Satou Sabally: “I want to be seen as an activist” – sport

The German basketball player from the WNBA wants to change society – a conversation about origin, racism and Angela Merkel.

SZ: Ms. Sabally, you often wear shirts that say: “More than an athlete”. What do these words mean to you?

Satou Sabally: I want to be more than just a basketball player. I want to be seen as an activist who works for people who cannot do it themselves. I am a black woman, I have a platform – and I want to use it.

LeBron James started the campaign “More than an Athlete”. Fox News presenter Laura Ingraham had barked at him as a basketball player to keep out of political and social issues.

He is my role model – like Serena Williams.

Their campaign, “Best Athlete Ever”, is also about equality.

It is like this: If a woman is emotional on the field, it is said that she would freak out. When a man does that, it says, “How cool that he shows emotion.” Serena has shown how wrong this view is. I am also amazed at how she returned to the tennis court as a mother. I think that the issue of women’s movement is in good hands, many smart women take care of it. If I can stand up for it, I would be very happy. However, the issue of racism is more important to me at the moment – because it is so topical.

You spoke on social networks about Ahmaud Arbery, an unarmedn African American who was shot and killed by two whites in Georgia while jogging. The investigation is sluggish.

It looks like the suspects are in jail for a much shorter amount of time than an African American who deals in marijuana to help his family for this brutal and inhumane act. That is grotesque. I fear that many people will be disappointed with how this case will turn out.

What can you do?

I believe that the public interest is putting immense pressure on the authorities. This helps. That’s exactly what I want to use my platform for. You have to post it on social media, you have to talk about it and you have to initiate debates. I get upset when people don’t want to talk about it. Every single athlete who has a lot of followers on social media should have posted it – so that people notice what’s going on in the world.

There is a sentence by Michael Jordan: “Republicans also buy shoes.” Do you understand athletes who prefer to stay out and stay apolitical?

Each person has to define for themselves what is right for them personally. But: Whoever refrains from posting the photo of a man shot will probably not be active on the street if a black man is pressed. The question is: do you look away or do you say what? It is not enough to boast about having a few black friends.

You were born in New York 22 years ago, you have a couple of years lived in Gambia, shortly before starting school she went to Berlin. How does that shape you?

I have learned to cope anywhere. I went to a school in Berlin where 80 percent of the people were Arabs and Turks. I met a lot of South Americans at college in the USA. My mother is an open person who quickly makes friends everywhere. I didn’t have to think for a long time that I looked different from her. I only noticed when I was vacationing on the Baltic Sea that I was black.

Like the essay “How It Feels to Be Colored Me” by the writer Zora Hurston, which says: “I feel blackest when I am pressed against a white background.”

Exactly. There were no other black people there, and it was these looks that made me realize how black I really am.

How did you experience racism?

I was not born in Germany, but I grew up there. I am a real Berliner! The worst form of racism is the one that appears subliminal: When a woman pulls her bag, for example, when a black man walks past her on the street. You are never seen as a real German if you have a different skin color or an accent. This immediately leads to the question of origin.

This “Where do you come from you?”

It is a form of racism that is very difficult to change because people do not understand what is wrong with asking this question. They don’t know what’s going on when you are asked something like that – or what goes through your head when someone pulls their bag closer just because they have a different skin color.

How do you defend yourself?

Then I just say: “My father is from The Gambia.”

Then people nod sympathetically – the world view is intact again.

It’s true: my father comes from The Gambia, that’s why I’m a Gambian. When eating, for example, according to the Gambian tradition, there is a huge plate on the table, which everyone uses – which leads to people talking. We’re a loud family anyway.


Second division – “Hells Bells” is still running – sports

The second Bundesliga also starts again. But the circumstances and Dresden’s quarantine worry those involved. “My players are not machines and not robots,” said Nuremberg coach Jens Keller.

Eleven against eleven without a spectator, they have practiced this several times with the second division leaders Arminia Bielefeld. “Our players can now cope with that,” says sporting director Samir Arabi, and that could be important already at the weekend: a preliminary decision in a three-way battle for promotion seems to be quite possible. While the Bielefeld team received 51 points promoted VfL Osnabrück, the pursuers VfB Stuttgart (45 points) had to compete at SV Wehen Wiesbaden and Hamburger SV (44) at Greuther Fürth.

