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State Secretary Keijzer comes with a law that prohibits fake reviews –

State Secretary Mona Keijzer has published a draft bill that imposes stricter rules on online stores and prohibits the posting of fake reviews. Interested parties can respond to the plan that is presented for a month.

The cabinet wants to offer consumers the same protection in web shops as in physical shops. “Too often information on social media, digital platforms and web shops is still incomplete, unclear or sometimes even misleading,” says Keijzer. “That means that as a consumer you can make a purchase or conclude a contract without being well aware of the conditions.” The law, she says, is “necessary to make our economy fairer.”

This is a European directive that must be applied by all member states from 22 May 2022. The law has significant consequences for online stores such as Zalando and When consumers search for a product on such a site, the web shops must, for example, indicate whether certain products are placed high because the seller has purchased an advertisement. It must be made clear how the order in which the consumer is shown the search results was established.

If web shops show a ‘personalized’ offer, based on information about other websites that the consumer has previously visited, this must be made clear. Web stores that work with third parties are also required to indicate whether they themselves or the external sellers are responsible for returns. This way the consumer knows where to turn for questions.

The law is also intended to protect consumers who receive free services in exchange for providing personal data. Companies that offer these types of services will soon have to make clear how long the contract will be and how it can be terminated. According to the law, consumers are allowed to immediately terminate such an agreement “for no reason” within fourteen days. If the consumer chooses to do so, the provider must delete the personal data.


new corona measures in the making –

The Swedes knew better this spring: a lockdown, they were not going to start on that. The result: during the first corona wave, more people died from Covid-19 than in the three neighboring countries combined. And group immunity did not come either. After new outbreaks, Sweden is now considering a different approach with possibly even local lockdowns.

In the Scandinavian ‘guide country’, schools, restaurants, shops and offices remained largely open in April and May. Face masks were not required. Keeping a little distance should be enough. It wasn’t. There were 20 times as many infections as in Norway and the death rate was among the highest in the world.

It seemed that there was some degree of herd immunity at least in Stockholm, yet major outbreaks are again taking place in the Swedish capital and also in nearby Uppsala. That is why the authorities are now considering additional measures. Even local lockdowns are not excluded. According to British newspaper The Telegraph, there will be new policy this week.

But for now it will probably stick to strict advice to avoid public transport and other busy places, such as restaurants and shopping centers. “The new guidelines strike a balance between regulations and recommendations,” says top woman at the Swedish Institute of Public Health, Bitte Brastad, describing the changed view.

We have seen in the Netherlands how well such advice helps. See if the Swedes listen better.


“Make no mistake. We cannot live with this virus ”-

“It is not a quarter past twelve, it is half past twelve.” Biostatistician Geert Molenberghs talks about Belgium in HLN, but the same applies to other countries in Western Europe.

“We have to understand that the curve will not start falling immediately. Compare it with a rocket: it shoots straight up, then deviates from its trajectory and only then goes down. We have yet to see that deviation. In March we had to wait two, almost three weeks for that. ”

“The question is whether we can make it with our hospital capacity. Can we protect the system without it bursting at the seams? If we all work very hard, our efforts can bring some relief around Christmas. But this could get worse than last time. We have learned that throwing off the belt can only be done a little during this period. It won’t be Christmas 2019, and hopefully 2021 will be better than 2020. But celebrating New Year with large numbers of people? Forget it. New Year will be like Christmas: an intimate celebration with the family. ”

In Belgium, the situation is most precarious in Wallonia and Brussels, where the figures resemble those in Amsterdam


the Catholic Church is growing rapidly –

Interest in the Catholic Church has virtually disappeared in the Dutch media. That’s strange what the Catholic Church is one of the biggest movements in the world. And the number of Catholic ones is increasing, even in Europe.

Between 2013 and 2018, the number of Roman Catholics worldwide has increased by 6 percent to 1.329 billion. This is evident from the statistical yearbook that the Vatican published on Thursday, the ND writes.

This more or less parallels the increase in the world population

In Africa and Asia, the number of Catholics grew faster than the population growth, in America, Europe and Oceania, on the contrary. Nevertheless, the number of believers also increased by 94,000 in Europe.

Bron (nen): ND


Tens of thousands of electric cars recalled due to fire hazard –

Tens of thousands of electric cars and hybrids have been recalled due to fire hazards. The battery can spontaneously catch fire while charging or driving, warn manufacturers BMW, Hyundai and Ford.

The fire brigade previously advised against charging electric cars in a parking garage because of the large fire that can occur if the battery catches fire. There have also been films of Teslas that suddenly ignite for some time.

In recent weeks, BMW and Ford have recalled their plug-in hybrids. What exactly is going on is unclear, as is when the problem has been resolved. Hyundai recalled 8,000 electric cars to the garage in the Netherlands alone. Of the model Kona, 16 worldwide would have caught fire in the past year. With the hybrid Ford Kuga, there have already been 7 fire incidents in Europe.

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All measures in a row: this is what winter will look like – – Welingelichte Kringen

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Amsterdam police tell what really happened in the restaurant of man Katja –

Katja Schuurman is furious at the Amsterdam police, who just dared to give the restaurant of her husband Freek van Noortwijk an official warning on Saturday evening at 10:03 pm. The guests would already be at the door with their coats on. The police say something completely different.

They let RTL Boulevard know: “Our boas and agents are responsible for enforcement. They often do so in all reasonableness. In this case too: a few customers were still at the table in the store at 10:03 pm. The owner or manager has been approached about this by our boas. The owner said everyone would be leaving soon. When that had still not happened after ten minutes, a warning was written, indicating the time of the first discovery of a violation. ”

After the message, Katja shares a video of more than an hour later at Freek’s other eatery Guts. Officers still saw lights on and people sitting and so they inquired. The manager explains to them that the staff has another drink. Then the movie stops, but according to the police it got out of hand afterwards. The officers were insulted, followed by an identity check and again ordered to turn off the lights.

