‘The New York Times’ expands its presence in Spain with the opening of a new office

The American newspaper The New York Times will expand its presence in Spain next January with the opening of a new office in Madrid. Its responsible will be the journalist Nicholas Casey, who during his career has served as an international correspondent and has specialized in topics such as politics and economics.

The delegation will also have the presence of who has been a correspondent for the newspaper during the last decade, Raphael Minder, as confirmed by newspaper sources.

“The one in Spain is one of the most important stories in Europe. Here, we toured the entire country during the covid crisis. We closely cover the 2017 independence referendum and the upheaval in Catalonia, while recounting the broader economic and political turns that have shaken the country for more than a decade. But Spain is much more than a European nation, as it remains interconnected with Latin America and North Africa, “says the newspaper.

The informant who will be in charge of the new delegation in Spain joined The New York Times in 2015, from The Wall Street Journal.

For a time, he was a correspondent on Caracas. “Crossed Venezuela people by people and discovered how a country that was once rich was disintegrating under the authoritarian leadership of Nicolás Maduro (…) We are excited to have him back in the international section, “he remarks Greg Winter, responsible for this area, in an article published by the newspaper.


What Joe Biden’s team said about his talk with Alberto Fernández

Joe Biden’s transition team gave its version on Tuesday about the conversation that the president-elect of the United States had with the heads of state of Argentina, Costa Rica and Kenya, and with the secretary general of the United Nations.

Regarding the telephone call with the Argentine, there are no contradictions with what was reported by the Argentine presidency, although there are some absences and other highlights. For example, There is no mention of the help that Alberto F. asked him in his negotiations with the IMF for the Argentine debt.

In Buenos Aires they reported this and also that Biden wants to help Latin America in financial matters, especially Argentina. They also highlighted here that Fernández told him: “I want to work with you to order Latin America and I believe that with the Pope as a partner, we will definitely do very well.”

On the other hand, the US statement also calls attention to point out that they spoke of “economic cooperation” and “strengthening democracy” in the region, something that will be seen from January 20 – when Biden takes office – especially in what what it does to Venezuela. Biden has defined Nicolás Maduro outright as a dictator, but has not commented on whether his strategy for him to leave power will differ from that of Donald Trump, who criticizes Kirchnerism.

Clarion Here, transcribe the official information that the so-called Biden-Harris Presidential Transition Team posted on its website about Alberto Fernandez’s call, a summary that precedes the president-elect’s talks with Carlos Alvarado (Costa Rica), with Uhuru Kenyatta (Kenya ) and with Antonio Guterres (Secretary General of the UN).

“The president-elect spoke with the president of Argentina, Alberto Fernández. The president-elect thanked President Fernández for his congratulations and expressed his appreciation for the long and deep friendship between the United States and Argentina. He pledged to work closely with Argentina to contain the COVID-19 pandemic and promote global health security, including by strengthening hemispheric institutions. He emphasized the need for even deeper Hemispheric cooperation to promote economic prosperity, combat climate change, strengthen democracy, and manage regional migration flows, among other shared challenges. The president-elect also recognized the importance of His Holiness Pope Francis to the people of Argentina and Latin America. ”

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ExxonMobil to write off up to $ 20 billion in assets, a record

(Ecofin Agency) – Faced with the coronavirus pandemic and its consequences on its cash flow, ExxonMobil has decided in addition to the austerity measure adopted since the start of the year, to operate a record depreciation of its assets: 17 to $ 20 billion. The company hopes to bounce back from next year.

In what now appears to be the biggest crisis in its history, US oil and gas producer ExxonMobil has announced that it will write down $ 17 billion to $ 20 billion in assets in the last quarter. from 2020.

An announcement that comes after the start of a plan that consisted in withdrawing certain dry gas assets from its development projects and reducing its spending plans for 2021.

It should be noted that this measure will ensure the implementation of the company’s dividend policy.

This $ 17 billion to $ 20 billion in depreciation is another industry record level. Shell had announced that it would write down up to $ 22 billion in assets to cope with the crisis and adapt to climate change. Several other producers in the sector face the same realities, such as Total, Chevron, BP etc.

