The transfer of the forward of Cordoba will cost Krasnodar 20 million

Krasnodar will pay for the Hertha forward John Cordoba 20 million euros. About this with reference to the German edition Bild writes “Championship”.

As the Russian club wrote, Cordoba had to undergo a medical examination.

  • The market value of Cordoba is 15 million euros.
  • Last season, the forward played 21 matches for Hertha, scored 7 goals and made 2 assists.
  • The RPL season kicks off next week.


OnePlus Nord 2: Shortly before the launch, official render images are now also revealing the final secrets to the price-performance hit

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Influenza vaccination prevents some serious Covid-19 consequences

In addition to a specific protective reaction against the respective pathogen, vaccinations also cause a general activation of the innate immune system. And people apparently benefit from this activation when they contract Covid-19. This effect has already been described for the measles, mumps, rubella and polio vaccinations and has now also been confirmed for the flu vaccination by US researcher Susan Taghioff from the University of Miami and her team.

Over 30,000 examined from America, Europe and Asia

Taghioff and colleagues used the TriNetX database, in which anonymized data is collected from over 70 million patients from numerous countries. In it, the researchers searched for Covid-19 patients and filtered them by age, gender, social status and the severe complications described by Covid-19, such as diabetes, obesity and COPD. They were able to put together two groups with a total of 37,377 people from the USA, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Israel and Singapore.

The study group had been vaccinated against flu for at least two weeks and a maximum of six months before the Covid diagnosis, the control group was not. Clear result of the comparison: Those who had received the flu vaccination had a lower risk of suffering strokes and heart attacks, sepsis or deep vein thrombosis within 120 days of a positive test for Sars-CoV-2.

Influenza vaccination lowers hospital admissions by 58 percent

According to the analysis, those who had been vaccinated against influenza had up to 58 percent lower risk of ending up in the emergency room and had to be treated in an intensive care unit up to 20 percent less often. The risk of heart attacks and strokes associated with Covid-19 also decreased by 58 percent, that of sepsis by 45 percent and that of deep vein thrombosis by 40 percent.

The study was presented at the European Congress for Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases. The results are to be published in a journal, but there is currently no written publication.


The prices of Nvidia GeForce RTX 3000 have halved in Germany since May

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Cubot N1: Inexpensive smartwatch is waterproof to 5 ATM and starts worldwide from 37 euros

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BAG reports 158 newly infected people in 30,125 tests

The number of cases of the coronavirus is falling significantly in Switzerland, despite the easing that has come into force. The update is available here.

the essentials in brief

  • So far, Switzerland has 703,334 people infected with corona and 10,359 deaths.
  • The test positivity rate on July 2 (30,125 tests) was 0.5 percent.
  • So far, more than 3.1 million people have been fully vaccinated, around 36 percent.

The vaccination campaign is gaining momentum in Switzerland. By the end of July, the Federal Council wants to make it possible for all willing to have a vaccination.

Since April 7th, all Swiss have been receiving five self-tests per month free of charge in the pharmacy. On Monday, May 31, far-reaching measures were also relaxed.

Here you will find an overview of the most important figures and decisions in Switzerland.

New infections with coronavirus are falling

On Thursday, the Federal Office of Public Health (BAG) reported 158 newly infected people in 30,125 tests. The positivity rate is therefore 0.5 percent. In addition, 7 people have been hospitalized in connection with the coronavirus since yesterday.

A week ago, the BAG reported 109 newly infected people in 24,652 tests. The positivity rate was 0.4 percent.

On Thursday, the BAG reported 175 newly infected people (previous week 120) in 22,782 tests. The positivity rate was 0.8 percent.

On Wednesday, the BAG reported 129 newly infected people (previous week 154) in 17,605 tests. The positivity rate was therefore 0.7 percent.

Since the first confirmed case of the coronavirus in Switzerland on February 25, 2020, 703,334 people have been infected in this country (as of July 2).

The number of deaths in connection with the coronavirus is 10,359 (as of July 2). That is 2 people more than yesterday.

36 percent of the Swiss are fully vaccinated

According to the latest version of the BAG on June 30, more than 7.5 million vaccine doses have been administered to date. A total of over 7.8 million cans were delivered to Switzerland.

Over 3.1 million people, 36 percent of the population, are fully vaccinated. Over 51 percent of the Swiss population have received at least one dose of vaccine.

So far, the vaccines from the following manufacturers have been approved:

– Pfizer / Biontech (mRNA, approval December 19): Will be inoculated

– Moderna (mRNA, approval January 12): Will be inoculated

– Johnson & Johnson (vector vaccine, approved March 22): No doses ordered

The vaccine has not yet been approved but has been reviewed for months by the British-Swedish company AstraZeneca.

The company Curevac Swiss has also submitted an application for approval. Switzerland has already ordered five million vaccine doses from the manufacturer.

Massive easing since May 31st

Since January 18, Switzerland has been in the second lockdown. The Federal Council approved an initial relaxation on March 22nd.

As of April 19, the Federal Council relaxed far-reaching restrictions, followed by another massive easing on May 31.

The following measures have been in effect since June 26th.

Private meetings: Instead of the previous maximum of 10 people, they are allowed to meet again 30 people meet privately indoors. Outside there is now an upper limit of instead of 15 50 people.

Gastronomy and leisure: After the terraces of Bars and restaurants the Federal Council also opened the interiors. Inside, the contact details of one person per group must be recorded. Outside there are no more restrictions.

Events: For Events with a certificate there are no longer any restrictions. Events with compulsory seating for up to 1000 people are permitted without a certificate. Without a certificate and without compulsory seating, a maximum of 250 people are allowed inside and 500 people outside.

