On Disney +, children deprived of Peter Pan or the Aristocats to avoid “dated or negative representations of minorities”

After the withdrawal of its platform fromGone with the wind by Warner, classics containing themes or stereotypes that might offend certain communities are not accessible to younger subscribers.

Whether they were wise as pictures or real rascals, that does not change anything. For the little ones who connect to the Disney + platform using a “children’s profile” account, it is impossible to have access to some of the firm’s classics with big ears such as Peter Pan, Dumbo, The Jungle Book The Aristocats or The Lady and the Tramp. They would contain too many damaging stereotypes. In any case, this is the reason for their absence.

On the other hand, for parents and adults, cartoons are readily available and are preceded by the now customary warning card warning that the film contains dated or negative representations of minorities and cultures.

This limited children’s access to the catalog has been around since October when Disney + rolled out its warnings against stereotypes and inappropriate behavior, but it had gone rather unnoticed. Until a journalist from BFMTV stumbles upon it, thus relaunching the debates on an excess of political correctness of our contemporary views on the heritage of the seventh art.

The controversy began in June when studio Warner was forced to temporarily withdraw from its SVOD platform. Gone with the wind, accused (for a long time) of conveying a very embellished vision of slavery. The great Civil War fresco quickly returned online, accompanied by warnings and documentaries contextualizing the debate. Disney + followed suit with its competitor in the fall, with the following message: “These stereotypes were wrong then and still are today. Rather than removing this content, we want to recognize its harmful impact, learn from it and spark debate to together create a more inclusive future. ”

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Evolution in sight

Contacted by Le Figaro, Disney specifies that these restricted “child profiles” “Are intended for children under 7 and are specially created for a young audience, whether in colors, shapes, ergonomics, entry by characters and not by brands and the choice of content. This profile allows them to access their favorite content in a completely secure environment ”.

This “secure profile” should evolve further with the launch on February 23 of STAR “the adult catalog” from Disney + which brings together FOX films but also cult series such as How I Met Your Mother or Grey’s Anatomy. A new parental control feature will make it possible, in addition to the “child profile”, to create profiles by age (6 years and over) and thus provide access to all the content of the service in line with the age of the child. user.

To take the example of Aristocats, explains Disney, the film will not be accessible with a child profile but will be accessible with a profile by age since the film is accessible to profiles “0+”.

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Revealed the scene of the new Assassin’s Creed (2022)

Rumor: the scene of the new Assassin’s Creed (2022) revealed

Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, the last game in the series, only went on sale a couple of months ago, but there are already rumors about where the franchise will take in the future.

Throughout the long history of the series, players have traveled to different exotic locations – from the golden shores of Nassau to Black Flag to the foggy streets of Victorian London in Syndicate… And in Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla you can even visit Asgard. Now, according to a new leak, the next part of the franchise will take players to the dark lands of India.

The leak appeared on 4Chan, shared by a self-proclaimed Ubisoft insider. He not only showed an incredibly compelling map of India, but also a list of additional information regarding a future release. Clarifies that the new game Assassin’s Creed will include not only all of India, but also Bangladesh and part of Pakistan, and it looks like the map will be larger than Valhalla… Then the insider states that the main character will be a woman, that is, players will not be able to choose the gender of the character. In addition, he announces that it will be a complete Assassin’s Creed for the next generation of consoles, which will also return the reward system from the past.

It is worth noting the absence of naval battles, and you can see the “merged” map below:

In fact, there is already one game in the series that takes place in India – this is Assassin’s Creed: Chronicles, although it is positioned as a sub-series of the main line. Nevertheless, the aforementioned information from an insider should be treated primarily as rumors, since none of this has been confirmed by the developers.

Would you like to see Assassin’s Creedset in India? Be sure to share your opinion in the comments below!

It is expected that the release of the new part of the franchise will take place in 2022.


the death of Jean-Pierre Bacri blues the world of cinema

Jean-Michel Ribes, Philippe Muyl, Gilles Jacob … The disappearance of the actor provoked a concert of emotional reactions from his many friends.

