Honduran is arrested by ICE while painting in Tennessee

Tennessee, United States

A Honduran He was arrested by agents of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Service (ICE) at 143 Bess Lane in Jackson, Tennessee, United States.

Ariel Banegas Ruiz (26), originally from Honduras, who was painting, was surprised when leaving his home was surrounded by a dozen uniformed men.

At the time of being required, Ruiz told the agents that he was not the person they were looking for.

After the arrest, he was sent to Georgia, where he is charged with sex crimes against a girl under the age of 13, according to a publication by univision.com

In Georgia, the Honduran was sent to the DeKalb County jail.

The Honduran was wanted for allegedly having abused a minor of just 13 years, after the complaint filed by the victim’s parents.

The man had been deported to Honduras, according to the JacksonSun newspaper.

“We are pleased to help the sheriffs in Georgia, as well as ICE, and rid the Jackson community of Ariel ruiz“Said US Sheriff Tyreece Miller.

So far it is unknown whether Ariel Banegas Ruiz have a lawyer or how you testify to the charges.


Failure for Kanye West in Wyoming

Rapper Kanye West failed to run in the US presidential election in his adopted state of Wyoming. He bought a ranch there where he also relocated his factories, but he will not lead his presidential campaign there.

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The Birthday Party candidate has indeed missed the deadline to submit his supporting signatures, reports USA Today. However, according to TheHill.com, he has secured a spot in Minnesota, a key swing state, as well as Tennessee, home to his rival, singer Taylor Swift.

He will also be in contention in Arkansas, Colorado, Oklahoma, Utah and Vermont, but failed to win in Missouri, having submitted just 6,557 of the 10,000 signatures required. The musician was also unable to qualify in his native Illinois.

As a candidate for a third party that won’t be on the ballot in many states, Kanye West has no realistic way of winning the 270 votes from the constituency that would send him to the White House.

This is why he is accused of leading a troublemaker campaign to help US President Donald Trump defeat his Democratic opponent, former Vice President Joe Biden.

The rapper is a former supporter of the current White House tenant and investigations have linked agents of Trump’s Republican Party to the billionaire rapper’s campaign.

The hip-hop star said in an interview with Forbes earlier this month that he “doesn’t deny” that his campaign is aimed at harming Joe Biden, whom he has criticized. The US presidential election takes place in November.


He sees his son kill his mother on the surveillance camera

A 19-year-old from Tennessee murdered his mother and tried to cover up the body. His father saw the whole scene on the surveillance camera when he was eight hours away.

Warren Behlau was on a business trip when he wanted to take a look at what was going on at home. He looked at the CCTV camera and saw his son strangling his own mother.

The father called the Chattanooga police officers who found Garrett Behlau sitting on the floor in his bedroom.

When they asked him where his mother was, he simply replied that she was “in the forest”.

The police did find Theresa Behlau’s body in the woods. She had plastic wrap on her head.

According to neighbors, the accused suffers from an autism spectrum disorder. He faces charges of homicide, contempt of a corpse and removing evidence.


Polar Thursday: in the shadow of Truman Capote

This is a very funny thriller. And very enriching for those who love black literature. Vlad Eisinger tried to write a novel within the novel. A sort of mise en abyme of the writer writing or rather aligning all the “stuff” of the successful novel while taking inspiration from the biggest names in black. Difficult to summarize because we would risk losing the reader and the reader as the characters end up blending together. Are we talking about Vlad Eisinger who appears under his real name and his real activity in this novel? Or of Tom Capote, the nickname he chose in homage to Truman Capote of which he is an unconditional admirer? At the end of the day, we don’t know anymore and it doesn’t matter much because the goal is to show the power of literature. Where is the reality, where is the fiction? Sometimes the two are confused, it even happens that reality exceeds fiction, it is the incredible adventure that will happen to the narrator of this novel.

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Sacred number

Let’s try to summarize all the same. Vlad Eisinger left New York and his profession as a financial analyst to settle in Florida, in the house bequeathed by his mother in Destin, a small seaside resort located on the edge of the Gulf of Mexico. He drives a ramshackle old Nissan, has cut all unnecessary expense, and struggles to sell books he struggles to write. Her agent, Lori Jacobson, tears her hair out. One hell of a number, this one. “Even before laying eyes on Lori, it was possible to paint a relatively accurate portrait of her based solely on her sound imprint. An Ashkenazi Jew, she grew up in Queens, in a large family where attention was won with decibels. In her sixties, she smoked too much, drank dry and changed sidewalks rather than walking past a gym. She held half of humanity for schlemiel (in Yiddish, the one who systematically spills his soup) and the other for gonif, in other words brigands. “ However, it has one quality: it struggles to get Eisinger’s head out of the water. And this time, she has what she needs: the boss of a big telecoms company is looking for a journalist to write the history of the company. She agreed for him, a private jet will be waiting for her the next morning at the first hour to take him to Tennessee.


