Lockdown shock: country leaders tighten corona rules – domestic politics

Exit restrictions, comprehensive school and daycare closings, comprehensive bans or restrictions on travel, overnight stays, gastronomy, demonstrations, gatherings or church services, comprehensive closure or restriction of shops and businesses, bans on sports – all of this should in the future, according to statements by the SPD, Greens and FDP actually no longer be possible! But: […]

Helene Fischer: New tour without HIM – whom the singer dumped – people

She goes on a big tour again – and leaves one of her longest companions sad. Germany’s superstar Helene Fischer (37) has announced that it will be giving 70 concerts in 14 cities from March 21 to October 8, 2023, several in a row at each location. The singer writes on Instagram: “Tours have always […]

Refugee crisis in Belarus escalates: Merkel begs Putin, Scholz is silent – politics abroad

the Refugee crisis escalated on the Belarusian-Polish border! According to BILD information from government circles in Berlin and Brussels, the risk of a military escalation is growing. In addition, there is the almost hopeless situation of migrants in Belarus, who are not allowed to cross the border by Poland. ► Dictator Alexander Lukashenko (67) criticized […]

Berlin: Spy spied for Hildmann in the Berlin justice computer | Regional

It is a scandal that is shaking our judiciary. The seducer and right-wing extremist spokesman against the corona measures, Attila Hildmann (40), had a spy at the Berlin public prosecutor’s office! Read with BILDplus what the 32-year-old woman was doing in the IT department and how she was convicted after a “lateral thinker” demo. .

Health: six weeks of magnet therapy finally smoke-free? – Counselor

According to the Federal Statistical Office, almost every fourth person over the age of 18 smokes in Germany. If the smokers were asked, half said they wanted to get rid of the vice. But that is easier said than done. Giving up an addiction or even a habit is difficult. A new Israeli-American study is […]

Willi Herren: Dispute over tombstone – widow men versus sister men – people

No other celebrity grave is argued about anymore … Immediately after Willi Herrens († 45) funeral in May, a family complaint flared up around the damaged wreath of widow Jasmin Herren (42). Now the family is divided again – this time about the condition of the grave. ► BILD explains what’s behind the new Zoff. […]

Debts shrink, tax revenues rise – the state makes money from inflation – economy

The hammer inflation rate of 4.1 percent not only makes everyday life more expensive and savers poorer, it also makes the state richer. “All debtors benefit, including the state,” says Jörg Krämer, Commerzbank’s chief economist, to BILD. ► The fact is: If inflation is higher than interest, the debts, like the corona loans, shrink by […]