15 members of the yoemia troop disappear in the yaquí reserve of Bácum, Sonora

Bácum.- Members of the Yaqui ethnic group denounced that after the recent incursions by the Army into indigenous territory in the community of Loma de Bácum, 15 members of the yoemia troop are missing.

Only one person has been reported missing to the State Attorney General’s Office (FGJE).

The Search Commission for Persons of the State of Sonora issued a location card for the member of the Yaqui ethnic group, Artemio Arballo Canizalez.

The 60-year-old man was last seen on July 14, 2021.

According to file: SC / CBPESON / 0191/2021, he disappeared on the way from Loma de Bácum to the El Coyote ranch.

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Fabricio Alvarado Cajeme, activist, pascola dancer, promoter of oral traditions, art and culture of the Yaqui tribe, commented that the issue is being treated with great care to preserve people’s lives.

Since illicit incursions by the Army into Yaqui territory began, members of the Yoemia troop have disappeared, as well as inhabitants of rancherías, he denounced.

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The traditional authorities continue the searches and consider that they may have been kidnapped.

So far, Artemio Arballo’s family is the only one that has filed a disappearance complaint.

Artemio Arballo is a highly respected, honest and hardworking friend and member of the Yaqui tribe, said Fabricio Cajeme.

After the illegal incursions of the Mexican army in our Yaqui territory of our traditional guard of Loma de Bácum, a member of the cattle ranch also belonging to our heroic people disappears, he said.

“Curiously, the latest reports of his whereabouts belong to the area of ​​a ranch that belongs to our Yaqui territory and neighboring ranches where these illegal incursions took place by the armed forces of the Mexican Army.”

“We demand from the Federal Government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador and the State Government, the prompt clarification and clarification of these illegal acts that threaten the autonomy and internal security of our Yaqui tribe,” he said.

Yoemia troop on alert

Due to the Army’s incursion into indigenous territory, on the night of Friday, July 9, the Yoemia troop from Loma de Bácum – one of the eight Yaqui communities – declared itself on alert.

Guadalupe Flores Maldonado, legal advisor to the indigenous Traditional Guard of this town, warned that since that night intimidation acts against the ethnic group have been registered.

He considered the incursions as violations of the Mexican Constitution since the indigenous authority has powers of self-government and internal norms fully recognized also in international treaties.

He reported that there was a confrontation between elements of the Army and the Yoemia troops, in addition that some soldiers had stayed in Cerro El Bacate and would climb up them.

Flores Maldonado denounced that the Army tried to disarm the tribe, but they did not allow it. Now 15 members of the tribe are reported missing.



They investigate three for the feminicide of Isabel; girl reported missing in Cuautepec

First, the disappearance of Isabel “N”, a four-year-old girl, was notified on July 11, but five days later, that is, on Friday night, her body was found lifeless in a wooded area of ​​Cuautepec, Gustavo A mayor’s office. Madero, with signs of violence. Capital Investigation Police (PDI) arrested his mother, stepfather and grandmother, for being suspects of the crime.

Isabel’s body was found by the PDI after the alert from her biological father, who even pointed out the three detainees as responsible, since they were violently assaulting her.

The capital’s prosecutor’s office reported that a call made to the relatives led them to find the exact location of the body of the minor, who was in a suitcase.

Sources from the institution mentioned that so far the autopsy had shown that the victim suffered constant sexual abuse.

In the amber alert issued by the Attorney General’s Office (FGJ), it is said that she was seen for the last time in the company of her mother, María “N”, on Ricardo Palmerín private street, Cuautepec Barrio Bajo.

It is known that after the disappearance, María “N” and her partner identified as Noé fled without being able to be located by the authorities.

The FGJ initiated the corresponding investigation folder for the complaint of facts.

On Friday night, a direct relative of Isabel received a call in which they told her where the minor was, for which she notified the authorities, who found the body and started the folder for the crime of femicide.

Thus, elements of the PDI detained Noé “N”, María “N” and Yessica “N”, the latter 44 years old, who are Isabel’s stepfather, mother and grandmother, respectively, for possible drug possession and for be related to the girl’s femicide.


Governors-elect and Sheinbaum team up

Security, mobility, social programs and gender agenda were the topics that were addressed in a private meeting led by the Head of Government of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum, along with the five elected governors of Brunette from Campeche, Guerrero, Colima, Baja California and Tlaxcala.

