Blood pressure is measured for 24 hours

High blood pressure is often not recognized by those affected. A bracelet from the Swiss start-up Aktiia is supposed to use an optical measuring method to help measure it around the clock. A practical test.

According to a study by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), every third person in Germany has high blood pressure. For some people with a very pronounced risk profile, the detection of high blood pressure is particularly important.

These could be high cholesterol, diabetes or heart disease in the family. A 24 hour blood pressure measurement may be required in these patients. Here there is an increased likelihood of suffering a heart attack or stroke. Or they could be affected by peripheral arterial occlusive disease (“intermittent claudication”). And there are millions in Germany too.

The Swiss start-up Aktiia is particularly aimed at this group of people, who want to use a bracelet to monitor blood pressure over a longer period of time around the clock.

Measurements without a tight cuff

The classic method of 24-hour blood pressure measurement is very stressful for the patient: every 15 minutes the cuff on the upper arm inflates, clamps off the blood flow and the blood pressure is measured. At night, the device measures every half hour. However, this measurement does not take place permanently, but at most occasionally to check the blood pressure.

Aktiia’s bracelet, which looks like a simple fitness tracker, uses a different technique. With the so-called pulse wave analysis, optical signals on the patient’s wrist are processed and the blood pressure is estimated very precisely. The inside of the bracelet glows with green light to determine how the arteries under the surface of the skin are pulsing.

This procedure is also known from heart rate monitors or smartwatches with a heart rate monitor. The Aktiia device not only counts the heartbeats, but also scrutinizes the pulse shaping with artificial intelligence.

Calibration is a bit tricky

The process was developed over 15 years by a team led by the researchers Mattia Bertschi and Josep Solà at the CSEM Tech Center (Center Suisse d’Electronique et de Microtechnique) in Switzerland. The wristband cannot do without traditional measuring technology either: it has to be calibrated with the enclosed cuff measuring device before it is used for the first time and then once a month. The practical test showed a weak point here.

The comparison between the reference cuff and the bracelet turned out to be very fiddly and only succeeded after several attempts. After all, you have a month of rest after a successful calibration. The bracelet can be worn for over a week because it only needs to be charged every nine days.

Measurement data is available in the app or via PDF export

The Aktiia system includes an app that makes contact with the cuff and bracelet via Bluetooth. In the application you can see the course in the two-hour period over the day. But you can also have weekly or monthly reports compiled, which you can also export as a PDF for a doctor’s visit.

Unfortunately, Aktiia does not allow the raw data to be exported in a spreadsheet or via the Apple and Google health applications to present it in a larger context with other data such as body weight. In the daily overview it is noticeable that every now and then an entry is missing in the two-hour period. The Aktiia bracelet only measures blood pressure when it is idle. When users do physical activity or move their wrist briskly, the measurements pause.

Conclusion: not cheap, practical if necessary

Aktiia’s bracelet that doesn’t feel very high quality isn’t cheap. It costs 200 euros or 208 euros in an installment program. For comparison: The test winner from Stiftung Warentest (2016) among conventional blood pressure monitors is available in stores for just under 40 euros. With conventional devices, however, it is not possible to keep an eye on the nightly blood pressure values ​​without being disturbed.


OnePlus Nord 2: Shortly before the launch, official render images are now also revealing the final secrets to the price-performance hit

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Joy-Con-Drift: errors can be fixed relatively easily and reliably with cardboard –

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Medicine, Primary Education, Architecture, all university tests in summer and autumn

ROMA – A changed date – the Health Professions test -, some variations on available places. The Ministry of University and Research has published a summary of the information for the academic tests of this late summer and early autumn: enrollments in degree courses in Veterinary Medicine, in Medicine and Surgery, in Dentistry and Dental prostheses, in Health care professions, in Primary Education Sciences and in Architecture.

The national admission tests for limited access courses for the academic year 2021-2022 will take place between Wednesday 1st September e Friday 29 October.

In particular, the first to undergo the tests will be candidates for enrollment in the single-cycle master’s degree courses in veterinary medicine. Wednesday 1st September, followed the September 3 and the September 9 by students enrolled in the tests, in Italian and English respectively, for access to single-cycle master’s degree courses in Medicine and Surgery and in Dentistry and Dental Prosthetics.

