Angela Merkel’s party elected a chairman

The congress of the main party of the ruling coalition in Germany – the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) – elected on January 16 the Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia Armin Laschet as its chairman. The 59-year-old politician won the second round, receiving 521 votes out of 991 of the delegates to the congress. 466 party members voted for his rival, CDU functionary Friedrich Merz.

In the first round, Merz, considered the likely successor of Chancellor Angela Merkel, overtook Laschette with 385 votes against 380. Norbert Röttgen, chairman of the foreign policy committee of the Bundestag, won another 224 votes. With such a result, the way to the second round was ordered to him, however, as Deutsche Welle writes, it was Röttgen’s supporters who eventually brought Laschet victory. Röttgen got a seat on the CDU presidium.

According to Deutsche Welle, Laschet was paired with the young Minister of Health Jens Spahn. In alliance with the popular Spahn Laschet, the fact that the Minister of Health is quite conservative plays into the hands. As deputy chairman of the CDU, he will attract conservative party members who would be dissatisfied with Lashet’s liberal-centrist course. According to the German edition, Merkel campaigned for Lashet’s candidacy from the sidelines. Laschet was supported by the head of Merkel’s office, Helge Braun, who spoke out in favor of someone with experience in government. Laschet turned out to be such a person, although he headed the executive branch of only one federal state, even the most densely populated one. The minister at the federal level from 2009 to 2012 was Laschet Röttgen’s opponent, but his work experience can hardly be considered successful – Chancellor Merkel removed Röttgen from the post of Minister of the Environment.


The final parquet of Fontajau is almost installed

After a couple of temporary installations, one in February and the other in August, Fontajau is about to release the final parquet that will replace the one that was damaged a year ago due to the storm Gloria. The workers are taking advantage of these days to complete the preparations so that the work, which has cost 135,000 euros, can be premiered tomorrow taking advantage of the match between Uni and La Laguna (19.30).


Ceramica Cleopatra coach: This is the reason for Al-Ahly’s victory

Haitham Shaaban, coach of the first team of Ceramica Cleopatra, believes that his team’s players performed their duties during the Al-Ahly match, despite losing 2 clean goals.

Al-Ahly won with two goals over Ceramica in the sixth round of the Egyptian League Championship, scored by the duo Mahmoud Kahraba and Walid Soliman.

“We did well in the match,” Shaaban said in statements to the press conference after the end of the match, but the bench was the one that gave the advantage to Al-Ahly club.

He continued, “The physical condition of Al-Ahly’s substitutes is much better than the Ceramica team. We cannot prepare the substitutes in the team. We will work to equip them in the coming period.”

Haitham continued his statements, “wasting opportunities or not is success and lack of success. Our goal is to create the largest number of opportunities in the match, and from which we will be successful in scoring the largest number of goals.”

The technical director of Ceramica concluded his remarks, “Certainly the player will not want to miss a goal opportunity, it is a match or lack of success.”

With this result, Al-Ahly raised its score of points to the thirteenth point in the top of the Egyptian league standings after only five matches had passed, leaving him with a postponed match, while Ceramica’s balance stopped at seventh place with 7 points.


Enough mobilizations in the pavilions this Saturday and a large rally in Fontajau on the 23rd

Sport has said enough. It’s kind of hurt every time Procicat announces new restraints “without any support or help.” That is why the platform has been promoted from Girona It’s enough which wants to be a protest movement to recover the activity of the sector. After dozens of clubs, coaches, athletes, managers and fans from all over Catalonia have joined, the platform has convened a mobilization in front of the pavilions of each municipality this Saturday, January 9, at noon.

Among all the protests, the one of Fontajau next Saturday January 23 at 12 noon (when there is no longer municipal confinement) that will be one large unit concentration. “With the new restrictions, sport is once again the big loser. We don’t realize it, but we are harming the grassroots teams and mortgaging the future of the sport,” Spar Girona wrote in its account this morning. from Twitter.