For ExxonMobil, new measures to address the crisis will prioritize short-term capital spending on preferred assets with the greatest potential future value. These include development projects in Guyana, the American Permian Basin, Brazil and in the petrochemical industry.

“The continued focus on enhancing the asset base through exploration, divestment and prioritization of beneficial development opportunities will improve earning capacity and cash generation, and rebuild the balance sheet”, said Darren Woods, CEO of the company.

The aim is to take advantage of the significant savings in 2020, which are on track to exceed the announced cuts of $ 10 billion, or 30% of capital spending and 15% of operating expenses in cash. In 2021, with the planned recovery of the industry, ExxonMobil will be more aggressive in investments with an envelope of 16 to 19 billion dollars, in exploration only. This amount will increase from 20 to 25 billion dollars per year until 2025.

Olivier de Souza


The last Christmas of the Trump Administration, in pictures – EL PAÍS

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Flor de la V remembered Maradona in a special way

November 25 will be a date remembered by all humanity: the day he died Diego Armando Maradona. For Florencia de la V, that day has a very strong personal brand, since it marks a new anniversary of the day she managed to change her gender identity. The actress, comedian and vedette did not overlook the coincidence and honored 10 in his column written in the newspaper Página 12, saying that he was the first person to call her to congratulate her back then.

“Do you know who was the first who called me to congratulate me? Diego Armando Maradona. My cell phone rang, I answered and heard his voice. Imagine my surprise … ‘Very good Florcita, justice was served!’, were his words. How can I forget that gesture? Diego had understood before anyone else the meaning of that ruling, social justice to a group as discriminated against as he was because of his little black head. I want to remember and say goodbye to that Diego: the one who occupies a place in the most sacred place of Argentine popular memory and in our hearts. Because I’m a transvestite and a feminist, can’t I cry at Ten? Please! Let me mourn it in peace“said Florence nostalgic.

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De la V said that when he heard the news of the death of the Ten, his shock was great and that while he tried to digest the news, many memories arose in his head. Between them, the day Diego brought our country to glory after winning the ’86 World Cup in Mexico. “I must confess that I never liked football, but where I come from, pastures are an important part of my history. In spite of everything, Mexico ’86 was burned into the holiest of my memory. Like many, I vividly remember that glorious day when we won the World Cup final. We had to celebrate and the destination was the Obelisk ”, wrote the actress.

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Another of the latent memories that arose while writing was when in 1996 he met Maradona at a disco. “One night they invited me to Buenos Aires News, a nightclub with restaurants where you ate first and then danced. Upon entering, they took me straight to a VIP that my friend La Clota Lanzetta was driving. I remember it was a first floor, with a panoramic view of the disco. I went to a table and in the middle of the road, I detected a round of very party people. The circle opened, Guillote appeared and told me: “Florenciaaaaaaa!”. With his characteristic voice he greeted me with a kiss and shouted: ‘Diego, Florcita has arrived!’ Diego danced with an open shirt, all wet. A song by the Authentic Decadent sounded, he took me out to dance and just like that, I lived an unforgettable night with God “, he recounted.

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According to Florencia, he never maintained a bond of friendship with Pelusa, but said that he always felt her love and respect, and that every time he crossed paths with her in any space, he was very affectionate with her. The respect and admiration that Diego had for her made her one of the celebrities who were interviewed in the television series The night of the Ten, which Maradona drove.

Flower of the V remembered Maradona.

Flower of the V remembered Maradona.

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Two years ago, both were involved in a media controversy and the relationship suffered a breakdown: Diego went out to the media to make comments that hurt Florencia after some statements made about him on his program Flower of Afternoon. Beyond that episode, the actress showed that she did not hold any grudges: “That was not the Diego I knew. Of course it hurt and I’m not going to deny it, but many times the exhibition plays a trick on us. Some brought up this last episode to maintain the position that it is impossible to reconcile certain behaviors that they had in their life with their genius. His death sparked a fierce debate among some sectors of feminism. Because you are a feminist, can’t you mourn Maradona? The feminism that I see today, the one that we have to go through as Latin American Argentines, it treats and lives with the most absolute contradiction, “said the star, saying that she wants to mourn the idol in peace.

