Operation Dollar: why Guzmán will do (from today) the opposite of what has been done until now

Once the stocks were launched, there were two ways in which companies were eroding reserves more than usual. On the one hand, importers bought dollars at the official exchange rate, advancing payments that habitually “matched” with their suppliers, under the idea of ​​a future devaluation, generating a species close to the self-fulfilling prophecy (the more speculation, the greater the demand, the less Bookings). The other is that companies that maintained debts taken abroad used the lines of credit in pesos at subsidized rates to buy official dollars and cancel those hard currency loans in advance. The BCRA arrived there to regulate these operations.

Despite the measures, the declining trend in reserves continued. Since mid-September, when Pesce announced more restrictions, the number of dollars in reserves has fallen by more than $ 1.7 billion. So far in October, the balance is negative at almost $ 600 million.

Given the results, Guzmán promises to move in the opposite direction, although without dismantling, for now, the greater controls on the demand side. To do this, he proposed making cash operations more flexible with settlement, giving that market more liquidity, perhaps that individuals who do not usually do operations on the Stock Exchange can, with a home banking button, buy or sell securities to generate supply and demand of that financial dollar. Guzmán assumes that this would give a more limited value to that price and, therefore, would reduce the gap. It plays against the new tax on the saving dollar, of course, which puts a “high” floor on that goal.

One of the measures that the Minister of Economy will take is to cancel the days of “parking” that he imposed on non-resident investors to make cash with settlement. The short story says that there were investment funds that wanted to leave the Argentine market and that they were positioned in pesos. What they did was sell their assets in pesos to buy dollars through the Stock Market, therefore, the parallel prices rose a bit. The government told them not to do that, that they were going to offer them bills in pesos, and that when those bills expired they would auction them for dollars. Thus, they could “get out” without putting pressure on the parallel exchange rate. An auction was to be held in August, another was to be held in September and the last one in November. But August arrived, the bills expired, and the government looked the other way. That is, they did not auction them. Then those funds began to do “liquid” operations. The government’s response was to redouble the bet. They put a 15-day “parking” for those who wanted to make cash with liquidation, as long as they were non-resident investors. Now, that measure would be without effect.

Another of the shortcuts that Minister Guzmán will seek in the coming days was anticipated by himself on Friday, when he advanced on social networks a project that will seek tax incentives for investments in pesos. It is thought that assets in pesos that are indexed with cer, grape, etc., but also other assets in national currency whose ultimate objective is a productive investment are exempted from Income Tax. At the same time, an exemption from the Personal Property Tax, negotiable obligations, assets destined to finance productive investment and participations in mutual funds and trusts whose underlying assets are already exempted assets were considered. The required reading is that, at the same time, the Economy proposal seeks to tax in Personal Assets certain investments that until now are exempt and that were so since the creation of the tax. The logic is that, in order not to be subject to the tax, they would have to remain in the equity for at least 270 days of the year (75% of the duration of the year), continuously or discontinuously, or be maintained from December 1. until the month of May of the following year (fixed terms, common funds, negotiable obligations, deposits in savings accounts are of the item).

One piece of information that will not escape the question is what will happen with the aforementioned objective of giving greater cash liquidity with settlement. If these operations are now reached by the new tax framework proposed by Guzmán (to do cash with settlement, you have to buy and sell a bond or a share for a short time), it could be thought that instead of stimulating the operation, progress is being made in the opposite direction .

Meanwhile, in the BCRA they resist, until it is clear if the IMF is going to help with an injection of dollars. On the one hand, they slow down import authorizations where orders accumulate, according to sources in the sector. On the other, they add informational filters, that is, bureaucracy is added that works as an additional currency management device. This brings with it some problems that will begin to be seen. For example, companies that are dedicated to the sale of steel and iron, such as Acindar, speculate and begin to incorporate “filters” to decide who they sell to, under what conditions, and for a few weeks they closed the possibility of stockpiling. In other words, in recent days they have added obstacles. This could also complicate a sector that is the strong card of the Government. It’s about construction. If cement is sold but there are difficulties in making iron, then construction slows down.

The rate hike was also the decision of the BCRA. The interest rate paid to banks for repo transactions rose from 27% to 30%, and which has been climbing from 19%. It is a gradual movement. Very. On the other hand, it implemented a reduction in the rate paid by the Leliqs that financial institutions have up to 37% per year. In this way, it frees pesos that the banks are going to use to buy debt from the Government, a kind of magic trick that “transforms” the issue that the BCRA turns to the Treasury into a kind of handrail, first, with the banks and they are the that finance the Government, which might not be of such interest to the banks if it becomes repetitive and grows in magnitude. Yields on fixed terms of less than 1 million pesos also rose from 33% to 34%, and those of more than one million pesos went from 30% to 32%.