“Six [gobernadoras] we are from the Fourth Transformation, the women of the 4T, women present in politics and in the Fourth Transformation of public life in Mexico. We are part of a project ”, declared the capital’s president outside the Old City Hall, after meeting with Marina del Pilar Avila, from Baja California; Layda Sansores, from Campeche; Indira Vizcaino, from Colima; Evelyn salgado, from Guerrero, and Lorena Cuéllar, from Tlaxcala.

The virtual governors arrived at the Old City Hall from the early hours of this Saturday to have breakfast with Sheinbaum Pardo. The first to arrive was Evelyn Salgado and the last was Layda Sansores, who arrived with a basket with gifts, sweets, for the head of government.

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At 11:00 hours, the morenistas left the capital’s government headquarters to get on a Electric trolleybus that was parked, and there the head of Government explained to them that in Mexico City the Integrated Mobility Card and new vehicles have been purchased for transportation.

In a brief statement to the media, Sheinbaum Pardo explained that issues of equality, since for the first time in the history of Mexico there will be the same number of governors as there were in 41 years, “we are the women of the 4T”.

To an express question about whether they spoke of supporting the head of government towards 2024, the elected president of Colima, Indira Vizcaíno, said that they will continue in contact with her and the rest of the governors, but that no political issues were discussed. While Lorena Cuéllar, from Tlaxcala commented: “We are a great team, to work together.”

Later, in a press release, the capital government reported that the elected leaders and the head of government agreed to work from their corresponding positions to give continuity to the Fourth transformation of the country, “because they are united by the desire to end the regime of corruption and privileges of previous governments.”

They said goodbye with hugs at the corner of the Plaza de la Constitución and February 5.

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Delta variant arrives in Oaxaca; total 13 Covid “lineages”

Oaxaca de Juárez.- The so-called Delta variant of the virus responsible for Covid-19, which was observed for the first time in India and which is much more transmissible than the original strain, is already circulating in Oaxaca, specifically in the Coastal region, confirmed the Oaxaca Health Services (SSO).

According to the Health Department, according to the latest update of the Epidemiological Diagnosis and Reference Institute (InDRE), as well as the General Directorate of Epidemiology (DGE) of the Ministry of Health, in addition to the Delta, the presence of two other variants more in the state territory.

With this confirmation, they add to the date a total of 13 variants of Covid-19, present in the six Health Jurisdictions of the entity.

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The three new “lineages” of the coronavirus circulating in Oaxaca are B.1.617.2 (Delta) in Santa María Tonameca, Costa region and in San Juan Bautista Tuxtepec, in the Papaloapan Basin; in this last community there is also P.4; Furthermore, the presence of the C.37 (Lambda) was recorded in Santa María Jalapa del Marqués, on the Isthmus of Tehuantepec.

The 13 variants that have been detected so far in Oaxaca are: B.1.1.519, B.1, B.1.2, B.1.1.432, B.1.301, B.1.1.222, B.1.427 and B. 1.429 (Epsilon), P.1, B.1.1.7 (Alpha), P.4, B.1.617.2 and C.37, all of which are subject to epidemic surveillance.

The SSO explained that Oaxaca is a highly touristy state, so “there is a constant flow of people who move from one community to another to carry out their activities.”

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This coupled with the fact that many Oaxacan families have relatives who live abroad, especially in the United States and in the interior of the Mexican Republic, who also constantly visit their communities of origin, hence these virus lineages are more accentuated in certain demarcations.

In this regard, the agency points out that they are B.1.617.2 (Delta), B.1.1.7 (Alpha) and P.1 (Gamma), according to the World Health Organization (WHO), those of greatest epidemiological interest due to their high transmissibility, virulence and also have the ability to generate larger outbreaks in less time; However, it states that regardless of the variants that circulate, they all have the same form of contagion in common.

“They are spread from one person to another, through small liquid particles expelled by someone infected through the mouth or nose when coughing, sneezing, talking, singing or breathing, a person can become infected by inhaling aerosols or droplets that contain the virus or that come into direct contact with the eyes, nose or mouth ”, he points out.

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Given this, the OHS reminds citizens of the importance of continuing to apply prevention measures, such as the correct use of the mask, maintaining a healthy distance of 1.5 meters, when coughing or sneezing, cover the mouth and nose with the elbow flexed and avoid going to crowded places, mainly, because “only in this way will it be possible to reduce infections, hospitalizations and unfortunate deaths”.



