The incredible before and after of a heroin addict

Ginny Burton, a 48 year old woman, has gone viral on social media after sharing his personal story, a drastic life change that he would never have imagined in the past.

He always thought that “I’d die on a park bench of a puncture in the arm or a shot in the head, “he wrote on May 21, adding that what he never imagined is that it would be as it is today, he says Telecinco.

At the age of six his mother gave him marijuana for the first time (Facebook).

In addition, the woman accompanied the message with an image in which she shows herself a few years ago in prison and, currently, after graduating from college.

Speaking to television WBNS, Ginny Burton gave more details of her life, marked from the beginning by problems with drugs and with justice.

At 6 years old he smoked marijuana

Burton quickly entered the world of drugs. His mother, who suffered from a mental illness, was an addict and a trafficker; her father entered prison when she was four years old for a series of armed robberies.

At the age of six his mother gave him marijuana for the first time; at 12, methamphetamine and at 14, he had already smoked crack, he says Telecinco.

At the age of 21 she began to inject heroin and at 23 she was already an addict (King County Jail).

At the age of 21 she began to inject heroin and at 23 she was already an addict (King County Jail).

As a teenager, at 16 years old, a client of her mother raped her Y at 17 he tried to commit suicide. She became pregnant and the father of her baby was shot and killed. She had two children and married a man who he mistreated her. A little later, at age 21, he began injecting heroin and at 23 she was already an addict.

To get money, he used to rob Mexican traffickers at gunpoint. Came to have 17 felony convictions.

“It was the person who used to steal your bag when he passed you. I am the person who would randomly attack someone in public,” she confesses, adding that for her “everyone was a victim and everyone was a prey.”

Ginny studied Political Science, becoming part of the academic team at the university.  In 2020, she was the Truman Scholar for Washington State (Facebook).

Ginny studied Political Science, becoming part of the academic team at the university. In 2020, she was the Truman Scholar for Washington State (Facebook).

Due to his problems with justice, he entered three times in prison. There, he detoxified and contemplated the option of changing his life; However, outside he could not find the tools that would make that thought possible. Therefore, every time he went out, he returned to the same people and to have the same lifestyle, he says. Telecinco.

The date that marked a before and after in his life was the December 5, 2012. That day, a police officer stopped her in a stolen truck and, she confesses that she remembers being handcuffed, but relieved and happy in the seat of the officers’ car.

The change of life

At that moment, he decided to change his life. He did social services as part of a prison program and was for seven years in a center helping other addicts.

After this experience, he decided to start studying. She enrolled at South Seattle College and subsequently applied for admission to the University of Washington, where she was admitted and where in 2019 she was awarded a Martin Honors Scholarship, she says Telecinco.

Ginny today.  Enjoying his second life (Facebook).

Ginny today. Enjoying his second life (Facebook).

Ginny Burton studied Political Science, becoming part of the academic team of the university. In 2020, she was the Truman Scholar for Washington State.

She wants to change the world and believes that she can do it by changing prisons, so that addiction is faced both inside prison and outside, where she sees what she calls a “learned helplessness” that she considers a death sentence.

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Starfield trailer could include a clue to the Elder Scrolls 6 location

Starfield I finally know that he has been present in the E3 2021, forming part of the Xbox and Bethesda conference. And it seems that it would have served for the company to leave a possible clue about the location of The Elder Scrolls VI, a game that has not been present in the appointment of Los Angeles … at least, with the naked eye. From Polygon they have put the magnifying glass on the trailer of Starfield presented during the event, and they may have found a clue from the The Elder Scrolls VI.

The Elder Scrolls VI in E3 2021: Your Possible Map

Charlie Hall has been in charge of stopping to analyze the trailer of Starfield, finding a juicy clue that could indicate the whereabouts of the adventure of The Elder Scrolls VI. On the mark of 1 minute and 17 seconds of advance Starfield, we can see how an astronaut is in charge of starting his spaceship: he flips three switches on the board and everything goes into operation to continue with the trailer.

