Images: Ministry of Justice closed due to protest – De Telegraaf

Images: Ministry of Justice closed due to protestThe Telegraph Ministry of Justice and Security temporarily locked after corona press conferencevilla media Ministry with Mark Rutte and Hugo de Jonge shortly closed after press conference, protesters set off fireworksThe Daily Standard Ministry of Justice in The Hague was locked due to demonstration around press LIVE […]

Shocking and life-changing: this is how 9/11 went – De Telegraaf

Shocking and Life-Changing: This Is How 9/11 HappenedThe Telegraph 9/11 and Reconstruction: 20 Years of Resilient ArchitectureManners Magazine 9/11 commemoration is also a reminder for Americans of better times: ‘Brought the country together’ 20 years after 9/11: ‘Vigilance after attacks has never disappeared’The Telegraph New York rouwt in stilte  RTL News View full story on Google […]

The Telegraph estimated the number of missing doses of AstraZeneca vaccine in Britain

While poor countries are struggling to get at least a minimal batch of vaccines, in the UK hundreds of thousands of doses are sent for disposal due to lack of demand. Фото: Getty Images In the UK, about 800,000 doses of AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine have been expired and unusable, writes The Telegraph. The publication notes […]

Lil ‘Kleine in court: we know this about serious abuse – De Telegraaf

Lil ‘Kleine in court: we know this about serious assaultThe Telegraph Lil ‘Kleine lawsuit: Boxtelaar also linked to abuse EverinkBroadcasting Brabant This is what showbiz expert Vanessa Bontje thinks of megalomaniac Lil ‘Kleine – Ditjes & DatjesThis and that Lil ‘Kleine assault case to court in Lil ‘Kleine lawsuit: Boxtelnaar also linked to abuse […]

LOOK BACK: Party in Zandvoort after Verstappen win – De Telegraaf

LOOK BACK: Party in Zandvoort after Verstappen winThe Telegraph Live | Not Verstappen, but Pérez chosen as ‘driver of the race’ Royal visit for Verstappen in pit box • Mayor: crowds manageableUS LIVE | Zandvoort celebrates after dream Live | Verstappen: great day at View full story on Google News .

Explosion Polish supermarket: ‘Think there is no connection’ – De Telegraaf

Polish supermarket explosion: ‘Don’t think there is any connection’The Telegraph Manager of the Polish supermarket in Lelystad does not believe that they were also the target of the attack: ‘Was she going for cigarettes’The Stentor ‘Now another bomb at the Polish supermarket Lelystad, while my client is detained, how is that possible?’ Police over explosion […]

LOOK BACK: Valkenburg records water damage after a horror day – De Telegraaf

LOOK BACK: Valkenburg records water damage after horror dayThe Telegraph Video: Major cleaning in Valkenburg started: residents and tourists put their shoulders to the wheel togetherThe Limburger In flooded Valkenburg: ‘The power of the water… Everything is meaningless’ Water withdraws from Valkenburg: huge mountains of junk in streets and Emergency bridge in Valkenburg appears […]