Whoever ran into people in the USA was charged with five life sentences – RBC

Darrell Brooks ran into a crowd of participants in the Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin. Six people died there and more than 60 were injured. Now he faces five life sentences Darrell Brooks (Фото: Mark Hoffman / Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel / AP) Wisconsin mob suspect Darrell Brooks was charged Tuesday with five first-degree murders, ABC reported. […]

Telegram channel Nexta has become an extremist formation in Belarus :: Politics :: RBC

Later, the head of the department of the Main Directorate for Combating Organized Crime (GUBOPiK) of Belarus, Vyacheslav Orlovsky, told what responsibility is provided for subscribers of Telegram channels recognized as extremist in the country. According to him, Telegram channels can receive the status of extremist material or extremist formation. “It’s easier to say about […]

Afghan suspect in Büyükşen couple murder released

In the incident that occurred on September 3, 2018 at around 22:00 in a one-story house in the Ismail District of Karatay, the person wearing a ski mask entered the house belonging to Metin Büyükşen, whose door was open. The suspect shot at retired officer Metin Büyükşen and his wife Necla Büyükşen. Büşra Büyükşen (24), […]

“Planet 9” could be found soon

It has been clear since 2016 that there is probably a ninth planet orbiting the sun – nobody has found “Planet 9” yet. But this could change soon. In theory there is a ninth planet in our solar system. (Symbol picture) – sda – NASA / JPL-Caltech Ad the essentials in brief There is probably […]

First session of security transport robbery North – AT5

First session of security transport robbery NorthAT5 OM: Bullets flew in the round after armed robbery in Amsterdam-NorthFidelity Cash transport robbers say they only fired into the airAT5 Agents flew bullets around the ears on the A10 – CrimesiteCrimesite Suspects of Amsterdam cash transport robbery remain in jailOnline Transport View full story on Google News […]

AUTO ATTAKE in TRIER: Trial against the suspect has begun – WELT news channel

AUTO ATTAKE in TRIER: Trial against the suspect has begunWORLD news channel Trier rampage: Victims want answers – but the accused is silentt-online.de Suspected gunman from Trier is silent at the beginning of the processderStandard.at Amok run in Trier: defendant is silent in court | RegionalIMAGE Trial of the car attack in Trier has begunhe […]

no suspects were found, an investigation is still ongoing

Posted on Tuesday, August 10, 2021 at 5:33 p.m. By Sudinfo with Belga In the US state of Tennessee, an evacuation and confinement was declared at a secondary school on the second day of the new school year on Tuesday, multiple media reported. In the high school in the US state of Tennessee, where an […]

Shooting in the German town of Espelkamp kills two

Shooting in the German town of Espelkamp kills two Victims are a man and a woman. Two people died this Thursday, following a shooting in the city of Esperkamp, ​​Germany. According to a police source quoted by the German radio station WDR, the fatal victims are a man and a woman. There will be two […]