He made people laugh by his grumpy expression and his bad temper. Her death will finally have drawn tears. The announcement of the death, at 69, of the actor, screenwriter and theater artist Jean-Pierre Bacri sparked a large number of reactions on social networks, this Monday, January 18 at the end of the afternoon.

Actress and director Michèle Laroque expressed on Twitter : «Exceptional Jean-Pierre Bacri. He will be in my heart forever. I find it hard to imagine cinema without him. Thoughts for loved ones. #RIPJeanPierreBacri Nicolas Bedos paid a simple and silent tribute to this figure of French cinema.

On BFMTV, the director Jean-Michel Ribes who had directed Jean-Pierre Bacri on stage greeted the man with “big mouth», «one of the strongest personalities of recent years“, And an actor”engaged” without being “lesson giver». «He was above all someone with whom I had an incredible bondHe recalled, referring to their common hilarities. “The most wonderful thing is that we had giggles together. About him, I have our giggles. When you have a giggle with someone, it’s to know them better than anyone“. And to conclude: “He was someone, in truth, extremely funny but it was the reverse of a sneer».

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Same power of memory with Christian Clavier who shared the poster with Jean-Pierre Bacri in 1989, in Jean-Marie Poiré’s film My best friends. He wanted to pay tribute to “great culture and great intelligenceFrom the actor.

On France Info, Philippe Muyl – who in 1993 adapted the play by Jean-Pierre Bacri and Agnès Jaoui for the cinema Kitchen and Outbuildings – was also moved by the disappearance of his friend. “It’s really a blow that we take on the head“, He reacted, while paying homage to a work of tone”bitter sweet, lucid, whole, intelligent“. The director recalled the crucial place of Agnès Jaoui in the life and work of Jean-Pierre Bacri, welcoming “their way of looking at the world with a critical and somewhat uncompromising eye».

Richard Berry, who performed with him in 1982 in The Great Forgiveness Alexandre Arcady, recalled the integrity of Jean-Pierre Bacri: “He was a great writer and actor, a good guy, honest, there was no concession with him, he was true, both in his choices and in his statements and very funny. He was tender. »

Jean-Paul Rouve made a point of recalling the perfection of Jean-Pierre Bacri’s acting. “It’s perfect, Jean-Pierre. It’s perfect in the rhythm, it’s perfect in the way of playing. Everything is perfect. He is above. When you are an actor, you admire it. For me, it’s the pantheon of actors, it’s above everything»Declared the actor and director on BFMTV. “It is cike a musician with perfect pitch, he had absolute accuracy in playing.»

The disappearance of Jean-Pierre Bacri also inspired a very strong tribute from Gilles Jacob. The director and former president of the Cannes festival compared, on Twitter, the late actor to François Truffaut, Ingmar Bergman, or to the Portuguese Nobel Prize for Literature, José Saramago.

Francis Lombrail, director of the Hébertot theater in Paris, spoke about the extraordinary human qualities of Jean-Pierre Bacri: “ He had a lot of seduction and never had anything to sell, independent from the environment, to notoriety, overflowing with humanity, his grumpy side, it was humanity to spare, a true man, a fantastic actor , wonderful and unforgettable. He was very impressive, I had a little apprehension and admiration before meeting him, but he put you at ease, he immediately perceived the person he had in front of him. There was color and spirit, Bacri. Bacri was Bacri, irreplaceable. »

On Instagram, Nicolas Bedos praised the great freedom of the actor: “His frankness, his high standards, his annoyances, his dialogues, his Agnès … Another free artist who takes the trunk … Making him smile was a great pride …»

On the side of political reactions, Emmanuel Macron wished to underline the humanity and the tenderness of the actor, under the features of the character: “He had a sense of celebration and a taste for others. Jean-Pierre Bacri, the most tender of our moaners is gone. Like an image, her laconic and sensitive humanity will continue to populate our lives».

The mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo paid tribute to the character. “Jean-Pierre Bacri was a tone, a voice, a character in the service of an exceptional acting, in the cinema as in the theater. Popular actor, talented screenwriter and committed man, he will be sorely missed. Thoughts of his family and loved ones.»She said on his social networks.

