Greens: Claudia Roth becomes Minister of State for Culture – Culture

Claudia Roth from the Greens will be the new Minister of State for Culture and successor to Monika Grütters (CDU). The Greens announced this late Thursday evening. For Roth, who has been Vice President of the Bundestag since 2013, the change means nominally relegation. The “Ministry of Culture” is not a full-fledged ministry. Roth will […]

Wirecard: Wambach report – it is no longer possible to talk out of it

Düsseldorf It is probably the harshest reaction to date to the now published report by special investigator Martin Wambach on the work of the auditors (WP) from EY in the scandal surrounding the financial services provider Wirecard: EY suggests as WP, you will no longer be able to exonerate the AR (supervisory board, d. Ed.) […]

Baerbock: Longer coalition negotiations possible – politics

The Greens chairwoman Annalena Baerbock has admitted differences in the coalition negotiations with the SPD and FDP on climate policy and has not ruled out an extension. “We need a new federal government that achieves change in this country, which not only writes progress on paper, but also solves it in the essential core areas,” […]

He is silent on the Kogler attack – briefly now submerged – politics

The ÖVP is foaming. In interviews, Kogler described the events that led to Kurz’s resignation. “Deliberately twisted”, so the turquoise. “It is important to clarify some things if they are not presented correctly, as was the case by Werner Kogler at the party congress of the Vienna Greens.” ÖVP General Secretary Axel Melchior does not […]

FDP boss Lindner on the federal election and digitization

Christian Lindner (FDP) “We all approach the great tasks that lie ahead of our country with humility.” (Foto: imago images/photothek) Berlin FDP leader Christian Lindner has defined a major project for a possible coalition with the SPD and the Greens for the first time. “The idea of ​​a socio-ecological market economy could have a formative impact […]

Jürgen Trittin defends Sarah-Lee Heinrich

Is Germany a “disgusting white majority society”? Jürgen Trittin defends this statement by the Greens Sarah-Lee Heinrich at Lanz. Elke Heidenreich is astonished: “What are everyone always offended immediately?” The guests “You speak great German. Where are you from, originally?” People who are obviously not related by blood to Elke Heidenreich know such sayings well […]

After death threats – Green youth spokeswoman withdraws a few days

The federal spokeswoman for the Green Youth, Sarah-Lee Heinrich, apologized for tweets she wrote when she was a teenager. This was followed by a shit storm – and now apparently death threats. The newly elected federal spokeswoman for the Green Youth, Sarah-Lee Heinrich, is “exposed to massive death threats” after a shitstorm on Twitter, a […]

ONLY KURZ SCHLUSS ?: Ex-Chancellor Kurz takes cover – Sharp criticism from Austria’s opposition – WELT news channel

ONLY KURZ SCHLUSS ?: Ex-Chancellor Kurz takes cover – Sharp criticism from Austria’s oppositionWORLD news channel Chain smoker, 4-fold dad – that’s how Chancellor “Schalli” – news and headlines Shortly elected unanimously to the club chairmanVOL.AT ÖVP investigations – All opposition motions in the National Council rejectedWiener Zeitung Editorial: A leap of faith can […]