Sitting on his self-esteem as a writer who sees himself familiar with Faulkner’s talent, Eisinger goes to the rendezvous and accepts the mission. But his project will not please the boss. Too literary. Forced to start from scratch, and especially to earn his crust, he will invent a pseudo, Tom Capote, and write the story of a writer responsible for writing the story of a great boss or rather of his depravities. financial. A company that will allow him to join the very enviable list of best-selling authors but will earn him the threat of dangerous killers. Apart from a few lengths, it’s funny, intelligent, full of twists and full of references to the Americans Raymond Chandler and Dashiel Hammett, the inventors of the detective. hard-boiled (tough guy) and also to the Frenchman Jean-Patrick Manchette, the father of the neo-thriller. Perfect for reading in the shade of a lime tree (or a palm tree, or even a plane tree).

From rififi to Wall Street, Vlad Eisinger, translated from English by Antoine Bello, Série Noire (Gallimard), 309 pp, 19 euros.

Alexandra Schwartzbrod


“The secret life of Tennessee Williams”, Saturday at Amer

Amer returns to the theatre on Saturday with The secret life of Tennessee Williams, a monologue from Martin Peraferrer with drama with the same actor and directed by Francisco Cerro. The representation will be at 21.30 in the theatre House, with the limited capacity and preventive measures. After the play there will be a discussion with Peraferrer.


NATURAL DISASTERS .net – Episode of severe thunderstorms in Tennessee: 1 death

A line of heavy storms crossed Tennessee, causing damage when strong winds cut down trees and power lines. The storm also killed Spring Hill when a tree fell on a firefighter.

Spatial and temporal information about the event

  • Start date : 05/03/2020
  • End date : 05/03/2020
  • Country: United States [Statistiques du pays]
  • Continent: Americas
  • Sub-continent: North America
  • Fine localization:
  • Other countries concerned:
  • Lat / long: 35.7426 / -86.9586

Phenomenology of the event

  • Origin: Meteorological
  • Hazard: Thunderstorms and lightning
  • Peril : Thunderstorm
  • Peril:

Consequences of the event

  • Number of killed: 1
  • Number of injured:
  • No. of evacuees:
  • Number of affected:
  • Number of homeless:
  • Cost (in millions of $): ND

Other information


A line of heavy storms crossed Tennessee, causing damage when strong winds cut down trees and power lines. The storm also killed Spring Hill when a tree fell on a firefighter.

The thunderstorms caused numerous power outages, uprooted trees and even damaged some homes on Sunday afternoon and evening. The power was interrupted in several cities.

Almost 130,000 Nashville Electric Service customers in Davidson County were without power, which NES officials said was one of their biggest outages ever. A few hours after the storms, the number of outages remained around 120,000. They said the crews would work tirelessly to restore power.

Throughout the county, countless trees have been uprooted and power lines have been spread on the roads. Several boats at the Four Corners marina in Nashville were damaged.

In Lawrenceburg, trees have fallen on many houses and many roads have been blocked. Emergency officials said a communications tower at the West End fire station had collapsed, cutting emergency communications in western Lawrence County.

Emergency management officials in Maury County have made several water rescues in different areas of the Duck River. Several roads were blocked by felled trees and 911 communications were hampered due to numerous AT&T power lines that were downed.

A barn in Smith County was razed and many trees and power lines were cut down.

United States: Thunderstorms and lightning since 2001

  • Number of events : 360
  • Number of victims : 371 dead, 913 injured
  • Medium severity (out of 6) : 1.85 [+ d’info]
  • The 5 most serious events :
    1. 04/24/2016: Severe thunderstorms, tornadoes and floods in several central and southern states of the USA [Détails]
    2. 06/29/2012: Severe thunderstorms in the Northeast of the USA: 28 dead [Détails]
    3. 11/12/2003: Severe thunderstorms in Los Angeles [Détails]
    4. 05/24/2016: Violent tornadoes, thunderstorms and floods from the South to the North of the USA: 16 dead [Détails]
    5. 09/24/2006: Deadly thunderstorms and tornadoes in the Midwest [Détails]