These are the insurers with the most complaints in major medical expenses, according to the Condusef

The National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services (Condusef) reported that in the first quarter of 2021 the insurers with major complaints by its customers in the product of major medical expenses they were Bupa Mexico with 102; Axa Seguros with 21 and Metlife México with 14.

According to the agency, the average for the sector was 3 claims for every 100,000 insurance contracts of medical expenses.

According to the agency, from January to March 2021, the percentage of favorable resolution of the insurance sector regarding insurance for major medical expenses was 14%. Thus, the insurers that resolved the most in your favor in the industry were: Zurich Santander with 42%, HSBC Seguros with 33% and Seguros Monterrey with 19%.

Regarding the time it takes for insurers to resolve their clients, from January to March 2021, the industry average for claims related to major medical expenses was 23 business days. Thus, the firms that took the longest to resolve the complaint were Bupa México with 47 days on average, Metlife México with 37 and Mapfre with 31.

The Condusef also highlighted that the insurers that best treated their clients were Bupa with 9.8, followed by Chubb and HSBC Seguros with 9.7; and Citibanamex and Mapfre with 9.5.

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According to the survey National Financial Inclusion 2018, 20.1 million people in Mexico have at least insurance, of which 5 million correspond to medical expenses insurance.

In the days of the Covid-19 pandemic, in Mexico, the accident and illness operation registered a real growth of 7.1% in the first quarter of this year, which caused its participation to reach 17.7%, equivalent to 31 thousand 777 million of pesos of the total premium issued by the insurance sector.

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Subject hits traffic to prevent a “spider” from being placed on his motorcycle

This Thursday afternoon there was a fight in downtown streets in which a policeman of the Undersecretariat of Traffic Control and the scooter driver, after the uniformed man and his partner tried to color a “spider” on the vehicle that was parked in a prohibited place.

The events were recorded in the Street Bolivar, in the Centro neighborhood, of the Cuauhtémoc mayor’s office, when the police elements made tours to inhibit prohibited parking and realized that there was a motorcycle parked in a prohibited area.

In a video that circulates on social networks, a man in a red shirt is observed pouncing on a transit element, which falls to the floor while hit by subject. After beating the policeman, the man gets on a black and white scooter driven by another person and escapes from the scene, while the people who witnessed the fight are dispersed around the site.

Through an information card, the Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC) of Mexico City reported that when the officers placed the immobilizer to said unit, several men approached and they verbally assaulted them, and then they began to struggle to try to avoid the penalty.

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The subjects who outnumbered the policemen began to physically assault them shoving and hitting, leaving one element with a injury to the right cheekbone and the other with various bruises on the bodyBoth were treated at the scene without requiring their transfer to a hospital.

After the fight, the possible aggressors withdrew the motorcycle from the place and entered a commercial plaza located in the area, guarded by more people who prevented the arrest.

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Launch petition to request negative Covid tests to tourists in Los Cabos

La Paz.- Before the Covid rebound in Baja California Sur, especially in Los Cabos, citizens of this international tourist destination have launched an initiative to collect signatures demanding that a negative PCR test tourists to enter the destination.

The initiative, through the Change.org platform, has 5,419 signatures of support. In it, the Governor Carlos Mendoza Davis that “shield the state with negative Covid tests.”

“Mr. Governor, Carlos Mendoza Davis, Mr. Secretary of Health, Víctor George Flores, it is time for you to take the necessary letters given the seriousness we are experiencing! Enough to protect the interests of the Hotel Sector, it is time to protect the citizens of Baja California Sur ”, reads the exhibition to sign that Jessica Ann Olsen, a Los Cabos resident, began.

The letter also indicates that healthy and protected citizens are required – he says – to move forward with destiny.

“Although we live from tourism, it cannot be more clear, but we continue to receive visitors from all over the world and at the price of the health of our families.”

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In the initiative, they state that proof of vaccination is not enough, since it does not ensure total immunity against the coronavirus, less with the circulation in BCS of the most aggressive strains, Delta, Gamma and Alpha.

“You who work in the hotel, in the airport, in immigration, in customs, in hospitals, in supermarkets, in private and public transport, in house cleaning, in garbage collection, in restaurants, bars, on boats, in tours, in private villas, in maintenance of areas, in government offices, in construction, in hospitality sectors, you young person, you mother and father of the family, you economic support of the family, we raise our voice so that the Government of the State and Mexico help us protect our loved ones. We are all interrelated in some way, ”it reads.

