspace.

Lightning VI It occurs by virtue of the close relations that both countries have in terms of defense and security, and as a strategic ally of the South American country, also with the aim of dissuading possible regional threats against Colombia.

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The best exercises to do when suffering from varicose veins

The varicose veins They are a very frequent problem, especially in women, and it exceeds the aesthetic realm, although the exact causes of this condition are not fully established. The exercise Physical is essential to prevent its appearance and improve the appearance of those we already have, but you must be careful when doing it.

Although it is presumed that there is a great hereditary weight in the appearance of this disease, sedentary lifestyle, being overweight and spending long periods of time standing can influence the veins to lose their elasticity and end up developing the varicose veins.


J&J covid vaccine receives FDA warning about immune disorder

Johnson & Johnson’s Covid-19 vaccine fact sheet was revised to warn of the risk of a rare immune system disorder, adding new headwinds for a vaccine that was expected to be a lynchpin of the US immunization effort.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said in a statement Monday that it was adding the warning after 100 reports of Guillain-Barré syndrome, a rare condition in which the immune system attacks the nerves, among people who received the injection. So far, about 12.8 million Americans have received the one-dose vaccine.

The agency said 95 of the cases required hospitalization and that one person had died. While the available evidence suggests a link between the vaccine and the syndrome, the agency said the data was insufficient to be able to definitively say what caused the disease.

The revised fact sheet says that symptoms started within 42 days of receiving the J&J injection.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the cases were mostly seen in men over the age of 50 about two weeks after they were vaccinated. The CDC said the issue will be discussed at an upcoming vaccine advisory committee meeting.

Between 3,000 and 6,000 people a year develop Guillain-Barré syndrome, according to the FDA, and most make a full recovery. The agency said a higher rate has been seen with certain vaccines, including seasonal flu and shingles.

Cases generally begin within a few days to weeks of a respiratory or gastrointestinal viral infection and can result in mild flare-ups of muscle weakness or more severe forms of paralysis.

Despite the new warning, the CDC said the risk of serious adverse events from covid vaccines remains remote and that it is recommended that everyone over the age of 12 receive a vaccine. The FDA said the benefits of the J&J injection in preventing COVID-19 clearly outweigh the known and potential risks.

Covid infections have increased again in many areas due to the spread of the delta variant. Nearly all virus-related hospitalizations and deaths now occur among the unvaccinated, according to the CDC.

Another setback
J&J said it is in contact with the FDA and other health authorities about the Guillain-Barré cases.

“The possibility of this happening is very low and the reported case rate exceeds the background rate by a small degree,” the company said in a statement.

The development marks another potential setback for the J&J vaccine. Shares of the New Brunswick, NJ-based drugmaker fell 0.2% to $ 169.48 as of 4 p.m. in New York.

In April, US health agencies urged providers to stop giving the injection to test for rare but serious blood clots that occurred among some people who had received it.

After a 10-day review, regulators lifted the pause, suggesting that the likelihood of developing the rare blood clot syndrome, thrombosis with thrombocytopenia, was very low and the benefits of the injection outweighed the risks.

Regulators added information about the minimal risk of clots to the vaccine data sheet, noting that most of the cases had occurred in women ages 18 to 49.

Use of the J&J injection, once expected to be central to the U.S. vaccination campaign, has been hampered by concerns that it is less effective than other vaccines, as well as production problems in a company hired to manufacture them.

The Washington Post previously reported that the US Food and Drug Administration planned to add the Guillain-Barré syndrome warning.

GBS and vaccines
Vaccines, by nature, have an effect on the immune system. Although they are intended to boost the body’s natural defenses, scientists have suggested that it is biologically plausible that immunizations may be associated with Guillain-Barré syndrome.

CDC has long studied the association between the seasonal flu vaccine and the 2009 H1N1 monovalent and Guillain-Barré flu vaccine, although the agency has suggested that the exact risk is difficult to estimate, and that developing the syndrome due to getting the flu itself is even bigger. probable.

The FDA has made drug companies include Guillain-Barré syndrome warnings with other vaccines. In March, for example, US regulators demanded that GlaxoSmithKline Plc. review the prescribing information for your shingles vaccine, Shingrix, after you have determined that there is an association between it and Guillain-Barré.

In J & J’s large, advanced-stage clinical trial, a vaccine recipient and a placebo recipient developed Guillain-Barré syndrome within two weeks of receiving an injection, without establishing a causal association with the vaccine.

