Disney adding disclaimer about racist stereotypes to some old movies

Disney is adding a disclaimer to some of its old movies that include racist stereotypes, the media giant announced this month. The company said that while it can’t change he past, “we can acknowledge it, learn from it and move forward together.”

So going forward, several such films on the Disney+ streaming service will include the following advisory:

“This program includes negative depictions and/or mistreatment of people or cultures. These stereotypes were wrong then and are wrong now. Rather than remove this content, we want to acknowledge its harmful impact, learn from it and spark conversation to create a more inclusive future together.”

Disney said the decision is part of its “ongoing commitment to diversity and inclusion.” Rather than removing the offensive content, the company said it hopes to “spark conversation and open dialogue on history that affects us all.”

The movies that will now start with the disclaimer include “Aristocats,” which features racist caricatures of East Asian peoples; “Dumbo,” in which the crow characters perform a musical number in the style of racist minstrel shows; “Peter Pan,” for its stereotypical portrayal of Native peoples; and “Swiss Family Robinson,” in which pirates are portrayed as a stereotypical foreign menace, many in “yellow face” or “brown face.”

In addition to those older films, it’s also included at the start of “Aladdin,” the animated blockbuster from 1992.

The new statement is more strongly worded than one Disney tacked onto some films when Disney+ first rolled out last year. At that time, it simply noted, “This program is presented as originally created. It may contain outdated cultural depictions.” Now, it admits they were not just “outdated” but “wrong” even back then — and that such negative portrayals had a harmful impact in real life.

Disney said it created an advisory council made up of outside experts who helped the company “assess our content and ensure it accurately represents our global audiences.” CBS News has reached out to the Walt Disney Company for more information.

Other companies and brands, like Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben’s, have also recently taken steps to recognize and distance themselves from racist stereotypes by changing their branding in the wake of widespread protests for racial justice in the U.S.


The End Of Brer Rabbit. Change in Disney parks attraction due to racism | world news | Politics

The campaign against racism that gripped the United States after the murder police black recidivist George Floydhas no boundaries. Following the demolition of monuments to leaders of the Confederacy, Christopher Columbusthe founding fathers of the USA it came to reforming the sphere of children’s entertainment.

Vicious “Songs Of The South”

The American company The Walt Disney Company has announced that it will change the theme of some of the rides in their parks, as they are racist.

At the moment we are talking about the parks Disney World Resort in Orlando and Disneyland in Anaheim. In both cases we are talking about a water ride called Splash Mountain. Its theme is based on the movie “Song of the South” Wilfred Jacksonreleased in 1946.

The Statue Of Theodore Roosevelt.

Picture with live actors and the use of animation, in turn, as subjects used the stories from the book “tales of uncle Remus” writer Joel Harris. The adventures of Brer Rabbit and Brother Fox are well-known in our country. Moreover, domestic multipliers for the film based on the book by Harris. In 1948, the “Song of the South” received the award “Oscar” for best music. In 2003, the online film critics put the film on the 67th place in the list of the best animated films of all time. By the way, one of the authors of the music for the cartoon was a native of St. Petersburg Daniel Amphitheatres.

But all the old regalia of the cartoon did not save him from accusations of imposition of racial prejudice. The same claims activists against racism imposes and water attraction.

The Correct Tiana

In the Wake of protests around the case of Floyd on the website Change.org was published the petition, which stated that a trip on Splash Mountain “steeped in the extremely problematic and racist stereotypes.” In support of the demands to revise the design of the attraction was collected about 20,000 signatures, then the leadership of The Walt Disney Company thought it best to submit to the demands of activists.

According to the company, a waterslide, will be remade in the style of the movie “the Princess and the frog”.

“Tiana is a modern, bold and resolute woman who goes after their dreams and never lose sight of what’s really important, — is spoken in the message published on the website of the company. — New concept is a comprehensive, through which all our guests will be able to communicate and be inspired by it, and it will talk about the diversity of the millions of people who visit our parks every year.”

What is the special charm of the 2009 film compared to the picture of 1946? The fact that the main character of “Princess and the frog” Tiana is black.

Mark Henn, animator of Disney studios, said: “the Heroine of our films has changed over time. Before it was just a “Princess in distress” like Snow white — the victim of unfortunate events, do not possess power over your destiny. In such heroines was easy to fall in love. Tiana is a different story; she has a goal, strong motivation, she is able to make decisions, and that’s what makes it interesting and attractive.”

In General, it is now a waterslide at the disney parks will correspond to the correct understanding of the place of African Americans in the modern world.

“It’s time to correct mistakes”

Judging by the comments on the website of the company, the changes caused at the Americans rather mixed feelings.

“Bravo! This is the right decision. Disney is doing the next right thing. We’re going to miss Splash Mountain, but it’s time to fix the errors associated with using a distressed film attraction,” — writes user under the name Jackie.

A statue of Confederate President Jefferson Davis.

“I am very sad that Disney once again gives in to pressure. This attraction was not bad, and most people didn’t even know about this thread. It was such a fun and happy trip with great music, nothing can replace it. I will not ride the new attraction. With all these changes I do can stop to visit Disneyland,” says the user Sharon.

Unclear the fate of the attraction, Splash Mountain, located in Japan. As far as we know, there is no one on the subject of water slides did not complain, but it is possible that there will occur a racial reform. Although based on the course taken, for Japan, Disney should be looking for character with Asian appearance.

By the way, the 6-year-old daughter of the deceased Floyd Gianna is a shareholder of Disney. The company’s shares the girl gave an American actress and singer Barbra Streisand.

If it goes on, in the children’s amusement parks the heroes of the Caucasian type will only meet in a kneeling position, bringing repentance for the years of humiliation by racial, gender and other characteristics. This campaign is not able to solve any real problems of the black population of America. But it allows the corporations to stay in the spirit of trends that are considered progressive. So, apparently, to be continued.