On Facebook, the director of the Arab World Institute and former Minister of Culture Jack Lang spoke about “the legendary profanity“And”lively intelligence“From the actor:”Tonight, we are losing a brilliant and irresistible anti-hero, but his interpretations will remain engraved forever as immense and indelible pieces of anthology of French theater and cinema.»

The strong character of the roles that fell to Jean-Pierre Bacri was regularly invoked among the emotional messages broadcast on Twitter. Xavier Bertrand, President of the Hauts de France Region paid tribute to “French grumpy and grumpy that exists in all of us».

Ian Brossat, PCF spokesperson and deputy mayor of Paris in charge of housing, praised the “gorgeous moan».

Alexis Corbière, deputy La France Insoumise, also bowed to the “magnificent moaner and committed citizen».

The deputy and socialist spokesperson Boris Vallaud was moved by the disappearance of “her favorite moan».

Several other political figures have finally especially wanted to remember some memorable quotes forever linked to Jean-Pierre Bacri. Starting with the ecological mayor of Grenoble, Éric Piolle.

For the deputy En Marche Aurélien Taché, it is rather the quotes of the man to “caustic humorWhich outweigh the memory of his roles.

France Insoumise du Nord MP Ugo Bernalicis, meanwhile, set out to share a whole scene with Jean-Pierre Bacri.

Finally, the sports magazine So Foot He also went there with his little emotional tribute in reference to Didier, Alain Chabat’s film released in 1997, in which Jean-Pierre Bacri played, a somewhat disillusioned football coach.

Jean-Pierre Bacri occupied a prominent place with the public for his roles of grieving and disillusioned but deeply human anti-heroes. He had written several plays and films with Agnès Jaoui, who was also his companion, and had been awarded five times at the César, including four times the trophy for best screenplay.


Macaulay Culkin asks in turn that Donald Trump disappear from Mom I missed the plane again

The American president beaten by Joe Biden had wanted to appear in this film 30 years ago. Today, the lead actor joins his voice to those asking for a redacted version of the comedy.

Beaten by Joe Biden in the presidential election, banned from the main social networks, subject to a second impeachment procedure for his involvement in the incidents at the Capitol last week, will Donald Trump disappear from the screens, at least from the film editing Mom, I missed the plane again ? For several months, the mobilization has been organized on the Internet to demand a version of the film redacted from the short scene where the former real estate tycoon appears. But protests have redoubled since Donald Trump contested his defeat to the former Democratic Vice President, maintaining an insurrectionary climate in the United States.

This mobilization for a new editing of the film is today encouraged by the main actor Macaulay Culkin. Little Kevin McCallister of the saga directed by Chris Colombus has, in a tweet, added his voice to the petition calling for the removal of the real estate mogul’s cameo. “Sold»Wrote the actor now 40 years old before praising the work of an internet user who digitally removed Donald Trump from the scene in question. The offensive is probably all the more frustrating for the 45th President of the United States that he cannot respond to it since he was deprived of his account on the social network.

Because the outgoing American president is very concerned to protect this cinematographic appearance. During a rerun of the film in 2019, the Canadian channel CBC cut the scene during the editing. The decision, taken in 2014, was justified by the fact that the feature film was too long for television. “The movie will never be the same! (I’m joking)», Had tweeted the US president, suggesting that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, with whom he maintains strained relations, was at the origin of this censorship.

Trump and cinema, a love that is not necessarily reciprocal

Owner of the Plaza Hotel in New York in the early 1990s, the billionaire had particularly insisted on appearing in the film if we are to believe the director Chris Colombus. In Insider , the director had said that Donald Trump had only authorized filming in his establishment if, in addition to the usual rental cost, he had the right to make a cameo. A process used many times by a man not hesitating to impose himself on the screen.

«The deal was if you wanted to shoot in one of his properties, you had to write a scene for him.“, Told the actor Matt Damon in 2017 at Hollywood Reporter . «Martin Brest must have written him something in For a weekend – and the entire film crew was there. […] You waste a little time getting the permit, and then you could cut the scene. But I guess in Mom, I missed the plane again, they left it“, he added.