Bielefeld, who are still unbeaten in 2020, want to continue where they had to stop in mid-March because of the epidemic. Captain Fabian Klos has no great doubts about this: “You can’t rule out anything, but I am not worried that we will get a kink,” he said. Hamburger SV are also optimistic that they will be able to return to top quality with a year delay. “We now have almost everyone on board and the best squad in the second division,” said captain Aaron Hunt. For the veteran, the forced break did not only have disadvantages: “Before Corona we had a small trailer, but now everything is set to zero.”

Hamburg’s opponent Fürth can also play in a line-up that convinces coach Stefan Leitl: The entire team is in training, he reported. One only needs to be a little careful with central defender Mergim Mavraj, who had injured himself in the adductor area before the corona break. “We are happy that we can go back to work,” said the coach. “But we are also aware of the responsibility we have. We will also handle it carefully.” If they succeeded against HSV, Fürth would move up to five points in the relegation relegation rank.

Similar to Hamburg’s trainer Dieter Hecking, his Stuttgart colleague Pellegrino Matarazzo can draw on almost anything in terms of personnel. The Swabians are correspondingly confident that they will defend their direct ascent place. Matarazzo said: “To do this, we have to approach every game like a final. The players are hungry and hot anyway.”

But it is also clear that all forecasts and speculations and even results are only waste if positive tests such as the last one at Dynamo Dresden should be repeated. The two-week quarantine of the Saxons is already having an impact on the game plan and possibly on the fight for promotion. Because it is almost certain that the guest performance of the bottom of the table in Bielefeld, planned between May 26 and 28, will also have to be postponed. This will be decided next week, according to the DFL announcement from Thursday.

“It will be an issue for the next few days to find an acceptable consensus. I cannot imagine that we can start there,” said sports director Ralf Minge on Wednesday. “I don’t understand fair competition if you have to go back to a championship game three days after the quarantine. You have to have had team training for a few days,” said CFO Michael Born. Minge also made it clear that they wanted to avoid breaking off the season. “When looking at our situation, you shouldn’t just look at the table. Only four teams have scored more points since the winter break,” he said. “We want to regulate the topic in terms of sport.”

1. FC Nürnberg is also in the fight against relegation. His trainer Jens Keller sees his players face special challenges due to the special rules of conduct during the ghost games. “My players are not machines and not robots,” he said before FC St. Pauli’s away game on Sunday. It changes “enormously much” in the whole course of the games: “There are so many rules, so many things. I hope that we have everything on the screen.” After all, the usual entry-level music, “Hells Bells” by AC / DC, come off the assembly line, as FC St. Pauli officially announced. The usual music will also run after goals, but stadium announcements are not planned.

1. FC Nürnberg is 14th in the table with a four point lead over relegation rank 16 in the last nine games of the season. “We want to get into the restart well and score,” said Keller. Defender Enrico Valentini suffers from Achilles tendon problems, he also drops out like his colleague Felix Lohkemper. The offensive player left the FCN training camp because his wife is about to give birth to their child. Iuri Medeiros was also recently ill and has muscular problems.


Formula 1 – The Haunted After Divorce – Sport

After a turbulent week, marked by the end of the liaison between Vettel and Ferrari, many questions remain unanswered.

Sure, it is possible. Now that there are increasing signs that Formula 1 will bring a very ghostly season to the stage this year. But one that could once actually be listed in the chronicles as a proper world championship. At least eight races have to be driven on three different continents. This is the requirement according to the statutes.

On Friday, Walloon Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo announced that the Belgian Grand Prix could take place in August without spectators, despite the ban on the meeting. If the British government agrees, Silverstone will drive twice – even the Hockenheimring, which was not planned for the racing calendar this year, is still negotiating with Formula 1 to host up to two Grand Prix races. And if there is already a decent world championship, of course: Sebastian Vettel could theoretically retire as world champion at Scuderia Ferrari at the end of the year.

