Northern Ireland – Baraclough National Coach – Sports

Ian Baraclough is the new national coach of the Northern Ireland national football team. The former defender is the successor to Michael O’neill. The 49-year-old Baraclough had previously worked as a Coach for the Northern Irish under-21 team and is the only the second Englishman on the coach post of the country from the United Kingdom.

Ex-national coach O’neill is also the Trainer of the English second-tier club Stoke City and had resigned due to scheduling difficulties as a result of the corona crisis in April from his office in Northern Ireland. In the Play-offs for the 2021 moved EM to the Northern Ireland compete first against Bosnia-Herzegovina. In the final of the last four European Tickets, it could come to a duel with Ireland. Baracloughs first game as national coach will be held on schedule in September in the framework of the Nations Cup in Romania.


Donors ‘ conference in Corona: Start with billion commitment – policy

Vaccines, treatments, and Tests are to be paid: a Total of 6.5 billion euros come together in the fight against the Corona of a pandemic. On a virtual conference, Chancellor Merkel also says a lot of money from Germany.

At the international fundraising marathon for vaccines and treatments against lung disease Covid-19 new commitments in the amount of 6.15 billion euros came together. Alone, the EU Commission and Germany said in a virtual donors ‘ conference together almost 5.3 billion euros. Other large donations came from the United States and Canada.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said at the conference, specifically, an additional 383 million euros, while von der Leyen, a further 4.9 billion euros of EU funds has announced. “I am firmly Convinced that vaccines, Tests and drugs must be available worldwide, is affordable and accessible,” said Merkel in her video message to the German contribution.

Already at the 4. In may, Germany had made a contribution of € 525 million for the vaccine Alliance, CEPI, the global vaccine Alliance GAVI, the world health organization, and various product development partnerships. Had come together at the telethon even before the conference, on Saturday, almost ten billion euros. The now by the EU-Commission, the promised funds will flow as loans and guarantees.

EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen spoke of an incredible result. She had not organized the donor conference, along with a New York government organization. To conclude, it should give the evening a Grand concert with artists such as Coldplay, Miley Cyrus, Shakira, and Justin Bieber, which is transmitted on the Internet. The organizers were able to win for the Online Gala will also feature many non-musical Celebrities for guest appearances. Among them, the actor, for example, inside of Kerry Washington and Charlize Theron, Ex-professional soccer player David Beckham and former Top Model, Naomi Campbell.

Presenter for the evening should be of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. “This is a critical Moment in history requires all of us to keep together and to create a better future for all,” said the actor to his commitment. The objective is to strengthen the global community, which campaigns for equitable access to health care and against the enormous injustices in our world is fighting.

When vaccines and effective drugs against the Coronavirus is ready for deployment, is currently still unclear. The worldwide for the fight against the pandemic, the necessary funds were recently estimated, however, by UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, to around 40 billion dollars (36 billion euros).

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What needs to change after the Corona-crisis?:To The Reader Discussion


Robben wants to give in Groningen Comeback – sports

The former Bayern-professional had ended last summer, his career actually. Now, the 36-Year-old for his Comeback to training in his youth club.

The former Bayern-professional Arjen Robben pushes his retirement and return to his youth club FC Groningen. The Dutch informed the first team on Saturday. The 36-year-old Robben had last held already at FC Bayern at the Säbener Straße fit. Robben started his career in 1999 in the Groningen youth and left the Eindhoven club in 2002, in the direction of the PSV. At the end of the 2018/19 season, he announced his career end.

“The club can use in this time all the help he can get in the corona of a crisis. I have even taken many of the actions part and thinking about what I can do about it,” said the Champions League winners of 2013: “It started to tickle, and now it is my Mission. I’m working on my Comeback as a footballer.” On Sunday, the club and Robben will give a joint press conference.


Bundesliga – Schalke Misery – Sports

Against Freiburg, Schalke shows another helpless appearance and remains for 16 Games without a win. On the club grounds 1500 Fans gather to protest against Clemens Tönnies.

Shortly before the end of the game Schalke goalkeeper Christian Nübel was a bit impatient: “keep on playing” he cried half-aloud, as a Schalke attacker lost the Ball, the repositioning but had. Shortly thereafter, the conclusion was: Schalke 04 had to be 16. Game in the series not won. 4:0 SC Freiburg, a Team that went to nothing more than the defence of the place, which promises a slightly higher share of the TV money won.

