“Come back quickly”: 180 athletes sign a letter of support for L’Équipe

This Saturday, for the 8th consecutive day, the sports daily will not appear due to a strike movement. This made many champions react in France.

“Come back quickly, bring us back to sport, all sports, and continue to tell us, to tell me”: 180 top-level athletes signed a letter of support on Friday to the journalists of L’Équipe on strike since January 8. However, they will not have the pleasure of finding the daily newspaper in the kiosks on Saturday: the intersyndicale SNJ, SNJ-CGT, UFICT-CGT, SGLCE-CGT decided on Friday to renew its call to strike for 24 hours. The newspaper will therefore not appear for the 8th day in a row, its management announced to AFP. “For years now, we have met, we discuss at the edge of the fields, roads, swimming pools, gymnasiums, tracks. Years to share, sometimes to lose oneself, ”notes the text signed by some of the biggest names in sport, active or retired, French or not.

From Rudy Gobert to Marie-José Pérec via Dante, Greg Lemond, Renaud Lavillenie, Samantha Davies, Yannick Noah, Michel Platini, Pauline Ferrand-Prévost or Alain Prost, but also leaders like Jean-Michel Aulas or coaches like Corinne Deacon, all hope to see the daily sports in the kiosks as soon as possible. “By accompanying my first steps, my victories, my medals, you have been the link with my supporters, millions of sports enthusiasts. You did not hide my defeats, my doubts either. I confided in you, it was sometimes tense but we always reconciled. We have never broken that link. Except in recent days when, absent from kiosks, laptops, tablets, you leave us helpless, ”underlines the text published on social networks, where testimonies of support pour in every day.

Even the Minister of Sports, Roxana Maracineanu, reacted Friday on Twitter: “Sport is going through a difficult period. We have realized in recent months how essential it is to our daily lives. For a week we have also measured that L’Equipe has been missing from sport, ”she wrote. Another initiative, a handwritten letter sent by the director of the Groupama-FDJ cycling team, Marc Madiot, to “Madame Amaury” (Marie-Odile Amaury, owner of the eponymous group to which the newspaper belongs), and a photo of which has been posted Thursday on social networks: “I know the difficulties of the written press but I also know that we win matches or races as a team (…) We, we need YOUR TEAM”, writes in particular Madiot.

A large majority of the daily journalists are on strike against the job protection plan (PSE) unveiled in the fall by the management of the L’Equipe group, and which provides for the elimination of around fifty jobs, including 47 journalists, within the SAS L’Équipe (the daily, the magazine, Vélo Magazine and the weekly France football, in the process of becoming a monthly) which employs 350 people. The goal is to save 5 million euros and avoid 6 million losses in 2021, in a context of falling paper sales aggravated by the health crisis and the end of sports competitions in the spring. The unions are invited Monday to a meeting on “the alternative project proposed by the management”, according to the latter. This week, management proposed better starting conditions, but also an alternative to the PSE, a modified version of a draft collective performance agreement (CPA) rejected this summer by the unions, with a cut in wages of 5 % until the end of 2024 at the latest and the abandonment of 10 days of RTT.


U. Central Medicine Student tells what happened in pharmacology class

Stefani M. She is the eighth-semester student at the Central University School of Medical Sciences, who received the screams of Professor José Augusto D., which went viral. From the age of 5 she wanted to be a doctor, her mother died a year later with cancer of the uterus. “In the last memories I have of her, I pretended that I was a doctor,” she says.