But beyond all considerations whether the command post Vettel would go free in his farewell season and let Charles Leclerc, the 22-year-old team-mate with a contract until 2024, hurry up: The plan should fail if the red racing car with the anniversary number alone fails SF1000 will likely be even less competitive than last year’s SF90. Because the world automotive association Fia had complained about the inflow of gasoline to the engines of the Ferraris from 2019 as not compliant, the engineers from Maranello had to reschedule the drive of this year’s model at very short notice. The SF1000 did not leave the fastest impression in the winter tests, it was not even seen in racing because of the corona pandemic.

Without a doubt, winning Vettel would be a humorous punch line after the violent turmoil that shook Formula 1 this week. The announcement of the divorce between Ferrari and Vettel at the end of the season on Tuesday was followed only 48 hours later by the unveiling of two transfers that should have been negotiated beforehand: Carlos Sainz junior changes to Vettel’s Ferrari. And Sainz hands his McLaren over to Daniel Ricciardo, who in turn leaves a Renault behind. Does Vettel get in there?

According to reports, Vettel is now waiting, examining his options, observing the development in Formula 1. Nobody knows yet how serious the economic damage will be that the pandemic will cause to the statics of the racing series. On Friday, team boss Mattia Binotto confirmed that Scuderia would check whether they would join the American IndyCar series – in addition to their involvement in Formula 1. Expansion in times of impending recession? Sounds paradoxical. The move can also be seen as a result of the austerity measures that the smaller teams pushed through against the initial resistance of Ferrari.

Starting in 2021, the three large teams – Mercedes, Red Bull and Ferrari – will have to cut spending with their host of employees and annual budgets of more than 300 million euros. The agreed cost cap is then $ 145 million per team per season. Binotto is now arguing that he is considering going overseas to retain the employees who feel “a high level of social responsibility” towards Ferrari. That sounds fine – especially at the end of a week in which he broke up with his leading employee. As Binotto said, they now wanted to launch a “cycle of victory” with Leclerc and Sainz.

Ferrari’s plans also show how great the economic uncertainty in Formula 1 is. In the course of the past financial crisis, BMW, Toyota and Honda withdrew from the series. As long as Mercedes does not extend the expiring contracts with Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas and thus sends a clear signal to remain in Formula 1, while a cockpit at Renault is vacant, Vettel has options. At least in theory.

Mark Webber, Vettel’s former teammate at Red Bull, has just sent a cryptic message on Twitter, which should probably be interpreted as meaning that Vettel’s involvement with Renault would not be a relegation from Webber’s point of view. Because if the cost cap comes into effect from 2021 – could Vettel not drive for the title in a previous mid-size vehicle one day? This too: sheer theory. Like the ghost Fernando Alonsos, which two years after retiring from Formula 1 was haunted and seen at Renault.

Theory, like all business games in the year of the pandemic, in which Formula 1 did not send out an emergency calendar in mid-May – for a season that should start in two weeks with two ghost races in Spielberg.


Austria – football starts with cup final – sport

Football in Austria will resume play on May 29 – and will start with the final of the ÖFB Cup. After the interruption of the competitions in March, the restart is directly about a title: RB Salzburg meets the second division side Austria Lustenau in the Klagenfurt Wörthersee Stadium. Four days later, on June 2, the Bundesliga will continue, where a complete championship and relegation round are imminent.


Formula 1: Sebastian Vettel’s options are rapidly disappearing – sport

After the separation, the German has to think carefully about what he is doing. Ferrari, on the other hand, has succeeded in a cool, downright Machiavellian coup.

That was fast. Contracts can only be signed so quickly in Formula 1 if the necessary preliminary discussions have already been conducted. Less than 48 hours after the divorce between Ferrari and Sebastian Vettel was announced, it is clear who will be able to buckle up in his driver’s seat from next season: Spaniard Carlos Sainz junior, 25, currently still in the service of McLaren, signed a two-year contract with Scuderia. And also Sainz ‘vacant cockpit from 2021 has already been awarded: Daniel Ricciardo, Vettel’s former teammate at Red Bull, changes from the Renault factory team.

How had Vettel said 48 hours in advance? He will take the time he needs to think about what really matters in his future. If he intended to ponder whether a future at McLaren could count for him, he can now stop these mind games. Vettel’s options for staying in Formula 1 are rapidly disappearing.