The week that starts will bring more questions. Will this time the combo of measures serve to stop the rise in the price of the dollar or does it show, instead, that there are not so many tools after all beyond accumulating restrictions? What attitude will Kristalina Georgieva, the head of the IMF, add, who went from supporting the government’s actions to asking for a “credible” plan for the Argentine economy?


For suburban women, the last flap falls – scene

The “Vorstadtweiber” go to the final. The last season will be shot until May 2021 and can be seen from 2022.

Since the beginning of September, the “Vorstadtweiber” have been in front of the camera for the sixth and final season – until May 2021 it is still to be shot. The final episodes hit the screen in 2022.

The last season will be “flair like the first”

“On the one hand, there will be a reunion with characters we have come to love that we haven’t seen for a while. I think this last season feels like the first in terms of flair. It’s about relationships and friendships again, there’s a funeral, a wedding and a baby, “says” Vorstadtweib “Nina Proll, who slips back into the role of Nicoletta. “This year the joy was of course particularly great because we didn’t know when we would continue because of Corona,” said Proll.

Before the brilliant finale can be seen, the fifth season will celebrate its premiere and will be on TV on January 11th.

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Andrés Guarded was not called up by Betis to play against Real Sociedad

The Brazilian right back Emerson Royal, the Mexican midfielder Andrew Saved and the forward Juanmi Jimenez They did not enter the call announced this Sunday by the Betis for the game this Sunday at Benito Villamarín against the Real society, for which the defender is registered Juan Miranda.

Emerson, Saved and Juanmi, as reported from the Sevillian club, suffer from physical discomfort that have advised them not to enter the call, in which the team’s coach, the Chilean Manuel Pellegrini, yes it included Miranda, who makes his debut on a list after being the last addition in the transfer period for the Verdiblanca squad, which he arrived on loan from the FC Barcelona.

The side is still out of the team Martin Montoya, in quarantine for having been in contact with someone affected by the Covid-19; and the goalkeeper Dani Martin and the midfielder Victor Camarasaboth in the process of recovering from their injuries; while it has included two homegrown players, the goalkeeper Dani Rebollo and the right side Fran Delgado.

Those mentioned by Pellegrini are the goalkeepers Joel Robles, Claudio Bravo and Dani Rebollo, the defenders Bartra, Víctor Ruiz, Sidnei, Mandi, Álex Moreno, Miranda and Fran Delgado, the midfielders Paul Akouokou, Fekir, Canales, Tello, William Carvalho, Joaquín , Lainez and Guido Rodríguez and the forwards Aitor Ruibal, Borja Iglesias, Loren and Sanabria.



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Deaf from Corona: more and more long-term consequences known – Coronavirus

Loss of smell and taste, chronic exhaustion, heart and brain damage: A new episode of the coronavirus is now known.

It remains to be seen whether he will ever be able to hear again: In the specialist journal “British Medical Journal”, doctors report on a man who lost his hearing in the course of his illness with the novel Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus.

After the 45-year-old suffered from Covid-19 symptoms for ten days, he was admitted to the hospital, where he was immediately admitted to the intensive care unit and was intubated for 30 days. At the same time he received remdesivir, steroids and numerous other drugs.

In addition, his blood plasma had to be replaced. Treatment was made more difficult by the sudden occurrence of pulmonary embolism, pulmonary hypertension (pulmonary hypertension), anemia and pneumonia caused by ventilation.

Not an isolated case

The treatment worked and the patient could soon be transferred to a normal ward. But then he noticed left-sided tinnitus, then sudden hearing loss. The doctors checked his ear – but they could not find any blockages or inflammation.

He was treated with steroid pills and injections, after which his hearing partially recovered, but not completely, the medics said.

The differences between flu and corona infectionpicturedesk.com

“This is the first reported case of sensorineural hearing loss after Covid-19 infection in the UK,” the researchers note. However, it is not the first in the world, as Kevin J. Munro from the Manchester Center for Audiology and Deafness reported in July 2020 in the “International Journal of Audiology”. Accordingly, hearing impairment occurs in 13.2 percent of former Covid 19 patients.

According to the study, which included the data from 138 ex-corona patients between 44 and 82 years of age, men in particular have to struggle with tinnitus or hearing loss after their supposed recovery.