The September 14 (and no longer the 7th, as originally planned) it will be the turn of the candidates for access to degree courses in Health Professions, the September 17 that of those enrolled in the tests for single-cycle master’s degree courses in Primary Education, while by September 23 The tests for admission to single-cycle degree and master’s degree courses directly aimed at training as an architect must be held.

Candidates for bachelor’s degree courses in the master’s healthcare professions will close on October 29.

With regard to available places, currently 7,884 places have been definitively established for access to the single-cycle master’s degree program in Primary Education and 6,349 places for access to degree and master’s degree programs. single aimed at training as an architect for candidates from EU and non-EU countries residing in Italy.

The places for candidates from non-EU countries residing abroad have also been defined for the master’s degree in veterinary medicine (65 total), the master’s degree in Dentistry and Dental Prosthetics (125), the three-year degree (1,569) and the master’s degree of the health professions (84), the degree in Primary Education (197) and the degree for the training of architects (481).

For the other courses with scheduled access, pending the adoption of the agreement of the State Regions Conference, provisional places have been indicated in the ministerial decrees to allow universities to complete the competition notices.

In detail, there are currently 14,020 places available for enrollment in the single-cycle master’s degree in Medicine and Surgery for candidates from EU and non-EU countries residing in Italy and 1,077 for candidates from non-EU countries residing abroad. 877 those for Veterinary Medicine for candidates from EU and non-EU countries residing in Italy, 1,253 temporary places available for access to the degree in Dentistry and Dental Prosthetics for candidates from EU and non-EU countries residing in Italy.

As regards the health professions, in total the provisional places available for access to the three-year degree courses for candidates from EU and non-EU countries residing in Italy are 30,180 divided as follows: 1,034 for Obstetrics, 264 for Pediatric Nursing and 17,133 for Nursing, 698 for Professional Education, 116 for Podiatry, 2.597 for Physiotherapy, 856 for Speech Therapy, 292 for Orthoptics and Ophthalmological Assistance, 417 for Neuro and Psychomotor Therapy of the Developmental Age, 440 for Psychiatric Rehabilitation Technique, 251 for Occupational Therapy, 1,212 for biomedical laboratory techniques, 1,297 for medical radiology techniques, for images and radiotherapy, 151 for neurophysiopathology techniques, 207 for orthopedic techniques, 340 for hearing and prosthetic techniques, 202 for cardiocirculatory and cardiovascular perfusion techniques, 748 for dental hygiene, 473 for Dietetics, 85 for Audiometric techniques, 530 for Healthcare e 837 for prevention techniques in the environment and in the workplace.

All the tests ask to solve questions (in some cases 40, in others 60, in others 80), with a different number of possible options among which to indicate the only correct answer.


The price of the new Harley-Davidson Sportster S 2021

ENGINE Revolution Max 1250T

BORE 105 mm

CORSA 72,3 mm



POWER SYSTEM Sequential Electronic Injection (ESPFI)

EXHAUST SYSTEM 2 in 1 in 2; catalyst in the muffler

COUPLE 125 Nm at 6,000 g / min





FORK 43 mm upside-down fork with adjustable compression, rebound and spring preload. Fork plates in aluminum

REAR SUSPENSION Single piggyback shock absorber with adjustable compression, rebound and hydraulic spring preload

WHEELS, FRONT RIMS Die-cast aluminum, Satin Black

WHEELS, REAR RIMS Die-cast aluminum, Satin Black

BRAKES, CALIPER TYPES Front: monobloc 4-piston caliper, radial; rear: single piston caliper, floating

LIGHTS (ACCORDING TO NATIONAL REGULATIONS), SPIES Full LED headlight, low beam and high beam with characteristic position lighting. Full LED brake / tail light with distinctive rear lighting

INSTRUMENTATION 10.1cm viewable TFT display with speedometer, gear indicator, odometer and tripmeter, fuel level, clock, ambient temperature, low temperature warning, side stand down warning, rollover warning, speed indicator cruise, range and tachometer with Bluetooth compatibility – pairing with the phone to access calls, music, navigation (HD App ONLY)