In addition, Enough has made a manifesto on to claim that “sport is health, education and welfare,” calling for “dialogue” with government officials, the return of the public and assuring that ” we will win this match “because as they recall in the text there is no evidence to certify that” that organized sports practice is no focus of contagion or spread of the virus. ”

The manifesto

It’s enough!!! SPORT is safe !!! Enough to criminalize us

We, the undersigned (coaches, athletes, managers and / or sports fans, clubs and sports organizations), in the face of the management of the pandemic and the new measures taken by the Government of the Generalitat would like to inform you that:

Our clubs and organizations have made a great effort to make sports a safe space by adapting to the necessary regulations, investing resources in charge of the clubs. The Government does not have any study, nor any certainty, that certifies that the practice of organized sports is no focus of contagion or spread of the virus, because otherwise, we are sure that they would have made it public. On the other hand, the coaches, athletes and / or managers who are at the foot of the track know that the diagnosed cases, infections and quarantines within our teams are still testimonial and very far from that of other areas of our day to day. The same arguments that serve in education do not seem valid for indoor sports; and that a classroom is much smaller than a pavilion, and everyone knows that the ratios per classroom are not the desired ones, our full solidarity with the bodies of teachers and professors.

Given the restrictive measures taken by the Government of the Generalitat (and comparing them with those adopted in other activities such as cinemas, circuses, theaters, restaurants, trade or religious events …) we find that we are the most punished sector, without any basis, as we have stated above, and therefore criminalized. We demand that the Government listen to the voice of grassroots clubs and entities and stop prioritizing the voice of private lobbies in the world of sport (sports complexes, swimming pools, …) that only defend their business interests, far from the ‘grassroots sport and associationism that politicians so often applaud at events, when they come to visit us.

We are sure that government officials who have been implementing these restrictive measures for many months are unaware of the reality of grassroots sport and its benefits for the children of our country. We do not say, organizations like the WHO have published it in the midst of a global pandemic. We want to think that it is out of ignorance, and that these decisions are not made because grassroots sport is the ass of blows and the weakest link in our society … or is it really that ?. We do not want to believe that it is legislated thinking about who will complain more or less, or who does not have this capacity to complain, in this case, girls and boys who play sports.

Seeing how attendance at cinemas, theaters, concert halls, auditoriums, religious ceremonies, and circuses is allowed at 50 percent of its capacity, we feel bewildered and powerless at not receiving the same treatment. What could be the reason for this grievance? We never got an answer, despite asking insistently. We want dialogue, and that our members and fans can return to the pavilions in those competitions that are allowed and now have to be played without an audience, a grievance with respect to most clubs that play leagues in Spain.

These arbitrary measures and the damage that is being done to sports clubs, WITHOUT ANY SUPPORT OR HELP, are shaking and endangering one of the treasures of our country. We are still there in time, but we demand respect and feeling listened to.

Soon our country will experience new elections to the Parliament of Catalonia. Given how we have been treated, how we have been abandoned and how we have been criminalized by the Government, we want to tell you that: WE WILL NOT VOTE if you are not able to treat sport and athletes (especially children and girls) as they deserve. During the campaign we ask that you do not have the arrogance to convene political events in those facilities that close to us. If they are not used for sports, they cannot be used to be heard and applauded.

Throughout these months, despite the difficulty we know there is, and the efforts that some have made, you have ignored, ignored and despised the requests, prayers and voices of the Federations, the UFEC, as well as nothing has been the representation of EsportCat and its Secretary General. That while they have raised their voice and their complaint, they have not been heard and have been despised. That is to underestimate the whole world of sport. Now is the time to listen, loud and clear, to the voices of those of us who are on the tracks every day, with the children and young people of our country. Now is the time for those of you who wanted to be invisible and silenced.

For all these reasons that we have explained to you, we want to propose the following calls for protest:

Concentrations next Saturday, January 9 in front of all pavilions and sports venues at 12:00
Large unitary rally on January 23 in front of the Girona-Fontajau Pavilion at 12:00
Mobilization of the entire social network of the sport affected in joint actions.