Other warnings
Health officials have warned of rare potential side effects with other COVID-19 vaccines. Last month, the FDA added warnings to patient and provider data sheets for messenger RNA injections by Pfizer Inc.-BioNTech SE and Moderna Inc. about a small risk of possible cardiac inflammation.

About 1,200 cases of myocarditis and pericarditis have been reported in people who had received the vaccines, according to the CDC, while about 147 million Americans have been fully vaccinated with them.

The available data does not show a pattern of Guillain-Barré syndrome in mRNA vaccine recipients, the FDA and CDC said.


The ultimate exercise routine to avoid fluid retention this summer

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With the increase in temperature in summer, people go out more, stay more on the terraces, the schedules and the type of food are upset, they drink more carbonated and sugary drinks, as well as more alcohol with the “beers ”. All this produces a cocktail inside us that triggers in a weight gain, bloating, and the dreaded fluid retention.

What is fluid retention? When the lymphatic system slows down, we tend to accumulate more fluids in the tissues. In summer this occurs due to the dilation of the blood vessels, due to the heat, with which the blood circulates more slowly and accumulates in the capillaries, raising the pressure and facilitating the
retention of fluid in tissues.

It is also a problem that usually affects women more and is also related to other aspects such as hormonal changes. To try to avoid this situation, a series of guidelines:

– Be well hydrated.
– Balanced meals, avoiding eating too many carbohydrates, only the recommended daily intake.
– Eat more protein because its deficit favors retention.
– Avoid salt as much as possible. Excess sodium promotes bloating.
– Avoid sugary and carbonated drinks.
– Eat fruits and vegetables in season.
– Doing physical activity.

The exercise

A exercise circuit that comes in handy for this time and that can be done three or four times a week, is the following:

1. 10 minutes walking at a good pace

2 series of:

2. 15 repetitions of squat.
3. Plank with 20 repetitions of ankle flexion-extension.
4. 10 minutes walking at a good pace.

2 series of:

5. 15 repetitions of Jumping Jack (A coordinated exercise of arms and legs, opening and closing both at the same time with great speed).
6. 8 repetitions of burpees bottomless (i.e. a burpee normal in which no bending is performed).
7. 10 minutes walking at a good pace.

2 series of:

8. 10 dips with knees on the ground.
9. 20 climber (It consists of getting into a plank position bringing the knees to the chest alternating them and you should do 10 with each leg).
10. 10 minutes walking at a good pace.

Don’t forget to stretch after each session.

With this physical work, a balanced diet (although skipping it sometimes doesn’t feel bad at all), plenty of water and eliminating stress as much as possible, you can spend a quality and healthy summer.

* Iván Morales Martín is the founder of Bendita Agujeta.


Argentina reduces the number of exercises abroad for 2021/2022

The Army will not participate in any

Destroyer NOW Argentina. Photo: NOW

07/10/2021 | Buenos Aires

Gonzalo Mary

The Ministry of Defense established, in a project sent to the National Congress to authorize the departure of troops from the country, which for the period 2021/2022 the Argentinian army You will not participate in any combined exercise abroad. Of the eleven scheduled, seven will concern the Armada and four at Air Force, as reported by the newspaper The nation.

For the eleven programmed exercises, around 4,000 personnel will be mobilized and a budget of 621.9 million pesos will be allocated (slightly more than six million dollars at official price), among which two million dollars for the exercise stand out. Unity, 1.5 million dollars for the year Fraternal and $ 1.2 million for the year Atlasur.

Argentine participation in combined exercises has been declining continuously in recent years. During the last year of the government of the former president Mauricio Macri 25 exercises were authorized for the participation of Armed forces. For the period 2020/2021 the number was reduced to 17, in which the Army only participated in the operation Arandú, next to Brazilian Army. In normal times, the Argentine Army participates in four exercises per year.

Argentina Army

Of the seven combined exercises in which the Navy is expected to participate, the exercise stands out. Unitas LXII, which will take place in September in Peru together with the navies of the United States, Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, Colombia and Ecuador.

On the other hand, the Argentine Navy will also be present at the Passex, Naval means from Germany, Spain, Italy, China, Russia, India, Venezuela and South Africa, among others, will participate with ships that will sail in the Exclusive Economic Zone of Argentina, outside the territorial sea.

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Peru finalizes preparations for the Unitas LXII exercise together with ten other countries

Final Planning Conference

BAP Bolognesi and the USCG Legare at Unitas LXI. Photo: US Navy

09/07/2021 | Lima

Peter Watson

The Peruvian Navy will receive a contingent of 211 military personnel from the Armed Forces of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, USA, Mexico, Panama, Dominican Republic Y Uruguay to carry out the Final Planning Conference of the international naval exercise Unitas LXII that this year will take place in Peru.