This Thursday, January 14, 2021, he spoke with EL COMERCIO. “Despite everything I feel quiet. I have never suffered this kind of mistreatment neither at home nor in classrooms. This time what he says to me transcended through the video that was broadcast. At no time did I lie to him. I do not doubt that it may be good doctorbut I didn’t get a chance to meet the teacher that many talk about, since during this semester I did not receive a single class and the times he addressed us he was pushy and rude. In this interview I want to thank you rector of the Central University, Fernando Sempértegui; to the doctor Lucy Baldeón and more than anything to my colleagues. We never wanted this to become a topic to do controversyJust for the record that these things cannot happen. “

What happened before the two minutes and 29 seconds, in which part of the pharmacology class is observed? The student relates that they had to make a presentation. She was part of a group of six companions. “We organized ourselves, everything was ready, I don’t know at the last moment what happened, but my partner disconnected. She had to expose, after I did it, that I had already finished my part. Suddenly I noticed that she cut herself off, He disconnected. I continued; just the week before we had another problem of that kind, the teacher said that the group has to go out as it is, that we should support each other. The problem did not have to be with me, I am not a liar, everyone in the chat was ready, everything had been divided. As they realized, I did not imagine that this would end like this; I didn’t answer anything, thank God, otherwise the story would have been different. “

Before what happened on Tuesday 12, in class, did she or her classmates receive yelling or other types of abuse from more teachers? Stefani says never. He admits that, like everyone else, he has had a wake-up call from teachers who have been respectful. “So I think because of that, at the time of this class I did not know how to act. It is the first time that happens, thank goodness the video is cut because I ended up crying. Maybe some would have taken it as a joke. I did not know how to act, I lowered my voice, I had never been exposed to this type of situation; my father has never raised his voice to me. I have had very good teachers, they have not resorted to these measures, they have not lost control in these years in college. “

Fifteen students They are part of this eighth semester group, who faced the screams of the teacher, who says to hell with the student; He yells at her not to raise his voice but she always remains calm, with a very low tone of voice. They are practicing in a hospital in Quito. “We felt tired, since it was not the first time. That is why everyone supported me and denounced me. It makes me feel good to see that from the beginning I had support from authorities. Dr. Lucy Baldeón, Student Welfare and the Rector have shook hands with us in an impressive way, the process has been super agile. They opened many doors for us. Today we received the first class with the new Pharmacology teacher“.

Stefani’s father has remained calm. He quickly entered his room, when from the living room he heard the screams of the teacher, on Tuesday afternoon. “He even advised me not to hold hard feelings; he tells me that people make mistakes. ‘Forgive him even if he didn’t apologize.’

The girl assures that she and her eighth semester classmates from the Central University just want them to people become aware about what is mistreatment in the classroom. “It is not right for someone to be arrogant, disrespectful. He will have his problems, you have to have a vocation to teach. I am happy to feel the support of colleagues from other faculties. Thank you all.”


Lower wages in Ligue 1: how much does a player touch on average?

THE SPORT SCAN – The average salary of a professional player last season was 94,000 euros gross monthly but this amount is not representative of reality. Explanations.

On Tuesday, the union of professional players and representatives of L1 and L2 clubs gathered around a table to negotiate a possible drop in wages to help French football get out of the economic slump in which it is plunged. . The meeting resulted in a declaration of intent from the UNFP which invites players to quickly discuss with their clubs to consider the modalities of reducing their remuneration in order to save professional football strongly affected by this crisis and to ensure that the 2020/2021 season is coming to an end. “

Privileged, Ligue 1 players received an average of 94,000 euros monthly gross last season, which corresponds to 73,320 euros net. An estimate revealed by The team and France Blue last February. Be careful, however, because this data masks very strong inequalities among the elite of 20 clubs and is not necessarily representative of the average emoluments of a player. This amount is inflated with the very comfortable salaries of Paris SG players in particular.

PSG salaries skew average data

In 2018-2019, on its own, the capital club represented more than a quarter of the remuneration in charge of Ligue 1, equivalent to 780 million euros (up 9% compared to the previous season) , or as many as 13 clubs with the lowest payrolls! Neymar receives for example 3.06 million euros gross monthly and Mbappé 1.91 million euros for example, which contributes to pulling the average salary significantly upwards.