But, if you look at the right side of the screen, we can see wear on the chrome casing of the dash… which has a very peculiar shape. A very peculiar shape that would correspond to the look of a map. We have left below these lines the two images that show the easter egg we are talking about: a screenshot taken from the trailer and an enlargement of the strange “wear”.

Alleged map of The Elder Scrolls VI in Starfield

The supposed map of The Elder Scrolls VI would have crept into Starfield

Next, Hall is in charge of finding out where in the world of The Elder Scrolls this strange stain or wear would correspond. To do this, he resorts to The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion Collector’s Edition and the small manual that includes, A Pocket Guide To The Empire. This book has among its pages a complete map of Tamriel and, if we compare it with the easter egg of the advance of Starfield


We found out that the easter egg from the Starfield trailer it coincides with the west coast of Tamriel, including the High Rock and Pramo del Martillo regions. It should be noted that, if it is true that this is the true location of The Elder Scrolls VI, the fans would have been completely right: when the first preview of the game was presented at E3 2018, users did not take long to suggest that the title would be located precisely in Pramo del Martillo, when the Sentinel capital was glimpsed in the video.

And what can we expect from these two regions? On the one hand, High Rock is inhabited by the Bretons, hybrids of humans and elves, and they are more inclined towards the arts of magic. It is a mountainous region with mild and temperate climates. Pramo del Martillo, for its part, borders High Rock to the north and is the region of the Red Guards, the humans descended from the natives of the Yokuda continent. It is a barren region and is home to the largest desert on the continent, the Alik’r Desert. Both regions are currently included in The Elder Scrolls Online (although keep in mind that the MMO takes place 1000 years before Skyrim).


Digital House acquires Acámica and strengthens its leadership in technological training in the region

Brand Studio para Digital House

Technology is always in constant evolution and Digital House, the educational organization (edtech) focused on the development of technological talent, consolidates its leadership in the region by announcing the Acámica acquisition, an online education company that provides professional training in digital skills since 2013 in several countries in Latin America.

Union make force

Digital House, which has a team of 350 people, will immediately incorporate to the human talent of Acámica, while maintaining the learning experience of all your students.

With this merger, the offer will be strengthened and accelerated of new content linked to the digital disciplines that the market needs.

Without going any further, in 2020 Digital House trained more than 28,000 students of all Latin America and for 2021 more than 50,000 are projected. For its part, since 2013, the year of its foundation, Acámica has trained through its three schools -Programming and Software, Data and Digital Product- to more than 150,000 students of the entire region.

With this purchase, the goal will be accelerate growth and that more people can remotely train in digital skills to take advantage of the myriad job opportunities.

Since launching its operations in 2016, Digital House has been growing at a speed greater than 110% annually, and he plans to keep up the pace. This is mainly due to the growing demand that companies have to add profiles and technological talents to its work teams as it constantly updates its study programs to train students according to the needs of organizations.

Martin Migoya, CEO and co-founder of Globant, investment company in Digital House, expressed his satisfaction with this alliance and stated: “We are very happy to see these two great leaders come together to continue revolutionizing online education. We know that education has a enormous transformative potential of society and with this union a range of greater possibilities opens up for the talent of the region ”.

Marcos Galperin, CEO and founder of Free market, said for his part: “Education in technology is an enormous enhancer of quality youth employment in Latin America. This alliance will enable more people to be trained to access the necessary skills demanded by the current job market and of the future. All industries are being increasingly impacted by technology. There is much more demand for programmers and developers what offer of people who are applying”.

While Nelson duboscq, CEO and co-founder of Digital House, explained: “Acámica shares the vision and approach of working so that Latin America increases the level of knowledge exportation by training talents with the specific skills demanded by the world market, so this merger is excellent news both for the economies of the region in general and for the Latin Americans who want to developand in the professional ”.

