They seem subscribed to the same number

Jokin Altuna and Jon Mariezkurrena are the provisional leaders of the Couples Championship when they got the second point yesterday at the Municipal de Bergara against Joseba Ezkurdia and Ladis Galarza, whom they defeated 11-12, curiously the same result they achieved in their debut against to Jaka and Martija on New Year’s Day at the Astelena in Eibar. They seem to have subscribed to that figure, as if it were a Lottery number.

Game time:

52 minutes and 45 seconds.

Balls to good:


So many serve:

Ezkurdia, 0. Altuna, 1.

Service fouls:

Ezkurdia, 0. Altuna, 0.

So many at stake:

Ezkurdia, 2. Ladis Galarza, 3. Altuna III, 11. Mariezkurrena II, 3.

So many lost:

Ezkurdia, 3. Ladis Galarza, 4. Altuna III, 2. Mariezkurrena II, 4.


0-1, 1-1, 1-4, 2-4, 2-6, 3-6, 3-8, 5-8, 5-11, 6-11, 6-12, 8-12, 8- 14, 9-14, 9-15, 10-15, 10-17, 11-17 and 11-22.

Exit rates:

There were no runners, but the money came out 100 to 80 in favor of Altuna III and Mariezkurrena II. 60 to 100 below.


match corresponding to the second day of the quarterfinal league of the Couples Championship played at the Municipal fronton of Bergara behind closed doors.

And that is precisely what Ezkurdia and Ladis Galarza lack. Not el Gordo, but at least the stones. On this occasion they gave a better image than at Uranzu, it was not difficult, but insufficient to take control of the game and fight the opposite. Ezkurdia is forced to pull the couple’s cart and did not do so despite trying. He needs to criticize himself, regain confidence, the spark with which he won the txapela.

Altuna has plenty of that. He alone is enough to unbalance the matches. Its beginning was spectacular. Hooks, stops to the txoko. Everything that came out of his hands became so much. By 2-6 he already had five in his bag and the figure increased to seven and a serve at 5-10. Ladis, who was favored by various escapades, was unable to remove the air. Ezkurdia was a luxury guest who could only defend himself. Of course, he tried to help his partner by getting air to the rest up to thirteen times, but not for those.

With the game practically on track, the Amezketarra seemed to take a break, although he continued to use himself with the same intensity as at the beginning in defense – Ezkurdia could not find the space where he could score and had to wait for 6-11 to debut – and let him do a Mariezkurrena who started with some doubts to focus on the second half and end up enjoying as in that right hand that was 10-16. Berriozar’s defender returned to cross the ball to the wall with intention at 11-20. The fish was already sold by then. Ladis could do little more.

Urrutikoetxea-Imaz, for the same goal as Artola-Aranguren

Mikel Urrutikoetxea and Ander Imaz aspire to inaugurate this afternoon (ETB1,17.00) their record of victories. That is the same goal of his rivals, Iñaki Artola and Aitor Aranguren. Both couples were defeated in their premiere. Urrutikoetxea and Ander Imaz lost on the same stage to Peña II and Albisu (8-22). And Artola and Aranguren succumbed in Estella (22-12) to Olaizola II and Rezusta.

The festival is completed with the Promotion match between Darío, Zabala’s replacement, and Erostarbe against the provisional leaders, Salaberria and Oier Etxebarria. In the beginning, Oinatz Bengoetxea reappears.


Completed the quota of 1,200 registered, in just 24 hours, for the Gran Trail Picos de Europa

Great Trail Picos de Europa

The Great Trail Picos de Europa (GTPE) starts this 2021 with great force, because, in just 24 hours, the 1,200 numbers that the organization of the prestigious test took out, with departure in Benia de Onís, which is scheduled for the next June 26. “Our idea is to wait until April or May to reopen registrations and reach 2,000 runners, which would be the maximum number we can support in Benia for reasons of logistics and space. Everything will depend on how the pandemic develops, ”Rubén González Rodrigo commented yesterday, January 1.

The registration opening took place on December 30 and, after one day, the quota of 1,200 participants was completed. “Obviously we are receiving countless emails requesting more places, but for now we prefer to be cautious and not put more people. We recently detected that the test would have a great reception due to the comments that were reaching us and others. Also last year we had verified that the 2020 registration would reach 2,000 runners, which this year would be similar or even better ”, he pointed out.

Although in the year 2020 it could not be celebrated due to the uncertainty due to the Covid-19 pandemic and that it was postponed to another date, the reality is that this new year 2021 things are expected to be somewhat more optimistic and do not prevent, like last year, another new suspension of the test. “This race has one very good thing about its spirit. It is totally dedicated to the popular runner and people like that a lot. In addition, the entire council of Onís turns in a spectacular way. Every year we have more volunteers who want to be part of the race, ”said Rubén. The test has the collaboration of LA NUEVA ESPAÑA.

