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Blink Mini: the indoor surveillance camera at 38% off

The Blink Mini surveillance camera is equipped with a motion detection system to monitor your home day and night. This is a connected device, you receive notifications on your smartphone when movement is detected to see what is happening only when necessary. You can watch and listen to people and pets in your home and talk to them using your smartphone with Blink Mini’s Live Video feature and two-way system. To use it, you just need to plug the camera into an electrical outlet, connect it to Wi-Fi, and download the Blink Home Monitor app to your smartphone. Use the Alexa voice command to access the different accessible modes with the greatest ease.

Ring Video Doorbell Wired: the video doorbell connected to – 34%

This connected video doorbell allows you to receive real-time notifications on your smartphone so you don’t miss a thing! It is equipped with a two-way audio system and an advanced motion detector. Several features are available such as live video and instant notifications. It connects to your existing doorbell wires for continuous power and protection. The Ring Video Doorbell features 1080p HD video quality with night vision and motion sensor. The image quality is satisfactory day and night. It is one of the cheapest connected doorbells on the market, its price is affordable and the functionalities interesting with very satisfactory performances in audio and video.

Ring Video Doorbel Wired Connected Video Doorbell © Amazon


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Reply to @pauldoura.exe #greenscreen #time #ai #fyp #imagegeneration #art #fyp #trippy #foryou #fyp #tech #coding #artificialintelligence #end

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Forget the foldable screen, the future is in the expandable screen!

Samsung is betting on elastic screens for the connected accessories of the future, such as activity bracelets. The Korean R&D lab has managed to create a kind of screen that can stick to the skin to pick up the heart rate and display it in real time.

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A team of scientists from the German University of Saarland have developed a technique that allows anyone with a printer to build a touchscreen in minutes. Here is a video illustration of this revolutionary process.

Technologies aroundflexible screen have taken a good ten years to be mastered and adopted by the High-Tech sector in the form of foldable mobile screens. Here now come the beginnings of the elastic screen. Screens that could be distorted and stretched in all directions like rubber bands. And it is precisely Samsung, one of the precursors of flexible screens which has just unveiled its research in the matter via a publication in Science Advances.

Researchers from Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (Sait), Samsung’s Research & Development center dedicated to future cutting-edge technologies, have developed a screen that can be stretched by 30% while maintaining stable performance. This type of screen incorporating pixels You are was used to display real-time data collected by a sensor photoplethysmography (PPG), in other words, the heart rate sensors found under many smartwatches. So it’s kind of a bandage transparent elastic that is applied directly to the skin which allows measurements to be taken and displayed.

As for flexible screens in their time, deforming an electronic device without breaking the components or damaging the electrical connections remains complicated. The researchers first designed a compound polymer elastic serving as substrate for electronic components. The concern is that this material is precisely vulnerable to temperature rises generated by semiconductors. To address this concern, the researchers adapted its molecular composition to strengthen its thermal resistance.

This stretchy transparent skin incorporates both a sensor to read the heart rate and an island of pixels to display the values. © Samsung

30% elasticity

In addition, it was necessary to adapt theelasticity to certain areas. This is the case of the one integrating the pixels of the Oled, where the elasticity must be less important than elsewhere. The researchers also used stretchable conductive materials so as not to break the conductivity, or distort the pixels themselves. Once placed on the wrist of the wearer, the elastic display surface has been able to remain stable and retain its properties despite the movements. In the end, the sensor and the Oled screen continued to function even after being stretched 1,000 times. The other advantage is that stuck to the skin, this system managed to capture the heartbeat signal 2.4 times more important than a standard sensor.

According to scientists, such a system could in the long term advantageously replace watches and connected bracelets that one door to measure our biometric data during the sleep or activities. Researchers are already imagining many applications health-oriented for this electronic skin.

What you must remember

  • Samsung has created a screen that can be stretched like a rubber band
  • It was used as a heart rate sensor and on-skin display
  • This type of screen could eventually replace an activity bracelet for example

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Juventus players attack Ronaldo … and the Portuguese feels “lonely”

Spanish reports revealed that the Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo has become an ostracized in the dressing room of his current club, Juventus, after his colleagues noticed that he got more freedom compared to others.

According to the Spanish “AS”, the Portuguese, after a humiliating 3-0 defeat in front of Milan, got a leave to receive his new car, Ferrari Monza, estimated at one million and 400 thousand euros, while his colleagues were at the same time conducting their daily training with the technical staff. Ronaldo went to collect the car with club president Andrea Agnelli and John Elcan, Exor’s director and CEO.

And because of that, a number of players have expressed their dissatisfaction with this bias towards the star, who is no longer seen as a captain in the team, specifically because of his character on the field, his resentment and gestures in the event that the ball does not reach him.

Ronaldo’s future with Juventus appears unclear yet, especially as the team faces the possibility of not participating in the Champions League next season. According to those close to him, Ronaldo expressed his dissatisfaction with competing in the European League competition next season.

Pirlo revealed last November that his star does not receive a special treatment different from the rest of the team. “.

Despite the modest season for Juventus, Ronaldo shined in him on the individual level, scoring 28 goals, topping the Italian League’s top scorer and 35th in all competitions, as he became the first player in history to score 100 goals with 3 different clubs.