First bankruptcy for St. Pauli – Bochum remains goalless

Dhe FC St. Pauli has also extended its away misery in the 2nd Bundesliga with new signing Guido Burgstaller. Coach Timo Schultz’s team lost 0: 1 (0: 1) at SV Sandhausen on Friday evening and thus suffered their first defeat on the third match day. An own goal by defender Daniel Buballa (45th minute), who deflected a shot by former HSV professional Dennis Diekmeier, ensured the hosts win.

The substitute in the 62nd minute Burgstaller could no longer prevent the defeat. On his debut in front of 1,393 spectators in the Electoral Palatinate, the new addition of FC Schalke 04 remained largely unremarkable.

Since February, Hamburg has not been able to win an away game in the 2nd division. They got off to a good start in Sandhausen and had several chances to shoot after just a few minutes. But shortly before the break, SVS professional Julias Biada dribbled through the ranks of the guests and passed the ball on to Diekmeier – whose shot Buballa deflected unsustainable for keeper Robin Himmelmann. Shortly before the end, St. Pauli got stronger again, but Jannes Wieckhoff (89th) missed the best chance.

VfL Bochum missed the leap to the top of the table in the 2nd Bundesliga. At the start of the third match day on Friday evening against VfL Osnabrück, the Revierelf did not get past 0-0 despite good chances to score in front of 4,395 spectators in the Ruhrstadion. This means that both Bochum and Niedersaschen remain undefeated with five points each and are in the top group. Across the seasons, Bochum has only lost one game of the last 15 league games.

The hosts, who had to do without the suspended Gerrit Holtmann, had better chances through Milos Pantovic and Silvere Ganvoula, who only hit the post in the 20th minute. But Osnabrück’s goalkeeper Philipp Kühn was one of the best players on his team and saved the point with his saves. Maurice Multhaup (77th) missed the greatest opportunity among the guests who had to do without Bashkim Ajdini (yellow-red) in the final phase.


Hamburg and Hecking miss Bundesliga relegation

AWhen the groundbreaking decisions for the upcoming second division season were made a good year ago, Hamburg SV received applause in turn. Dieter Hecking, 55, came as a well-known coach, Jonas Boldt had made a name for himself as sports director at Bayer 04 Leverkusen. The team seemed well mixed from professionals with missions in the Bundesliga and those who knew the second division.

Hunt, Jatta, Leibold and Harnik, plus Kittel, Fein, Kinsombi and Dudziak: Only VfB Stuttgart had a nobler squad. Lewis Holtby and Pierre-Michel Lasogga had also left, names and faces that stood for failed and unsuccessful high-price policies. Bernd Hoffmann, the shrewd chairman of the board, who understood the coach heavyweight, sat even more: Hecking respected. Whatever helps if Hoffmann actually adheres to leaving the sporting area publicly uncommented.

The fact that there were a lot of new management personnel again because coach Hannes Wolf and sports director Ralf Becker had been fired after fourth place in the 2018/19 season, went down, so hopeful were the Hamburgers that they finally found the right person in a responsible position. When HSV was first after eleven games and 24 points, some of which were well played out, the whole thing seemed as coherent as rarely in the past ten years. The expectations here are not that big anymore. Quiet pole Hecking would fix it, definitely this season! Hamburg loved this coach in late summer 2019. And the trainer felt comfortable. 30 of 69 possible points from the following 23 games have been added. The stable ascent construction became a block tower like the one built by three-year-olds.

13 trainers since 2010

Now there is no stone on the other. Or? In fact, the traditional club is in a tight spot again. Expressly, no more guilty parties are to be sought and found, no individuals who are then chased by the court. That’s what Boldt stands for. He wants to get away from hiring and firing the coaches within a year – the HSV has worn 13 coaches since 2010. The usual reflex should be absent this time, and therefore Hecking has the chance to continue his work despite the embarrassment on Sunday. Whatever he wants. “I’m not a fickle person,” he said when he confidently found words for the 1: 5 against SV Sandhausen and his role in this so disappointing 2019/20 series: “We started as a whole and are now as a whole failed.”