The Schalke misery in this second round continued in Freiburg so seamlessly – and not just the result technically. Although it noted that at least in the first half some of the play that the actors involved have learned their Job. But the grandeur, with the Can bozdoğan, Rabbi Matondo, or Ahmed Kutucu let the Ball circulate, brought only in the rarest of cases, space and the counterattack was thwarted by the well-known Sloppiness, such as his effort took a batted Pass from Keeper Nübel, the Juan Miranda is no longer in front of the Crossing of the halfway line managed to save.

At halftime it was therefore 2:0 for Freiburg, because the Baden-Baden brought the Schalke game as a mirror image of the place. Where Schalke ball acted in love, parted in the optical (and, in many cases, individually) defeated Freiburg quickly from the Ball, bridged afloat in the midfield and came up against a more than 90 minutes a weak Schalke defense unproblematic to their gates by Luca Waldschmidt (20.) and Jonathan Schmid (38.).

“Schalke is not a slaughterhouse, against the Decomposition of our Association”

At the same time the were – according to the organizers, around 1500 Schalke fans who had gathered at the club grounds, apparently still in a good mood. Because you had expected from your team anyway, nothing more than another helpless appearance. And on the other, because of the concern that had brought them together, got through to the number of participants in the hoped-for emphasis. Under the Motto “Schalke no slaughterhouse is against the Decomposition of our Association”, had Schalke Fans called for the formation of a human chain, should its demand for a resignation of the Supervisory Board chief Clemens Tönnies underline.

The people, the organizers were in his company, and at Schalke, equally irresponsible, and for the sporting and financial Malaise of the Blue-and-White, as well as for the Corona outbreak, with over 1500 Infected in the districts of Gütersloh and Warendorf.

“We’ll throw him that he has taken the Corona pandemic lightly, and in its operation to a few protective measures are taken,” says Katharina Strohmeyer, who has organized the Protest together with her partner Stefan Barta organ. In addition, the opaque System of contract workers at various contractors working boundary”, to slavery.” In the mid-term break, as your Team is already 0:2 behind, was Strohmeyer easier then audibly: “people from all over Germany travelled to the venue. Here are the Fans who travelled up to 500 miles with the camper, even.”

If the Mentioned goods traveled from the roughly 512 kilometres away from Freiburg in Gelsenkirchen, was not to determine from there, in the black forest stadium anyway, there is nothing Surprising in more fact, also after the break, unless you find it surprising that Schalke auxiliary still loose the acting in the first 45 minutes. After a beautiful Pass from Vincenzo Grifo on Lucas Höler the delivery free on Nübel and met the 3:0 (47.). The One-to-One Situation was given the tranigen opposition of the Keepers to a One-to-Zero Situation. Freiburg had a flight the 4:0 follow – again Waldschmidt (57 met.).

And also, since then, his Team was had the opportunities to be had at some point also in SC coach Christian Streich, the body voltage a little – even after the 4:0, he had asked his team to yet more concentration. His Chelsea colleague, David Wagner tried after the game, meanwhile, to understand the Positive way to highlight. “The young team that we have today on the pitch, fought back, but in the Moment, trust and quality is missing. In the second passage we were no longer competitive.” The Gelsenkirchen-based Demo addressed, was Wagner’s defensively stronger than it was before his Elf: “It is well known that we have difficulties. I’m all for the sporting problems.”


The Old Leatherman – a story of a tough guy – panoramic

United States in the 19th century. Century: A mysterious man wanders again and again, the 365 miles between New York and Connecticut – and by newspaper reports. The history of the “old leather man”.

Everything about him was made of leather. Pants, Coat, Shoes, Hat, Backpack. He never changed clothes. He would have done it, not would he “the old leather man”. Under this name he was known, that a Vagabond, in the 19th century. Century between the U.S. States of New York and Connecticut and herwanderte.

For 30 years he should be on the road, at least six of them on the same Route. He ran 365 miles in a clockwise direction.

Every 34 days he reached the same places, Danbury, New Fairfield, Watertown, Westchester, back in Danbury. He was so punctual that any Tardiness was a message value. The press wrote about him, and children ran from the school to catch a glimpse of the leather man in transit. His identity remained a mystery.