It is a cool, almost Machiavellian coup that Ferrari succeeded in separating from Vettel. In an obvious effort to calm down the constant unrest in the racing team, team boss Mattia Binotto has laid the foundation for a hierarchy in the team with which Ferrari should win the first driver’s world championship cup since 2007. Binotto is striving for a “cycle of victory”, from 2021 there will only be slipstream from Maranello for one pilot: Charles Leclerc, then the 23-year-old Monegasque, who Vettel had shown the rear lights on the track in his first year at Ferrari. Sainz jr. will be so grateful for the career opportunity that he is content to stand by Leclerc – just as Valtteri Bottas seconded at Mercedes Lewis Hamilton and Alex Albon left the stage with Red Bull Max Verstappen. In order to become world champions with two concrete heads shooting each other off the slopes, you need a superior car like the one that Nico Rosberg and Hamilton drove in 2016.

When will Ferrari build a winning car again? The technology amendment that will come into force in 2022 theoretically offers an opportunity. Alone: ​​Faith is missing! Namely, the craftsmanship of an engineering group that was officially certified by the International Automobile Association that the gasoline flow to their engines was not always compliant in the previous year. It’s like this: Ferrari was slower than Mercedes in 2019, even though it was cheating. Ferrari owes the fact that this affair still does not make the headlines because of the force of a virus that degrades natural newspaper openers to short reports.

Vettel will think twice about considering joining Renault. His driving pleasure should be stronger than his pursuit of titles. And yes: At Mercedes, Bottas and Hamilton’s contracts expire at the end of the year. But Hamilton has a clear goal as a six-time world champion. He could rise to the eight-time title holder next year and surpass Michael Schumacher. To do this, he must first continue driving, in the most successful team available. And there he doesn’t need Vettel by his side after the concrete head experiences with Rosberg.


FC Bayern – Quarantine in Infinity – Sport

Masks on the bus, individual tables for everyone: The people of Munich are preparing for a new start in the quarantine district. Trainer Flick certifies his team a high level of training despite the circumstances.

There is not much going on around infinity. Opposite, in the huge Kaufland parking lot, there are hardly any cars. No one is waiting at the bus stop a few steps away. And forms diagonally opposite McDrive a queue of hand-counted zero cars. The hotel “Infinity” on the outskirts of Unterschleissheim may already have offered an exemplary social distance when it was not yet socially required. Anyone who has ever wanted to be in quarantine has always been in good hands at this spot, and of course nothing has changed since FC Bayern moved into its official quarantine quarters here.

Before the start of the ghost game business on Sunday (6 p.m.) at Union Berlin, the team of the record champions retreated into seclusion just under 20 kilometers north of Munich.The team knows the hotel and has also stayed here before playing home games in the Champions League ; Opposing teams also often relegate here. It is just under 15 minutes by car to the arena in Fröttmaning, which is an advantage. The other is that nobody gets lost here, not even a stroller comes by, and that’s not just because it drizzles on Wednesday morning. The entrance to the hotel car park is then blocked with only three mobile barriers, there is no security guard next to it. But if you stop for a moment on the sidewalk, a friendly, naturally masked FC Bayern employee asks if you could help.

Football likes to see itself as the center of society, especially when it comes to FC Bayern, where they assume that they represent at least the entire Free State, whether the Free State wants it or not. The club and football as a whole have met the responsibilities associated with this claim more and less well – but in the Corona crisis it is clearly a concern of the Bavarians to present themselves as exemplary representatives of society.

No mask requirement applies only in single rooms

When training on the club premises was still forbidden, the players made a public appointment for digital cyber training. Whenever possible, those responsible praise politics. And once Jérôme Boateng drove to his sick son near Leipzig (and built an accident in the process), the bosses were fined because Boateng had violated the exit restriction (whether the bosses might be more lenient with another player Okay, that’s another topic). The Bavarians also take the prescribed week in quarantine seriously. There is no reason to complain at all, says trainer Hansi Flick, who demonstratively strives for normality and also sees his professionals as impeccable citizens in training. Intensity and motivation are high despite the uncanny circumstances.