The participants of the so-called “queen” test, the Great Trail Picos de Europa, have a scheduled departure time at 6:00 in the morning, in Benia de Onís, to enter the Picos de Europa National Park, visiting places of singular beauty such as the ports of Onís, La Molina and Pandescura, Riu Casañu, the Belbin sheepfold, Canal de Culiembru, Ruta del Cares, Canal de Trea, Jultayu (1,895 meters), Vega de Ario or Lagos de Covadonga, before arrive at the goal, located in the town of Benia, capital of the council of Onís. It consists of 70 kilometers of itinerary and 5,300 meters of positive elevation gain.

Likewise, another three races that make up the format will be elucidated: 35 kilometers, 22 and 10. The organization of the test will be in charge of the CD Gran Trail, in collaboration with the Onís City Council, an institution that bet strongly from the first day with this great sporting event, one of the most attractive of those that take place in the south-eastern Asturian region.


Cayetano Prez: We have worked hard to ensure that subscribers do not miss coming to Fontajau

The team played, there was an audience in Fontajau and everything went well. Was an overweight removed?
People behaved exemplary, paying attention to all the rules and instructions that we had been explaining from the club these days, and this has made the balance very positive. We are very happy because we were able to enjoy a good basketball show normally.

They were the first to dare to open the doors in a pavilion. Are they the ones who have done it best or the bravest?
We have worked hard to be able to fit our subscribers in Fontajau. We have always thought of them. From the moment the Generalitat made public the plan for the unbundling of Catalan sport, we set to work and were the first to present a specific match plan for our matches and we have passed all the Health checks so that ‘ns approved. Now, some clubs have asked us for help in making their plans.

In July, when they put season tickets for cohabitation groups on the table, there were skeptical people. It has now been shown to work.
Yes. During the confinement I was in the sector of the world of sports and it was already clear that coexistence groups were a good option because if you live with a group of people, you should be able to go with them to a sports show. We wanted the families who come to Fontajau to be able to continue doing so, because if they put one person and left all the seats around them free, I think that only about 800 people could enter Fontajau.

When the CSD protocol came out with a maximum of 500 people in the pavilions did they have any doubts?
No, because it was a recommendation. We knew that each Autonomous Community could decide based on the situation in each territory at any given time. Doubts came more from the pressures we saw in the press or from calls from subscribers, but I spoke to the Generalitat and they told me that our plan was approved. It was clear that a pavilion like ours with more than 5,000 people is not the same as a pavilion of 1,000 with a capacity of 500. In Fontajau, 500 people would not be even 10% of the capacity. It would have made no sense.

Now that they’ve tried it, is the idea to play with audiences all year long?
The idea is this. Keep playing with the public, but we will always have to adapt to the situation in the country. If conditions get complicated and by doing things right we can fit people in Fontajau, we will continue to do so. We want all our subscribers to be able to come to Fontajau. Now, we still have to open the process to subscribe to the players and families of the base, but we already have about 1,600 subscribers.

So, with a good match and a good schedule, do you see yourself approaching this limit of 2,100 spectators in Fontajau?
Suppose so. Gradually, it won’t be easy, because the situation is what it is, and there are people who are a little scared. As more and more people see that they can come safely, more and more people will come to Fontajau. The Uni fans are very loyal and we have always had good crowds in the pavilion.

Will tickets be sold at any time?
No. It is part of the protocol. We asked for permission for subscribers and will not sell tickets. This year only subscribers will be able to come to Fontajau.

In the Euroleague it will be difficult to watch matches in Fontajau. How do you see the “bubbles”?
It has been an imposition. It was not our choice. We, like most teams such as the French, wanted to start playing in league format. But there were others who did not see clearly the cost of the controls needed to play each week and it was decided that the “bubbles” which is surely the least expensive formula economically.

Would organizing a “bubble” in Fontajau be viable?
They are not defined where they will be made. We cannot rule it out. It should be analyzed to see what they ask for to host it. But first we need to know where the preview will be played, which is not yet clear, and if we pass it we will talk about it.

Without an audience in Fontajau they would have had to return the season ticket money. Would the club have been at risk?
The situation is already complicated in itself. All the alterations are very detrimental to the club’s budget. Obviously it would have affected us to play behind closed doors, because we have already made a commitment with subscribers to return the cost of the cards, but there are many more things. There is the whole issue of PCRs and requirements that they ask of us and unfortunately the Women’s League-1 teams have no television revenue and we depend on our sponsors, subscribers and institutions. The situation is very complicated. Not just for the Women’s League-1 teams, but for the whole sport in general which is what is at stake.

Do you think we’ll see any league clubs struggling to finish the season?
Obviously there can be clubs with problems. Paying PCRs to the entire staff each week can be a headache for the viability of some clubs in the current economic situation.


The guy became Kim Kardashian (even better). Makeup helped

The makeup artist has evolved into a new version of Kim Kardashian.  Even the model itself could not argue with such a similarity.

A blogger from London, who became famous for his make-up transformations, decided to reincarnate as Kim Kardashian, and the subscribers wanted his work to be appreciated by the model itself. The people’s tactics worked – and Kanye West’s wife delivered her verdict with one tap on the screen.