The Federal Council wants to allow large events with 3,000 people (inside) and 5,000 (compulsory seats, outside) from July.

Discos and dance halls have been open again since June 26th

Sport and culture: there is outdoors for you Sport no more restrictions. The contact details must be recorded inside. In fitness centers there is no longer a mask requirement due to the corona virus. Choir appearances are also allowed inside again.

Discos and dance halls have been open again since June 26th. A valid Covid certificate must be presented for access. For smaller events, sports, cultural, leisure activities and restaurants, the organizer can request a Covid certificate at its own discretion.

The Home office compulsory has ceased to exist for companies. Home office is recommended, however.

The Quarantine obligation There is no need for vaccinated and convalescent people in contact with infected people or traveling.

Generally the Mask requirement picked up outside. It can be relaxed in the workplace. The employer decides here.

It can also be relaxed at secondary and vocational schools. The canton decides there.

Since July 6, 2020, Switzerland has been wearing a on buses and trains because of the coronavirus mask. In addition to the national public transport mask requirement, this has been extended to all publicly accessible interiors since October 19.

More on the subject:

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only 4% of tests are positive and those infected per day enter an airplane

Most of the Argentine stranded abroad are in Miami. They went to get vaccinated against coronavirus, to work or to go for a walk. Of the 59 suspended Aerolineas Argentinas flights, 30 they have that American city as the protagonist. The question is why Miami, considering that the epidemiological situation there not seem go through a critical moment.

In Miami, only 4 out of 100 tests give positive today. 68 percent of those over 18 years of age have already applied both doses of vaccine. There is currently an average of 291 Covid cases recorded per day. They are so few that almost all of them would get into an Airbus A330, the same one that the Argentine stranded anxiously awaits to be enabled to be able to return to the country.

Of those 291 people, it is estimated that the 20 percent could have the dangerous Delta variant, according to the incidence records that it has at the national level: it would be 58 cases per day, in a city of 2.7 million residents. That is, without counting the visitors that considerably increase the amount of population that circulates daily on the streets.

All of which indicates that the probability of contracting the Indian variant, according to the most pessimistic calculation, is 1 in 45,550 every 24 hours. For a stay of one week the chances increase: 1 in 6,650. This means that in a total of 25 aircraft A330 that will take off to Buenos Aires, single passenger it could be infected with the Delta variant, probabilistically speaking.

The question is if that “gain” it justifies a measure that has Argentines in Miami in suspense and they do not know when they will finally be able to step on the soil of their own country. To analyze the topic, Clarion consulted experts.

The wife and daughter of lawyer José Luis España, who are stranded in Miami. Photo: Facebook

Arnaldo Casiró, head of Infectious Diseases at Hospital Alvarez, said: “Nobody explains what the epidemiological rationale to get off the flights. If you do not intensify the control, they arrive less, but they can still escape you. In addition, when they arrive they should do PCR, not antigen ”.

Lautaro de Vedia, former president of the Argentine Society of Infectious Diseases, explained that although the objective of the measure is delay the arrival of the Delta variant to Argentina,the epidemiological situation of each place it must be taken into account when making these kinds of decisions that affect so many people ”. And he added that the key “is to test, monitor and do a genomic study of the cases to find out which variant they correspond to, with compliance with the quarantine ”.

Eduardo López, head of the Department of Medicine at the Ricardo Gutiérrez Hospital and an infectious disease specialist advisor to the Government, pointed out that when analyzing the epidemiological situation of a city, “we must not forget the asymptomatic”. Although he admitted that “the chance of getting infected in Miami it is low”. He emphasized, above all, “that people fulfill the seven days of quarantine.”

In the latter, perhaps, lies the explanation of an official measure without nuances: the inability of the state to enforce mandatory isolation for returning people. It was already said: 4 out of 10 do not respect it. To counteract this deficit, the best option the government found was to restrict entry into the country. It is the same logic of quarantine: have everyone locked up instead of testing and isolating.

The height of this scenario was known in the last hours, when from the province of Buenos Aires they reported that they will only take to hotels those who leave the country as of July 1. So of laxos are the controls when it is the State that must take charge, in contrast to the strictness of the measure that only allows to get on a plane at 3 out of 10 people who want to return to Argentina.

Conrado Estol is stranded in the United States.

Conrado Estol is stranded in the United States.

The neurologist Conrado Estol, stranded in the United States, declared that that country “is one of the best in the ranking control of the pandemic ”. He assured that the positivity of the daily tests is 1.9 percent nationwide. The state of New York, with 20 million people, on Monday had only 3 deaths.

Estol added: “From Miami, who can get on the plane that is a problem? It seems highly unlikely to me. The problem of few tests in Argentina and little vaccination is much more. Most likely, Argentines who were vaccinated with Johnson & Johnson, Moderna and Pfizer will get on the Miami plane. With the dissemination that we have, this -the stocks to the flights- it wouldn’t make any difference”.

Casiró considered: “They take measures late, badly and without scientific support, punishing people and making a dangerous bottleneck, because the more these people walk going around the airports looking to travel more possibilities there is that the Delta is infected ”. And he closed: “If they had vaccinated accordingly, the Delta would arrive the same, but the impact would be totally different. with two doses than with one or without a vaccine ”.

This lack of scientific rigor in decision-making can lead to conspiracy theories. One that circulated these days was that of the government’s supposed “thirst for revenge” towards those upper-middle-class Argentines who decided to travel to Miami in the midst of the pandemic.

That this unspeakable thought has eventually passed through the head of some official – and is openly manifested on social networks by Kirchner supporters – does not allow us to affirm that this is the reason that drives such a delicate state policy.



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