Employees of Benko-buying house: “Many have cried” – economy

A black day for the Department store chain Karstadt: 62 stores will close, about 5,000 employees will lose their Job.

The Corona-crisis has, apparently, also the most well-known buying house in Germany a tough go of it. “Galeria, Karstadt, Kaufhof” makes a drastic move. The company will close 62 stores. It was “no alternative”, it was called by the company in a Mail to the employees. These are now desperate.

In “figure” report some employees who will soon be unemployed. An employee of food describes that in a telephone conference, it was announced which locations will have to close. As well as his branch was known, it would have caught all of the cold: “Even the Director had to fight back tears”.

A lack of understanding and tears

Long-term employees report that they have partially made their training in the purchase of the house. Now it is suddenly. A jewelry saleswoman from Nürnbern lets her anger run free: “When I think that now is a Manager again gets millions, that he has driven the company to the wall, I could be insane.”

Many of the over 5,000 affected persons have no understanding of the step. You are convinced that you can also find other solutions. All the desperation to progress, however, stands in the foreground. An employee from Hamburg, reported: “Today, something in me collapsed. We are shocked, many cried.”

Benko held Kaufhof on water

The Galeria, Karstadt, Kaufhof is part of the Signa group of the Tyrolean Investor René Benko, who controls the Kaufhof and Karstadt stores, for example, the Signa Retail, the Immobilienarm of the Signa group. The Corona-crisis care for a pressure to act. Benko is said to have kept company with 140 million on water, Rents were suspended. Also, negotiations with banks for loans took place. However, there was no agreement, why in the beginning of Aprill a protective shield proceedings have been initiated.

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Study: Mild Infected build immunity – health

The results of the study raise doubts on the idea of a long-term immunity. In addition, they could depend on the Severity of the infection.

According to a new study, patients with few symptoms or a symptom-free course of a Corona-disease form a lower immunity than severely Ill.

The investigation of Chinese researchers was published in the journal “Nature Medicine”. On the basis of samples of 74 and diseased people of the metropolis of Chongqing, you made the differences.

Weaker immune response to the Coronavirus

Three weeks after infection showed that 62.2 percent of the symptom-free group had antibodies in the blood. In the symptomatic group were 78.8 per cent. After eight weeks, a far more drastic decline of antibodies in symptom-free patients (by 81.1 percent) proved to be the sympomatischen. (62.2 percent).

In addition, were found in the case of the former, less of the immune system involved in cell proteins, suggesting a weaker immune response to the Coronavirus close. Thus, the study presents the idea that everyone is against Corona-immune, if he had it once, out of the question. The immunity could, therefore, be only of short duration.

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Franz’s reputation is now the most powerful COP in Austria – policy

The Salzburg police chief Franz Ruf as new Director-General for public security.

ÖVP interior Minister Karl Nehammer has unveiled on Monday the new Director-General for public security. The Salzburg police chief Franz Ruf gets the most powerful Polizeijob in Austria. He was selected among three candidates, two of which are already in the run-up to the chance had been reported in the “courier” in advance.

Recently, reputation has been appointed head of the reform group of the constitutional protection. He was regarded then as a favourite for several top posts in the interior Ministry, which will be announced in the coming months. So Nehammer can occupy the head of the Federal criminal police office, the Director of the Constitution protection, or the chief of the Federal office for the fight against corruption new.

Originally wanted to be a Thematic

Reputation comes from the Salzburger Lungau and initially wanted to be a carpenter, before he was trained in the army to the mountain hunter, and in 1989, the Gendarmerie joined. There, he studied the career ladder rose to the top, in 2005, he was appointed to the position of Deputy chief of police of Salzburg, in 2008, took over the Post of the chief – also at the request of the then Minister of the interior Günther Platter (ÖVP).

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Erwin Steinhauer on climate change: “I’m afraid of!” – Climate protection

The registration week for the climate, people’s desire is getting closer. Now, five Austrian celebrities with Videos for the concerns.

The Climate petition will receive prominent support: Erwin Steinhauer, Cathy Zimmermann, Florian Scheuba, Angelika Niedetzky and Martina Poel people in Austria are asking in five personal Video, in the registration week of 22. up to 29. To set June, with your signature, a sign of climate policy.

Erwin Steinhauer: “I can remember, in my youth, or like I was a child, it has reliable snow at Christmas and in Winter. The summer rain, warm and pleasant. And now I’m afraid!” Also acting colleague Angelika Niedetzky knows a life without the dramatic consequences of the global earth rhitzung almost only from hearsay: “I think the fact that my father has told that he is to ice skate on the Danube. When was the Danube for the last Time frozen?”


Presenter Cathy Zimmermann: “climate change is progressing. To say ‘so be it’ is too little.” You have to act. Resolution also calls for Martina Poel: “The current policy is grossly negligent and ignored the scientific and societal issues.”