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“Due to a paradox of destiny, the date coincided with a very special anniversary for me: ten years ago I fulfilled, probably, the most important dream of my life, when Judge Helena Liberatori ruled in my favor and granted me the change of identity in my ID, ruled in favor of me being, finally, who I always was, “he concluded.


The first vegan butcher shop in the UK opened and it was a massive success – they sold everything

On November 1, Rudy’s opened its doors in London, the UK’s first vegan butcher shop. Taking advantage of the fact that it was World Vegan Day, the business could not have had a better start: they sold everything. Total success.

As can be seen in the video (see above), the queue to enter the premises occupied 200 meters and in 5 hours there was no product left In the local.

A good vegan barbecue (Instagram).

Many thought that the boom was due to the novelty, but it was not. The following day the phenomenon was repeated. In a few hours the place was empty of products. And the phenomenon was repeated on the Internet. In 10 days the online store ran out of stock of all products.

Rudy’s story began in 2017, when chef Matthew Foster and his partner Rudy launched Rudy’s Vegan Diner, a vegan food establishment located in Camden Market.

Pastrami (top left), turk'y roll (top right) and bacon (bottom right) are made with green beans, beets and wheat gluten.  The rack of jack (bottom left) with jackfruit (Instagram).

Pastrami (top left), turk’y roll (top right) and bacon (bottom right) are made with green beans, beets and wheat gluten. The rack of jack (bottom left) with jackfruit (Instagram).

Thus they managed to have a large and loyal clientele that has swept away the products of their butcher shop that is located in Islington, a neighborhood in North London.

One of the sandwiches offered by the business (Instagram).

One of the sandwiches offered by the business (Instagram).

What products are sold in the butcher shop?Bacon, ham, blood sausage, ribs, meatballs, hamburgers, dairy-free and meat-free cheese and chili sauces, pate, lobster salad, barbecued pork, roast turkey, soy or seitan. All of plant origin.

The truth is that after the success, the next step to take will be an expansion of the butcher’s shop to provide for all the people who attend.

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The world that awaits Joe Biden, after Donald Trump’s “America First”

All outgoing presidents of the United States do. The temptation to try to extend his legacy or condition the steps of his successors is too strong, especially in foreign policy.

A day before handing over power to George Bush, Bill Clinton signed the statute that constituted the International Criminal Court knowing that it would probably not be ratified. The Republican, for his part, sealed an agreement with Iraq to ensure the US presence in the country for three more years and thus tie the hands of his successor, elected on the promise of ending their wars.

Barack Obama, for his part, ceded the White House to Trump with a string of last-minute actions that included the historic decision to abstain in a United Nations resolution against the expansion of Jewish settlements in Palestinian territory. Nor is Donald Trump going to sit idly by until January 20, when Joe Biden must take office.

Withdrawal of troops from Iraq and Afghanistan, not agreed with his allies, is surely only the first of his decisions to place obstacles in the way of Biden, especially to boycott his plans to return to the nuclear deal with Iran. The assassination of scientist Mohsen Fajrizadeh will make such a purpose even more difficult, which the president-elect conditions on compliance with the limits set out in the 2015 pact. The environment has changed. Although unresolved, the Palestinian conflict is no longer central and several Arab countries have normalized relations with Israel, united by their opposition to Iran.

“We are in a totally different world from the one the Obama-Biden administration faced,” the president-elect has told those who believe that his term will be a continuation of Obama. “Trump has changed the landscape. What America first has really meant is America alone, “added Biden, who this week introduced members of his future national security and foreign policy team, all advocates of multilateralism and supporters of a more active role for the United States. .

Another world

His goal, in Biden’s words, “Restore global and moral leadership” from the country. Lead “with the strength of your example, not the example of your strength” and renew traditional alliances, replaced by Trump with nods to authoritarian regimes. But his actions come up against more than just the Republican’s legacy: the general desire to stop wanting to be the world’s policeman and the consensus between Republicans and Democrats on the need to maintain a hard line with China.

During the campaign, Biden opted for a progressive end to the American presence in Afghanistan and Iraq, depriving Trump of what was to be one of his lines of attack, the Washington establishment’s fondness for wars. Some analysts believe that the hasty departure of troops will fuel instability, discourage peace between the Taliban and Kabul, and endanger the remaining troops. which may force Biden to rethink the plan.

