Naim Darrechi, son of patriarchy and lack of sex education

Naim Darrechi He is a Spanish tiktoker and singer with more than 26 million followers on that social network. Days ago, during an interview with the youtuber Mostopapi he boasted of not using a condom and of making his sexual partners believe that this should not be a concern because he assumes that he is sterile.

I have a hard time with a condom, I never use it. One day I thought it was weird that I didn’t get any girl pregnant during all this time and I said ‘I’m going to always end up inside’, and nothing has ever happened, “he said to the repudiable laugh of his interviewer. son, bless him, “he added.

The criticism was not long in coming and even the well-known streamer Ibai Llanos Garatea it ruled against such claims.

But not only that: the case has already been reported by Irene Montero, the Minister of Equality of the Government of Spain. “Removing the condom or ejaculating inside without consent is today sexual abuse and the Only Yes is Yes Law will recognize it as aggression. Bragging to 26 million followers of something like this reflects the urgency of putting consent at the center. We will inform the Prosecutor’s Office, ”the official announced.

After the scandal, both the interviewee and the interviewer referred to this note. “I want to apologize for my unconsciousness. I did not realize the responsibility that I have. Sorry, it’s my fault, whatever they say about it, they are right, ”said Darrechi.

For his part, Mostopapi deleted the video and he justified himself: “My laugh has been misinterpreted because at no time would I laugh at something like that. So if you think that I have laughed at what Naím has said, I am sorry, but that has not been the case. against all kinds of abuse, mistreatment and inequality between men and women. I would never promote something like that, ever “.

Consequences of the absence of Comprehensive Sex Education

In dialogue with Clarion the sexologist and psychologist Patricio Gomez Di Leva (on Instagram, @respuestasexual) assured that “the main problem is not in what they said, since they do not have to know something that they did not teach them, but that the people who listen to them – in general, young people – he doesn’t have the tools to process that information ”.

The specialist’s feeling is that neither Naim Darrechi nor Mostopapi were “aware of what they were saying”. “Those who are truly responsible are those who must guarantee sex education It is not happening in practically any country in Latin America and in a few countries in the world ”, he stated.

Mostopapi and his discharge.

In that sense, he explained that this “is not a problem only for young people, because adults did not have sex education either.” “Whenever we think of ESI we think of children and adolescents, and the reality is that sex education is lifelong, because sexuality accompanies us from the moment we are born until we die and there are always new things to learn ”, added Di Leva.

Sexual violence and patriarchy

How do you explain that a speech of such sexual violence has gone unnoticed throughout the interview? Why did it cause laughter and not the repudiation of the interviewer?

Gomez Di Leva ruled that “machismo and patriarchy are at the basis of sexual or gender violence”.

Against this, he explained, the solution is to insist with the ESI from a complete approach. “Comprehensive sexual education has to be with a gender perspective, otherwise it is not comprehensive sexual education. It is often thought that CSE has to be limited to contraceptive methods or to prevent sexually transmitted infections, but it also encompasses the study and reflection on concepts related to gender, patriarchy and others ”, he concluded.

Use a condom, always!

The condom is the only contraceptive method that will prevent us from contracting sexually transmitted infections. Use it always, from the beginning to the end of the sexual relationship!

Also, remember that the condom does not decrease sensitivity (There are all kinds of thickness, models, textures to try) nor does it have to be a condition to maintain the erection of the penis. To consult and ask for professional help if this happens!

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The sad truth of society (or)…

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the sad truth of society💔 (💶or🌹)#fyp #foryoupage #belguim #viral #xyzbca #trend #arab #turk #world #society #foryou #wahidtv #belgique #tiktoker #f

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