Google Maps .. 5 tools that allow you to navigate in less time

Widgets have become one of the most prominent features that many different applications and operating systems focus on.Google Maps is one of the last apps trying to take advantage of this feature, to help save users time while on the go. Use widgets in the Google Maps application According to recent reports, Google Maps app […]

Family found dead in California. Authorities reached the conclusion

A A family that was found dead in August on a trail near Yosemite National Park, California, died of hyperthermia, a condition that results from elevated body temperature after exposure to hot, humid weather. The revelation was made by the Mariposa County Sheriff this Thursday. The corpses of John Gerrish, Ellen Chung, their baby daughter […]

Pay attention to your onions! May have salmonella, warn experts – News by the Minute

Pay attention to your onions! May have salmonella, experts warnMinute News Salmonella outbreak linked to onions in the US affects more than 650 peopleVISION Salmonella outbreak is confirmed in the US and is linked to onionthis is money Onions Linked to Salmonella Outbreak in 37 US StatesFree turnstile – News Imported onions may have caused […]

WhatsApp: How to continue using the app after you retire in ten days? | Chronicle

Samsung-iPhone-Motorola-LG-and-Huawei-that-are-left-without-the-application-20210929-0186.html “target =” _ blank “> WhatsApp will no longer allow dozens of cell phones from brands like Samsung, Huawei , LG, Motorola and Xiaomi, among others, who use Android 4.0 or lower, can continue to use the instant messaging app. The reason is because Mark Zuckerberg’s company is working on an update of its […]

YPF’s first “service station of the future” arrives in La Plata

“In a highly competitive context characterized by changes in consumer habits, mobility, new trends in the retail world and digitization and the search for agility when providing services, YPF set itself the goal of transforming its network of service stations “, they indicated in the company when inaugurating the first of its service stations” of […]

WhatsApp Aero: all the details about this improved version of the app | Chronicle

WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging application in the world, with more than 2 billion downloads. Part of its success is explained by WhatsApp-so-you-can-activate-the-new-end-to-end-encrypted-backup-backup-20211018-0005.html “target =” _ blank “> constant update of the app to provide all its users with a maximum experience. But although this platform owned by Facebook is still working on […]

If you are going to undertake, do not make these classic mistakes

When starting a project, many get into low-profit businesses, which are ineffective if they are looking for an income to make ends meet. Only 30% of ventures reach 8 years of life. So say the statistics of the Ministry of Production. In turn, in Argentina, where there is a great entrepreneurial culture, there are still […]

Dead vaccine study triggers price rally – application for approval submitted

Düsseldorf The latest study results from Valneva look promising: According to them, the Covid-19 vaccine from the French-Austrian group showed better immune protection than that from Astra-Zeneca in a clinical phase 3 study with more than 4000 participants. In addition, the subjects aged 30 and over reported significantly fewer side effects compared to Astra-Zeneca for […]

What is Live Shopping? The new trend of e-commerce in social networks

Some of the elements that explain its acceptance among Chinese users, explains Antonio Rivero, commercial director of Napse, a company specialized in digital retail, are the high periods that these people spend on their smartphones, in addition to using them at night, which are ideal for this type of content. In contrast, in Mexico and […]