The team moved into their quiet quarters on Sunday and traveled with two buses in order to be able to comply with the distance rules when sitting. Masks were mandatory on the bus and when getting out. In the hotel, team manager Kathleen Krüger was the first to give a presentation on the rules of conduct, as a reminder there are posters all over the place. With the exception of single rooms, a mask is mandatory everywhere; whoever drives the elevator should touch the buttons with the sweater or the back of his hand. Oh, and please: wash your hands regularly and thoroughly!

In the past few weeks, the players had driven home from the Säbener Straße after the group training, before everyone had been given a lunch box in their hand. In the quarantine district in Unterschleissheim you can now eat in the breakfast room at the same time, but you can – but only for that – take off your mask. There is no buffet, each player receives his meal ready. And everyone has a table for themselves.

Bavaria is testing the new normal in a training game in the arena

All of these processes worked out well on Wednesday morning, despite the rules of distance and the requirement for a mask, it doesn’t take long for all the players to sit in the two buses, which in turn are at a very exemplary distance from each other for training on the campus, which is also just a quarter of an hour away the junior academy. No screeching can be heard, as is otherwise known from the descents on the club premises. Who should scream too?

There is still no one waiting at the bus stop. FC Bayern uploaded short videos from the first training sessions, they are not spectacular pictures, business as usual, but things also happen that are currently only allowed to happen on a professional football pitch. There are duels. Little distance. And everyone is in a large group. “Amazing, it was really nice to be back on the pitch as a whole, with the whole team,” says David Alaba. They “just noticed how everyone was looking forward to the moment”.

In a training game in the arena, the team has already tested the new normal, as prescribed by the DFL for the rest of the season. One Bayern elf changed in the home cabin, the other Bayern elf in the guest cabin, and then they played against each other, Unterschleissheim against Oberschleissheim, as Franz Beckenbauer would probably say. The guardians on the sidelines wore masks. And no one was watching.


Nordic combination – blockade at ski jump table – sport

In the nine months until the home World Cup in Oberstdorf, the new ski jumping trainer Heinz Kuttin is supposed to get the stagnating combiners back into shape.

Normally, ski jumping coaches work with athletes who are light, agile and strong in jumping – with specialists who feel at home in the air. It is different with the Nordic combiners: they are heavier and also stiffer, because for the second discipline, cross-country skiing, they need muscles on their legs, arms and back. A special jump trainer adjusts glider pilots, so to speak, the flying objects of a combination coach must also make good progress on the ground.

The task that ski jumper and special trainer Heinz Kuttin has now taken on at the German Ski Association (DSV) represents a special challenge. The Austrian will coach the DSV combiners on the hill in the future. The attraction of this sport, says Horst Hüttel, Sport Director Nordic at DSV, lies in “bringing two contrary sports into harmony”. But otherwise the tasks are not exactly small. The jump shape of the Germans collapsed last winter, only Vinzenz Geiger could keep his halfway; he finished third in the overall World Cup ranking. And with the probably limited training opportunities in summer, there is not much time left for the breakthrough. Because in February 2021 success is expected, namely at the home world championships in Oberstdorf.

At the 2018 Olympics, the German team reached its zenith: it won all gold medals

Heinz Kuttin will certainly feel pressure, but he absolutely wanted the post, he wants to contribute “to ensure that the success story of the Germans is continued,” he said. An oral promise to train French ski jumpers was withdrawn at short notice last week; the difficult new task at the DSV can indeed be seen as attractive. Not only because of the big Nordic festival in Oberstdorf in nine months, but also because Kuttin will work with the most successful combiners team of the past decade, with a team that won gold in all races at its zenith at the 2018 Olympics and various medals moreover.

But the stagnation on the hill became clearer afterwards, and even if it was more of a defeat against the Norwegians last winter, it was still too clear. Series winners Erik Frenzel and Johannes Rydzek also had no chance against Jarl Magnus Riiber and Jörgen Graabak, because the Norwegians jumped huge jumps on the hill for the cross-country course. The question now is what skills Kuttin has to solve the German blockade at the hill table.

Kuttin, who is a quiet person, was primarily seen by observers as an empathetic boss, who maintained the good mood from 2014 to 2018 as head coach of the Austrians. But Hüttel is convinced that Kuttin also had “success in technology and materials,” the results speak for it “. And exactly such skills will now be in demand; Even if the home World Cup is imminent, a new structure is probably needed.