The Final Planning Conference (FPC, Final Planning Conference) will take place between 12 and 16 of this month and is the previous step to the execution of the naval exercise itself, scheduled for the end of September and the beginning of October.

The captain of the ship represents the Argentine Navy in the FPC Damien Gabriel Orgiazzi, the frigate captains Miguel Ricardo Caviglia, Luis Alejo Bonanni y Pablo Octavio Cabrio; On behalf of the Brazilian Navy, the Lieutenant Commander participates Rogerio Soarez de Sousa and the Lieutenant Commander (FN) Frederico Cunha Brandao; Representing the Chilean Navy, the captain of the Frigate will be present Jorge Ibarra Figari, commander Francisco Iturregui Leiva and the first lieutenant Sebastian Pavez Tapia; Representing the National Navy of Colombia the Lieutenant Commander Jorge Alfonso Garcia Torres and the lieutenant colonel of the Marine Corps Camilo Andrés Pérez Cifuentes (who replaces the first lieutenant Manuel Alejandro Sánchez Molina); On behalf of the Ecuadorian Navy, the frigate captains attend Oswaldo Mora Calero, Marco Rivadeneira Yaselga, Derlo Reina Alvarado Y Alex Sanchez Cabrera.

US contingent

By far, the largest representation of the visiting countries is that of the United States Navy, represented by the captains of the ship Thomas Myers, Peter Ehlers, Meger Chappell, Pete Reibe, Jennifer Ellinger Y Robert Tryon; the colonels Philip Farr, Paul Konopka, Brian Ecarius, David Emmel Y Michael McWilliams, the frigate captains Ryan Dahlman, José Cortez, Matthew Bailey Y Katherine Meadows, lieutenant colonels Diego Miranda, Johnny Gutiérrez, Michael Aubry Y Robert Stevenson, the corvette captains Mark Roncoroni, Brandon Cobb, Daniel Lund, Jeffrey Grabon, Jessica Koningisor, Tadd Blair, Cody Rapp, Vijay Mahobie, Brad Koester, Omar García, Tyler Trumbly, Geoffrey Ellis, Marinel Challburg, Matthew Lai, Robert Yager, Daniel Krier, Ryan Nelson, Kristina Mullins, Andrew Fitzgerald, Brooks Rogers, Andrew Webster, Sean Rochan Alex Kinney Y Andrew Berry.

Likewise, the older Aaron Brunner, Víctor Colón, Peter Driscoll, Padraig Flynn, Phillip Guillory, Brian Rosko, Erick Abercrombie, Elizabeth Amezcua, David Lee, Thomas Perna, James Turner, Jair Vargas, Jon Pynduss, Philip Spencer, Andrew Behrends, Kelly Brandon Y Lee Zawacki, The captains Paige Dunlap, Brooks Grado, Matthew Holfinger, Brandon Barnes, Peter Shelton, Damaris Rocha,Zachary Duncavage, Adams Justin, Serena Simeoli, Greg Carnazza, Joshua Brewster Y Eric Todorski, lieutenants first Harrison Willoughby, Alexander Rodríguez, Christopher Wilson, Angela Chambless, Eric Brugler, Natalie Karvelis, Jordan Davis, Jessica Fromularo, Jeremy Simpson, Dale Lescher, Johnny Aviles, Eric Wilson, Zachary Krueger, Britt Zerbe, Tereza Skruzna, Anthony Furco, Conor McNamara, Nicholas Friscia, Brandon Telatovich, Matthew Vigiliante, Michael Chang, Brandon Telatovich, John Murphy, Diskin John Y Eamonn McCarey, the second lieutenants Wesley Byleven, Sean Brennan, Matthew Lembo, Kirk Bienvenu, Kareem Hook, Nicole Sanfilippo, Joseph Hendron Y Brody Gamber, the 2nd supervising technicians Joshua Branscum, Nabai Habtom, Ángel Ruiz, Michael McCann, Y Bobby Starks, Supervisory Technician 3rd Joshua Grayek, technical officers Austin Sabin Y Ryan Casey, technical Jeffery Addison, the noncommissioned officers Allan McGathey, Carlos ure, Kevin Smith, Mark Crocker, Gregory Turman, Edward Nowakoski, Bernard Steinhauer, Brittany López, Felipe Font, Juan García, Sean McConell, Ryan Levins, Jonathan Carson, Marcus Blackburn, Roderic Phillip, Jeffery Napier, Arjoy Rojas, Rory Harei, Jorge Castro, Javier Córtes, Jessica Pulido, Nathan Bricker, Francis Moesch, Lisa Alkire, Joseph Roberts, James Speaker, Samuel Allen, Tristan Fletcher, Leeroy Colón Y John Childress.