Boldt had said that Hecking was his first point of contact. He stays with it. But does Boldt decide at all? Or Marcell Jansen? The president of HSV eV and chief controller of HSV Fußball AG has so far only said nothing – which does not have to be a good thing for Hecking and Boldt.

The question is: does consistency help, does turning away from the one-year trainer principle help when there is no conviction that the right person is on the bench? Continuity just for the sake of consistency cannot be a solution. Boldt, team planner Michael Mutzel and chief scout Claus Costa certainly made mistakes. The thin and weak central defense urgently needed reinforcements during the winter break. Unlike in the storm, where loan player Joel Pohjanpalo was the only ray of hope in the second half, Jordan Beyer did not help in the defense.

Overall, however, the Hecking leadership fulfilled many wishes. The coach was unable to stabilize the defense despite many changes – the five goals conceded on the last matchday and four last-minute goals showed where HSV wasted their promotion. One point from the last three games, ten points from the nine games since the restart: As a year ago, HSV slumped in the most important phase of the season. The team practically challenged goals against the Kielers and the Heidenheimers. It receded meter by meter. The burden of climbing had to be heavy.

As the Stuttgart sports director Sven Mislintat said at “Sport-Bild”: “If you work for VfB in the second division, and exactly the same applies to HSV, you can’t win, you can only lose. It feels like the relegation battle from the Bundesliga continues. ”Well formulated! This is exactly why the HSV chose pressure-resistant types. Hecking and his assistant Dirk Bremser in front. In the end, however, only Aaron Hunt and Pohjanpalo were up to the stress on the lawn. Where everyone pulled their heads in, they demanded the ball. That ended tragically against SV Sandhausen: Hunt faithfully delivered to Pohjanpalo, which the opponent saw through quickly. Concepts against deep teams? Tactical variations? Changes that sit, changes that are fruitful? Since the 2: 3 against VfB Stuttgart on May 28, Hecking has offered his team nothing more useful. The HSV played poorly and threw away the ascent in a way that all scoffers will have loved. Hard-boiled Hamburg fans clapped for Sandhausen on Sunday because they feared embarrassment against Werder in the event of relegation.

Despite the massive indebtedness, the Hamburg way should consist twice of advancing with comparatively expensive teams. Reduced earnings due to the corona pandemic and the signing departure of financier Klaus-Michael Kühne are forcing a new strategy. Favorites will be others. The HSV becomes the normal second division representative. Maybe that helps – or the next HSV trainer.


1. FC Heidenheim in relegation against Bremen thanks to HSV debacle

Dhe confirmed his class and remained undefeated in the last second division game of the year. Confidently, with great enthusiasm for the game and without any sign of resilience, DSC Arminia Bielefeld, who came ten points ahead of VfB Stuttgart, put FC Heidenheim in their place on Sunday afternoon. The Swabians were well served with the 0-3 defeat after goals from Klos (14th minute), Voglsammer (17th) and Clauss (54th).

The fact that third in the table fought for his Bundesliga promotion at the Bielefelder Alm was not even rudimentary. The team was unable to cope with the situation they were not used to and is considered a blatant outsider in the two relegation matches against SV Werder Bremen, the first of which will be in the Weser Stadium on Thursday. The fact that the FCH got this far was thanks to the once again nervously overwhelmed Hamburger SV, who at the same time lost his last hope for promotion in the 1: 5 loss to SV Sandhausen.

“Bielefeld is a really thick board that we have to drill”, coach Frank Schmidt had said before the encounter and added confidently, “but we have a few suitable drills with us.” However, there was nothing to be heard from those he possibly meant and see. Heidenheim was constantly stuck in ideas and lacked the robustness that is otherwise so typical for this team. The Swabians were stranded in their efforts to intimidate Bielefeld from sheer nervousness that they had suddenly landed close to the Bundesliga.