By last, Thomas Escobar, CEO and co-founder of Acamic, he analyzed: “We live in times that constantly demand new ways of learning. We created Acámica so that more people in Latin America can learn technology and become protagonists of the world’s digital transformation. Joining forces with the Digital House team allows us to accelerate and enhance that shared vision ”.

An extended offer

Digital House is an edtech that transforms people’s lives developing digital skills that impact society.

With this objective, it offers training totally remote under an innovative methodology with special focus on practice. Its world-class academic offering includes a variety of intensive courses to train in the most in-demand digital skills.

What is Certified Tech Developer?

Certified Tech Developer is one of the most recent and most sought after careers for young people seeking to enter the world of work.

Digital House offers a number of Executive Programs as well as cursos in-company designed to train and attract the talent that corporations need for their digital transformation.

Its most recent release, Certified Tech Developer, is a race of two years on programming that aims to create a new academic concept based on agile methodologies and intensive practice.

This initiative arises from the need to generate specific training tools to ensure the youth employability in the programming and web development industry.

As a result of the great interest it aroused in young people, edtech announced that they are already registrations open to start the courses in June and August 2021. Those interested in this program can find more information in the Digital House website.


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What if the next generation of computer chips were made by artificial intelligence (Google)

(Ecofin Agency) – Researchers have not finished exploring all the applications of artificial intelligence. Over the course of its discoveries, this technology continues to show its full disruptive potential.

A new study by Google researchers could revolutionize the computer world. According to the findings published in the journal Nature on June 10, artificial intelligence can design computer chips at least as good as those designed by human experts.

A thousand times faster than man

The process of designing the physical arrangement of the components of a chip, known as “floor planning”, is critical to the end performance of a device. This complex task often requires months of intense effort on the part of experts, and despite five decades of research, no automated technique has so far achieved human-level performance. For the new study, the researchers asked software to treat this process as a game with coins, with a canvas, and the winning outcome being optimal performance based on a series of metrics such as chip size and its energy consumption.

According to details given by Anna Goldie, co-author of the study cited by Inside Science, as AI analyzed a greater number and variety of microchips, it became faster and more efficient in chip design. This strategy has been shown to be better than previous automated techniques. “Because she learns by experience”, while “The previous approaches did not learn anything with each of the chips”.

Thus, we learn, the new method can generate chip plans comparable or superior to those produced by experts in all aspects (performance, energy consumption, surface area).

A revolution

Google has already taken the lead by starting with this new method involving artificial intelligence. It wouldn’t be surprising to see other companies looking to explore or try out the approach that could revolutionize the IT world and be the basis for new advancements. It can save thousands of man hours of work.

In addition, the researchers believe that this new floor planning strategy could also help solve other problems involving the search for the best use of limited sets of resources, such as urban planning or the testing and distribution of vaccines. added the scientists.

Louis-Nino Kansoun


The perfect gift for an off-road dad

Brand Studio para Kioshi

The Father’s day It is very close and this year it falls back into a stage of isolation due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Surely many families cannot reunite, but choose send a gift to make a mime and say present, even from a distance.

The question is:what should be given in this particular context?

Sneakers, a great option

Indeed, these unmissable garments not only encourage sportsmanship, but they are also super comfortable and suitable for going through our daily routines. Currently there are many options to consider, but those that are designed to carry out activities of trekking or hiking.

Why? Because they have dual functionality: they come with urban designs, so they are perfect for the daily routine, and they also have a system that allows them to be used to go out into nature and live the adventure.

The model Tuesdayfrom Kioshi Footwear is the perfect example. With a rubber sole, it presents a great adhesion to wet surfaces, which implies that the risk of falls is minimized.

This is possible because the tread is specially designed to improve traction and grip on steep and winding surfaces. This shoe provides a great cushioning on uneven terrain without compromising tread stability. Balance is further assured with a comfortable ankle fit and a reinforced and padded heel that provides superior comfort.