References to the current Corona-crisis, the cabaret artist Florian Scheuba not does not apply: “What we are aware of: the Corona-crisis will eventually be gone – the climate crisis but really. And that is why it is very, very important to make people aware and to do something about it.”

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Alaba took ÖFB-buddy, and now he’s leaving Bayern – football

A ÖFB leaves Legionnaire’s Bayern Munich! U19 Captain Flavius Daniliuc rejected a professional contract, plays better in France.

The Central defender has with its 19 years of a career behind. In 2011, he switched from the Rapid-Nachwuchszu Real Madrid. There he was bullied, moved in January of 2015, after mediation by David Alaba, the Bayern. The AUSTRIAN Superstar said in 2017, as Daniliuc under Coach Carlo Ancelotti for the first time to train with the pros was: “I am very proud of. He is a super Boy who has done very well. I’m happy for him and his family that he was allowed to join. I know him for a while.”

But now the paths of Munich and the 1,88 Meter player separate. Although he has been at Bayern a professional contract in view, he decided to make the switch to OGC nice in France. There he completed on Monday to the medical check. There are no problems, should be the Transfer under one roof.

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10,000 people at the “Black Lives Matter” demo in Graz – Styria

Around 10,000 people marched on Saturday at the “Black Lives Matter” demonstration in Graz. The protest went without incident, but with far more participants than expected.

Contrary to the first statements of the organizer in the context of the meeting announcement, according to which 200, and subsequently 1,000 participants were expected, around 10,000 people accepted the invitation to this protest on Saturday afternoon.

The “Black Lives Matter” demonstration from Mariahilfer Platz via Andreas-Hofer and Tummelplatz to Freiheitsplatz went without incident. The majority of the demo participants wore mouth-nose protection, reports the Styrian police.

Minimum distance no longer possible

Despite efforts and several tips in advance and on site, including via loudspeaker and LED display of a police vehicle, it was no longer realistic to maintain the required minimum distance with increasing duration and at the final rally at the freedom square due to the large number of people .

According to the police, however, this is a maximum of suspected administrative violations, which – in consideration of the higher fundamental right of freedom of assembly – do not result in any conditions for a dissolution of the assembly by the security authority. There were no separate requirements from the health authority.

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Bald men die more often from coronavirus life

According to a new study, bald people have a higher risk of developing severe Covid 19. What sounds crazy seems to have a hand.

“We assume that hair loss is an indicator of a severe course of the disease,” researcher Carlos Wambier summarizes the result of his study against Telegraph.co.uk.

The relationship between baldness and severe Covid-19 courses is so great, according to the dermatologist at Brown University in the US state of Rhode Island, that he recommends that baldness be recognized as a risk factor.

Wambier suggests calling him “Gabrin sign” – after Frank Gabrin, the first bald doctor who died in the United States from an infection with Sars-CoV-2.

Male hormones

Since the onset of the corona pandemic, data have shown that men are more likely than women to be more severe. So far, researchers have puzzled over the exact reason. Factors such as frequent smoking or differences in the immune system were considered.

There is growing evidence that androgens (male sex hormones such as testosterone) not only play a role in hair loss, but also in the ability of the coronavirus to attack cells. “We believe that androgens or male hormones are definitely the gateway for the virus to enter our cells,” said Wambier of the “Telegraph”.

New treatment approaches

The results of the study are confirmed by other scientific work. Studies from Spain show that up to 79 percent of all male Covid 19 patients who had to be hospitalized were bald. A similar correlation has been found in women who suffer from hair loss associated with androgens.

If the indications are condensed, the treatment could be started there. So it would be possible to suppress these hormones and thus slow the rage of the virus in the body.

According to the researchers, further studies are still necessary, but the connection is very promising. This is also suggested by an investigation from Italy: According to this, men who receive androgen-suppressing drugs for prostate cancer are four times less likely to be infected with Sars-CoV-2.

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5,000 euros find reward for treasure of the Kelly Family music

In the 70s, the Kelly Family toured all over Europe in a small VW bus. The family came up with something special to save space there.

“In 1977 we were in this small VW Bulli bus, you have to imagine that, parents and the then Kelly children, nine or ten people with luggage and all the trimmings tied up on the roof – with 36 HP and 50 km / h on the freeway, “says Joey Kelly on the MDR talk show” Riverboat “. Of course, this “overloaded” travel method was not hidden from the police. To get rid of ballast quickly, the Kellys had to come up with something unusual: they quickly buried their luggage!

Buried treasure in the parking lot

“We buried the things in a parking lot in Baden-Württemberg (Germany), between Heilbronn and Stuttgart. We buried a lot of things from the Kelly Family there and designed a map with a cross on it where the place is. And had the serious intention of picking things up there again, “says Joey Kelly. But first things turn out differently and secondly than you think.