The untouchable league leaders should have led to the break more clearly than 2: 0 with a little more concentration. Even so, the clear difference in quality between the two teams was striking. Toilet by neck and friendly support from striker colleague Heidenheim scored his 21st goal of the season after Hartel’s corner kick, cementing his claim to the goal scoring cannon due to him. His striker Voglsammer increased to 2-0 with a massive shot: his twelfth goal this season.

The only, but also most important thing that encouraged the players from the Ostalb was the 2-0 half-time lead of SV Sandhausen at Hamburger SV, which was about to lose its last chance for third place – and it did . Heidenheim’s coach reacted to the uninspired appearance of his men and sent three fresh players to the field, including the Heidenheim playmaker icon Schnatterer. The effect? Equals zero.

The best second division team increased to 3-0 after fabulous preliminary work by Prietl and Klos thanks to the farewell goal of the Frenchman Clauss, who is moving back to France for the new season at RC Lens. From then on, Heidenheim had to rely on the colleagues from Sandhausen, but their lead did not melt away. There was nothing left for the FCH in Bielefeld under its own steam. Not a good omen for the upcoming relegation against the Bundesliga third-last Werder.


HSV misses relegation, Heidenheim there, Stuttgart rises

AThe day before the decisive game, the Hamburg SV tried to spread hope. The association published a picture on its internet channels. It shows Aaron Hunt, the team captain sliding on the lawn, right leg outstretched. He tries to stop a ball that threatens to roll out, but still touches the line of the field. Below the picture is: “It’s not over before it’s over.”

On Sunday afternoon, it was just over twelve minutes played in the duel HSV against SV Sandhausen, Julius Biada flanked the ball into the penalty area, where Kevin Behrens, his striker from Sandhausen, stuck out in a duel with Hamburg defender Rick van Drongelen. One of the two – rather van Drongelen – touched the ball, which jumped up and only slowed down again in the goal net. Unlike the picture on the Internet, there was no hamburger there that could have stopped the ball. Not goalkeeper Julian Pollersbeck, not Aaron Hunt, nobody else.

At that moment, it became clear for the first time what was certain later: it is really over. Hamburger SV, the big favorite, will not rise again. He will also play in the second division next season for the third year in a row. 1. FC Heidenheim lost in Bielefeld, a draw would have been enough for the Hamburgers to compete against Werder Bremen in the relegation. At 5:23 p.m., when the game was whistled, Sandhausen had won 5-1 in Hamburg.

“We gave it up lightly,” said HSV coach Dieter Hecking: “There is not one guilty party.” The starting position for Hecking had complicated before the deciding game in addition to the standings. He had to replace two central defenders: Louis Jordan Beyer was missing, Timo Letschert was injured.

Perhaps either of them could have prevented Behrens going so vigorously to the ball in the twelfth minute. Perhaps they could have stopped Behrens in the 22nd minute when he ran alone to goalkeeper Pollersbeck and scored 2-0 with a low shot. So Behrens could only stop himself in the first half. He then missed an opportunity that was more promising than any of the HSV at that time. There was only one shot by Joel Pohjanpalo over the goal (5th) and one from Martin Harnik in the goalkeeper’s gloves (45th).

There is also nothing in half two that suggests that Hamburg can develop the offensive power to catch up with a two-goal deficit. That only changed in the 59th minute when Hunt kicked the ball in the penalty area – and then Sandhausen’s Tim Kister was hit with the foot. With the help of the video images, referee Frank Willenborg decided: penalty. Hunt grabbed the ball and shot it in the goal as hard as it should be in this situation. HSV only missed one goal, but it was Sandhausen who scored three: Kevin Behrens converted a penalty (84th), Mario Engels closed a counterattack, in added time it fell 5-1 – by Dennis Diekmeier, for nine years Professional of the Hamburg sports club.