Does not depend on the severity of the course

The case of the American Meredith Harrell shows, among other things, that women are not immune to these long-term consequences and that even symptom-free Covid-19 courses can lead to it. The Sars-CoV-2 infection was only detected in her because the doctors were looking for the cause of the sudden ringing in the ear.

“It was like flicking a switch,” CNN.com quoted Harrell, whose hearing has not yet been restored. “I hope people finally understand that Corona is not a joke.”

Worse than other viruses

Even in their case, doctors cannot say with certainty that the virus is affecting the inner ear because there is a risk of tissue damage when performing a biopsy of the inner ear. But studies of people who have died as a result of a Covid 19 infection speak for themselves.

The virus could be detected in two of the three corpses in the middle ear and the mastoid bones in the skull, which is located directly behind the ear. The study was published in the journal “Jama Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery”.

Matthew Stewart of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, who performed the autopsy, told CNN that viruses like measles, mumps, and meningitis are known to cause sudden hearing loss. “But I think Sars-CoV-2 has the potential to be worse.” We all know that it triggers blood clots in other areas of the body and is obviously no exception to the “extremely small blood vessels” in the inner ear.

Kevin Munro agrees: “The capillaries in the inner ear are the smallest in the human body, so it doesn’t take much to block them.”

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“EA Sports NHL 21” in the test: Top despite little new – game tests

There are no major innovations this year, but “EA Sports NHL 21” is the best NHL game in the series so far. The big “Today” test.

Those who expect game-changing innovations in the new ice hockey title “EA Sports NHL 21” may be disappointed. In the now 30-year-old NHL series on almost every game console, the game is one of those who use innovations rather sparingly. Nevertheless, “EA Sports NHL 21” is the best entry in the “NHL” series from Electronic Arts – and comes with improvements that are not immediately apparent.

The innovations can be roughly divided into two areas: On the one hand, numerous technical screws have been turned to increase the realism of the game, on the other hand, the career mode has been significantly expanded. But first things first: If you join the first matches in “NHL 21”, you will be greeted by new and surprisingly accurate analyzes from the commentators. They are now much more varied than before and, together with the background cheers of the crowd, immediately pull players into the game atmosphere.

Smarter AI and new moves

If the puck is in play, improvement number 2 is immediately apparent: the opponent’s AI has increased significantly. Players of the competing team now not only act stubbornly fixed on the puck, but depending on the game situation either pull up clever lines of defense or dare to go it alone on our goal in promising moments. If the puck lands on the net, there are now also new video repetitions from different angles and the change between slow motion and normal speed.

Instead of a few moves and gestures, the players now have far more jubilation or frustration poses, which makes the action a bit more realistic and ensures less repetitive scenes. A total of seven new combos were added to the controls – but executing them requires perfect timing and is not for beginners. But once you have mastered them, you don’t want to stop at all. Particularly spectacular: With the stick and the L1 button (on PlayStation 4), you lift the puck with the stick – and then sink it into the net behind the goalkeeper’s back.

Play like the real superstars

When it comes to moves, the well-known superstars benefit in particular, because a number of players have given the game their respective “signature moves”. For example, it is now possible to re-enact the “No-Move-Move” of “Tampa Bay Lightning” striker Nikita Kucherov. In this case, the puck is played in the direction of the keeper, covered with the club and, at the last moment, a shot is indicated that will not be taken. If you have the timing out, the puck floats spectacularly through the keeper’s legs into the net – awesome!

As much as the game values ​​these new moves, the gameplay has not become slower, on the contrary. The new AI enables faster passes and more bitter duels. The new promotions such as slip-dekes, passes over the boards and chips into the free space also increase the error rate more realistically, which leads to a more dynamic competition. However, one should not overestimate these innovations: Anyone who has played “NHL 20” will immediately feel at home again and only gradually discover the many small changes.

More new things apart from the ice

“NHL 21” is also packed full of modes this year, there are twelve in number, from the well-known fast game to completing an entire season. Newcomers can also go to a training camp if they wish, until the very extensive control options are halfway up. The “Be A Pro” career mode has been expanded, in which the player puts together their own character from a handful of models, then selects one of three small leagues and tries to make them a superstar. Special feature: the player only controls his figure and sometimes sits on the bench when the trainer tells it to.

In your career you can now do a lot more off the ice. Players have to respond to questions from their agent, have unpleasant dialogues with reporters or answer for failures in front of the coach. Depending on the answer chosen, the player either develops into a beloved team captain or an admired superstar. For the time being, this only affects negotiations on team changes and market value, but it is quite possible that further mechanisms will be implemented here in the future.

