He took advantage of going to the hospital with his daughter to report domestic violence

UA 46-year-old man was arrested by the National Republican Guard (GNR) in Leiria on Thursday and will face legal charges for the crime of domestic violence.

The military found that the suspect inflicted verbal and psychological abuse and death threats on his 26-year-old partner during the four-year relationship.

The authority further details, in a note sent to the newsrooms, that the suspect controlled the victim’s daily life and even inflicted physical aggressions, which have intensified in recent weeks. In addition, the suspect coerced the victim not to press charges under death threats and violent assaults.

The victim, under the pretext of taking their youngest daughter to a medical consultation, managed to report the facts at the hospital, which in turn reported the case to GNR.

The detainee was present this Thursday, March 5, the first interrogation in the Judicial Court of Leiria and the preventive detention coercion measure was applied to him.

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why the Russian population refuses to vaccinate

A large part of the Russian population is not willing to apply the vaccine that their own country developed against the coronavirus

Sputnik V is one of the vaccines against Covid-19 which is being applied in Argentina, among other countries in the world. However, just as part of the Argentine population is willing to receive this immunization, something different happens in Russia.

Much of the population of Russia is not willing to receive vaccines against Covid-19. But why? For the Russian population the problem stems from the fact that there is a myth that Sputnik V was created as biological weapon artificially.

According to a survey carried out by the Levada Center, 62 percent of people will not accept get the vaccine produced by the Gamaleya Institute. It is worth mentioning that most of the people in this group are young people between 18 and 24 years of age.

In addition to thinking that it was created as a biological weapon, they consider that applying the vaccine could be side effects in your body, such as fever and fatigue.

A part of the Russian population does not want to be vaccinated

The aforementioned survey, which included 1,601 people in 50 different regions, also indicates that 64 percent of people believe that Covid-19 is created for some purpose and artificially.

However, virologists and infectious disease experts say that it is more likely to have evolved naturally.

What the WHO mission that traveled to China said

In order to find out more about Covid-19, its origin and its expansion, a group of experts from the World Health Organization (WHO) traveled to China. After their visit, they assured that they were investigating if the virus escaped from a laboratory, something they considered very unlikely.

Part of the Russian population believes that the coronavirus was created in a laboratory

Part of the Russian population believes that the coronavirus was created in a laboratory

In addition, they affirmed that their main hypothesis in relation to the origin of Covid-19 revolves around bats originated in a batAlthough there are several possible scenarios for how it happened to humans, possibly first by infecting another species of animal.

This misconception prevails in the Russian population among 40 and 54 years oldThis is because 71 percent of them support this idea and 23 percent think that the virus arose naturally.

So far the health authorities in Russia have managed to vaccinate more than two million people.


Rosetta 2 for M1 Macs will be removed in some regions

M1 Macs need Rosetta 2 to run older programs. This will be removed in some regions with an update for macOS Big Sur.

The M1 from Apple is a so-called ARM processor. This is the same architecture as that of the processors in smartphones. Thanks to this, the Macs with such a processor have a better performance than those with a chip from Intel.

The disadvantage, however, is that programs cannot simply be executed on it. They either have to be adapted for the new architecture or translated. While the developers have to make the changes themselves, Rosetta 2 is responsible for an automatic translation. In the beta for an upcoming update for macOS Big Sur, however, indications were found that Apple is removing Rosetta from the operating system in some regions.

macOS Big Sur without Rosetta 2: May be legal issues

Specifically, two strings were recovered from the depths of macOS, which suggest that Rosetta will be removed from the operating system. In the affected countries, after the update to macOS 11.3, the texts “Rosetta will be removed after the update is installed” and “Rosetta is no longer available in your country. Apps using Rosetta will no longer work ”shown.

But it has to be said that many apps have already been optimized for the new processor. As a result, the technology and has been required less and less frequently. All other programs will no longer work in the affected areas after the update. It is not known exactly what these are.

But why the whole thing has to be is just as unclear. It is believed that Apple is violating copyright law in some countries with the translation process.


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Kazuo Ishiguro: what love can do with the algorithm | Books

In preparing your new novel, Klara and the Sun (ed. Gradiva), which will arrive in Portuguese bookstores on March 9 and is already in pre-order, Kazuo Ishiguro had a series of conversations with one of the great scientists of Artificial Intelligence (AI). They used to sit in a small London cafe near the place where they see. (the British writer was born in Nagasaki, Japan, but went to England at the age of five). “Sometimes it was quite embarrassing because we were talking and the people around us should think we were crazy because of the type of conversations we were having,” he said during the press conference to introduce the first book he launches after receiving the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2017.


Fire destroys the only restaurant on Ilha Deserta in Faro

Dand according to the commander, the authorities received the alert at 11 pm on Tuesday and mobilized the Maritime Police and the Sapadores de Faro Firefighters.