Download the data of the graph in csv format

Access to the CATNAT database
Query the BD CATNAT online
Real-time statistics

United States: natural disasters since 2001

    Country statistics


  • Country Risk Index : 376 (41st in the world out of 207 countries) [+ d’info]
  • Number of events : 2865
  • Number of victims : 8,909 dead, 16,505 injured
  • Medium severity (out of 6) : 2.04 [+ d’info]
  • The 5 most serious events :
    1. 08/26/2005: Katrina ravages the south of the USA: 1836 dead [Détails]
    2. 24/10/2012: Cyclone Sandy hits the North Caribbean and the East coast of the USA: 210 dead [Détails]
    3. 07/09/2004: Ivan falls on the Caribbean: 117 dead [Détails]
    4. 08/11/2018: Major forest fires kill 91 and ravage thousands of hectares in California (USA) [Détails]
    5. 08/19/2017: Tropical cyclone Harvey hits Barbados and ravages Texas [Détails]

Download the data of the graph in csv format

Access to the CATNAT database
Query the BD CATNAT online
Real-time statistics

Thunderstorms and lightning worldwide since 2001

    Hazard statistics


  • Number of events : 1924
  • Number of victims : 6,190 dead, 14,698 injured
  • Medium severity (out of 6) : 1.93 [+ d’info]
  • The 5 most affected countries : United States (360), France (281), Australia (158), India (88), Canada (80)
  • The 5 most serious events :
    1. 05/17/2005: Pre-monsoon storms in Bangladesh: more than 400 dead [Détails]
    2. 04/22/2003: Thunderstorms: 316 victims in Bangladesh and India [Détails]
    3. 04/13/2019: Depression Causes Severe Thunderstorms in India, Pakistan and Afganistan [Détails]
    4. 05/01/2018: Lightning strikes 112 dead in Bangladesh [Détails]
    5. 05/13/2018: Severe thunderstorms kill 95 in India [Détails]

Download the data of the graph in csv format


.Net NATURAL DISASTERS – Tornadoes cause significant property damage in South Carolina and Tennessee (USA)

Carolina tornado 250420

A tornado with winds reaching 155 km / h affected the area of ​​Greenville in South Carolina causing material damage there but no casualties. The tornado uprooted massive trees, damaged homes and businesses, and left thousands without electricity.

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NFL: Kansas City Chiefs are catching up with the history books

Sports NFL

A chase for the history books

| Reading time: 4 minutes

NFL: AFC Divisional Round-Houston Texans at Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas’ quarterback Patrick Mahomes (left) celebrates with tight end Travis Kelce

Credit: USA TODAY Sports / Mark J. Rebilas

The NFL quarter-finals started spectacularly and ended breathtaking. The Kansas City Chiefs looked like the sure loser, but still beat Houston. There has never been a game like this in the play-off.

Mitfavorit Kansas City Chiefs has reached the playoff semi-finals of the US Football League NFL after a breathtaking chase. Quarterback Patrick Mahomes’ team defeated the Houston Texans 51:31 despite a 0: 24 deficit and won the favorite four of the last four on January 19 (9:05 p.m., ProSieben) with favorite scare Tennessee Titans to do. The Titans knocked out Baltimore Ravens, the best team of the regular season, on Saturday. In the first play-off round, Tennessee had defeated the New England Patriots by star quarterback Tom Brady.

At Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, the Texans were initially clearly on course for victory. In the second quarter, Houston went on again, with a field goal the team increased to 24: 0. But then a miracle happened.

Benefiting from Houston’s hair-raising mistakes, the chiefs scored three touchdowns in 3:24 minutes in the second quarter and took the lead with another touchdown before half-time. The break was suddenly 28:24 for Kansas City, which set a record: Never before has a team in NFL history led halfway after being over 20 points behind. Chiefs head coach Andy Reid called the duel a “wild game” during the break. In total, the hosts have six touchdowns in series, three by Damien Williams and three by Travis Kelce.

Kansas’ quarterback should become top NFL earner

Quarterback Mahomes, who is just 24 years old and is only playing his second full NFL season, said: “Our success and such a chase are based on our mentality. It is all heart and struggle. Of course we didn’t want to find ourselves in such an apparently hopeless situation. Then I said to everyone: let’s try something special. And above all, let’s create something special. Everyone had already written us off. But we just caught up from turn to turn and then continued to fire in the second half. ”For the first time in the NFL play-off history, a team won a game after falling 0:21 in the first quarter.