Regarding China, the changes will affect the instruments more than the ends. This dossier may be the first in which the new US administration carries out its promise to return to work with its traditional allies and seeks European support to pressure Beijing on trade and human rights issues. Biden will inherit from Trump an unprecedented tax architecture against Chinese exports; In the current context of economic crisis, Washington may be interested in eliminating some tariffs, but the president-elect has only spoken of “reviewing” them.

Biden’s new security team combines the idealistic vision without fear of intervention of Antony Blinken in defense of the values ​​that the United States represents with a pragmatic vocation. Biden has “tasked us with reimagining our national security” so that “Make life easier for working families in America”, has explained Jake Sullivan, the National Security Advisor nominee. At 44, he is the youngest person ever appointed for the position.

“Biden and his team have an opportunity to apply good policies while restricting US military power from the White House”, claim in F Foreign Policy analysts Benjamin Friedman and Stephen Wertheim, linked to think tanks in favor of a more restrained American foreign policy.

Beatriz Navarro. The vanguard



PlayStation Store SALE: Christmas offers already available!

Ending on December 1st, the promotions of Sony dedicated to Black Friday via PlayStation Store are ready to hand over. We discover this morning that the manufacturer is not idle and has just launched its offers dedicated to the Christmas holidays. These last, valid until December 23, concern more than 200 games and thus allow the players to be able to catch up with certain titles which they had not been able to buy for lack of means at a certain time.

PlayStation Store Christmas Sale

For example, we can take advantage of more or less recent games such as WWE 2K Battlegrounds Digital Deluxe Edition is € 27.49, Red Dead Redemption 2 Ultimate Edition is € 34.99. Its offers will be available during the day on the PlayStation Store of your consoles, but can also be acquired through the new version of the online store of Sony available on our computers.

As a reminder, there are only a few days left to take advantage of a discount on the price of the annual subscription to Playstation plus and take advantage of the price of 44.99 €. We remind you that the subscriptions are cumulative and that you can therefore order more than one card in order to protect yourself from a possible future price increase.


S.Pellegrino presents the S.Pellegrino Young Chef Academy platform to promote the next generation in the catering industry worldwide.


MILAN, April 23 / PRNewswire / – S.Pellegrino opens the doors of the S.Pellegrino Young Chef Academy. Here talented young chefs meet with the most influential and renowned members of the world of gastronomy. A digital platform and a training program – for a long-term commitment.

The multimedia press release can be found here: https: //www.multivu.com/players/uk/8817851-spellegrino … -chef-academy /

The gastronomy plays a pioneering role today – as a motor for social and ecological change. With the founding of the S.Pellegrino Young Chef Academy, S.Pellegrino wants to cultivate an international ecosystem for talent. And not just within the industry, but with a radiance throughout society.

The S.Pellegrino Young Chef Academy joins the well-known S.Pellegrino Young Chef competition. She continues his approach to education and puts it at the center of her program. The Academy stands for passion and dedication. It is an integrative place where young and old, experienced and inexperienced meet. With the aim of supporting the development of the next generation of visionary culinary talents who want to make a difference in gastronomy.

The S.Pellegrino Young Chef Academy opens its doors to participants from more than 70 countries, and of course welcomes all cooking talents – regardless of ethnicity, gender, origin or other external factors. All young candidates selected for the S.Pellegrino Young Chef competition also automatically become part of the S.Pellegrino Young Chef Academy, along with the experienced senior chefs – mentors and jurors – who have been and are involved in the various editions of the competition .

Some of the most renowned members of the international culinary community, who have already left their mark on S.Pellegrino Young Chef in the past, will bring their valuable expertise to the Academy. And thus pass on their experiences and visions to the next generation of chefs.

Well-known chefs Enrico Bartolini, Massimo Bottura, Manu Buffara, Andreas Caminada, Mauro Colagreco, Gavin Kaysen, Clare Smyth and editor-in-chief of Fine Dining Lovers, Ryan King, are the first to join the project. You will work with S.Pellegrino to develop the digital training program with exciting and exclusive webinars, interviews and discussions of the academy.