»READ ALSO – The PSG locker room was not surveyed for a drop in wages

To get a better idea of ​​the average salary of a professional player in the Ligue 1 championship, it is better to rely on the median salary. More representative, it remains very comfortable, but drops to 35,000 euros gross (27,300 net). This means that half of Ligue 1 players hit more and the other half are below. To these sums may be added collective or individual match bonuses and objectives negotiated in the contracts (number of goals per season, number of tenures, etc.). In Ligue 2, the fall in the numbers is notable with an average salary of 11,000 euros gross (8,580 net) and a median salary of 8,500 euros gross (6,630 net).

The ten biggest salaries in Ligue 1 in 2019-2020 (gross salary)

Neymar: 3.06 M €
Kylian Mbappé : 1,91 M€
Thiago Silva : 1,5 M€
Edinson Cavani: € 1.34m
Marquinhos et Marco Verratti: 1.2 M €
Angel Di Maria: 1.1 M €
Keylor Navas : 1 M€
Mauro Icardi: € 800,000
Leandro Paredes: € 750,000
Presnel Kimpembe: 670,000 €


those teleworking employees who want to come back to the office

TESTIMONIALS – From Thursday, those who wish can come back to the company one day a week. Teleworking remains privileged.

Since the end of October, the start of the second confinement, massive teleworking has been the rule in companies. According to the health protocol, it must be “increased to 100% for employees who can perform all of their tasks remotely”. From Thursday, January 7, this protocol will ease slightly. Employees who so wish, on a voluntary basis, will be able to return to the site one day a week, with the agreement of their employer.

In full teleworking since at least the end of October, many employees no longer hold. They need to reconnect with colleagues and their professional environment. Because if teleworking, which many have discovered with Covid, has gained followers, 100% is much less successful. According to an Ifop survey published in early December and focusing on employees in Paris and its inner suburbs, only 8% want to work exclusively remotely. Some did not wait for the green light from the government to go back on

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“Fault!”: Benjamin Mendy accused of having broken the New Year’s health protocol

LE SCAN SPORT – The defender of Manchester City and the Blues would not have complied with the health rules put in place for the New Year. Criticism is coming from the English press.

“Fault!” The tabloid The Sun, as usual, tackle with vigor Benjamin Mendy. The defender of Manchester City and the Blues is displayed on the front page of the newspaper with an unequivocal title. Like other Premier League players, the 2018 world champion is accused of having broken the health protocol put in place for the New Year. He would have organized a dinner for New Years Eve, with people outside his family circle. According to Daily Mail, the 26-year-old Frenchman apologized to his club, eager to shed some light on this event which Pep Guardiola would have gone well before the Premier League clash against Chelsea on Sunday. Citizens have been particularly affected by Covid-19 in recent days with no less than five elements tested positive. Benjamin Mendy, for his part, took a test, the results of which have not yet been released.

This questionable and criticized behavior among our English neighbors is not the only one to have been relayed in recent days. Players from Fulham and Crystal Palace were also taken by the patrol with parties during the New Year, as were three elements from Tottenham (Lo Celso, Lamela, Reguilon), which particularly annoyed José Mourinho. The latter did not hesitate to tackle the attitude of his players at a press conference after the success against Leeds (3-0) on Saturday in the Premier League. A period of celebrations and sanitary rules which had difficulty in being respected by the residents of the biggest world championship.


This is how HR managers expose application fraudsters

Job Interview

In addition to the professional career, the private life of a new manager is also thoroughly examined.

(Photo: Imago)

Düsseldorf The HR manager discovered something after just three mouse clicks. She turns her notebook over to the applicant. The screen shows the PDF of the candidate’s doctoral certificate. Some places are marked in red.

“Our script analysis found that this document was edited afterwards,” she says. Concerned silence of the candidate for a management position. The tone of the HR manager becomes sharper. “In other words: this document is a forgery.”

Cheating titles, closing gaps in the résumé, improving job references: Applicants can manipulate their documents with programs such as Photoshop or Acrobat and do it too. Studies such as that of the personnel consultancy Robert Half from 2017 showed a fraud rate of 30 percent among job seekers.