Blogger Elliot Joseph Renz, better known to subscribers as Alexis Stone, became famous as a YouTube make-up artist, drag queen and pranker who pretended to be a plastic doll for two months (and very successfully). The guy lives in London, is fond of make-up and constantly surprises his followers with transformations.

The makeup artist has evolved into a new version of Kim Kardashian.  Even the model itself could not argue with such a similarity.

Alexis Stone

The blogger often changes images and with the help of makeup (as well as natural shocking) can even transform into an attractive girl.

The makeup artist has evolved into a new version of Kim Kardashian.  Even the model itself could not argue with such a similarity.

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More often than not, Alexis transforms into celebrities or famous characters. For example, he can appear in front of his subscribers in the form of Freddy Krueger.


Alexis Stone as Freddy Krueger

Stone sometimes transforms into Macaulay Culkin as Kevin McCallister.


Alexis Stone in the image of Kevin McCallister

It is not difficult for Alexis to turn even into the queen of pop music Madonna.

The makeup artist has evolved into a new version of Kim Kardashian.  Even the model itself could not argue with such a similarity.

Alexis Stone as Madonna

In one of his most recent transformations, the blogger decided to become a model and influencer Kim Kardashian. The actual version of the star looks like this:

The makeup artist has evolved into a new version of Kim Kardashian.  Even the model itself could not argue with such a similarity.

Kim Kardashian

For reincarnation, Alexis chose the classic Kardashian look – with straight hair with nude makeup. Here’s what he did:

The makeup artist has evolved into a new version of Kim Kardashian.  Even the model itself could not argue with such a similarity.

Alexis Stone as Kim Kardashian

In the comments to the publication with the image of Kim Kardashian, people gave Alexis a verdict – he was not trying in vain.

Commentators decided to involve Kim herself in assessing the guy’s talent and began to tag her on social networks. It worked. The star was distracted from the sudden madness of her husband Kanye West, and now the cherished like from the influencer appeared in the photo with her double.

The makeup artist has evolved into a new version of Kim Kardashian.  Even the model itself could not argue with such a similarity.

While Alexis is transforming into other people with the help of make-up, the guy from Brazil went even further and turned from “living Ken” into a real Barbie.

Guys who don’t want to experiment with looks can be entertained in other ways – for example, find out what type of man they are. There are only nine options, but the characteristics are exhaustive.


Olot offers subscribers three options for the return of 20% of the card

The halt of the competition in Second B as a result of the covid-19 pandemic slowed down Olot’s aspirations to be able to dream of the possibility of fighting for play-off of promotion to Second A. The decision of the Spanish Federation to give the League by finished left the equipment seventh in the classification with still ten days to dispute. Of these ten, there were four planned in the Municipal that will not have been played. For this reason, yesterday the Garrotxa club announced the measures it has taken to compensate the members, who have not seen four games included in the season ticket, and for the sponsors. The club chooses to offset the large assets of the project with the return of 20% of the season ticket by three formulas. The first is the deduction of the amount corresponding to the 4 matches in the ticket price for the upcoming season. The second is to change this 20% for a subscription to the Footers television platform so that you can watch all the matches in Olot, as well as the rest of the Second B and Third that it broadcasts. Finally, the club also offers the waiver of the season ticket in exchange for the freezing of the price of the membership card for the seasons 2021-22 and 22-23 (regardless of the category where you play) and preferably in the reservation of bus seats that will accompany the team on trips.

The deadline to announce the chosen option is October 15th.


Omarov again left? Aggressive Borodin again “rushes” at subscribers

Ksyusha no longer controls her expressions, humiliating users on the network.

The well-known TV presenter of the Dom-2 project loves to condemn and discuss the actions, behavior and actions of the participants of the television project, sitting in the studio, but when it comes to her, Ksenia literally “tears and mosques.” This is not the first time she has demonstrated her aggression and impudence, not only breaking down on subscribers on her blog, but also on the guys on the reality show. If many stars prefer to remain silent, then the presenter, apparently, is “taken out” at home, since for any reason she breaks her anger at the fans.

This time, the aggressive Borodina was different from her previous tricks – she again “throws herself” at the subscribers. However, if then her breakdowns could be considered flowers, then the other day she literally crossed all the facets of the reasonable.

Omarov again left? As soon as conversations about Kurban’s betrayals appear on the network, Ksenia is immediately not in the mood – is it a coincidence?

“I would put that sock in your mouth,” one of the wild messages from the Borodin girl, who just made a remark about her daughter’s dirty socks. In addition, Ksenia switched to insults and humiliations, although the girl did not even rude the host in any way, she simply joked about socks and there was nothing rude about it.

It seems that in the family of Borodina and Omarov there are family troubles again: on the network more and more often there are various conversations that Kurban is far from an ideal husband and, it seems, the host is no longer able to endure and hide. By her behavior, she just betrays a “false” idyll in relations with her husband, because she is clearly aware of all the information and rumors that cannot be overlooked, especially when it comes to her chosen one, who has already stumbled.