Top despite not being very innovative

Game modes in the Hockey Ultimate Team (HUT) are also new: HUT RUSH does not make it necessary to build up an entire team, but offers 3-on-3 or 5-on-5 matches as well as games with time limits. It’s not just about the number of goals scored, but also about creativity. The more impressive and individual the network, the more bonus points can be earned. In addition, your own rules can be implemented, for example that the game is already decided after the first goal or that you send the team mascot onto the ice instead of professionals.

In the end, the least bit has changed graphically: The players look a bit sharper and move a little more realistically, but some of the faces in close-up look a bit artificial. But nice: Pre-orderers will get the update “NHL 94 Rewind” from October 30th. The retro mode shows itself with the current teams, but with the graphics and controls of the legendary title from 1994. A few small innovations and no shortcomings: “EA Sports NHL 21” does not reinvent the game series, but it is best NHL game in the entire series to date.

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Maierhofer own goal! Admira flies in penalty shootout – football

Absolute cup drama in the Südstadt! A Maierhofer own goal, a 2-2 over 120 minutes and a Kapfenberg ascent against Admira in a penalty shootout.

Actually everything started according to plan for Admira, Roman Kerschbaum brought the Südstädter into the lead in the 26th minute and had everything under control. A good first half was followed by absolute harmlessness.

And a quick goal. Stefan Maierhofer joked a Kapfenberg corner into his own goal and suddenly it was 1: 1 (47th). The retro rapid storm “Maierhoffer” hung completely in the air, the Styrians waited wisely, but little or nothing came from the Admira.

So it went after the 1-1 overtime, not much happened there either – until the 118th minute! Dino Musija sank a free kick to make it 2-1. As with the equalizer, the ball slipped into the net.

But it did not stop there, in direct return, the Südstädter saved themselves with the last action in the game in the penalty shootout: Kerschbaum falsified with the heel to 2: 2. So the drama went into the shootout!

The big hero of the Kapfenbergers was the 19-year-old goalie Franz Stolz, who fished out three penalties – Admira is out, the Styrians in the third round!

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That’s how long the coronavirus lasts on the skin – health

Researchers have found that the coronavirus survives on the skin much longer than previously thought – even longer than flu viruses.

So far, droplet infection has been considered the main route of transmission of the coronavirus. But you can also get infected through contact with contaminated surfaces.

Recently, Australian researchers found that viruses can survive on smooth surfaces such as cell phone displays and ATMs for up to 28 days.

A study from Japan has now shown that the virus can also survive on the skin for significantly longer than assumed. The coronavirus differs from some flu viruses.

Coronaviruses can survive on human skin for up to nine hours. To do this, the research team from Kyoto applied both influenza viruses and coronaviruses to the skin. As the comparison showed, the flu viruses of the type Influenza-A survived just two hours.

The importance of hand hygiene reaffirmed

In a second experiment, the scientists simulated the transmission by sneezing or coughing by mixing the CoV-2 viruses with mucus. Then they stayed on the skin for up to eleven hours. However, with an ethanol-based disinfectant, it only took 15 seconds to kill them.

“The nine-hour survival time of SARS-CoV-2 on human skin could mean an increased risk of contact transmission compared to the influenza A virus,” the authors conclude in the study published in the journal “Clinical Infectious Diseases”.

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Secret fetus cemetery exposes affected women – world

Somewhat out of the way, in a cemetery in Rome, 108 small crosses were discovered. They all bear the names of women who have had an abortion.

A woman accidentally discovered her name on a small cross at the Flaminio Cemetery in Rome. This consists of metal and wood and stands in a sea between 108 others. She posts a photo of it on Facebook, it goes viral.

It turns out that this is where the innumerable fetuses that women have aborted are buried. Without those affected having noticed anything. The women are stunned by this public denunciation. “The fact that someone appropriated my daughter’s body, that a funeral took place and that she was buried under a cross with my name on it – this idea tears open an old wound,” says Francesca, one of the many women affected.


Italy is still very strongly Catholic and the basic right to abortion is highly controversial. This is only legal for the first 90 days, but doctors can refuse the operation, around 70 percent also make use of this right. More than a hundred women came forward and asked for an investigation.

This “ugly, authoritarian approach” is a slap in the face of those affected, according to Elisa Ercoli, president of the organization Direkta Donna. Another cemetery of this type was discovered in a cemetery in Brescia, northern Italy. The competent authority in Rome said the embryo had been buried as instructed by the hospital where the abortion took place.

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“Remothered: Broken Porcelain” in the test: Scary walls – game tests

“Remothered: Broken Porcelain” continues the horror after “Tormented Fathers”. Again, it is: Playfully top, but technically there is reason for criticism.