Sergeants major Luis Castro, Maxim Ostromoglisky, Javier Salinas, Edwin Motta Y Paul Quesada, the artillery sergeants major Gilberto Ríos, Richard Plummer, Marcel Chesson, Hector Navarro, Pedro Cerda, Joel Sánchezy Orlando Reyes, sergeants first Adrián Ramos, Juan Gavilanes, John Taylor, Blocker Abraham, Arturo Cervantes, Zebadiah Meador, Tupolo Losefa, Daniel Ríos, Danial Ghaffari, Brandon Keziah, John Taylor e Ismael Sifuentes Garcia, gunnery sergeants Michael Cifuentes, Alexander Ramos, Kyle Grainger, Carlo Carozzi, Edgar Ruiz, Robert Fears, Luis Larios Y Daniel Prosonic, sergeants Christa Brown, Junior Escarment, Daniel Bernal, Marimar Morales, Jay Rosenwald, Jonathan Soriano, Jimmy Correa, Kevin Stephenson, Lauren Brune, Camila Meléndez e Isidro Juarez, the ship captains Gabriel Serrano Saldaña, Israel Monterde Cervantes, Alberto Ortega Padilla e Ismael gonzalez, the frigate captain Carlos Maldonado Sanchez, ship lieutenant Nicolas azaretto, The captains Barak Sánchez Farrugia Y Napoleon Enrique Alvarado and the frigate captain Jose Mercedes Tena.

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the emotional well-being of running 20 minutes a day

The cult of the body has almost become an obsession of society but few care about taking care of our brain as well. Daily training should not be only physical but mental, since our head deserves the same attention as the rest of the gear we are part of. “In the same way that physical exercise helps to keep our muscles and joints in good condition and with this we gain resistance and strength. Mental activity helps all the folders and documents included in our computer that is the brain to be kept fit and up-to-date. The computer offers us from time to time the possibility of erasing elements that we do not use often and… the same does our brain with experiences, memories or actions that have less interest or that we have reviewed on fewer occasions. But mental activity is good not only in patients who lose memory, but in any type of person and at any age ”, argues Dr. Javier López del Val, neurologist and member of Top Doctors.

Fortunately, there are formulas in the day to day such as the omnipresent ‘mindfulness’, which does not have a clear definition beyond “mindfulness” or meditation, but promises to be very useful to treat problems such as anxiety or stress, for example. It is about observing and paying attention in a conscious way to the experience that you are living at that moment and doing it with interest, curiosity and above all, acceptance. A way that, according to specialists, makes our pain, illness or any other challenge in life work consciously, thus helping to achieve a necessary internal balance. The question then is, how can we apply all this to the sports field?

The ‘runfulness’ or how to also run with the head

It is in this line that ‘Runfulness’ arises, a running practice that is made up of 5 elements (breathing, mindfulness, harmony, Walden technique and visualizations) as one of its creators, Pilar Amián explains: “Runfulness communicates and it teaches a philosophy of life, not just a way to enjoy running. It is an attitude not an aptitude. That’s why we call it the Wallen Method after Thoureau, a mid-19th century American philosopher whose philosophy inspires the method. He said in his book “Walden Life in the Woods”: Almost all people live life in silent despair. Our goal is to end it through this way of moving. This practice forces us to dive into each one of us, take out the inner strength that we all carry within and project it on any terrain: work, family, a diet, a project, whatever is valid ”. This is not about running for the sake of running or crushing yourself in each session, but doing it at the pace that your emotions demand of you. “We thought there was a basic error: if we were ‘born to move’, why do people hate it? (…) We had to change the format, find a way to make people want to run ”, continues the founder.

This is how this system was born, which aims to consciously do certain activities that are usually done unconsciously such as breathing in and out, meditating, feeling our body, monitoring our posture or having control of our movement. “In our day to day we are used to developing these processes on automatic pilot. Sometimes they work for our benefit, other times they just work; and others burden us with our chores, inviting us not to continue in the endeavor, such as running (…). It is an Active Mental Running: we run putting a certain intention to each step of our movement. If we manage to control these processes in the movement so that they work for our benefit, that is, turning the previous phenomenon around, doing the same in another life situation will be a piece of cake, ”says Amián.