In August, 1869, reported Port Chester Journal a man in a tattered leather suit, struck with this for some time to be alone on his travels. He slept in caves, ate berries, and went and returned again. “The poor creature”, in the newspaper, one could only wish for happiness in their loneliness.

There have been reports in the followed Bristol Pressin Connecticut Valley Advertiser, Waterbury Daily Americanin the New York Times. Until the death of the leather man in 1889, a vast Repertoire grew to texts, the the American Dan W. DeLuca in 2008, bundled in a publication with the title “The Old Leather Man”.

“Old” or “Alt” are, in fact, misleading words: The leather man was about 50 when he died.

Wild Theories

According to the records, he seemed so, as his trek was the life most important companies in the world, as it was a matter of life or death, his goal, whatever be the to achieve at the scheduled time.

He was peaceful and didn’t speak much, and when, then individual syllables in French and English, which fascinated the people even more. The leather man was a real-made fairy-tale character. Some associated the leather man with the figure of the Eternal Jew from Christian people say, always to the restlessness of hell, to make atonement for past sins.

A little punishment is in fact one of the theories to explain its origin. The good news is that The theory is a love story. The Bad: There is no Happy ending. Even worse: The Whole thing is not even true – but beautifully tragic to ignore it.

His Name was Jules Bourglay. He came from Lyon, France and had fallen in love with the daughter of a wealthy leather merchant had. But getting Married was a complicated project, under the Argus eyes of the father.

Jules Bourglay had to prove himself first as a man of honor, the favor of his daughter and the blessing of the son-in-law deserve father-in-law. So the father handed over his business temporarily in the hands of the young man. Him thriving should be able to do transactions at the end of, would be a wedding in the way. For a time the well went Bourglay ran properly. Then he invested cocky in new leather goods. Then the prices crashed. And then he crashed.

The father-in-law, would never be a father-in-law, disowned him. Jules Bourglay fled to America, where he was punished from then on, wrapped in a fabric of disaster-step-by-step for his Failure.

In a backpack the leather man was found later, next to a pipe, a hatchet and folding knives, a French-language prayer book. Even if he was not Jules Bourglay, so he had to be a Frenchman.

Although the evidence was puny, you brought some years after his death on a grave in the Sparta Cemetery in Ossining, New York, the name Jules Bourglay. Meanwhile, the tomb was moved and the false Name is replaced. Today, two other words are written there: The Leatherman. Anonymous, but after all, not a fairy tale.

30 kilograms of heavy leather cowl

In September, 1888, he was late. A snow storm raged. From the usual 34 days 36 were. The leather man, it went bad. Under his chin swelled an ulcer as large as an Orange. Cancer was eating away at his lips.

The Brewster Standard quoted a doctor who saw the hikers. It was only a matter of time, he said, until the travel of the leather’s going to have an end. The Bristol Week Press wrote, the leather man could only eat what was previously dunked in coffee, but even the Chewing of soft foods hurt so much that tears ran down his cheek.

“The Old Leather Man Dead – The Old leather man is dead,” was the headline on the 25. On March 1889, the New York Times. They found him in a cave in the small town of Mount Pleasant.

His leather suit, more art than clothing, and about 60 pounds, travelled under the earth, but to the owner of the Meehan & Wilson’s Globe Museum in New York and the Eden Wax Musee in Coney Island. There, a fire broke out in 1928, however. The clothes burned in the flames.

Maybe this was forever, everything, only not in search of Wandering. Neither in search of themselves to something else, neither to the salvation of committed sins and after overcoming a lost Love. Go walking will, a lightness of Being.

This Text first appeared in the Print-SZ from the 23.05.2020.


Coronavirus News: Unified Corona-Trip Rules – Policy

After most provinces had already brought restrictions for travelers from Corona Hotspots on the way, and there is now a Federal-state agreement. People are allowed to be accommodated events from a circle with a high Corona Infection in a Hotel or in an apartment or without a quarantine measure in a country, if you submit a negative Covid-19-Test. According to a decision of the chief of the Federal Chancellery and the head of the state – and the Senate offices of the countries. The required testimony “must be based on a molecular-biological testing, the maximum of 48 hours prior to arrival has been made”.