Finally tell you that you can follow us on the twitter and instagram profiles @ JanhihaProu5 and that clubs, athletes, fans, clubs and sports organizations can join the manifesto that you will find on / YqDjNZV2
The strength of our voice can only be felt if we all go together.

We will win this match too !!!


Asterix and Obelix’s new album will hit bookstores this year

The new album by Asterix and Obelix will arrive in bookstores on October 21 by Jean-Yves Ferri and Didier Conrad, published in Catalan by Salvat. The two famous Gauls are the protagonists of a new adventure, in which they will have to help a friend of the druid Panoràmix. In fact, this can be seen from the page of the new album, whose title and synopsis are not yet known, which was presented this Sunday. In it, Panoràmix suddenly wakes up from a dream and says that an old friend of his has asked him for help. The three, Asterix, Obelix, and Panoramix, accompanied by Idepix, embark on “a very long journey” in search of the druid’s friend.

The page that has been released begins with the three protagonists playing some French chess and Panoràmix falls asleep, until he wakes up from a dream he has and ends with the protagonists embark on their new journey.

After Asterix and the Picts (2013), The Papyrus of Caesar (2015), Asterix in Italy (2017) and The Daughter of Vercingetorix (2019), the duet formed by Jean-Yves Ferri (script) and Didier Conrad (drawings ) create their fifth collaboration and continue the series created more than sixty years ago by the unforgettable René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo.


“You are all p ****”

According to the lawyer, the altercation began when Yasmina asked other clients who were in front of her to bring their groceries forward on the checkout mat so that she could put hers down. She was then allegedly insulted by several veiled women. The security guard intervened to get Yasmina out of the store but without success.

After paying for her shopping, Yasmina left the store where the security guard joined her to take a picture of her license plate “on her own behalf”, according to the mother’s statements. The man then said to him: “The Arabs of France like you are all whores, when you are a bitch’s daughter you go out as a bitch.”

Yasmina then threw a glass of water in her face and it was at that moment that she received the blow from the security guard. The young woman is in shock, as is her little daughter who witnessed the scene. She received the support of SOS Racisme and LICRA.

Aldi declined to answer France Bleu’s questions regarding this affair.


“Only mass vaccination will get us out of the crisis”

INTERVIEW – According to the economist, the speed of the recovery will depend on how quickly we achieve collective immunity.

LE FIGARO. – Are you one of the optimists or the pessimists for next year?

Nicolas BOUZOU. – I am rather confident thanks to the effectiveness of RNA vaccines. This crisis is health, with economic consequences. We will therefore emerge from the economic crisis when we no longer need to protect ourselves from the virus. But as long as we have to take physical distancing measures, which can sometimes even go as far as a ban on work, we are subject to deleterious economic fluctuations: things are better when we take less restrictive measures and the economy plunges when we tighten the sanitary screw. No country is immune to this. This is the reason why only mass vaccination will get us out of the economic and social crisis. The speed of recovery will depend on how quickly we achieve collective immunity.

What will be the main pitfall to avoid?

I see three. The first is to miss the vaccination campaign. The

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RF Commission will consider another 5G band in Russia

Russian telecom operators can obtain frequencies in one more range for the construction of fifth generation networks. In the IV quarter of 2021, the State Commission on Radio Frequencies plans to consider the results of scientific, research, experimental, experimental and design work on the pilot zone of 5G networks in the 6-7 GHz range. This follows from the protocol of the commission’s work plan for the next year (a copy of the document was consulted by Vedomosti).

It is planned to involve the Chinese manufacturer of communication equipment and electronics Huawei to conduct research in this range. The company will provide its equipment and specialists, explained a person close to Huawei.

The ministry declined to comment.

According to the protocol, the results of the studies can be offered by Russia as additional radio frequency spectrum for 5G networks at the World Radiocommunication Conference in 2023 (held every four years).

In the vast majority of countries in the world, the standard for 5G is the 3.4-3.8 GHz range. It is optimal from the point of view of massive coverage of large cities with 5G networks, operators’ representatives confirm. It is these frequencies that provide high data rates with a relatively small number of base stations, which are used by manufacturers of network and subscriber equipment. However, in Russia these frequencies are occupied by satellite communications, which are used by government agencies, including law enforcement agencies. Therefore, in Russia, the 4.4-4.9 GHz band was chosen as the main one for 5G.