The importance of keeping your mind active

All the experts agree, mental activity is satisfactory and absolutely necessary not only in patients with memory loss but also in any person of any age, as recommended by Dr. López del Val: “mental exercise or memory work serves to delay and / or to stop the progressive deterioration that age brings with it (…) that is why it is recommended in all cases, in healthy people to keep and keep our computer files “useful” and in those people who start a mild cognitive deterioration, with much more reason metal “work” is essential. We must remember that everything that is not used, is forgotten and disappears ”. Furthermore, this cognitive stimulation must undoubtedly go hand in hand with physical exercise as a daily tool for the result to be entirely favorable, as the neurologist continues to argue: “there is a recent Norwegian study that compares the active elderly population with the non-active population and it is confirmed that the motor and cognitive impairment is much more prevalent and important in the inactive ”.

For this reason, in addition to methods linked to specific disciplines such as running like the one mentioned above, there are other ways of working together with our body and our brain that go a step further. One of them is the Mental Fitness program, a pioneering initiative of the Community of Madrid devised by the teacher Fer González and supported by the neurologist Dr. Pedro Luis Guardado, whose objective is to improve the recirculation of blood to the brain by reducing the effects of aging. in the adult population thus gaining in attention, memory, concentration, response time, intuition, verbal or non-verbal reasoning … a way to combat brain aging aimed at the senior population in order to avoid suffering from degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and other dementias .

A training session lasts one hour and in it cardiovascular work, balances and stretching are alternated with mental activities based on numbers, puzzles or images in a dynamic way. A way not only to prevent cognitive deterioration but to minimize stress, promote social relationships and improve mood, fundamental pillars to achieve that long-awaited balance that we all seek.


The benefits of exercising regularly

The study showed that the link works both ways. In other words, people who exercised more reported having a greater sense of purpose, while those whose sense of purpose was strong to begin with were the most likely to exercise frequently.

“The more activity you do, the greater the sense of purpose, and vice versa,” explains Yemiscigil. “It is an upward spiral.”

The results are especially important for older adults because studies show that that sense of purpose (and level of activity) tends to decline with age, Yemiscigil says. On the other hand, maintaining this positive attitude was linked to longevity and a lower risk of heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease, and let’s not forget that it has a strong link with general well-being.

Ilene Berns-Zare, a psychologist and professional counselor, says that having a purpose is essential to finding that combination of physical, mental and emotional well-being that allows us to live life to the fullest, a state that some call “prosperity.”

He also points out that “it is very important to have a purpose: it is one of the foundations to prosper. It has been shown to improve quality of life and increase happiness. “

Yemiscigil’s work is one of a growing number of studies looking at the psychological benefits of exercise. These benefits “almost seem limitless,” says Ramani Durvasula, a clinical psychologist practicing in Los Angeles. Exercise “makes us feel revitalized. It makes us feel stronger. It can even make us feel more powerful. “

Let’s look at some other concrete ways that physical activity can help you thrive, according to research:

Makes you feel happier

Physical activity stimulates the secretion of chemicals in the brain that relieve anxiety and depression, and make you feel happier almost instantly, according to Durvasula. It happens with all types of activity, regardless of its intensity. “It doesn’t have to be a marathon. It can be yoga or a moderate walk ”. A 2018 study showed that just ten minutes of physical activity can increase happiness.


Exercises with ‘kettlebells’ to tone your body

Include accessories and material in our training It is a good option to incorporate difficulty and progress, avoiding that feeling of getting stuck when we exercise. Maybe you already have dumbbell practice or even with elastic bands. But you may not have tried the kettlebells, an accessory that has already been incorporated into her training sessions, for example, the actress Blanca Suárez.

Also called kettlebells, they are rounded blocks with a strong grip, which can be of different weights (8, 12, 16, 32 kg …). The ideal, of course, is to start using a lighter weight, and then increase and progress in our training, as we have it mastered. We must be cautious, because weights can hurt us if they fall on one of our feet, so using them with safety under control is essential. As Sara Álvarez explains, working with the kettlebell It is a very complete and versatile job, that is, with only one kettlebell you can perform a number of different exercises and with different approaches. “It is a piece of equipment that is not very expensive and is usually a great alternative to the typical dumbbell work, and also does not take up much space,” he tells us.

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