“Remothered: Tormented Fathers” showed a strange balancing act in the “Today” test. The unexpected emergence of dangers and the great soundscape as well as the credible-creepy narrative met technical weaknesses such as a constant change from sharp to blurred graphics, strangely rigid movements of the character and a somewhat dazed artificial intelligence of the otherwise feared enemies.

Does the sequel “Remothered: Broken Porcelain” (PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch) do better? In terms of content, the game is both a prequel and a sequel of the original. The player takes on the role of Jennifer, who connoisseurs of “Tormented Fathers” will already know. The young woman is supposed to start as a maid in the huge vacation property Ashmann Inn, but soon realizes that the recreation center is actually a place of horror. There is also a reunion with Rosemary, the protagonist of the original game, because she tries to discover the secrets of the property, which is apparently inspired by “The Shining”.

For connoisseurs and newbies

In contrast to the preview version, where text overlays were still the order of the day, the game is now convincingly set to music in English, with German subtitles. If you haven’t played “Tormented Fathers”, you shouldn’t have to worry: In a “The Story so far” video sequence, the player learns the most important events from “Tormented Fathers” at the beginning before “Broken Porcelain” starts. The plot is told in the new part not only more profoundly, but also more linearly than in the somewhat nested predecessor.

There are always allusions to “Tormented Fathers” for connoisseurs of the original, but newbies still get their money’s worth. In terms of gameplay, little has changed in essence: players can expect the well-known and well-made cat-and-mouse game with shocking residents of the property, with mostly sneaking and hiding. However, in far sharper graphics, with more intelligent pursuers, well-placed shock moments and numerous smaller video sequences. There are no more muddy graphics.

Better enemies and more weapons

If your own character is discovered, enemies do not just let go of it because it is hidden behind the nearest closet. The opponents can now apparently locate us acoustically better and no longer search the surroundings at random. Nevertheless, there are minor weaknesses. So Jennifer sometimes persistently refuses to enter rooms – or button prompts to hide in boxes and rooms simply do not want to appear. Sometimes the figure even gets stuck in the middle of the hiding animation or between two rooms and cannot go back or forward. This is frustrating, because escape passages often have to be reloaded two or three times before they can be technically completed. Even when searching for items in dark surroundings, the cursor tends to become invisible.

In many ways, however, the game also changes playfully. In contrast to its predecessor, many more items can be used and collected, but the space in the inventory is still very limited. However, this tempts you to mix up the items you have taken with you again and again and thus bring variety to the action. “Remothered: Broken Porcelain” does not rely exclusively on stealth: In many situations you can use dozens of weapons or even deal powerfully in close combat. The controls are limited to aiming and shooting or button mashing to escape handles and punches.

Again there were technical defects

In terms of atmosphere, the game from the Italian developer Stormind Games shudders so much from the first few minutes of the game that your nerves are tense. Unfortunately, like the original “Tormented Fathers”, “Broken Porcelain” has technical flaws that repeatedly pull the player out of this great atmosphere. It starts with the controls: the characters’ movements are now more realistic, but in addition to the errors mentioned in actions and item selection, the character sometimes moves painfully slowly through the hallways, while enemies show lightning-fast reactions and movements.

The latter shortcoming is especially noticeable in boss fights, when we have to sneak up on an enemy for a few seconds, but the enemy turns around and attacks faster than our character needs for a single step. It is also a bit strange that keyboard commands are not executed as intended. In car chases it sometimes happens that you open a door into a dead end and thus kill yourself instead of throwing a bottle at the head of the enemy and thus being able to escape.

Ingeniously creepy, technically well

Technically, “Remothered: Broken Porcelain” is unfortunately served rather lukewarm. The bugs with cursor displays and the wedging of the game character when hiding are sometimes so bad that only restarting the game over the last save point helps. It’s a shame, because in so many ways “Remothered: Broken Porcelain” is just as big a horror hit as the original. The atmosphere is incredibly dense, the graphics have been spruced up and the characters move much more realistically through the gloomy property.

Generally speaking, the designers deserve praise. Every room and every corner of the property is different, there are fully equipped rooms, bars, kitchens and the like with the appropriate utensils. Floors, carpets, furnishings, no two rooms are the same here, just as hardly any object. The music of the game is also excellent, depending on the situation, it swells or glides quietly, but always makes the heart race with short, shimmering tones. Hopefully an update will fix the game’s bugs. Because without them, “Remothered: Broken Porcelain” would be a horror masterpiece that every genre fan would have to experience.

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