Is TikTok responsible for tics in young girls?

People with tics are prone to uncontrollable movements and sounds. With the pandemic, they have multiplied among teenage girls, especially those who use TikTok. Three English doctors noted the involvement of the social network in the appearance of their tics. You will also be interested [EN VIDÉO] Have good mental health, instructions for use Having […]

Cold: “A cold or cough can now last up to four weeks”

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Computer game addiction: “I see children in my practice who are already playing GTA and Call of Duty”

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Germans eat so unhealthily

Those who eat a healthy and balanced diet are not only fitter, but can also prevent chronic diseases. According to a survey, however, not even half of Germans pay attention to it. Photo series with 15 pictures Vitamins, Nutrients, sufficient fluids: A healthy and balanced diet should be part of everyone’s everyday life so that […]

48 hours without a screen after a concussion

Pediatricians Association advises Cologne (dpa / tmn) – After a concussion, the body needs rest and relaxation. This also means doing without smartphones and televisions, especially for young people. The professional association of paediatricians (BVKJ) points this out. Light stimuli from screens strain the eyes and brain. This can disrupt recovery. According to a study […]

The therapist told how to prepare a teenager for vaccination

According to the expert, one cannot be vaccinated with an exacerbation of chronic diseases. Therapist, immunologist Irina Yartseva explained whether it is necessary in adolescence to prepare for vaccination in some special way According to the specialist, physicians do not have significant indications on this score, physicians do not, but some points still need to […]

Effects of Instagram on teens, the Facebook investigation: mental health risks

Negative feelings about your body, anxiety or even depression. These are the effects that Instagram, one of the most popular social networks in the world, would have on adolescents registered on the platform, especially girls. And Facebook would be aware of it, so much so that in the last three years it has conducted internal […]

OMNi-BiOTiC® iMMUND – the immune system starts in the MOUTH!

14.09.2021 Graz (OTS) – Children and young people in particular are exposed to a large number of pathogens in kindergartens and schools and often have to struggle with infections. The mouth, nose and throat area is the first station that pathogenic microorganisms and viruses reach from the air, and this area actually has a key […]