KIND Color TFT (thin film transistor)



RIDER / PASSENGER INTERCOM Earphone function only


USB Instrument upgrade and charge, USB-C, 5V, 3A



LENGTH 2.270 mm



ADVANCE 148 mm

WHEELBASE 1.520 mm



TIRES, TYPE Serie Dunlop Harley-Davidson, radiale



WEIGHT, DRY 221 kg



New BMW CE 04: the price

BMW CE 04 is the new electric scooter from the House of Monaco. It is powered by a permanent magnet electric motor, mounted in the frame between the battery and the rear wheel, from 31 kW (42 hp) of maximum power, able, according to the manufacturer, to push the vehicle from 0 to 50 km / h in 2.6 ”. The engine is powered by a 60.6 Ah (8.9 kWh) battery which, according to the declared data, provides a range of about 130 kilometers (version with reduced power: 100 km). The lithium-ion battery is charged with the integrated charging device, either through normal household sockets or in wallboxes or public charging stations. When the battery is completely discharged, the charging time is approximately 4 hours and 20 minutes. Through the optionally available quick charger with an output of up to 6.9 kW (2.3 kW is the standard level), the charging time is reduced to 1 hour and 40 minutes with a completely discharged battery. The main frame is a tubular steel, combined with a telescopic fork with 35 mm stanchions and a single-sided swingarm. The tires are 120/70 R15 67H at the front and 160/60 R15 56H at the rear. The new BMW CE 04 also comes standard with a 10.25 “TFT color screen, full-LED light clusters, three driving modes and traction control.

For all the details of the new BMW CE 04 electric scooter, however, we refer you to our article presenting the model. Now let’s move on to the main topic of this article, price.

In the “basic” version, with the white “Light White” livery, completed by opaque black sections in the front and side areas and the “floating”“, the new BMW CE 04 will go on sale at a price of 12,550 euros cim. The “Avantgarde” style will also be available as an option (optional ex works), where the Magellan Gray metallic color is complemented by a black / orange saddle, an orange deflector and various graphics. However, its date of arrival on the market is still unknown.


Nintendo Switch OLED: Many hands-on reports received positive feedback

The Nintendo Switch OLED will be released in Germany on October 8th – pre-orders can already strike for around 360 euros. Most of the big technology blogs from the USA have already been able to test the new game console from the Japanese in more detail and their hands-on reports show that they are in a positive mood.

According to this, the actual highlight is particularly convincing: the new OLED screen. This now has significantly narrower screen edges and has been enlarged to 7.0 inches in terms of diagonal. This means that the new Nintendo Switch only has a pixel density of 209 ppi with a native resolution of 1,280 x 720 pixels that has remained the same. However, this should not have a negative effect on the degree of sharpness in games, but the higher brightness, the larger viewing angles and the better contrast ratio can set themselves apart from the predecessor and thus significantly improve mobile gaming enjoyment.

The testers from The Verge and IGN also liked the new stand. Because it now extends over the entire rear of the console and can also be regulated in several stages, it is much more comfortable in everyday practice. It is considerably more stable than the old model. The improved stereo speakers are a bit louder and clearer, but only a small upgrade overall. Bluetooth headphones are also still not supported. The additional Ethernet socket in the console’s new dock is a bit more convenient, but the majority of users should still rely on a WLAN connection.

Overall, the testers are very positive in their first hands-on reports. The approximately 30 euros more than the previous model is worth it for newcomers. The change is not absolutely necessary for existing switch owners. However, a Switch Pro with improved hardware and DLSS technology, which will probably follow next year, should receive more attention.

Prices and availability
Nintendo Switch OLED black and white
Not available Not available

From 359.99 EUR


Herd immunity is needed by the unvaccinated. In the meantime, let’s everyone take care of themselves personally.