In addition, this shoe has micro-perforated toe cap, which allows the foot to always be cool and comfortable. Both the front and the sides included reinforcements to enhance the durabilityeven on demanding hikes. In short, they are designed to withstand heavy use in harsh conditions.

The Torek model and its dual functionality: daily use and outdoor walks.

Rediscovering nature

Such a gift is ideal for outdoor lovers, which perhaps have green spaces nearby and can make a getaway to make the most of contact with nature. But it is also very good for those who they don’t have such built-in habits and they plan a change of life. The benefits of training outdoors, and especially with the right equipment, are many.

In itself, a walk is beneficial for the body. If it is practiced in nature, the effect is enhanced. Outdoor activity allows improvements in breathing, the heart and the immune system.

It is also proven that long walks along trails can reduce stress, anxiety and depression. In addition, they give a greater sense of satisfaction and increase the propensity to perform more physical exercise.

All about trekking

Aerobic work, such as trekking, stimulates the body to produce more red blood cells, and this increases oxygen in the muscles, which mimproves physical performance. Meanwhile, hiking helps control blood pressure, lowers heart rate and cholesterol.

It also collaborates in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, obesity and overweight, diabetes and osteoporosis. These benefits also reach the youngest, since the walks reinforce their natural defense system and sharpen the thermoregulation capacity, something that is especially positive at this time of year with low temperatures, since it prevents the typical diseases of the cold months .

The Torek, designed by Kioshi Footwear, offer superior comfort not only for the demands of the mountain but also for the urban environment. They are designed to live all kinds of adventures, anywhere: urban but with an outdoor spirit. They are the all-terrain of the shoes and that is why they are perfect for an all-terrain dad.

It is important to have the correct equipment to minimize the risk of injury. Torek shoes are essential, but you also have to take other things into account.

It is recommended to use rcomfortable opa and suitable coatas the weather can change quickly. It is also necessary to carry a ergonomic backpack with provisions, hydrating drinks and first aid kit.

If the plan is to transit difficult terrain, it is important to consider the use of support poles, that help to maintain a correct posture. There are some that are very practical since they can be shortened and placed in the backpack when not in use.

Of course, it is key to use a safe footwear, specially designed for the activity, which offers secure foot support.

During this Father’s month, Torek sneakers and other men’s models have 15% discount (in addition to 6 installments without interest). All of them are available in your online store:


from the young lady of Heavenly Creatures to the neglected Mare of Easttown

On October 5, 2020, Kate Winslet turned 45 in her prime. Considered one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, she showed her quality from her first film role, Celestial creatures, up to the miniseries Mare of Easttown, his most recent success.

Recognized for her talent, this Englishwoman born in 1975, in Reading, into a humble family, managed to stay away from beauty stereotypes imposed by the industry.

His life, of course, took a turn after Titanic. But before and after the iconic James Cameron movie, Winslet composed a gallery of unforgettable characters.

Celestial Creatures (1994)

Kate Winslet in “Heavenly Creatures”, her first film.

At age 11, she was accepted into the legendary Redroofs Drama School in Maidenhead. In parallel, he worked with the Starmaker Theater Company in Reading, for which he participated in more than two dozen plays. Even if her overweight caused her to be discriminated against and not given leading roles.

Despite the successive rejections, he went ahead. The academy also functioned as an agency, bringing top students to London for castings.

That was how it was in 1994 she was one of 175 girls who auditioned for the psychological drama Heavenly Creaturesby Peter Jackson. The New Zealand director was impressed with his intensity and la chose for the role that would mark her shocking film debut.

Her portrayal of Juliet Hulme, a teenager who helped her friend Pauline Parker murder her mother, attracted as much attention as the film based on a real case and marked the first hinge in her career.

She was praised by critics and immediately landed her second job, in Sense and feelings, directed by Ang Lee. She was nominated for the Golden Globe and the Oscar in the category of best supporting actress: I had already fully entered the Hollywood machine.

