Upcycling Android: Initiative for switching to free smartphone software

Everything always revolves around shopping – be it for Black Friday, Christmas or Easter. But why not just repair and reuse instead of always buying something new? This is what our series of articles “Repairing and Upcycling” is all about. With the “Upcycling Android” initiative, the Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) wants to encourage Android […]

EU Commission plans central database for financial information

Brussels The EU Commission presented four new legislative proposals on Thursday that are intended to pave the way for a unified financial and capital market in the Union. These include steps to create more transparency, improve investor protection, simplify access to financial data and make it easier to set up European long-term investment funds. The […]

Objective health and well-being, or how beauty helps us achieve it

The United Nations sets very clear sustainable development goals. Specifically, the number 3 talks about health and well-being and about how to guarantee a healthy life. Therefore, it is important to promote this well-being in all individuals and in any age group. Personally, I have always defended that in beauty we must go one step […]

Oil company moves headquarters to London – and has to change names

The petrol station group Shell is relocating its headquarters: From The Hague it should go to London. This is mainly due to tax reasons. Because of the move, the company has to discard part of its name. The Dutch-British oil company Shell wants to give up its tax headquarters in the Netherlands and relocate to […]

Sustainable urbanism, a source of well-being for the population?

Urbanism must be a means of planning and land use oriented to improve the living conditions of the population in cities. That’s when you talk about sustainable urbanism. So he thinks Edgar Benitez, professor and urban planning specialist at the Tec campus Toluca who shares his perspective on how urban planning can improve the quality […]

Filtering one ton of CO2 out of the air costs a thousand kilowatt hours of energy

© Chris LeBoutillier from Pexels 1.11.2021 For the first time, the study provides a complete life cycle analysis of the resource consumption of “Direct Air Capture”. Such systems can make an efficient contribution to climate protection. Berlin – Hilwil, a village with ten thousand souls near Zurich, is a kind of Mecca for those who […]

Seeing the catastrophe

Good morning, dear reader, if you want to subscribe to the break of day you can use this link. Then you will receive the newsletter every morning at 6 a.m. free of charge by e-mail. And here is the annotated overview of the day’s topics: Now everyone is challenged We know this from ourselves: We […]

Interview with Apple sustainability boss Lisa Jackson

The newly acquired suppliers have undertaken to ensure that a total of nine gigawatts of new production capacity for renewable energies is created, according to the group. In an interview with Handelsblatt, Lisa Jackson, Apple’s vice president for the environment, politics and social initiatives, said there were still hundreds left. “But we have been able […]

Why the best-before date could disappear

Labeled milk Eliminating the use-by date could help fight food waste. (Photo: dpa) Brussels Every year around 80 million tons of food are thrown away in the EU, one fifth of total production, around 170 kilograms per person. If this amount could be reduced, the food could be made cheaper and at the same time […]

THAT changes next year for can and bottle deposit

RTL>counselor> October 17, 2021 – 4:01 pm clock From 2022, fruit juice bottles and energy drinks will also require a deposit Have you always wondered why you pay a deposit for a small sparkling water bottle or fruit juice spritzer in a disposable bottle, but not for a large plastic juice bottle? That will change […]