Katja Schuurman does not have to be so wronged. Her husband’s restaurants must also simply adhere to the corona rules.

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Accepting the risk that sharing this with tar and feathers will chase me out of the country: “Seriously? An official warning that you don’t stick to the rules -22.00- at 22.03 h ?? Because your guests, wearing coats on their way out, – a last bite of dessert inside -, are not exactly outside at 22:00? @restaurantbreda (A second time the fine is 4000, – euro. The third time you have to close your restaurant, your passion, your life’s work.) The video is also from last night @restaurant_guts, where no guests were present for a long time, but the owners had been cleaning up; it seems to me strong that you are expected to get your guests out, close the door directly behind yourself, and look further the next morning. I can imagine that it is all still difficult for our enforcers of the law to follow, but the tone of this police lady – “I find it very annoying, so just turn off your lights and go away” – comes to me rather rude and without any empathy left. People, in so many different industries, have had to fight every day for months to make their businesses survive. Of course, this doesn’t just apply to restaurant owners and staff. Also singers, theater makers; the entire cultural sector is in danger of collapsing due to rules that are not consistently implemented for everyone in our country, to say the least. I mention churches. And planes. Or Ton from Rossum, who owns a company with coaches, who in that capacity is allowed to transport a maximum of 15 people, but if the same bus is used for the Dutch Railways, this may be 30. With how many different sizes does our government want to measure? We should be completely silent about aviation and Schiphol in this context; every sane person will be completely short-circuited. If we are indeed to solve this miserable crisis ‘together’, we must pursue consistent policy. Preferably based on knowledge and facts. As a result of which everyone can and wants to understand rules and restrictions. Dear government, this is policy for the stage, bureaucracy and arbitrariness. And please also read that urgent letter from doctors carefully before Tuesday. ”

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Last night I was addressed by the police as a criminal and a little schoolgirl at the same time. And this is what I did to provoke that. ******************************************** Restaurant GUTS, 23:28 It is 11:30 am Saturday evening. I am in my restaurant with my partner (Guillaume De Beer) and two colleagues (Vagarsh M Yan and Daan Leurs). We have just finished cleaning up and discuss the evening afterwards. We’re talking about how unnatural it was to have to send the guests away at ten. About their reactions. Some understanding, some disappointed, some somewhere in between. About how much it hurts us to have to send those enjoying people out, because it was ten o’clock for them in one go, because “time flies when…”. About the fact that hospitality is our profession and in our blood and that it is not allowed now. We also sit down for a while, because after another 12-hour day we had that need. Then a police car drives by. For a few weeks now we suddenly notice, a feeling creeps over us, but we are happy that we are not doing anything wrong .. *********************** ********************* The lady in the video below is doing her job. The rules are clear, she says, we thought so too, but why can’t we come to an agreement? Why is our ID still being asked? Why is a report being made to the municipality, why am I standing on the street at 11:30 am defending myself that I have done my work properly that day. And did the lights have to be on or off from Mr Rutte? ******************************************** I take these agents too no blame, because they only do their job and this must have been the assignment. But the catering industry that was still described by Rutte on August 18 as “Safe Haven”, is now slowly becoming the pariah of society. ** Don’t let it happen. We’re doing our best ** We want to be part of the solution, but we’re not the problem.

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green power goes to tech giants –

Companies such as Google and Microsoft are happy to put their data centers on Dutch soil. Yes, we are on an internet exchange and we are a tax haven, but there is another reason why they think our country is the perfect place for their data storage: the government grants hundreds of millions of euros to wind farms. Much of this power goes to the tech giants, who can get a green image so cheaply.

The Swedish Vattenfall installed wind turbines in the Wieringermeer with a subsidy of 660 million euros. Not to provide Dutch households with electricity, but American data centers. Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate, Eric Wiebes, thinks this is all a great idea.

Zondag met Lubach explains this in a cheerful way in this fragment.

The topic has been on Twitter all morning trending. Minister Wiebes in particular has to suffer.


“The government pays too little attention to this” –

The number of corona infections is considerably higher in socio-economically weaker neighborhoods than in other parts of the major cities, RTL Nieuws writes.

Neighborhoods such as Laak in The Hague, Southeast in Amsterdam and Feijenoord in Rotterdam have a relatively high degree of contamination, according to research by RTL Nieuws into 39 neighborhoods in the four major cities. Many poorer, less educated families and migrants live in these parts of the city.

Field epidemiologist Arnold Bosman is not surprised. “You also see in other countries that these kinds of neighborhoods score worse than average.” Money can play a role. “Wearing a mouth mask is an advice, but you have to buy a mouth mask yourself. That costs money and so people choose not to do it. ”

Extraordinary professor of health inequalities Maria van den Muijsenbergh cites another reason for the high number of infections. “We know that many people live in those neighborhoods who have a greater risk of all types of diseases due to unfavorable living conditions. So also on corona. ”

According to the professor, it is not because people in these districts are more careless. “On the contrary. We feel that there is a lot of fear of corona. These people have a much greater chance that a corona infection will be much more serious, because they often already have additional diseases such as obesity or cardiovascular diseases. ”

General practitioner Yolanda Jansen sees in her practice in the Rotterdam district of Feijenoord that people do not always comply with the measures. According to her, this is due to a lack of clarity in the policy and poverty. “Residents don’t have their groceries delivered here. That’s too expensive. So the supermarket is full. And there is often not a car to drive to a test street a long way away. The government does not pay enough attention to this. These people are increasingly left out. ”

Bron (nen): RTL News