The S.Pellegrino Young Chef Academy is also supported by partners including ALMA – La Scuola Internazionale di Cucina Italiana, Google, Facebook and Fondazione Altagamma ,. You will contribute to academic content on topics such as innovation, inclusion and communication – and expand the qualified range for young chefs.

Stefano Bolognese, International Business Unit Director of Sanpellegrino, said: “We are particularly proud to announce the opening of our S.Pellegrino Young Chef Academy. This is another step forward in our commitment to building the future of gastronomy together with a brilliant community The project aims to discover and network talents. It focuses in particular on the young generation of chefs who will set the course for the future. Today, it is more important than ever to have your own virtual spaces in which Experience, ideas and opportunities can be exchanged. This is the only way we can meet the challenges of the future. The S.Pellegrino Young Chef Academy is an authentic, international community that is connected via digital and human networks. It is supported by influential personalities and partners from the industry, which is our inspiring Join (and will continue to) adventure. ”

More information and details about the S.Pellegrino Young Chef Academy are available on the website and on the official social media channels: Facebook and Instagram.


Logo: https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/1341607/SPYCA_Logo.jpg

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AutoBank AG publishes Q2 report


Vienna (OTS) – The implementation of the new business model could only take place with a delay at the end of the first quarter of 2020. The reason for this was the strongly negative result in the 2019 financial year, which increasingly reduced regulatory capital and as a result the acquisition activities could not be carried out in the planned volume. Contracts that were already being concluded were also delayed in the first half of 2020, which meant that the rollout of the new business model that had started could not be implemented to the budgeted extent in the reporting period.

Possibly: the change process is driven forward in a structured manner

We therefore stepped up the restructuring process in the first half of 2020. The product implementation process for the new product portfolio, the refinancing of German leasing companies, was initiated and the course for the future was set. In addition, the preparatory work for the second core business area, forfaiting, was started.

Sometimes: forfaiting

The forfaiting business field has been developed since mid-2020 with the aim of increasingly positioning it as the second core portfolio from Q2 2021. The main target group for debt purchases are German leasing companies. The receivables packages are to be concluded on the basis of individual receivables purchase contracts, whereby AutoBank AG acquires the right to the payment of the current leasing installments by the lessee as well as residual value claims.

Possibly: strengthening the capital base

Our current focus is on strengthening the capital base. On October 6, 2020, two potential strategic investors signed a letter of intent, officially declaring their intention to acquire new shares in AutoBank AG. The shares are to be reissued in the course of cash capital increases (authorized capital), in several tranches until 2022 and excluding the subscription rights of existing shareholders. On November 27, 2020, AutoBank AG was informed by a possible investor that he would no longer pursue the process for acquiring a stake. The talks are now being continued with the first strategic investor. In addition, AutoBank AG is currently checking whether additional investors can be approached.

With the planned capital increases, the CET1 equity ratio of Autobank AG would be increased and the bank’s regulatory capital would be sustainably strengthened. The authorization for the planned capital increase for the management board and the supervisory board is to be granted at the annual general meeting on November 30, 2020. A capital increase of up to 50 percent of the share capital is planned.

Occasionally: key figures for the half-year

Due to the necessary reduction in risk-weighted assets in 2020 and the associated significantly reduced volume of receivables, as well as the continued high level of free liquidity, the net interest result fell significantly. This will continue until the business volume is expanded in the new focus areas. The net interest income thus decreased compared to the same period in the previous year and amounted to EUR 1,079 thousand in the first half of 2020 (Q2 / 2019: EUR 3,023 thousand). Due to the high excess liquidity, it has been a goal of AutoBank AG since 2019 to gradually reduce the deposit volume. The total deposits (overnight money and fixed-term deposits) amounted to EUR 296.63 million as of June 30, 2020 (December 31, 2019: 322.99 million).

The result from business activities amounted to EUR -2,338 thousand as of the reporting date (Q2 / 2019: EUR -3,425 thousand). The balance sheet total was EUR 322,619 thousand, the total capital ratio was 13.83 percent.

After completion of the planned capital measures, the focus will be on the profitable implementation of the increase in business volume in the core business areas of refinancing leasing companies and forfaiting.

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