From 1974 to 1994 Joey Kelly traveled with his siblings as a street musician through the USA and above all through Europe.
From 1974 to 1994 Joey Kelly traveled with his siblings as a street musician through the USA and above all through Europe.Public Address / Action Press / picturedesk.com

The Kelly Family continued their tour without their buried treasure. “The trip went to Ireland and we wanted to buy a London bus there and then a child came and it took six months to get back to the parking lot. We couldn’t find the place where it was “said Joey. What bad luck! For Joey in particular, things seem to be of great ideal value. “There is no gold in it, it is old clothes, but it is worth it to me. And the interesting thing about this story: Shortly before we were robbed in Italy in 1977, then my father decided: Ok, we have no money, but we can make music. And that was the beginning of the Kelly Family. Just before we buried this treasure. “

Joey is now doing everything possible to get the family treasure back. So he announced a finder’s reward on the talk show: “I will immediately give 5,000 euros”.

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“Minecraft Dungeons” – the “Diablo” clone for children – game tests

The brisk slaughter of an action role-playing game child-friendly and without blood? This works, as the latest “Minecraft” spinoff shows.

Basically, action role-playing games like “Diablo” or “Path of Exile” could be quite suitable for children. The gameplay is somewhat simple, the battles mostly very satisfying. All you have to do is remove all the blood, horror characters, and overly complicated status values. That’s exactly what Microsoft and Mojang did – and put the look of “Minecraft” over it.

Minecraft Dungeons is available for Xbox One, Windows PC, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.

Simple story

At first glance, the game is a flawless representative of the action RPG genre. A strong hero, procedurally generated surroundings, lots of monsters – only there are cute “Minecraft” optics instead of blood fountains as in “Diablo”. This trick makes the game ideal for children right from the start. And thanks to the co-op mode for up to four players, the parents can also join and help. This is sometimes necessary, because while normal fights are easy, some bosses can be an unexpected challenge.

The plot is probably even simpler than that of the genre colleagues: an Illager is rejected, finds an incredible source of power and wants to subjugate the blocky fantasy world. With this thin premise in mind, you slice through the nine standard levels that present classic fantasy environments – such as an enchanted forest or a scorching desert. Thanks to the Unreal Engine, these locations are beautifully staged despite the pixel look. Nice effects like light, shadow and fog ensure this. A “Minecraft” game has never looked better.

“Minecraft” has never been so beautiful

As far as the gameplay is concerned, clear cutbacks are visible compared to the complex systems of the competition. It starts with the character classes, because there are simply none. You only choose the look of your hero, all other skills are determined by artifacts and weapons. Depending on the loot found, you can leave clouds of poison in the event of a blow, trigger an explosion or even fire several arrows from your crossbow.

Various “enchants” also improve the weapons used. This means that calculating with status values ​​is a thing of the past. The disadvantage: in order to get the magic points invested back and put them in other, newer objects, you have to destroy the old pieces. Experimenting with weapons and enchants at higher levels of difficulty should also make up the long-term appeal of the game. The story can be completed in four to six hours in the first round.

All this is in order for a budget price, because the standard edition costs 19.99 euros. The also available Hero Edition for 29.99 euros also includes cosmetic extras, a chicken as a pet and two future DLC packages.


“Minecraft Dungeons” is nice fun in between, which does not offer too much depth. A particular shame: The surroundings look nice, but cannot be destroyed or changed in any way, as one might expect from “Minecraft” games. What remains is a reduced, competently made action RPG that even younger players can try.

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Woman seriously injured in dog attack in Gänserndorf – Lower Austria

Two free-running Kangal dogs are said to have attacked a couple in Gänserndorf. The man (54) was lightly injured, the woman (56) badly.

Bloody incident in Gänserndorf: A 54-year-old and his 56-year-old girlfriend (both from the Gänserndorf district) went for a walk in Gänserndorf around 11.40 a.m. last Thursday with a Jack Russel terrier and a setter.

Man fell to the floor

At the crossing of Oed-Aigenstrasse with Siehdichfürstrasse, the man and the setter hybrid he led on a leash are said to have been attacked by two free-range Kangal hybrid dogs, the man fell.

56-year-old wanted to help

Since the two kangals had attacked the man and the dog, the 56-year-old partner tried to help, but was also knocked to the ground. The 40-year-old owner of the two kangals from the Gänserndorf district is said to have subsequently held on to his two dogs so that they could be leashed again with the help of the 54-year-old.

Ad for Kangal owners

The man suffered unspecified injuries while the woman suffered serious injuries. After the on-site treatment, she was brought to the Mistelbach State Hospital. After his first aid by the rescue workers, the man drove the setter hybrid to the Vienna University of Veterinary Medicine for examination. The 40-year-old Kangal owner was reported.

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