sending in advance for the non-repayable fund

Income Form PF 2021 and instructions: below is the guide to the tax return for holders of VAT numbers. The deadline for submission is November 30th, an early deadline of September 10th to request the non-repayable contributions as an adjustment provided for by the Sostegni bis decree.

Income Model PF 2021, let’s take stock of instructions and on Announcements of the tax declaration presented by the holders of VAT number.

The Income model for individuals, ex Single model, must be submitted by deadline of November 30, 2021.

The deadline to be met is however anticipated to September 10th for VAT number holders who intend to apply for i non-repayable contributions to balance, in accordance with the provisions of the Sostegni bis decree.

This is the latest news relating to Income model, but it is good to take stock of the further changes introduced regarding the season of the tax return 2021.

In Income model PF 2021 the numerous concessions linked to the Covid-19 emergency granted to holders of VAT numbers, from non-repayable contributions, to be included in the RS framework (State aid prospectus), up to the tax credit on rents and sanitation.

Income Model PF 2021 and instructions from the Revenue Agency

The PF 2021 Income Model and the related instructions were published by the Revenue Agency on January 29th.

The forms as well as the three files for completing the tax return have been updated several times; the latest modification available to date is dated May 28th.

We therefore provide the documentation to download for the compilation and submission of the Individual Income Form:

Income Model PF 2021 – file 1
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Income Model PF 2021 – file 2
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Income Model PF 2021 – file 3
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Instructions model Income PF 2021 – file 1
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Instructions model Income PF 2021 – file 2
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Instructions model Income PF 2021 – file 3
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Additional municipal income tax table 2020 balance 2021 deposit – pdf
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Please note that sending the Income model PF 2021 is mandatory for taxpayers who:

  • in 2020 they had business income, also in the form of participation, income from self-employment for which VAT is required, “other” income not included among those declarable with the 730 model, capital gains deriving from the sale of qualified shareholdings or deriving from the sale of unqualified shareholdings in companies resident in countries or territories with privileged taxation, whose securities are not traded on regulated markets, income from “trusts”, as beneficiary;
  • they are not resident in Italy in the previous year and / or in the year of presentation of the return;
  • they must also submit one of the declarations: VAT, IRAP, Form 770;
  • must file the return on behalf of deceased taxpayers.

Even those who present the 730 model (employees and retirees) may need to present some frameworks of the PF 2021 Income model, such as the RW framework.

Income Model 2021, all the news of the former Unico: what to indicate in the RU and RS part

2020 was a year full of tax news, many of which find space inside the Income model PF 2021.

By way of example, in the former Unico model there is space for the super bonus, for expenses incurred from 1 July 2020, as well as the facades bonus.

In addition, the tax return is enriched with the additional deduction of 20 percent provided for the beneficiaries of the holiday bonus.

The new model also finds space in the PF Income model revaluation of land and equity investments owned as of January 1, 2020, for which a substitute tax of 11 per cent is due.

However, one of the most challenging innovations for VAT numbers and intermediaries is the compilation of the prospectus relating to State Aid present in RS frame. This is a necessary obligation to allow the Inland Revenue to enter them in the National Register kept by the MISE.

I’m obliged to fill in part RS subjects who in 2020 benefited from:

  • automatic tax aid (state aid and de minimis aid);
  • aid subject to the issuing of concession or authorization measures, however denominated, the amount of which cannot be determined in the aforementioned measures but only following the presentation of the declaration made for tax purposes in which they are declared, governed by article 10 of Regulation.

They enter the RS frame, by way of example, the grants as well as the excerpt of the IMU and IRAP.

Facilitation to be indicated in part RS (State aid prospectus)
Non-repayable contributions
Non-repayable grant Historic centers
Non-repayable contribution to the catering sector
Non-repayable grant for shopping centers
Rent tax credit
IMU excerpt
Balance excerpt and first IRAP advance

The concessions for the Covid-19 emergency also find space in the RU framework, which will have to fill in who has benefited from tax credits deriving from concessions granted to companies.

Facilitation to be indicated in part RU (Tax credits)
Rental tax credit
Sanitation tax credit
Tax credit for adaptation of workplaces
Inventory tax credit
Company capitalization tax credit
Tax credit for share capital increases

Please refer to the official instructions of the Revenue Agency for a complete examination of the facilities to be included in the RU and RS part.

Income Model 2021, expires on 30 November. Sending in advance to 10 September to request the non-repayable contributions to balance

As we have seen, the year of the emergency has a direct impact on the 2021 tax return, and it does so also with regard to the deadline for sending the Income form.

The Income model PF 2021, like the forms prepared for the other categories of taxpayers (ENC for non-commercial and equivalent entities, SC for joint stock companies, commercial and equivalent entities, SP for partnerships and similar) can be submitted within deadline of November 30th.

It will have to however send forward to 10 September 2021 who intends to apply for non-repayable contributions as an adjustment.

This is the new economic aid provided for by the Sostegni bis decree which, among the access restrictions, provides precisely theforwarding of the tax return, more than two months earlier than the ordinary deadline.

In this regard, it should be noted that the CNDCEC (National Council of Chartered Accountants and Accounting Experts) has highlighted the need to postpone this binding deadline. We therefore await further possible news.

Income Model PF 2021: expiry and payment in installments of the balance and advance tax

What does not change are the deadlines for paying taxes emerged from the tax return.

The first appointment to remember is that of June 30, 2021, term within which it will be necessary to pay the balance and the first advance installment of IRPEF, IRES, IRAP and substitute taxes.

Furthermore, the possibility of defer payment within the next 30 days, on July 30, 2021, paying a surcharge of 0.40 per cent.

The balance and the first down payment can be paid in monthly installments, to be completed by November.

Below is the deadline calendar for those who opt for installment payments:

  • Payment in installments of the balance and deposit on income taxes 2021 for non-VAT holders
INTERESTS June 30th 0,00 July 30
0,00 August 20 0,33 August 20
0,00 31 august 0,66 31 august
0,33 September 30th 0,99 September 30th
0,66 November 2 1,32 November 2
0,99 November 30 1,65 November 30


In this case, the amount to be paid in installments must be previously increased by 0.40 percent. Payment of balance and deposit on income taxes 2021 for holders of VAT numbers AVERAGE PAYMENT INTERESTS
0,00 July 30 0,00 July 16
0,18 August 20 0,18 August 20
0,51 September 16 0,51 September 16
0,84 October 18 0,84 October 18
1,17 November 16 1,17 November 16


In this case, the amount to be paid in installments must be previously increased by 0.40 percent.Please note that it is not possible to pay in installments

second down payment

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