Titanic (1997)

Kate Winslet and "Titanic".

Kate Winslet and “Titanic”.

After acting in Jude, Michael Winterbottom, and playing Ophelia in Kenneth Branagh’s Hamlet, she received the screenplay for Titanic. Before making up his mind, he met with Emma Thompson, with whom he had worked on Sense and feelings.

Legend has it that she told him: “Honey, you have to accept this”. A) Yes, joined the filming of the blockbuster that would change his life forever.

It was Rose, a romantic heroine who broke the strict rules of the high society of which she was a part and lived an affair with a lower-class young man.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet in the famous table scene in "Titanic".

Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet in the famous table scene in “Titanic”.

In the end, after the shipwreck, he was drowning as he gave up his place on the board they were clinging to. She, on the other hand, survived to tell the story.

Titanic had a budget of 200 million dollars. The filming took place on the beach of Rosarito in Baja California, where a replica of the ship was created, and Winslet didn’t have a good time.

Once he was on the verge of drowning, he suffered hypothermia from immersing himself in icy water and got the flu. After weeks of sleeping only four hours a day, ended up exhausted and bruised all over her body.

The movie became the highest grossing in history, with a collection of 2,100 million dollars, a record that years later would be successively surpassed by Avatar Y Avengers: Endgame.

Kate Winslet's nude in "Titanic".

Kate Winslet’s nude in “Titanic.”

And he won eleven Oscars, not including Winslet’s performance, which he lost to Helen Hunt (Better … impossible). With or without a statuette, he acquired superstar status.

Regardless, his presence on the screen was shocking. He did the first of several nudes that he would do throughout his career. Who does not remember her posing before her beloved Jack, lying on a sofa and wearing only a necklace, while he drew her? That scene from Titanic raised the temperature among the spectators and immortalized it.

Eternal Radiance of a Memoryless Mind (2004)

Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet en "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind".

Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet in “Eternal Radiance of a Memoryless Mind.”

Thousands of song lyrics speak of heartbreak, the ambiguous need to remember and forget that arises when a love relationship fails. Also, it’s true, a lot of movies do.

But few manage to capture that painful transition in the tender and exquisite way that Michel Gondry and Charlie Kaufman do in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Winslet delivered a wonderful performance as Clementine Kruczynski, a free-spirited and spontaneous girl, who meets Joel Barish (Jim Carrey), a shy and withdrawn man, on the Long Island train from Montauk to Rockville Center.

With her colorful hair and her restless and transgressive personality, Clementine could be irritating at times, but it was still a magnificent composition of Kate, who was nominated for an Oscar For his job.

Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet en "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind".

Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet in “Eternal Radiance of a Memoryless Mind.”

Although they don’t know it, Joel and Clementine are actually ex-boyfriends, now separated after a two-year relationship. Is that after an argument, Clementine had come to the Lacuna, Inc. clinic to erase all the memories of his relationship with Joel.

In pain, Joel decides to undergo the same treatment; and the film will narrate neither more nor less than the process by which Clementine fades from Joel’s memory, beginning with the last, difficult days, until reaching the romantic beginning.

The couple’s lives will take place in reverse chronological order, to a point where Joel will discover that there are things about her that he does not want to lose. But of course the erasure process has already begun, and there is nothing Joel can do.

The Reader (2008)

"The reader".  Kate Winslet and David Kross in a scene from the film based on the novel by Bernhard Schlink.

“The reader”. Kate Winslet and David Kross in a scene from the film based on the novel by Bernhard Schlink.

Winslet was nominated for an Oscar seven times: for those mentioned Titanic Y Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and also by Sense and feelings, Iris: Indelible Memories, Intimate secrets y Steve Jobs. He won it only once, for The Reader.

This film directed by Stephen Daldry, with a script by David Hare, was an adaptation of the novel by Bernhard Schlink.

Winslet played Hanna Schmitz, a 35-year-old German woman who had an affair with Michael Berg, a young man twenty years her junior.