And just recently, in a recent LinkedIn survey of around 2000 participants, one in four admitted that they had lied about unemployment for tactical reasons: The job seekers wanted to avoid reducing their chances of finding a new position.

Crime statistics also show, however, that employees who already lie in their application have a 70 percent probability of being involved in cases of employee crime later.

Special software and secret service methods

In order to protect themselves from tricksters, the employers are upgrading. Christian Scherg knows how. He is the managing director of Revolvermänner, an online reputation agency from Düsseldorf. The expert helps managers clean up the Internet in order to make a perfect impression on a potential employer, but also works for companies to expose fraudsters.

With special software and secret service methods, such as those used by the CIA or BND, he can track down fudged résumés and track down applicants with an unsuitable lifestyle or a bad reputation.

In a so-called open source intelligence analysis, or Osint for short, information about a person is collected, merged and analyzed from all publicly accessible areas of the Internet – including the Darknet.

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Robert Lewandowski received a Ballon d’Or … in Lego

LE SCAN SPORT – The 2020 Golden Ball will not be awarded this year but the Bayern Munich striker will console himself with this gift made by one of his fans.

The organizers of the Ballon d’Or announced last July that the famous distinction rewarding the best footballer of the year would not be awarded this year given the upheaval of competitions by the Covid-19. This news has ruined the hopes of Robert Lewandowski to succeed Lionel Messi, the Polish striker of Bayern Munich presenting himself as the big favorite with the coronation in the Champions League, the Bundesliga title and his avalanche of goals scored in recent months ( 59 goals in 53 matches).

“We won everything we could win with Bayern. I’ve been the top scorer in all the competitions we’ve been to, the Bundesliga, the German Cup and the Champions League. I think a player who has accomplished this would win the Golden Ball, ”said the scorer disappointed, reacting to the cancellation of the discount for 2020.

Lewandowski accepts the trophy with humor

In the absence of gold, Lewandowski will be satisfied with plastic. One of his fans made him a superb trophy, a replica of the Ballon d’Or, but in Lego. A handsome player, the attacker posed with the reward alongside the one to whom we owe “the work”. “Thank you @quebahombre for this magnificent trophy that you have made for me”, joked the international well on the way to be, once again, one of the big favorites of the Ballon d’Or 2021. With 13 goals scored in 11 matches since the start of the season, the six-time winner of the Bundesliga has started at the same infernal pace as last season.

All Lewandowski’s goals in the Champions League last season


Champions League: Rennes heals its entry with a clip that gives chills

LE SCAN SPORT – Stade Rennais has commissioned an orchestra to play the famous music of the Champions League in its stadium.

After 119 years of existence and 65 years of watching the mastodons play among themselves, Stade Rennais will finally participate in the Champions League, whose ancestor was launched in 1955. Breton coach Julien Stéphan encouraged his players to “forget the fact that this is a first in the history of the club” in a press conference. The limitation of supporters, whose gauge is set at 5,000, should help. Not the clip shared by the club on social networks on Monday, the day before the match against Krasnodar (9 p.m.).

You can see the Rennes Opera House, located on the Place de la Mairie, before entering inside. The first notes of the famous hymn of the Champions League, composed by Tony Britten, resound. An orchestra plays “sacred music”, as described by the club as part of a major communication campaign. Then the orchestra is suddenly transposed into the stands of Roazhon Park, where it continues its score.

Stade Rennais then thanked “the Orchester National de Bretagne, under the musical direction of Grant Liewellyn and the Mélisme (s) chamber choir, under the artistic direction of Gildas Pungier”. The Rennes midfielder, Benjamin Bourigeaud, was moved: “Let’s defend in the best possible way the colors red and black across Europe.” Former Rennes players, Tomas Koubek and Kamil Grosicki, reacted with emojis showing their attachment to the club.