For Mahomes, services like this will pay off extremely in the future. He is said to be bound by a record contract, it will probably be $ 40 million a year. His current base salary is currently $ 645,000. The highest average salary in the NFL is still received by Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks at $ 35 million.

The Green Bay Packers were the last team to qualify for the semi-finals on Monday night. The team led by star quarterback Aaron Rodgers saved his lead in the 28:23 against the Seattle Seahawks and playmaker Russell Wilson. The Packers led 21: 3 at halftime after two touchdown runs from running back Aaron Jones and a trapped touchdown from Davante Adams. Quarterback Aaron Rodgers, whose offensive remained without losing a ball, made another touchdown pass to Adams in the second half.

Seattle was making a comeback – just like five years ago when the Packers lost the NFC Championship game to Seattle 22:28 after extra time after a 16-0 half-time lead. But this time they were able to decisively stop the Seahawks offensive by quarterback Russell Wilson shortly before the end. In the end, Seattle lost for the ninth time in a row in Green Bay and has been waiting for a win at Lambeau Field since 1999. In addition to the strong Rodgers, Green Bay wide receiver Davante Adams, who caught eight balls for 160 yards and two touchdowns, convinced.

In the NFC Championship Game, Green Bay is a guest of the San Francisco 49ers who beat the Minnesota Vikings on Saturday at 27:10 on the night of Sunday to Monday (0.40 a.m.CET / ProSieben). The major goal of the four semi-finalists is the 54th Super Bowl on February 2 at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami.

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Montreal-Nashville non-stop flight | VAT News

Country lovers will be pleased to see Air Canada launch non-stop flights between Montreal and Nashville, Tennessee in June.

The carrier said there will be a daily departure for the country music capital of Montreal and vice versa.

Air Canada also announced Tuesday morning direct flights between Calgary and Boston, as well as the addition of a second daily flight between Vancouver and Newark, in the New York area.

“These new non-stop Nashville and Boston routes are part of our long-term strategic plans for global expansion. Being the largest foreign carrier in the United States, Air Canada chose these destinations because of the strength of its North American network. The result is a shorter trip between Canada and two of the fastest growing markets in the United States, “said Mark Galardo, Vice President – Network Planning, Air Canada, in a statement.

The airline said these additional flights will allow travelers to “take advantage of the many connection possibilities between our large domestic and global markets.”


Amusement park in Tennessee offers to relive Lady Di’s fatal accident

Located in the eastern United States, the National Enquirer Live is fully dedicated to the various scandals and conspiracy theories that the eponymous tabloid has covered over the past century. And in particular, the tragic death of the Princess of Wales, one evening in 1997.

Lady Diana, ex-wife of Prince Charles, died in a car accident in Paris, August 31, 1997.
Lady Diana, ex-wife of Prince Charles, died in a car accident in Paris, August 31, 1997. Rue des Archives / © Rue des Archives / RDA2

The conspirators now also have their leisure center. In Pigeon Forge, a town in Tennessee, a theme park freshly opened to the public is dedicated to the tabloid The National Enquirer, notorious supporter of Donald Trump during his race for the Presidency of the United States. For twenty-five dollars, the price of the entrance ticket, an attraction, which opened last week, notably offers the opportunity to experience in 3D the chase that claimed the life of Princess Diana on August 31, 1997.

“Not at all in bad taste”

Using computer-generated images, spectators are trained on the route taken by the princess’s car, followed by paparazzi, from the Ritz to the Alma Bridge tunnel where she lost her life. Visitors to the park are then invited to answer questions concerning the theories developed around the death of “Lady Di”: “Was she pregnant at the time of the accident?” or “Are the royal family and the British secret services involved in his death?”.

An apparently dubious idea that the park’s manager, Robin Turner, is already trying to defend in the face of the emerging controversy. “There is no blood,” he says, “it is not in bad taste at all. [L’attraction] just show what happened. ” “The attraction draws attention to all the theories on which theInquire has been investigating for years. ” One thing is certain: according to him, Diana’s memory is respected. As for the princess’s two sons, William and Harry, “very sensitive about this,” Turner hopes none of this would upset them. The royal family, contacted by the Daily Beast , declined to comment on this initiative.

On the program of the amusement park: other “explorations” of “crimes of the century”, such as the murder of the ex-wife of O.J. Simpson. Visitors will also be able to discover an attraction dedicated to the moment, which has remained famous, when Michael Jackson made headlines for hanging his baby above the balcony of his hotel. As if the first was not enough, due to the success of the initiative, a second National Enquirer Live park is already planning to open in June, this time in Missouri.