Over the past two years, the Norwegians have succeeded in integrating a lot of the jump and the sailing style of the specialists into the combination, without having to let up on the trail. To do this, strength training must of course be directed differently. And that, says Horst Hüttel, means a new body development, “namely to gain jumping power for the hill without muscle gain”. In other words: grow strong and stay light.


Football – then nobody stops – sport

In the third division, the fronts are so hardened that it is hard to imagine the season continuing. Now the threat is getting worse that in the event of a demolition, nobody is allowed into the second division.

The clubs in the third division will of course not be there when the 36 professional clubs from first and second division come together for the next general meeting of the German Football League (DFL) on Thursday. But they will keep a very close eye on what happens in this video slot – especially those third division clubs who are hoping for promotion. Because when the professional clubs are discussing, it’s always about the explosive issue of ascent and descent. And there is now a threat that the third division will lose its right to two direct promoters and one relegation participant if it does not continue.

In the end, if the DFB board is canceled, it should decide how to proceed

The reported on Wednesday Kickerthat the DFL wants to postpone the vote on promotion and relegation rules because of a dispute among the Bundesliga clubs. But the circulating draft resolution shows how delicate the situation is for the third division clubs. First of all, it means that the league’s field of participants should not be increased even if the race is stopped prematurely, there should still be a sporting ascent and descent. However, it follows that this should apply in the relationship between the second and third leagues, “even if the third league completed the season to a comparable extent as the second league”.

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This is a major threat to the third division, which is organized under the umbrella of the German Football Association (DFB). Because it is currently moving in such chaotic waters that the planned restart date on May 26 and an orderly progress hardly seem feasible. The confrontation between the association and the supporters of demolition – which, when asked in a piquant manner, included the leaders Duisburg and Mannheim and the last six – is extremely acute. And some DFB grandees are likely to get the threat from the professional area just right. Treasurer Stephan Osnabrügge recently stated that only resuming play will ensure “that promotion to the second division can take place”. The 26 state and regional associations agreed on a new warning to the third division teams on Wednesday; DFB Vice Peter Frymuth said that promotion to the second division “is not automatically guaranteed”. That should fuel the conflict, which had recently even reached the political stage. Saxony-Anhalt’s Prime Minister Reiner Haseloff (CDU), in whose federal state the third division clubs Magdeburg and Halle are located, accused the DFB of exerting “unbearable pressure on politics and clubs” and threatening to withdraw their license. The association rejected this and countered in the person of Secretary General Friedrich Curtius that “the question must also be allowed: can one not or will one not?” The demolition group has many arguments. Jena cannot train and play because team sport is prohibited in Thuringia until June 5. Magdeburg and Halle may only practice in small groups. Other clubs say that they cannot meet the requirements of the hygiene concept. How that will dissolve and how a season should be completed between May 26 and June 30 is uncertain.

But then there is still the question of what consequences an early end would have for the promotion and relegation between the second and third leagues. Formally, the DFL with its affiliated professional clubs cannot, of course, decide, because these rules also affect a league for which the DFL does not have the sovereignty. Rather, it is the DFB’s job, the leadership of which is so bad to speak of, especially the supposed blockers.

But it indicates which way it can happen. The association will host its virtual Bundestag on May 25 – and an application for the progress of the third division has also been submitted. Roughly summarized, it means that the promotion and relegation questions should be clarified by the DFB board at an early end of the season. According to the statutes, this is the association’s second highest body, which, in addition to the 18 presidium members, also includes the presidents of the 26 state and regional associations as well as twelve representatives of professional football for the DFL. With this composition, it is easy to predict how the vote will ultimately turn out. However, it can be assumed in any case that it will lead to legal disputes.

The two teams that are currently occupying the two safe promotion places are still trying to calmly. Mannheim announced that the situation should first be awaited. And from MSV Duisburg it says: “We stay with our booth: We want to climb up in terms of sport. But if, for whatever reason, the season is canceled, we think we have a right to climb up,” says a spokesman: “At MSV Duisburg it won’t fail to resume gaming. “

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