“The fire is visible even from Olhão and Faro, on this side of the Ria [Formosa]”, described the commander, adding that the fire is” large “and that the restaurant” is being consumed “and” there is nothing to save “.

Commander Rocha Pacheco added that there were no injuries, since it is “a desert island, in the abstract, there is no one there”.

The owner of the establishment has already been contacted and firefighters are trying to “quell the flames.

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Why did the front cameras of smart phones disappear?

Over the past four years, smartphone manufacturers have significantly reduced the bezels in the leading phone models they make, and this has extended even to budget phones that come these days with very thin bezels on all sides, as the presence of thin bezels means that you will get a screen. Larger, and this allows companies to design a larger screen without increasing the dimensions of the phone.

Xiaomi was the first to start this trend in 2016 with the Mi Mix phone, which came with a large screen, where the ratio of screen size to phone resolution reached more than 83%, and the company achieved this by moving the front camera to the lower edge. Not at the top as usual, which led to the entire screen design being changed.

Other companies have followed this trend, as Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and S9 series phones have thin frames at the top and include the front camera at the top edge, in addition to the OnePlus 6 and ZenFone 5 phones, and Google’s Pixel 3 Xl phone.

But this did not last for long, as the front camera turned to a new design in the form of a bump called (waterdrop), then the design of the front cameras in smartphones changed permanently to integrate them into the same screen now, but between these trends, the direction of the front cameras appeared. That didn’t last long.

Vivo has led this trend with the Vivo NEX phone, which it launched in 2018, where the company showed that it is possible to create a full-screen interface without including any front camera in it, and the phone includes a front camera that springs from the upper edge when you need to take selfies or make calls. Video, which allowed the screen to capture 91.24% of the front end of the phone.

OPPO also launched the Find X phone during 2018, but with a completely different camera system, where the camera is completely hidden while using the phone and closing the camera application, but as soon as you open the camera application in Find X, the entire top of the phone moves and reveals 25MP front camera, 3D face scanning system, 16MP plus 20MP dual rear camera.

The trend of the pop-up front camera has gained momentum throughout 2019, as we got a lot of interesting smartphones as a result, such as: the Reno 10x Zoom phone, the Redmi K20 series and OnePlus 7 Pro.

But soon, this trend began to gradually disappear or be provided in very specific markets, as we find that most smartphones in 2020 and phones expected to be launched in this year 2021 contain a front camera integrated into the same screen in the middle or on one of the upper sides.

It makes us pose a very important question, which is: Why do we no longer see smartphones with front cameras that pop up as intensely as they used to be?
The main reason for the disappearance of the front cameras of smart phones is their relatively heavy weight, as the pop-up cameras in these phones have a lot of complex parts and require a motor to work, all of which adds weight and thickness to the phone.

Where we find that retractable cameras are usually larger in size, and then the final design for smartphones is slightly thicker when using these pop-up cameras compared to including cameras in other ways.

Most manufacturers have started designing thinner phones and this means that the user experience will be more comfortable, hence the pop-up cameras will not be a welcome option.
In addition, we find that the inclusion of such cameras means that the phone is exposed to water entering through the openings of these cameras, and then the phone will not support the water resistance feature, which is necessary for these companies to market their smartphones.

However, if you are still enthusiastic about using a smartphone that comes with a full screen design, and at the same time you want a professional front camera, we can tell you that there is a new trend that has begun to appear with regard to the front cameras, namely: the under-screen cameras.

This trend has started making its way to smartphones since the previous year, as leading companies such as Xiaomi are working to include this technology in their upcoming phones, but it may take a few years before this trend is prevalent in most other smartphones.


Collision between overcrowded vehicle and truck causes 15 deaths in the USA

“We believe that there were 27 passengers in the SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) that crashed into a semi-trailer full of gravel,” said Judy Cruz, responsible for the emergency at the medical center El Centro, near the Mexican border.

According to the source, at least 14 people died at the scene of the accident and another after being taken to the hospital, where six others were admitted to the emergency room.

Other victims were sent to more hospitals, including four that were transported by air to the Desert Regional Medical Center in Palm Springs, said spokesman Todd Burke, adding that three of them are in the Intensive Care Unit.

The driver of the semi-trailer suffered “multiple injuries”, according to the traffic police.

According to a California highway police officer, Jack Sanchez, questioned by the USA Today newspaper, the SUV involved in the accident is a Ford Expedition, a model that according to the brand’s Internet portal can accommodate a maximum of eight passengers.

The causes of the accident have yet to be determined.

Macario Mora, spokesman for the Customs and Border Guard in Yuma and El Centro, said that this police force is helping the rest of the authorities with the accident, adding that the immigration status of the people following the SUV is unknown and is being under study.