Interviewed by THE UNIVERSALJessica Ann Olsen, who initiated the petition, said that as a worker in the tourism sector, she is observing with concern that more and more tourists arrive and infections are also increasing.

“We are all exposed, coworkers, neighbors, it is worrying that we are not protected in a certain way by the government, that they do not ask them for a negative test for COVID as it is happening all over the world. It is even more so when one knows that there are passengers who have said that even being positive they have traveled here. It is worrying that there is no control and that is why we wanted to raise our voices ”, he commented.

He said that the destination is very attractive and therefore “everyone wants to come”, but there is a need for a better prevention system, he concluded.

According to information from the Ministry of Health in BCS, the entity registers 2,132 active cases of Covid-19 and is in the third national place with more active cases. The municipality of Los Cabos leads at the local level, with 1,186 cases, followed by La Paz, with 795 confirmed cases.

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Without rows and empty chairs, this is how the Covid vaccination began for people between 30 and 39 years old in Naucalpan

Naucalpan.- No lines and many empty chairs, started vaccination against Covid-19 in Naucalli Park, in the State of Mexico where there are about 2 million 400 thousand inhabitants of 30 to 39 years.

Despite being a population segment greater than that of adults over 60 years of age, those between 50 and 59 and 40 to 49 years old, there are fewer attendees to this mega module of vaccination against SARS-CoV-2.

The low influx it is noticeable because in the Naucalli Park no lines, admission is immediate and there are hundreds of empty chairs, which was not observed with older adults or with those aged 50 to 59 in which attendance was copious.

Some attended as a group, as happened with Alejandro, Valeria, Alberto and Diana from 30 to 33 years of age, who were happy to apply the AstraZeneca biological to Naucalli Park, where they were in and out in less than half an hour.

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Others like Maria came carrying their young children and still others with their mothers, who accompanied them to get vaccinated against the new virus.

Organizers of the federal government, the State of Mexico and the Naucalpan city council, hope that the influx will increase as the hours pass and in the coming days, when their employers allow them to go to get vaccinated.

In the State of Mexico today young people between 30 and 39 years of age from Naucalpan, Ecatepec and Nezahualcóyotl are vaccinated against the coronavirus, on a scheduled basis according to the initial letter of their surname until Friday.



Party closes with more than 300 people in Chicxulub Puerto, Yucatán

Chicxulub Puerto.- During a surveillance operation, State Government personnel closed a party that was held in the Chicxulub Puerto beach and in which the presence of more than 300 people, mainly young people.

The closure was for failing to comply with the protocols and sanitary measures before the Coronavirus pandemicTherefore, the owner of the place could be entitled to a fine of up to 180 thousand pesos.

Elements of the State Health Secretariats (SSY), Government General (SGG) and Public Security (SSP), as well as the State Civil Protection Coordination (Procivy) made a visit to a house located at kilometer 10.5 of the coastal road where they confirmed the agglomeration of more than 300 people and the breach of sanitary measures, for which they proceeded to place the closure seals.

In the house located at the entrance to “El Cabo” of this Progreso police station, which is registered in the Progreso cadastre in the name of Bertha Daniela Aguiar Pérez de Mimenza, and as reported, was rented to José Enrique Cámara Cámara, responsible and organizer of the event, who was notified that, due to the irregularities, he could receive a fine of up to 180 thousand pesos.

State Government personnel removed plastic chairs and tables that were placed by restaurateurs on the beach of Chicxulub Puerto, next to the pier in this town, and at one end of the Malecón Internacional de Progreso, in order to offer the service of the own establishments, which is prohibited in those areas.

The state government inspectors asked those in charge of these establishments to remove the plastic furniture placed in those areas, since these actions fail to comply with the health protocols for Covid-19.

Yucatán is in the Epidemiological Traffic Light in orange.



Child is trapped in a washing machine in Puebla

A minor, who was trapped inside a washing machine in his home in the City of Puebla, should have been helped by elements of Civil Protection.

The incident occurred in the Educadores neighborhood, where family members of the minor asked for help from the 911 emergency number.

Before the call, elements of Civil Protection were mobilized, who found the child stuck in the washing tub and with one foot stuck.

With specialized equipment, the staff managed to remove the minor, who was assessed and had no injuries.

“Elements of #RescateUrbano of @PCPueblaCapital provide care to minors, since their lower limb was trapped inside a washing machine in Col. Educadores. It is important to pay attention to minors in their homes ”.