VIDEO: The tender gesture of a little boy who gave his toys to the boy who cleaned the windshield

The noble image has gone viral as the little ones even took advantage of the traffic jam to play for a while.

Not everything that goes viral on the internet is related to sensationalism. Sometimes good deeds also have a great echo on the web. Such is the case of a story starring two little ones.

In the clip you can see a section of a street with great traffic congestion. In the area there was a child who cleaned cars and windshields.

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Illustrative and non-commercial image / Screenshot /

Illustrative and non-commercial image / Screenshot /

Suddenly it is observed that the rear window of a vehicle is lowered. Then you see a little boy who starts talking to the boy who cleaned his car.

Moments later the boy inside the car gives him one of his toys; And although the little one who cleaned in the street did not want to take it, he finally accepted it. He even showed him how he made it run on the road.

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Finally, the little one with limited resources says something to the child that he gave away his toys and leaves. Then it is seen that he is approaching again, he comes running with a bag of chips in his hands. Apparently it was something he also sold on the street.

The boy in the car happily accepts them; and they shared the treat. Then it is seen how the cars begin to circulate and both children say goodbye very happy.


The lack of chips pushes Microsoft to a revolutionary solution for its gaming platforms

Microsoft said its Xbox game console is working on new hardware and working with TV makers that will let people play games and experience Xbox without having to purchase a standalone game console.

Microsoft said the idea would be to embed the Xbox Live experience into an Internet-connected TV without the need for anything else except a video game console. Meanwhile, Xbox is also building streaming hardware to enable cloud gaming services on any TV or monitor.

Microsoft’s latest Xbox, released last fall, is still in short supply amid a chip shortage that restricts industries from technology to automobiles, and Microsoft said it expects to continue to feel the pressure in the coming months, according to it. Bloomberg, and reviewed by Al

“Cloud gaming is a truly amazing experience,” Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said in a video released by the company on Thursday. “It’s really a quick and easy way to get into the game,” while Microsoft declined to provide more details about the hardware or the partnerships planned.

As the company tries to streamline and boost revenue streams by attracting more customers to video game subscriptions that provide access to hundreds of titles and cloud games, Microsoft said subscribers to these services are buying more content on top of the monthly fee.

In August, Xbox Vice President Sarah Bond said Xbox Game Pass subscribers spend 20% more on additional games and downloadable content.

That number has now risen to 50 percent, Microsoft said in a briefing and blog posts shared with reporters ahead of next week’s E3 video game show.

In an interview, Bond said the increase was likely due to better quality of the offering and more customer knowledge of it.


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