The 4.4-4.9 GHz range is not globally harmonized, says a spokesman for Megafon. Only individual countries, mainly countries in Africa and Southeast Asia, announced their intentions to consider it for 5G during the 2019 World Radiocommunication Conference, he continues. However, it did not come to the deployment of networks, in these countries, as in Europe, mass launches take place in the main band 3.4-3.8 GHz, explains the representative of the operator.

The 4.4-4.9 GHz band is used for the operation of the air and maritime border services of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland, therefore the construction of base stations is possible only at a distance of 300 km from the land border and 450 km from the sea. St. Petersburg also falls into this zone: the distance from the city to the Russian-Estonian border is only 134 km. The tested 6-7 GHz range will be able to provide fifth-generation communications just in these areas, explains a person close to Huawei. However, it will also not be able to be the main one, since the range of base stations in it is much shorter than in the 3.4-3.8 GHz range, and less than in the 4.4-4.9 GHz range, which means that the station needs will install even more often, which, in turn, increases the cost of network deployment, warns a person close to one of the major telecom operators.

Now, in the 6-7 GHz range, mainly fixed radio communications and radio relay communication lines (RRL) operate, say representatives of Megafon and Tele2. In the United States, for example, the 6 GHz band is considered by the American Federal Communications Commission (FCC) as a standard for WiFi 6 technology, adds Radio Research Institute expert Evgeny Devyatkin.

For the work of mobile communications, he did not stand out, they know. The International Telecommunication Union considers the 6-7 GHz range exclusively as an extension band for the already allocated frequency bands of mobile communication networks of generations 2-5 G, says a representative of Megafon. The fact that the regulator is thinking about the 6425-7100 MHz band is a positive initiative, but only for the medium and long term, says Daria Kolesnikova, representative of Tele2. The only advantage of the 6-7 GHz range is the additional capacity to 3.5 GHz, but for the full launch of 5G in Russia it cannot become the main one, she confirms.


The end of states’ addiction to “easy money” will be painful

DECRYPTION – Faced with the crisis, the accommodating policy of the ECB, relaunched before the Covid crisis, in the fall of 2019, is not without end.

The European Central Bank saved the European economy from disaster at the height of the crisis. And after? While the arrival of vaccines nourishes the hope of seeing the end of the tunnel, the way out of the crisis will not be less difficult to manage. States, many of which are heavily over-indebted, have become accustomed to “easy money” from Frankfurt, which finances their deficits. The certainty that the ECB will buy back most of their bond issues has calmed the tensions on their interest rates, to historic lows. Portugal and Italy are now borrowing almost at 0%, Greece and Spain are not far from it. Some 1.5 trillion euros in new debt have been contracted by eurozone states this year. Their average debt reaches an amount equivalent to the total wealth produced in a year in the euro zone. Even more for the countries of the “South”, including France (120%) or Italy (160%).

Like the Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire, many leaders

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France is in debt like never before, but at negative rates

Because of the crisis, the State still intends to raise 260 billion euros in 2021 in the medium and long term.

Like nothing ever happened. At the heart of the turmoil of 2020, Agence France Trésor (AFT), the management of Bercy responsible for raising sovereign debt on the markets, has come to terms with its financing program. However, the said program has, over the course of the budgetary readjustments, been turned upside down. In the initial finance law for 2020, the State planned to raise 205 billion in medium and long-term debt and to issue 10 billion in securities of less than one year. Four amending budgets later, the amounts had been revised upwards to rise to 260 billion and 53 billion respectively. Or a total explosion of… 45%!

Not only has AFT managed to raise this debt smoothly, but never have investors demanded such low remuneration. The average cost of issues in 2020, all maturities combined, amounts to -0.30%, “A historical record”, said Anthony Requin, AFT boss. In November, the last month listed, the cost had

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