NRW Minister Armin Laschet (CDU) welcomed the regulations, the “risk-Preparedness and the freedom to travel to connect with each other”. After the Corona onset in the district of Gütersloh in the majority of länder had initially decided to take their own travel restrictions. In several States the citizens must, if you are coming from the district of Gütersloh home, in quarantine. As a high infection more than 50 new infections per 100 000 inhabitants apply happen within the last seven days.

Meat industry in NRW must test Employees twice a week

The meat industry in North Rhine-Westphalia has to let the workers in the future, at least two Times per week on the Coronavirus test. The new requirement applies from 1. July for slaughterhouses, Cutting plants and primarily meat-processing companies with more than 100 employees, and regardless of whether it were its own Employees or contract workers, according to the NRW Ministry for work and health. The cost to carry the meat industry.

In the new General order, it literally means: “It is only persons allowed to be used in the production, which will be tested at least twice per week at the expense of the holder to infection by the Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 by PCR, and a negative test result.” The testing could be carried out in the pool procedure. The evaluation must be performed by an approved laboratory. The Test-whether the evidence provided in the operation.

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The order also contains extensive documentation obligations: The company would be required to collect the name and residential or residence addresses of all the premises of persons present and for four weeks to store, it said.

“The incidents in Coesfeld, Gütersloh show that, Apparently, can spread the Virus under the conditions of a slaughterhouse or a meat processing plant is particularly good,” said land Minister Karl-Josef Laumann (CDU) in the message. The early detection of infections is key in the fight against the Virus. The contact details are not important. “It can’t be that in case of an outbreak, the authorities happened to run for days on this data,” he said.

Police gives several places in the Rhineland

Due to the small Minimum distance, the police has dissolved in the Rhineland, several crowds of people. In Köln, for example, in the night of Saturday, numerous references were made, said a spokesman for the police. Around the city garden in the Belgian quarter would have been several hundred people. Since it was on the sidewalks is hardly possible to maintain the corona-related safety distance.

“Probably some of them were also under the influence of alcohol and have not accepted the measures quite so,” said the spokesman. The municipal public order office of Cologne had turned to shortly after midnight at the police to control the crowds and to vacate the courts. The application took several hours. However, the extent was not unusual. “Due to the weather and the weekend, you could expect,” said the spokesman.

Also in Düsseldorf, the nice weather lured the people into the city centre. “Far too many and far too close to each other,” said a spokesman for the police in Düsseldorf, the Situation. According to the request of the Committee, the officials had vacated shortly after midnight, the stairs and the Short street of the old town with hundreds of people. In part, the ceremony had expressed the displeasure expressions, problems were not, however, come up. Crime did not exist. Last Friday it had given up in Stuttgart a riot.

Retrieved vacationers get the bill

The Federal government provides 67 000 tourists were brought back in the spring because of the pandemic from abroad, from 200 to 1000 Euro for the flights in the invoice. Thus 40 percent of the total cost of 94 million euros is to be covered. The cost-sharing of the Stranded staggered: For flights from the Canary Islands and North Africa, 200 Euro must be paid, for southern Africa and the Caribbean, 500 euros will be due, returnees from South America and Asia must pay 600 Euro, and who was brought back from new Zealand and Australia, receives an invoice more than 1000 Euro.

“With the package solution, has decided to the Federal government for a transparent and, if possible, non-bureaucratic solution, which treatment of all travellers have the same goal”, BelTA learned from the foreign office. It is, therefore, also “in tune” with regulations in other EU countries.

Overall, were brought back in March and April about 240, 000 travelers in a unique, historical action. Tour operators from flying package tourists who had booked with them, even for free. For individual tourists, and other return, chartered consent, such as business travellers, the Foreign office machines, 000 people from all over the world, with 260 flights-about 67 back. They are now being asked to pay.

Report: travel warning for Turkey also because of compulsory treatment

Germany makes a report according to which the deletion of a Corona-rule in Turkey a condition for an end to the travel warning. This signaled the Federal Foreign office (AA) recently the Turkish side, as the Mirror reported. The news magazine is citing Insiders.

Currently, each with the Coronavirus Infected immediately in a hospital and deal with the controversial drug hydroxy chloroquine treat to have in the Germans in a very popular holiday destination. From the point of view of the AA, the Federal government can not relax the travel warning because of this forced treatment, the Mirror.