In all, Donald Trump will have made appearances in a dozen films and series. This short career allowed him in 2015 to receive $ 110,000 in annual pension from the Screen Actors Guild. In 2019, the same union paid him more than $ 77,000. We can better understand his enthusiasm for the seventh art.

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“Dark” and politically incorrect humor for OSS 117 in a new excerpt

VIDEO – The third adventure of the Frenchy James Bond is expected at the cinema on April 14, 2021. To keep its fans waiting, the team of Nicolas Bedos’ film has just posted a second trailer with a Jean Dujardin in great shape.

Hubert Bonnisseur’s return to the cinema from La Bath is becoming clearer. And his humor is probably not going to make everyone laugh. The third part of the adventures of OSS 117, Red alert in black Africa, has just unveiled a new extract, this time putting the dialogue in the spotlight. After having the stunts belmondesques from the first teaser – released in October – Jean Dujardin reveals here some lines and antics of his cult character.

In the short extract, we meet for example Armand Lesignac, played by Wladimir Yordannoff, who died on October 6, asking the secret agent if he is still the best. “I would answer yes and that would be pretension, I would answer no and it would be stupid! », Answers OSS, with his usual verve. Parachuted into Africa to reassure populations “who do not feel respected or treated as equals», The hero imagined by Jean Bruce will then continue, with his usual naivety and his grand-guignolesque inclination, racist and involuntarily derogatory remarks.

“” I’m counting on you Hubert! At the moment, they (Africans, editor’s note) see racism everywhere … “

This line has already caused many comments on Twitter. If some shout at her. Others note that the dialogues oscillate between denouncing the racism of an old era and criticizing current anti-racism, even evoking a salutary satire of our time and these paragons of virtue take little offense at the slightest deviations of languages.

Schoolboy humor and thirty-sixth degree are therefore present in this first film without Michel Hazanavicius. The latter had refused to participate in the project, estimating in private, according to Point , that the script written by his friend Jean-François Halin did not please him.

Nicolas Bedos has taken up the torch. And opened the casting to other actors like Pierre Niney who has not yet appeared in these extracts. But we are impatiently waiting to discover his character who should wear the holster of OSS 1001, the new star of the French secret services.


Songbird surfs third wave of Covid with script written in three days

On tour this summer through the empty streets of Los Angeles, the latest production from director Michael Bay Transformers, imagine a world that emerges from years of confinement.

While the shadow of a new confinement hangs over France, Songbird , a film shot this summer in the deserted streets, Covid obliges, of Los Angeles, landed on our screens on December 11. Produced by Michael Bay (Armageddon, Pearl Harbor, the saga Transformers) and directed by Adam Mason (The Devil’s Chair: La Chaise du mal), this pandemic thriller tells the story of Sara (played by Sofia Carson) and Nico (KJ Apa), two young lovers separated by health restrictions in a world ravaged by four years of confinement. As a symbol of the changing times, the film cut for theaters is available only on Netflix, due to the health crisis.

In this dystopia written in “three days“, According to its director, the Covid-23 has mutated and now kills half of those infected. As soon as they are contaminated, they are placed in huge quarantine camps, all against a background of general paranoia. Immune against the disease, Nico will have to try to save Sara, destined to join one of them.

To embody this scenario which smacks of opportunism, we find, in addition to the two heroes, the humorist Graig Garrsion, the interpreter of Gaear Grimsrud in Fargo, Peter Stormare, Demi Moore and Alexandra Daddario.

An enticing cast which however had to face. The Screen Actors Guild Federation of Television and Radio Artists, one of the largest actors’ unions, called on its members to boycott the film. The instance accused the teams of Michael Bay of not being sufficiently transparent about the sanitary conditions during the filming. With Mission Impossible 7 , Songbird is thus a pioneer in the Hollywood machine, arrested almost a year because of the pandemic and forced to reinvent itself in this troubled period.


“I took Borat out because of Trump. I don’t see the point of doing it again ”

As the reign of the American President comes to an end, the British actor and producer announces his intention to put his character in the closet.