Alexander Myasnikov, chief physician of the Moscow Zhadkevich City Clinical Hospital. Photo: Alexander Shcherbak / TASS

In the virtual studio of the radio station “Komsomolskaya Pravda” we talked with a famous doctor, TV presenter, head physician of the Moscow City Clinical Hospital named after M. Ye. Zhadkevich Alexander Myasnikov.


– Alexander Leonidovich, our people are now so actively passing tests for antibodies that in Moscow recently there were even interruptions in the supply of reagents in commercial medical laboratories. Do you really need to test for antibodies? If so, which ones and when?

– If you look at the European and American recommendations, then you do not need to take antibody tests to make a decision on vaccination. Such tests may be needed by doctors to determine the phase of the disease. Acute phase – IgM antibodies are present. If a person has IgG antibodies, the disease has already been in the past. If both are elevated, we understand that the patient is going to recover.

In our country, people often do tests for the purpose of diagnostics: have I been ill with covid? Previously, it was important to understand whether you have protection or not. Because up to 30% of people suffered from the disease on their feet, or even asymptomatic. But in the era of mass vaccination, there is no longer any logic to such testing. Even if you have antibodies, the vaccine provides additional protection against new mutations in the virus. If so, why spend money doing antibody tests and delaying the necessary vaccinations?


– In Russia, it is now starting, and in Moscow, the re-vaccination of those who were vaccinated more than six months ago, and the vaccination of those who have recovered are already in full swing. With the latter, everything is more or less clear. We know that WHO and many foreign medical associations recommend vaccinated patients after six months, or even faster. But to be re-vaccinated earlier than a year later, there are still no official recommendations abroad. Why do you think?

– The problem is that we are still walking along an unknown road, laying a ski track on virgin soil. Nobody has gone there yet. But we understand that the concentration of antibodies decreases over time, and memory immune cells also begin to lose their functions in about six months. Covid flows in waves. Reactivation of vaccination gives protection only after one and a half to two months. There will be another outbreak in October-November. To be ready for it, you need to revaccinate now.

In general, initially, when the question arose about the vaccine, many doctors said that at least once a year they would have to be vaccinated. I even wrote that there will probably be some kind of vaccine against coronavirus together with influenza in one syringe. During the time covid has arrived, we see outbreaks occur twice a year. It looks like this will continue. Three months outbreak, three months interval. Will it always be necessary to vaccinate every six months? No one knows. Probably, after all, once a year.


– If a person has a PCR test positive for coronavirus, should it be rechecked?

– No, it’s not worth double-checking. Because a false positive PCR test is casuistry. But a negative one does not mean anything (that is, it is far from always a guarantee that a person does not have a coronavirus – Ed.). The PCR test is an extremely sensitive reaction. False negative happens, for example, when a cotton swab was poked somewhere near your ear, anointed, moved side by side and simply did not receive enough material. If you are somewhere abroad, there they thrust this thing right into your brain, at the right angle, at the right depth, this is very important. And it’s not that safe. There is a certain percentage of cases of severe bleeding after the test. And how we take it – there is nothing to be surprised that we have a lot of false negative tests. Often, poor-quality material fence, this is all too often.

COVID-19 vaccination station in Gostiny Dvor.

COVID-19 vaccination station in Gostiny Dvor.

Photo: Ivan MAKEEV


– Clinical studies of Sputnik in adolescents have begun in Moscow. What do you think: children will need to be vaccinated in the future?

– If we talk about vaccination of children and pregnant women, then I would have a different approach. I would vaccinate pregnant women with risk factors – those who, with covid disease, can die or get serious complications. If not, I would abstain. It’s my personal opinion.

– The Ministry of Health also decided so – in the recent recommendations it is said that it is the expectant mothers from risk groups that need to be vaccinated. What about the children?

– As for the vaccination of children, I would also think ten times what kind of children. If a child is sickly, weak, that is one thing. If a normal growing child, I would wait for the results of vaccine studies on children, this is happening not only in our country, but all over the world.