The Malaria drug is not approved in Germany for the treatment of Corona patients, in addition, the effect of the treatment and the risks for the patient are unclear. US authorities should have taken for hydroxychloroquine, the President of Donald Trump as a preventive measure, temporarily, a special authorisation will be issued. Nearly two weeks ago, the food and drug administration (FDA) withdrew its approval. It was in the light of current scientific knowledge “unlikely” that hydroxychloroquine in the treatment of lung disease to be effective, it said.

Another Argument of the AA to maintain the travel warning, is to be paid, according to the report, the classification of Turkey as a risk area by the Robert Koch-Institute, because of the still high level of Infection.

Quarantine for the göttingen residential completed complex

The corona-related quarantine for a residential complex in Göttingen with about 700 residents is completed. The undertaking was to run on schedule at midnight, and said a city spokesman said on Friday morning. The fence will be mined on a page currently. On another street, the fence is still standing – there’s A find – and outlet controls to ensure that individual residents, for which a quarantine is compulsory, the terrain will not leave. Until Tuesday, it should be twice a day free meals.

The aim of the quarantine was to limit the infection’s outbreak, with around 120 proven infection. The measures have been effective, said the Director of the göttingen-based crisis unit, Petra Broistedt, on Thursday. Overall, the city had been carried out according to the 600 second tests. Only four other people in a positive test result had therefore. It was to contact persons Infected in the family environment. According to the city, the people live in conditions precarious, the apartments are only 19 to 39 square metres in size – some families are with four children.

The residential complex was in view of the many infections on the 18. June quarantined. Previously, it was already in a high-rise building in Göttingen, the Iduna-complex to come to a larger Corona outbreak.


Basketball: The world is watching to meet the class – sports

Even before the Finals of the tournament of the Basketball is managed-League as the all-around. The weeks in Munich and the courage – not to repeat but

After three weeks, the final tournament is coming to the German Basketball championship in the end, it is high time to clarify a question: Who passes the title trophy on Sunday (15, sports 1, and Magenta sports), after the second final match between Alba Berlin MHP Riesen Ludwigsburg?

Usually the honor of the master is reserved to the President and the Executive Director of the Basketball Bundesliga (BBL), currently the Ludwig Burger club leader Alexander Reil and Stefan wood. But strictly speaking, the two are not allowed to be taken to the Teams on the field, and the team may not have been to the officials on the tribune of the Munich hall, the players, and are shielded from the outside world. It provides for the safety and hygiene concept under the requirement of the tournament in the Corona-crisis has been approved by Bavarian authorities. And Stefan wood assured: “We will not be on the last round everything is softening.”

Up to the first final of the Alba Berlin game on Friday, but is already quite significantly with 88:65 (46:29) against Ludwigsburg won, everything worked fine, despite the short-term organization. “It couldn’t have gone better,” says wood: There was no Corona case, there is no serious injury, despite the gruelling program, and exciting games. The good impression does not want to risk the BBL by may at the awards ceremony for a professional with the Coronavirus is plugged in.

Viewers it is also the final weekend

The Handing over of the trophy was actually the last in the BBL officials these days have thought. Previously, you planned to leave on the final weekend audience in the otherwise empty Audi Dome. “We would like to have carried out a Test with 230 viewers,” says wood. You would have hoped for clues as to whether and how you might record in the next season of the game with spectators in the hall. The concept was praised by the authorities in terms of content, although again, but still been rejected, told wood. “Perfectly understandable,” he says: in view of the recent Corona-waves in the country, “suggests the pendulum just back in the other direction”, in terms of relaxations.

After all, the BBL now has a base on the for the coming season at least a partial admission of spectators can be explained. The local ice hockey and Handball leagues, as well as the Basketball Euroleague, all of which had interrupted their game times due to the Corona pandemic, have recently agreed the 1. October as the start date for your new season proclaimed; the BBL will at the latest begin in mid-October. “The authorities will demand from the team sports, a common approach,” believes wood, “it can’t be that every hinwurschtelt in front of him.”

The BBL-the managing Director speaks of the “concept of 2.0”, when he talks about the future conditions for professional team sports, and it is clear that the basketball players to play a leading role. Now all the world has looked to Munich for this tournament. Florian kainz Inger, the key developer of the hygiene concept, says: “I would be surprised if you would see elements of it again.”