Sacha Baron Cohen may have read Francis Fukuyama’s essay on End of the story. In his own way, the impending end of the Trump presidency could in his eyes be akin to another fall of the Wall. Because the most caustic actor of his generation is already looking at the end of an era, the end of four interminable years. Black years which were paradoxically a rebirth for the Londoner of almost 50 years, who agreed to mention, in the pages of the last issue of Variety, the wanderings and uncertainties of recent years, and until the release that represented for him the release last October of the sequel to Borat (2006).

Far from being just the whim of an actor returning – fifteen years later – to the role that propelled him to the front of the stage, returning to Borat, his favorite character, seems to have been more than obvious for Sacha Baron Cohen: it was a necessity. The situation demanded the return of this big, mustached and frumpy dadais, this fake Kazakh with an improbable appearance, a veritable walking caricature which is ultimately nothing more than a modern update of the seasoned Usbek de Montesquieu, of course of all the outrageous impertinence of the 21st century. Hence this sequel to Borat, that nobody expected.

The context lent itself wonderfully. “I felt that democracy was in danger, that people’s lives were in danger», He explains in the columns of Variety. «The film was originally about the danger of Trump and Trumpism. What the coronavirus has demonstrated is that the spread of lies and conspiracy theories is having a devastating effect».

Borat, catharsis anti-Trump

Despite a complex production and filming – the coronavirus crisis has passed through there – Borat, New Filmed Mission was able to benefit from a worldwide digital release, on the Amazon Prime video platform, two weeks before the US presidential election. This is precisely what Sacha Baron Cohen was looking for. “I don’t mean to selfishly imply that people would watch Borat and vote for Trump, but that was the point“, He admits bluntly.

Preceded by a rowdy advertising campaign, the release of the film – soberly titled Borat, new filmed mission: delivery of stupendous baksheesh to America’s regime for the benefit of once glorious Kazakhstan nation (sic.) in its full version, has caused some trouble to Rudy Giuliani. The US president’s lawyer had been trapped in an embarrassing scene in the company of actress Maria Bakalova, who plays Borat’s daughter in the film.

The film released, the scandals erupted, the election played and his pet peeve defeated, Sacha Baron Cohen is finally enjoying it. And think of turning the page on this character as boastful as he is grotesque. “I took Borat out because of Trump. This movie had a purpose, and I don’t really see the point of doing it again. So yes … it’s locked in the closet“. Even if it means resuming the costume in the event of the return of the current occupant of the White House?


Pieces of a Woman actress Vanessa Kirby provides support for Shia LaBeouf victims

Partner of the actor in the new film-event of Netflix, she decided to dissociate himself from it after several accusations of sexual and moral violence of which he is the object.

Shia LaBeouf and Vanessa Kirby share the poster for Kornél Mundruczó’s latest film, Pieces of a Woman, family drama where a couple, bruised by the death of their child during childbirth, tries to rebuild. Awarded the interpretation prize at the Venice Film Festival for this first title role, the actress of The Crown is now being talked about for his position in favor of the alleged victims of his partner, accused, in particular, of domestic violence by his former partner, the British artist FKA Twigs.

“I stand on the side of all abuse survivors and respect the courage of anyone who speaks their truth. “

Pieces of a Woman title role Vanessa Kirby supports alleged victims of Shia LaBeouf

The case dates back to December 11, when the singer, in a relationship with Shia LaBeouf from 2018 to 2019, revealed at New York Times the abuse she allegedly suffered during their relationship. From the ban on looking a man in the eye with repeated strangling, through a knowingly transmitted sexual disease, FKA Twigs denounces a hold that has gradually pushed her to isolate herself from those close to her.

A speech that she justifies by her desire to “raise awareness of the tactics used by abusers to control you.The young woman quickly received support from former relations of the actor, including singer Sia.

These statements sounded like a bomb. Less than a month before the film’s release, LaBeouf was removed from the promotion, his name deleted from the synopsis as well as from the list of candidates for the Oscar for best actor. Asked by The Sunday Times, Vanessa Kirby conceded that she could not “comment on an ongoing court case“, While ensuring to keep”on the side of all abuse survivors“And respect”the courage of whoever will tell his truth.»

