yes and no for the care of the gland that regulates metabolism

Small in size, located in the neck, more precisely at the base of the trachea, the thyroid gland is the conductor of many metabolic processes. But its proper functioning, key to multiple functions of the body, can be affected by various factors to which we are constantly exposed, such as endocrine disruptors. The thyroid acts […]

The fight between manufacturers and supermarkets starts due to freezing

Amid the shock of the 90-day freeze, supermarkets and manufacturers are negotiating how the costs of rolling back the prices to October 1 of the 1,432 products are distributed that appear in the resolution imposed by the Secretary of Commerce, Roberto Feletti. The chains anticipate arduous and constant discussions with their suppliers, since many bought […]

What are the 15 most valuable car brands in the world in 2021

Year after year, for about two decades, the consulting firm Interbrand carries out an in-depth analysis of the world market to draw up a list with the 100 most valuable brands, within which there are 15 automotive. To compile this ranking, called “Best Global Brands” (in Spanish, “Best Global Brands”), the consulting firm analyzes the […]

What is defended when authoritarian Nicaragua is defended?

Four days before last Christmas, the Nicaraguan Congress, vertically aligned with the needs of the ruling marriage in that wasteland, approved a destructive two-paragraph legislation that he piled up the entire opposition as traitors to the homeland. With a long and bombastic title that these regimes like, Law for the Defense of the Rights of […]

Queen Elizabeth’s diet to maintain good health at 95

The formulas that Queen Elizabeth II follows to maintain her quality of life and her enviable figure generate a lot of intrigue. It is not for less, considering that the monarch has 95 years And, although in the last days the news was the indication of a few days of rest, his vitality seems to […]

New World’s economy is in deflation and players have switched to bartering

The players of New World, The popular MMO de Amazon Games that is sweeping Steam (it has broken the barrier of 900,000 concurrent players), they are stop using money to buy goods and services. The currency of the game is so scarce and precious that the explorers of this new virtual world prefer use the […]

almost half of Argentines suffer from functional gastrointestinal disorders

There is no ulcer, no polyp, no tumor, or any other organic cause. The alteration is in the function of some part of the digestive tract and that is why they are called functional gastrointestinal disorders (TGF). They can occur from the mouth to the anus, through the esophagus and stomach, and include heartburn, belching, […]

Fight against cancer: The government strengthens the therapeutic arsenal

Prevention, screening, early diagnosis and treatment. Hope is growing in the fight against breast cancer. The government is strengthening the therapeutic arsenal available to women so that the fight against cancer is no longer a losing battle. It is one of the most visible parts of femininity. Unfortunately, when the cells panic, the breasts become […]

To combat climate change, “sanitary rifle”

Much concern is generated by proposals that Argentina will present at the next United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP 26) which begins on October 31 in Glasgow. They are terrifying. This Monday, a statement from Argentine Rural Confederations (CRA) shared this concern regarding the guidelines presented by the “Climate change cabinet” of the national […]