– With the help of vaccination, we not only try to protect the vaccinated themselves, but also to protect others from infection. At the same time, it is known that in clinical trials, say, Sputnik, the effectiveness of the vaccine was tested precisely to prevent a severe form of the disease. And to what extent the vaccinated are protected from the asymptomatic form, but at the same time contagious to others, it seems to be unknown …

– Yes, this is a serious question. The words about herd immunity actually remind me of talking about Bigfoot. Everyone is talking about him, but no one has seen him. Personally, I don’t really believe in the achievement of herd immunity in covid. In the sense that herd immunity will interrupt the procession of the coronavirus across the planet. Will not interrupt. Covid will stay.

And Western companies, and Pfizer, and AstraZeneca, scientists unanimously say: we do not know if vaccination interrupts the transmission from an asymptomatic person to others. The Americans wrote about this six months ago. Europeans write about this. And we began to write. Still no one can say how effective vaccination is in this regard. Yes, it protects against serious illnesses, deaths – statistics show this. Also, vaccination reduces the viral load in the nasopharynx. But whether this interrupts the chain of infection from an asymptomatic person to others who are not vaccinated – we do not know.

Based on this, the CDC (the American analogue of Rospotrebnadzor) and the WHO say: vaccinated people must wear masks under certain conditions. It is protecting others from you.

Herd immunity is needed by the unvaccinated. If we achieve it, their risks will decrease. But since this is still a vague thing, let’s everyone take care of themselves personally. Let’s get personal immunity – get vaccinated.


“Coronavirus is not a bug, it does not stick into the hands”

– When do you think we will be allowed not to wear gloves and will stop taking fines for their absence?

– Sorry for being straightforward, this is idiocy from the very beginning. No country in the world has a requirement for gloves. Okay, at first we didn’t know exactly how the covid was transmitted. But from the first day it was clear that the coronavirus is not a tick, not a bug, it does not stick into hands. And the glove itself is a source of infection. If you don’t take them off, everything sticks to them. Gloves become a colossal source of infection, worse than leather. Because the skin has a bactericidal effect of its own cells.

I’ve been talking about this for more than a year now. Why make people angry with nonsense? I have no explanation.


“Because of the QR code, the son cannot get into the Moscow public catering”

– QR codes have been introduced in Moscow for visiting restaurants. And in the subway we are like herring in a barrel. What’s the point?

– I don’t see the logic. In a stuffy room, in the subway, no matter how they ventilate, why bend your heart – the risks of getting infected are high. Hence the recommendation – if you need to get somewhere, if possible, walk, get on a bike, take a taxi (in the latter case, be sure to open the windows to ventilate – there could be infected passengers in front of you). Once again, I would not recommend going down the metro today during rush hours. Transport is generally an infectious threat. In Europe, more than twenty people will simply not be allowed on the bus. You are sitting alone in a row.

As for QR codes, in principle this is a good thing if everything was done smartly. I ran into problems from personal experience. My son came to see me, he is a medical student in France. Vaccinated with Pfizer vaccine. We do not recognize it, we do not give a QR code. He went and took a nasal swab for PCR. Gave a QR code that should work. But he is not allowed into any restaurant with this code. It lights up red. There is a QR code, but it must be registered with the State Services. When that doesn’t work, it causes legitimate annoyance. And we are not alone, I know a lot of such cases.


What awaits us next

– Now the delta strain is raging. Because of him, a new wave in Russia, with new anti-mortality records. What will save us this time? The virus is more contagious, everyone is tired and relaxed, so far only a small part of the population is vaccinated …

– The virus mutates and will mutate. And any mutation will go in the direction of contagion. Due to the fact that the mass vaccination did not happen immediately, the strongest variants of the virus survive. We cultivate it ourselves.

As for vaccines, I said a year ago: 90% effectiveness is on healthy young volunteers. When the vaccine goes to the masses, the effectiveness of any vaccine drops to about 50-60%. Moreover, new strains appear that partially escape from immunity.

And there will be more new strains. With the flu, we encounter new mutations every year. Nothing unnatural happens. Our business is to get vaccinated. This is the only thing we can do.


Anna Popova: “Among those vaccinated against coronavirus, two out of three hundred people get sick”

The head of Rospotrebnadzor told where in Russia the situation with covid is worse, from where the delta strain is imported to us and how effective vaccines are now (details)


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