Another embarrassment for Netflix

For the streaming platform, the LaBeouf case is the latest in a long list of promotional campaigns biased by sex scandals and controversies, like the one around the film. Cute . In 2017, after several minors accused him of sexual harassment, actor Kevin Spacey was ousted from the series House of Cards and the Ridley Scott thriller, All the Money in the World, some scenes of which must have been returned without him.


Jean-François, his half-brother, tells Alain “the UFO”

The eleven-year-old samurai, a man of cinema too, confides in the columns of the magazine Schnock on childhood, adolescence and the career of his elder brother. A rare word, which sheds light on the personality and the sufferings of the legend of cinema.

There is Alain Delon … and Jean-François, the admiring little brother, who rubbed shoulders with the actor without ever succeeding in catching him. “It’s a UFO!», Confesses this stranger to the general public, yet so present in Alain’s career. “Titi», As Delon liked to call him, confided in the magazine Schnock (number 37) by evoking in particular their intimate and professional relationships.

«Alain Delon is both family, and at the same time, he is not at all“. An observation that sums up the relations of the siblings, of which Jean-François is the youngest of eleven years. “He lived between Bourg-la-Reine with his mother and L’Haÿ-les-Roses, with his father (also father of Jean-François, editor’s note)… At the age when I could really have had a close relationship with him , he was in Indochina».

Placed at the age of four with a couple in Fresnes when his parents separated, he then wandered from boarding schools to boarding schools. Delon is “fired from four or five establishments », Before joining the army and being sent to the front. “He tasted like castagne. He was not a jolly fellow, but rather a crazy young dog».

The flight of happiness

A man unfit for happiness. Who, as in the song, runs away from him for fear that he will run away. “He believes he has been left behind (…) but he will never give the opportunity to talk about it. It’s taboo», Recognizes Jean-François Delon, evoking in passing “The tears of early childhood” about which Pascal Jardin speaks, author so often cited by his elder.

The Indochinese conflict finishes cutting the bridges between him and his relatives, Delon retaining a deep grudge vis-à-vis his parents, whom he accuses of having “sent to war».

Jean-François Delon evokes this big brother injured on his return from Indochina: “When he returned, he was a hothead. He no longer wanted to see his parents, whom he had remembered badly. He then frequented Pigalle, the whores, the mobsters. […] One day in 1957, we were walking in the street with my father and we see a poster for a movie When the Woman gets involved. And at the bottom of it, the name of Alain Delon. That’s how we learned he was an actor!»

A coincidence that allows the two brothers to meet again, one evening in 1961, when Jean-François goes to the theater to see Too bad she’s a whore. The direction is by Luchino Visconti. Romy Schneider and Alain Delon share the poster. After the play, the youngest sneaks into the lodge of his elder. He is intimidated, even takes to addressing the actor. A shy reunion, which leads to a long collaboration.
It’s the “jobWhich will bring them together, Alain making Jean-François work from time to time on his films. Bunuel, Deray, Melville, Delon himself, hire him as an intern, then as an assistant director. Nudges, without these ever turning into a privilege: “Sure Madly, Delon wanted me to be first assistant. As I did not yet have enough experience, Pierre Caro, the production manager of Adel Productions, preferred that it be René Clément’s brother, Claude. So I was only second.»

“He is animal, he smells. He has exceptional abilities and at the same time immense faults ”

Jean-François Delon on Alain Delon in the review Schnock

On the set as in life, Delon is distant without being indifferent. He treats his brother like anyone else, that is, with great professional consideration and deep modesty: “Sometimes I would have wanted to bump into him […]. I wish there was more closeness, but he is like that with everyone. He is animal, he smells. He has exceptional abilities and at the same time immense flaws. Everything and its opposite. […] He’s the most unpredictable guy I know.»