“Looking for great explanations after a game like this is out of place. There is no excuse for such an achievement. We have to touch our own noses, ”said HSV President Marcell Jansen at Sky and added:“ The legs were heavy, the head was slow. ”Does coach Hecking stay? “I’m not going to go into that in more detail now. It would be wrong to say anything about the emotion now, ”he said shortly after the game.

In addition to Bielefeld, VfB Stuttgart also rose – despite a 1: 3 win over Darmstadt on the last matchday. Mario Gomez scored the goal for the Swabians in his farewell game. Dynamo Dresden and SV Wehen Wiesbaden have to dismount. 1. FC Nürnberg plays in the relegation against the third in the third division. After a 1-1 draw in Kiel, the Karlsruhe SC passed by a 2-1 draw in Fürth and saved themselves.


2. League: A little football miracle – Dennis Diekmeier hits the goal

Sports Second division

The football wonder of Wiesbaden – Dennis Diekmeier hits the goal

| Reading time: 2 minutes

SV Wehen Wiesbaden - SV Sandhausen

HANDOUT – 05/26/2020, Hessen, Wiesbaden: Football: 2nd Bundesliga, SV Wehen Wiesbaden – SV Sandhausen, 28th matchday in the BRITA-Arena. Sandhausen goal scorer Dennis Diekmeier (r) jubelt after his goal to 0: 1. Photo: Ronald Wittek / epa-POOL / dpa – IMPORTANT NOTICE: According to the requirements of the DFL Deutsche Fußball Liga and the DFB Deutscher Fußball-Bund, it is forbidden to take photos of the stadium and / or the game in the form of sequence images and / or to use video-like photo spreads. +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

Credit: dpa / Ronald Wittek

He had to wait 287 games as a professional, now Dennis Diekmeier actually scored his first goal. The former HSV professional met for Sandhausen in Wiesbaden. Of course in injury time. He still keeps a negative record.

EIt was December 12, 2017 when Dennis Diekmeier finally seemed to have made it. He had accomplished what is elementary in football: ball, round, in goal, square.

The full-back of Hamburger SV scored in the 54th minute of the home game against Eintracht Frankfurt. But the joy was short-lived. His goal was denied for offside. He hadn’t been that close before or since.

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When Diekmeier, who is now 30 years old and landed in the second division at SV Sandhausen, came to Wiesbaden to play the penultimate match, he will no longer be thinking about scoring a goal.

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The train seemed to have left. He had 287 games for 1. FC Nürnberg and Hamburger SV as a professional – without scoring.

Diekmeier had to wait more than eleven years

On May 26, 2020, however, the tattoo fan will probably write the date under the skin, the time had come. After a corner kick from the sand houses and a too short attempt at clarification by the Wiesbaden team, the ball was shoveled into the penalty area again. Diekmeier saw his teammate Aleksandr Zhirov head towards the goal and he was between goalkeeper Heinz Lindner and the ball. So he held his head out, successfully faked it off – and was finally allowed to cheer.

SV Wehen Wiesbaden - SV Sandhausen

Salvation: Dennis Diekmeier enjoys the big moment

Credit: dpa / Ronald Wittek

This feeling, which he only knew from training and at most from playing with his four children Delani, Dion, Dalina and Divia, now came into play for the first time. More than eleven years after he made his club debut. Fittingly in injury time in the first half.

“Finally, a coach noticed that I belong in the corner at the front,” said Diekmeier beaming with joy, “otherwise I always had to secure at the back, so I could never score.”

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Even though the spell is now broken and Diekmeier has put down the big flaw of his career, his federal league record, which he has held since the 2nd matchday of the 2017/18 season, remains.

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At that time he became the goalless professional with most games with his 183rd Bundesliga game. There are 203 in total. And the SVS is twelve points behind the promotion places.

SV Wehen Wiesbaden - SV Sandhausen

Everyone knew that this goal didn’t just mean three points: The team-mates celebrate with Dennis Diekmeier

Credit: dpa / Ronald Wittek