In addition to sex, Hannah asked Michael to read aloud to her. Thus, he would read to her the literary works that he was studying at school, such as Emilia Galotti, the Odyssey, The Lady with the Puppy or The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

They stop seeing each other after a while, when she gets promoted at her job and moves out of town. Eight years later, Michael studies Law at the University of Heidelberg, where he attends seminars given by Professor Rohl (Bruno Ganz).

As part of these seminars, students witness the trial of former SS agents accused of having let 300 Jewish women, prisoners of a concentration camp near Krakow, die during a fire.

Michael discovers that Hanna is one of the defendants. Despite having to speak in English with a German accent, Winslet shines by composing women in her youth and old age.

He manages to give the necessary ambiguity to a character who must convey, at the same time, repudiation and pity.

Mare of Easttown (2021)

"Mare of Easttown", his most recent work, in series format.

“Mare of Easttown”, his most recent work, in series format.

Kate Winslet is Mare Sheehan, a woman who in her high school years knew how to be a basketball star, but for those things in life ended up as a police officer in her hometown: Easttown, Pennsylvania.

As usual, the protagonist of Titanic delivers a masterful performance. It is as hard as it is fragile, and it is not difficult for it to convince us that her inner demons torment her as much as the case to be solved.

Mare of Easttown (available on HBO Go) plunges us into the world of ordinary, hard-working people who struggle to get ahead in a gray town, the kind from which you have to flee in time.

But Mare didn’t. He had his best time a long time ago, in high school. Now he lives with his mother (Smart), his daughter (Rice) and his grandson (yes, Mare is a grandmother) In an ugly house, where it always seems to be a little cold.

Mare looks abandoned, without makeup, hairstyle or clothes that give her at least some kind of inner joy. We see Winslet as in none of his films, masculinized to the maximum.

Kate Winslet and "Mare of Easttown"HBO miniseries.

Kate Winslet and “Mare of Easttown”, HBO miniseries.

His job as a detective is his only way to escape the monotony of his existence. Being a cop is the little thing he likes to do, plus it gives him some power and prominence in Easttown.

Now he must solve the murder of a young woman named Erin McMenamin, but as time passes and he cannot solve it, another mystery grows that he could not solve: the kidnapping of Katie Bailey, which occurred years ago.

She is a human character, in the sense that she can be capable, but also obsessive, understanding … but also tough and maybe even abusive. Your old wounds reopen again and again. She is tied to the people she loves and hates.


Toyota wins its duel, Alpine on the podium

The exploit will not have taken place. By setting off for the first time in its history in a Hypercar from pole position, Alpine was positioned as a favorite to win the Portimão 8 Hours. Despite a well-run race, the French team had to bow to its rival Toyota, who signed the double. The A fléché firm still won the podium.

Better performing on the fast lap, the A480 had a lot to do to counter the GR010 Hybrid prototype in a race situation. With much less fuel consumption, the Toyota could afford to extend its stints and therefore reduce the number of stops. It was this point that made the difference in the fight for victory.

With two additional passages through the pits, Alpine could not hope to make up for this lost time on the track, despite an excellent job from its drivers André Negrão, Nicolas Lapierre and Matthieu Vaxiviere. In the end, and not without having taken the lead on several occasions, the A480 must bow to the two Toyota to “to be satisfied” of third place final.

A welcome podium which nevertheless consolidates Alpine’s position in the championship, following the arrival of a third actor, Glickenhaus, whose first outing was difficult. Above all, obtaining a pole position and two podiums in as many races proves that Alpine has a good solution to compete this season.

Next WEC meeting, July 18 with the 6 Hours of Monza.


The harsh New York Times criticism of Alberto Fernández’s phrase about the origin of Argentines

Through an opinion column titled “Argentina needs to talk about racism. Alberto Fernández proves it”, the influential newspaper The New York Times analyzed the failed declaration of the President in which he assured that Mexicans come from indigenous people, Brazilians from the jungle and Argentines from Europe.