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Schnock, n°37, “You are welcome” , Alain Delon, La Tengo éditions, 176 p., € 15.50


Five things to know about Anya Taylor-Joy, Lady’s Game heroine and rising Hollywood star

PORTRAIT – Since the triumph of the Netflix series, the actress of three nationalities has been one of the rising figures of cinema. But you still don’t know everything about the 24-year-old actress’ life.

Dubbed by the public as queen of chess in The Lady’s Game, the most watched series on Netflix in 2020, Anya Taylor-Joy is now a new Hollywood sensation. Announced to the casting of the next Edgar Wright, Last Night in Soho , of The Northman – alongside Nicole Kidman and Willem Dafoe – and the next one Mad Max, Angry, the 24-year-old actress now holds the top bill. But his career took a few twists and turns, from modeling to the horror genre before winning the hearts of the general public in chess prodigy.

She spent two years in London without wanting to speak English

A true globetrotter, the actress was born in Miami in 1996, before moving to Argentina, where she spent the beginning of her childhood “in nature and dust“. When she reaches the age of six, her parents decide to move to a more politically stable place and finally settle down in London. Confused by this change of scenery and by the British way of life, little Anya Joy-Taylor refuses to speak English, convinced that her stubbornness will push her parents to return to live in Buenos Aires. “I was stubborn, I wanted to go home, I didn’t understand anything about London”, she explained to Marie Claire in 2017. At the age of 8, she finally gave up her plan and was introduced to the language of Shakespeare through the literary saga Harry Potter.

She was bullied at school

Different from her little comrades because of her origins, Anya Taylor-Joy is very early on confronted with the cruelty of school. “I was too English to be Argentinian, too Argentinian to be American, too American to be anything», Recently told the actress to Sun. «The other children did not understand me in any form. I was locked in boxes“, She added, admitting that she spent days at”cry in the toilet“. A feeling of exclusion that she found several years later in the guise of the heroine of Lady’s game. «I felt like I could really understand this feeling of loneliness, desperately trying to make sense of a world that didn’t come naturally to Beth and this addiction to chess.»

She became a model walking her dog

It is the dream of thousands of teenagers in search of self-esteem: to walk in the street and to be stopped by the scout of a modeling agency. For Anya Taylor-Joy, this boost of fate has come true. While she was walking her dog near the Harrods stores in London, a car started following her, a very unpleasant experience according to the person concerned. Panicked, she starts running, perched on high heels that she was trying on for a party. When the car finally stops on the side, she discovers the silhouette of Sarah Doukas, founder of the Storm Management agency, to whom we owe the careers of Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne. A week later, the 17-year-old young woman, complexed by her physique, signs a contract and begins a brief career in modeling, during which she will meet the cast of the series Downton Abbey during a shoot. For her, it was the click, she abandoned the camera lens for that of the camera.

She was edited for her first film

A determined young actress, she began her career on film sets in 2014 in teenage comedy Vampire Academy. But his performance is finally cut during the editing. Evil for good, since the film never found its audience. She then participates in the casting of Maleficent, Disney blockbuster starring Angelina Jolie in the title role. She tries her luck to play the witch in her youth, but the producers ultimately prefer her competitor Ella Purnell. “When I wasn’t taken I broke down in tears», She confided to Vulture in 2018. But a witch can hide another, and the young actress will finally make her real film debut in The Witch the following year, before playing Casey Cooke in Split and Glass de M. Night Shyamalan.

She had never played chess before The Lady’s Game

Praised by fans for their realistic side, the game scenes in the Netflix series were overseen by famed trainer Bruce Pandolfini and discipline legend Garry Kasparov. Two prime consultants to help Anya Taylor-Joy, who confessed to never practicing chess before landing the role. “I had never played a single match before», she said in a recent interview with the Guardian , adding that she was “delighted» d‘having been initiated into the discipline by’such phenomenal teachers“With a”such love for the game». «It was important for me to understand the theory. I couldn’t come out in full conscience and not know what I was talking about. But the reality of the game caught up with me, I couldn’t remember these sequences without going crazy. I was learning the matches five minutes before, I saw it as a choreography of the fingers“, Also explained the one who plays Beth Harmon to Entertainment Weekly .

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