Decisions in Poing and anger thing – and – Ebersberg

As the first municipalities in the district of Poing and Zorneding are part of the Municipal energy efficiency network for the Region Ebersberg, Munich. 60 percent of the cost of the project assumes the Federal Ministry for the environment

Even clearer would be a “Yes” hardly that, Without discussion and without the critical Demands of Poinger municipal Council approved in its recent meeting on Thursday evening, unanimously in favour of the Municipal energy efficiency network for the Region of Ebersberg and Munich to join. A total of about 22 015 euros must apply to the municipality for their three-year membership. The wrath of things the Council voted on the same evening unanimously for membership.

The Municipal energy efficiency network is a project that has been initiated by the energy Agency of Ebersberg and Munich, and the Institute for sustainable energy (INEV) of the Technical University of Rosenheim to life. In this case, it is aimed at local authorities from the country of Ebersberg and Munich circles. The goal is the merger of municipalities, with the purpose to be a competent Advisor and presenter in the field of energy efficiency and sustainable energy supply – and, thus, conserve energy, reduce carbon emissions and to relieve in the final analysis, both the climate as well as the municipal Fund. The Federal Ministry for the environment, nature conservation and nuclear safety is funding the project with about 60 percent of the necessary expenses, such as compensation for the network management or the content of guidance and Moderation, but also operating expenditure, the measures recommended to implement.

INEV-managing Director, Dominikus Bücker had come to the meeting to Poing to explain the parish councils, the concept behind the project and the processes. The conditions he presented as follows: in addition to individual energy-technical consulting for the implementation of energy-efficiency measures, which include during the three-year duration of the project per municipality, a total of approximately 40 consultant days, are held every three months network meeting. The host of the Meeting should be in a rotating change of the member municipalities. Typically, there are at the Meetings, lectures, or examples of successful implementations of measures are to be visited, in addition, the municipalities exchange information informally with each other. “For the one or the other municipality is the most important aspect of the network,” says Bücker.

The network is only a part of the package, the promise INEV and energy Agency, the participants are meeting but. In the first year of the partnership is to be created according to Bücker for each municipality, an analysis of potential: It is a matter of figuring out, “what measures are realistic, so that they can implement”. Bücker stressed that it was only areas, which can be influenced by the municipalities directly to the photovoltaic system on the roof of a company, but on the town hall roof. Possible measures to identify correspond to a much larger part of the project, as the networks, such as Bücker said.

“Such a list can be,” says Bücker. He mentioned a commune, in the list of possible measures was comprised of 120 points. In a second step, the points are prioritized and economically assessed: Either it is low-investment measures, such as tube to insulate the wires, or to focus on measures such as the conversion of the municipal fleet to energy efficient vehicles.

In years two and three of the project, should it go then the points in the list according to their priority to implement. In Parallel, the INEV and the energy Agency also take over the public Relations for decisions and developments that occur in the participating municipalities, in the framework of the network.

Poing and anger thing, are the first municipalities in the district of Ebersberg, which joined the network binding beige. Interest and eligible entry submitted Grafing and Kirchseeon have expressed. An official decision of the municipal Council is yet to be established. From the district of Munich, ten municipalities have indicated interest in the network. On demand INEV-managing Director, Dominikus Bücker have said already four mandatory the course. In the coming weeks, presentations will follow in the bodies of the remaining municipalities. The initial situation is not optimal, such as Bücker stated during the meeting in Poing: In Ebersberg, Munich network, the communities are relatively close – he will know of projects in which between the participants to the 100 kilometres.


As children Covid-ill 19 – Know

New data confirm that The disease is in children is usually mild. But sometimes there are severe complications – such as the Kawasaki syndrome.

In the spring it went in Europe, day-to-day cases increased. In the first days of April, Europe has witnessed the peak of the Corona pandemic. At the same time, children began doctors from 21 countries of the continent, to collect data about their young patients. Now, the evaluation in the journal is The Lancet, Child & Adolescent Health appeared. They confirmed what had previously been reported from China: children and young people are rarely difficult to the new disease. However, In safety may weigh no family – no matter how vital, how fit your child is.