“Like all Rennes residents, we are very happy to see Stade Rennais FC in the Champions League and to show our city on an international scale,” commented Marc Feldman, administrator of the Orchester National de Bretagne, on the club’s website . We have several club supporters within the orchestra. Many musicians already knew the hymn. It didn’t take long for them to rehearse. It was done in an afternoon. ” The twelfth man did not wait for the kickoff against Krasnodar to make his presence felt.


RAS President named the factor of victory over coronavirus

The use of several vaccines, depending on medical indications, will help to stop the coronavirus pandemic, President of the Russian Academy of Sciences Alexander Sergeev told RIA Novosti. According to him, it is important to choose a specific vaccine for the patient, depending on his age, the presence of chronic diseases and predisposition to any diseases.

“And the more vaccines there are, the better doctors will be able to determine what is needed in a particular case and apply it in a targeted manner. This will probably ultimately stop the pandemic, ”he said.

Russia became the first country in the world to register its own Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine from the Gamaleya Science Center. The production of the drug began on August 15. Post-registration trials of the vaccine are now underway in Moscow. It is planned to vaccinate about 40,000 volunteers. On September 30, the second stage of post-registration vaccine trials began in Moscow. Trials are expected to end in July-August 2021.

The Vector Center has completed clinical trials of its coronavirus vaccine. It is planned to register the vaccine by October 15, 2020. Then it is planned to conduct post-registration tests of the drug. On October 6, trials of the coronavirus vaccine developed at the V.I. Chumakov.


Trump to visit California on Monday to learn about the fires

Monrovia (United States), 12/09/2020.- The Bobcat Fire progresses in the woods in the Angeles National Forest north of Monrovia, North East of Los Angeles, California, USA, 11 September 2020 (issued 12 September 2020). According to reports, the Creek Fire has burnt over 26,000 acres of forest. (Incendio, Estados Unidos) EFE/EPA/ETIENNE LAURENT

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, will visit California next Monday to learn “in situ” of the situation in the fight against the multiple fires that burn in the state, one of which is already the largest in its history.

As a White House spokesman, Judd Deere, told Efe this Saturday, the president will go to McClellan Park, in the vicinity of Sacramento, the Californian capital, where he will meet with local and state authorities to transfer the last hour of the efforts against flames.

“Since mid-August (when the state’s first major fire wave was declared), President Trump and Governor (of California, Gavin) Newsom have spoken on the phone and the White House and the Federal Emergency Management Agency they have been in constant contact with local and state officials in responding to these natural disasters, “said Deere.

The Government recalled that Trump had already approved a Presidential Declaration of Major Disaster for the state at the end of August, which activates aid programs and makes federal funds available to the affected areas, and described the fire-fighting efforts as “executed locally, state-managed and federally supported. ‘

The president will stop in California after holding several elections throughout the weekend in neighboring Nevada and Arizona, two key states ahead of the November presidential elections.

California is experiencing the worst year in its recent history for wildfires, with more than 1,214,000 hectares burned to date, the highest annual figure ever recorded, and that has not yet begun what has traditionally been the “season »Of fires, in October and November.

Most of the fires broke out in mid-August due to an unusual electrical storm in the region, and since then the dryness, strong winds and high temperatures have caused them to spread at high speed across the length and breadth of the state.

Monrovia (United States), 12/09/2020.- The Bobcat Fire progresses in the woods in the Angeles National Forest north of Monrovia, North East of Los Angeles, California, USA, 11 September 2020 (issued 12 September 2020). According to reports, the Creek Fire has burnt over 26,000 acres of forest. (Incendio, Estados Unidos) EFE/EPA/ETIENNE LAURENT

Also this Saturday, the Democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden, issued a statement in which he accused Trump of “denying the reality” of the climate crisis and warned that we must act “right now” to avoid a future “of tragedies. Endless like the one that’s affecting the families of the American West these days.

In addition to California, other western states such as Washington, Colorado, Montana and, above all, Oregon, are being affected by the fires, which in the case of the latter keep almost half a million people evacuated and have claimed several victims mortal in the last hours. EFE