“It was an unusual number of people in an SUV, but we don’t know who they were. They could just be farmers,” he added.

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▷ New emporia smartphone: precision landing in terms of equipment and ease of use

02.03.2021 – 12:22

emporia Telecom

Linz (ots)

emporia is launching a phone with a triple camera, an interactive smart cover and a fast octa-core processor – the target group are older women and men with smartphone experience

emporia Telecom, Austrian manufacturer of easy-to-use smartphones, apps and button cell phones, is launching a phone with a triple camera, an interactive smart cover and a fast octa-core processor. The target group are women and men who are familiar with smartphones and who appreciate the high level of ease of use, the advantages of the latest smartphone technology and a reasonable price.

According to the emporia smartphone study 2020, photography and WhatsApp are at the top of the list of the most frequently used smartphone applications among the best agers (well over 80 percent). At the same time, 95 percent of those surveyed say that the usability of their smartphone is very important to them.

“In this model, too, we have incorporated the latest findings from our studies and research work. From the first series of tests with advanced smartphone users, we know that we have achieved quite a precision landing when it comes to meeting the requirements of our customers, ”says Eveline Pupeter, owner and managing director of emporia Telecom.

Beautiful pictures

On the technical plus side, there is the triple main camera, with which macro, portrait and night shots are possible and which has HD and auto mode. There is also an 8MP front camera for the obligatory selfie. The 1.8 Ghz octa-core processor provides the necessary speed and the replaceable battery with 3550 mAh provides endurance, which is a significant increase over the previous model.

The emporiaSMART.5 is supplied as standard with an interactive, patented Smartcover. This allows the operation of important functions (picking up and hanging up calls, camera and flashlight) when it is closed.

Thanks to the tried and tested emporia menu navigation and large, easy-to-read buttons, this smartphone is easy and intuitive to use. You can easily return to the start screen at any time with the physical home button.

Most complex functions packed into simple operation

The simple handling category also includes standard applications such as text input using voice prompts, pre-installed QR scanners or NFC. “Our development team has succeeded in packing the most complex functions into simple operation,” says Eveline Pupeter proudly.

Advanced users will enjoy the printed version of the 124-page smartphone guide. This guide, which is included in the scope of delivery, provides both basic knowledge as well as lots of tips and tricks for using the smartphone.

On top of that, a printed operating manual is also supplied.

The new emporia smartphone is IP54-certified (dust and splash-proof) and equipped with the tried and tested emporia emergency button on the back, with which help can be called quickly. In addition, a second back cover is included to cover the emergency button, if required.

Market launch in Europe is at the beginning of March. Recommended retail price without obligation: 249 euros.


Press contact:

Walter Deil
Company spokesman
emporia Telecom
+43 670 7010 322


Smart patch for better hydration

pte20210302020 Products / Innovations, Sports / Events

“Gx Sweat Patch” from Gatorade uses the user’s sweat to estimate sodium loss

After the workout: first scan your sweat profile (Photo: gatorade.com)

After the workout: first scan your sweat profile (Photo: gatorade.com)

Chicago (pte020 / 02.03.2021 / 10: 30) – Optimal fluid intake after the workout: There is now an app for this too, including a suitable wearable. Gatorade http://gatorade.com, the supplier of the isotonic drink, has launched the “Gx ​​Sweat Patch”. It collects and analyzes sweat on the forearm and transmits this data to the associated “Gx App”. This shows athletes how much they sweat and also how much sodium they have lost and is supposed to facilitate optimal hydration. At $ 25 for two, the smart patches have a steep price.

Welding profile

According to the provider, the Gx Sweat Patch is the first disposable wearable on the market that “uses a laboratory-based sweat test protocol to determine the unique sweat profile of athletes”. In order for this to work, a patch should be worn on the inner left forearm during a single workout. During exercise, it fills with sweat that runs into two color-changing channels. The resulting color pattern then reflects how much the athlete sweated during training and how high the sodium loss was.

In order to obtain an understandable sweat profile from this, the user scans the color sample of the Gx Sweat app with the smartphone camera for the companion app immediately after the end of the training session. The Gx app then shows how much the user has sweated and how high the sodium loss was. It also gives a recommendation on how much to drink during the same workout under the same conditions. Ideally, users should create several sweat profiles for each type of workout under different environmental conditions – such as jogging at different temperatures and weather conditions.

Not cheap

At $ 25 for two pieces, the Gx Sweat Patch is not necessarily cheap – especially since one patch should be used per training subunit for longer workout sessions such as jogging, ergometer cycling or exercises in the weight chamber. Of course, the product is only aimed at customers who are willing to pay for the sporty lifestyle, because the associated Gx app is only available in Apple’s app store, at least for the time being. It can connect to services like Garmin Connect and Apple Health to get more benefit from the data it collects.

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