“Our study shows that severe cases occur in all age groups,” says Florian Götzinger from the Vienna wilhelminen hospital, which was involved as the main author in the investigation of children between zero and 18 years of age. But most often, the researchers found heavy Covid-19-waveforms in neonates and those children who were already pre-existing. These include Asthma and other chronic respiratory issues, congenital heart disease, cancer, and neurological diseases such as epilepsy. However, even previously healthy children was able to meet a Sars-CoV-2 infection so severe that she had to be treated in an intensive care unit. After all, three-quarters of the young intensive care patients had no known pre-existing conditions.

The risk for a transfer to the intensive care unit increased, too, if had infected children, in addition to the Coronavirus and other pathogens of respiratory diseases. Of these multiple-infected children, 24 percent had serious complications, while among the other only seven percent. Among the other pathogens of the common cold and influenza viruses. The typical flu season was already over, as the scientists gathered their data. The researchers warn, therefore, that complications in the coming Winter – if significantly more pathogens circulate – could occur more frequently.

With the work of the international Team wants to inform, in the first line clinics, what you need to set. The total of 582 children examined were all come for examination or treatment in a hospital. Children, the auskurierten the infection without any major discomfort at home, were not included in the analysis. So that the work can make no claims about how common the complications are, among all the children.

A quarter of children with Covid-19 had gastrointestinal complaints

Of the surveyed almost 600 children and eight percent were treated in the ICU. About half of them had to be artificially ventilated, often more than a week. Four children have died of 0.7 per cent of the Surveyed -. Taking into account that many children develop only mild or even asymptomatic, is likely to be the mortality rate among all children is still significantly lower.

Most children and adolescents were suffering from fever and respiratory problems. About a quarter of the patients complained of gastro-intestinal-problems – part of the respiratory complaints were missing for you.

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The study is the first large investigation to Covid-sick children in Europe. But, ultimately, it has been obtained already from the actuality. After the data collection was completed, reported that pediatricians from the US and some European countries, a more worrying development. They had found some children who were positive in the Coronavirus tested, inflammation of various organs. The heart, lungs, kidney, brain, skin, eyes, or digestive organs were affected. The phenomenon was baptized a Multi-systemic inflammatory response syndrome; it can lead to shock and organ failure.

Much is open, including the question of whether the syndrome goes back really to be causally related to infection with Sars-CoV-2, why is it so far only in some countries has been observed, and whether it can long leave term damage. To these questions, the current LancetStudy contribute nothing.

The multi-systemic inflammatory syndrome is similar in part to the Kawasaki-syndrome, which was described in the 1960s in Japan for the first time. Also this disorder have observed a physician when Covid-ill children. It occurs especially in under five year old children and is associated with inflammation of the blood vessels, with fever and often a rash. In the extreme case, you can attack the heart.

Among the uncertainties that pediatricians know enough about what drugs you can treat children with severe Covid-diseases of the best. They found large differences in the policies of different European countries and are urgently calling for, children and young people in the search for suitable methods of treatment include.

What needs to change after the Corona-crisis?:To The Reader Discussion


Glasgow/Scotland: After the knife attack, the police kill a man – Panorama

One, apparently, suspect man was shot dead after a knife attack on several people. A further six people are being treated in hospital, including a police officer.

In the case of a knife attack in a Hotel in Glasgow, Scotland, a man has injured six people. The police shot and killed the perpetrator. The authorities do not expect a terrorist attack. The investigation continued, but police said in the short message service Twitter. Some British media reported that the dead. But this was not officially confirmed.

The incident occurred in the Park Inn Hotel in the centre of the city, the police announced. There, asylum seekers are supposed to be the end of housed. The injured are 17 to 53 years of age. They all came to the hospital, including a police officer. The condition of the 42-Year-old is, according to official data is stable.

Glasgow/Scotland: Knife Attack

Special units at the Park Inn Hotel in Glasgow

(Photo: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

“I’ve seen people who are running a Hotel,” said an eye-witness to the news channel Sky News. “All over the road were police vehicles and rescue.” An eye-witness at the Hotel reported the news Agency PA that the reception was full of blood. Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he was “deeply saddened by the terrible incident in Glasgow”. Similarly, Scotland’s head of government, Nicola Sturgeon said.

The police wrote in the short message service Twitter of a serious “incident”, but stressed that there is no danger to the Public exists. British media reported that heavily armed forces, who stormed into a building. Some roads have been blocked, such as the municipal administration announced.