Signed by Sylvia Colombo, a Brazilian journalist specialized in South America, the opinion column rekindled the controversy generated by the head of state’s comment, who without hesitation labels it as “racist” and that in his opinion he does nothing more than repeat “what for an important sector of society is a mantra: that Argentines are European, unlike the rest of Latin America.”

The controversy began from the moment that Alberto Fernández, in the framework of the visit of the president of the Spanish government, Pedro Sánchez, it occurred to him to declare that “the Mexicans left the Indians, the brazilians came out of the jungle, but we, the Argentines, came from the ships. They were ships that came from there, from Europe ”. The worst thing is that the President believed that he was quoting the Mexican Nobel Prize winner for literature Octavio Paz, when in fact he was paraphrasing a song by Litto Nebbia.

For Argentina it is a bad sign someone say that. And more if it comes from a president. Not only because of the bad example it sets, but also because Peronism has made progress in recent years in the inclusion of minorities through the conquest of women’s rights and the LGBTI communities, “the journalist said in her opinion column. .

According to what was published by The New York Times “the problem is that it was not only a false step. Fernández’s racist phrase reveals the denial of the mestizo and black roots of their society and that underlies the formation of Argentine cultural identity. “He even posits that this vision” is well rooted “within society.

“And although Fernández tries to position himself today as a center-left liberal politician, deep down he also thinks like the sector that continues to believe that Argentines are European. idiosyncrasy seems to have spoken stronger in that sentence than his academic and political credentials, “said the journalist.

In the extensive opinion column, it was stated that this “tradition of racist thought” is even reflected in the thoughts and writings of 19th century politicians and cites, for example, Domingo Faustino Sarmiento for his work “Facundo. Civilización. and barbarism in the Argentine pampas “.

“Driven by the conviction that it was necessary to whitewash society and impose the idea of ​​a European origin to ‘advance’ Argentina’s development, during his presidency Sarmiento encouraged immigration from the old continent,” the article highlighted.

In a kind of historical revisionism, the column pointed out that Sarmiento’s vision continued, “in a brutal way, in one of his successors in the presidency and national hero, General Julio Argentino Roca“.

“Shortly before being president, Roca led the well-known Conquest of the Desert, which began in 1878. In that military campaign, with the supposed idea of ​​taking civilization to the most remote corners of the country, the army murdered thousands of Ranqueles and other indigenous communities, “he said.

In this analysis, the Brazilian journalist also quoted the writer Jorge Luis Borges, for having said “half jokingly, half seriously, that Argentines’we are european. Europeans in exile‘”.

In this analysis of Argentine history, he included former President Carlos Menem, who, when asked about the presence of the Afro-Argentine population in society, said that blacks were “a Brazilian problem”. “And at the 2018 Davos World Economic Forum, former President Mauricio Macri affirmed that in ‘South America we are all descendants of Europeans‘”.

“Macri liked to give the example of the trajectory of his own family when he tried to foster the entrepreneurial spirit in the country. He spoke of his father, the immigrant Franco Macri, who arrived in the country from Italy —of course, by boat— without many resources, and ended up founding a small business empire, “he noted in another paragraph of the column.

Colombo noted in his article that “still the myth of the European descendant and white nation prevails to a large extent in Buenos Aires, but it is enough to go to the provinces to realize that it is wrong and that maintaining it can be dangerous. “” If a country denies a part of its population, the lives, needs and claims of that A crucial part of the population will continue to be marginalized and invisible. The Argentine Mapuche, who still claim their land, sovereignty and the right to speak their language, are a good example, “he said.

The columnist stated that “the political class has a moral obligation to promote a deeper conversation about national identity.” “This debate should give rise to better inclusion policies,” said the journalist, who stressed in the end that “Fernández’s phrase reflects an ancient prejudice that must collapse. “