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Status: 11/26/2020 6:41 p.m.

The state of Lower Saxony is tightening the measures at schools in so-called corona hotspots. Education Minister Grant Hendrik Tonne (SPD) presented a “school hotspot strategy” on Thursday.

It is about how schools and infection protection can be reconciled in regions with a particularly high number of corona cases. Tonne said at a press conference that the existing measures are being supplemented to increase protection against infection.

Hotspots: Mask compulsory for primary school students too

Stricter measures apply to schools in a district where the seven-day incidence exceeds 200 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. From the 7th year onwards, the classes in the affected hotspots should automatically switch to the alternating model (scenario B) – that is, teaching in divided classes alternately at home and at school. In addition, a mask requirement in class for elementary school students and in after-school care centers should then also apply. The measures should be maintained until the affected district falls below an incidence value of 200 for three days in a row – and no new corona infections occur at the respective school, Tonne said. The country will issue a regulation for the new regulation. According to the Ministry of Culture, it should apply from December 1st.

VIDEO: School relies on homeschooling parallel to lessons (3 min)

Three counties are currently affected

According to the minister, the districts of Cloppenburg, Osnabrück and Vechta currently exceed the incidence value of 200. In view of the persistently high corona figures, the district of Cloppenburg had previously announced that the students would continue to be taught in scenario B until the Christmas holidays. The seven-day incidence value was last there at more than 270.


Prime Minister Stephan Weil (SPD) and Education Minister Grant Hendrik Tonne (SPD) speak during the state press conference.  © dpa-Bildfunk Photo: Julian Stratenschulte

45 Min

One day after the federal-state meeting, Prime Minister Weil and Minister of Education Tonne explain the consequences. 45 min

Ton: Land submitted

With reference to the results of the At the federal-state summit Tonne said that Lower Saxony had no major need for improvement in terms of schools. The country has already presented well with its strategy. Tonne referred to the mask requirement in secondary schools from the beginning of November with an incidence value of 50 and the three created in the summer Scenarios for school operations (scenario A: restricted regular operation; scenario B: school in a changeover model and scenario C: distance teaching).

Schools don’t switch to a change model without a need

At the same time, the SPD politician emphasized that the model of alternating lessons that many demanded had disadvantages. He is therefore against sending schools to scenario B without need, said Tonne. The state student council and the philologists’ association had spoken out in favor of this. Tonne said that face-to-face teaching is currently unrestricted at 2,430 schools. At 570 schools there are either alternating lessons or classes or learning groups are affected by quarantine measures. A week ago there were 675 schools. More than 80 percent of the schools in the country are not affected. This is “a good signal,” said Tonne.

GEW calls for “investment offensive”

The Education and Science Union (GEW) welcomed the easier change to scenario B. What is needed is more than short-term crisis management, namely the elimination of staff shortages and deficits in security and equipment in schools. There must finally be a permanent investment offensive in schools, demanded the GEW state chairwoman Laura Pooth. The Association for Education and Upbringing (VBE) emphasized that the rules for switching to alternating lessons also put an end to the crush on buses and trains when transporting students. The expansion of rapid tests in schools is to be welcomed, but it is not understandable why the increased health protection does not apply to teachers.

CDU would have preferred an incidence value lower than 200

The protection of teachers and employees is neglected in the eyes of the CDU parliamentary group: “We could therefore have imagined a lower incidence value than 200 for the switch to scenario B,” it said there. Nevertheless, the Christian Democrats consider the Minister’s strategy to be a “step in the right direction”. It gives the schools and parents a certain degree of planning security, at least until the end of the winter holidays. “We particularly welcome the fact that our proposal for a pre-Christmas quarantine is being implemented. This gives families the opportunity to celebrate Christmas together.”

The Green parliamentary group leader Julia Willie Hamburg complained that the respective school scenario still depends on the completely overloaded health authorities. Schools should finally be able to decide for themselves.

Mask requirement in class now possible nationwide

At the federal-state summit on Wednesday, the Prime Minister and Chancellor Merkel had one another Agreement to extend the so-called partial lockdown until December 20. Among other things, they decided that there should be a mask requirement in school lessons. This should take effect from the 7th grade when the seven-day incidence rises above 50. Lower Saxony had already introduced this measure at the beginning of November – it applies in risk areas from the 5th grade. In the case of corona cases in schools, according to the decision, the future procedure should be uniform: Infected and all classmates should be immediately quarantined for five days. A quick test is then planned. If it is negative, the students can go back to school. The quarantine obligation should not apply to teachers.

Prime Minister Stephan Weil (SPD) speaks in front of a camera.  © Lower Saxony State Chancellery

VIDEO: Because: “We have to keep the measures” (3 min)

Earlier Christmas holidays

The federal and state governments also agreed to bring the Christmas holidays forward – they will now start on December 19. In Lower Saxony, Tuesday, December 22nd, was originally supposed to be the last day of school this year. Education Minister Tonne had previously spoken out against bringing the Christmas holidays forward, but changed this position in view of the new framework conditions.

Further information

A protective mask flies over the silhouettes of people.  (Symbol picture) © Photo: Christoph Thorman, Gemini13

In the future, only a maximum of five people should be allowed to meet privately. In addition, the Christmas holidays start earlier. more

A sign indicates the existing mask requirement and the distance requirement.  © dpa-Bildfunk Photo: Hauke-Christian Dittrich / dpa

The partial lockdown now applies at least until December 20, the contact restrictions are tightened. An overview of all the rules. more

Student sitting with face mask in classroom.  © dpa

In an open letter to Minister of Education Tonne, they advocate a change to scenario B. (24.11.2020) more

A mouth and nose mask hangs on a table in the classroom.  © picture alliance / imageBROKER Photo: Michael Weber

The money is intended for staff and infection protection measures, said Minister of Education Tonne. (11/18/2020) more

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Italy introduced new restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic :: Society :: RBC

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The Italian authorities are introducing new restrictions due to the increase in the number of people infected with the coronavirus. This was announced by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, speaking to parliament, ANSA reports.

“The contagion curve made us prepare a new set of restrictive measures and take them by Wednesday,” Conte said.


Museums will be closed in Italy, and shopping centers will be able to work only on weekdays. The government decided to transfer students and schoolchildren to distance learning. There will be a curfew across the country from 21:00.

Coronavirus pandemic. Most relevant for November 3


Participants of the march of pensioners and students gathered on the square in Minsk :: Society :: RBC

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Participants of the march of students and pensioners have gathered on Yakub Kolas Square in Minsk, the security forces have not yet carried out arrests. The movement of the march is reported in Telegram by Nasha Niva and

The first day of the “national strike” in Belarus. Photo report

Those gathered came to the square with red and white symbols. According to, the pensioners began to sing and dance. The concerned residents of the city brought tea to the protesters.

Detentions began at protests in Minsk

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According to estimates, as the march moved to the square, its number increased to 7-8 thousand people. In addition to pensioners and students, doctors joined the rally. On Yakub Kolas Square (Soviet writer and playwright from Belarus. – RBK) Kolas’ granddaughter Maria Mitskevich was seen among the participants of the action.


Flu vaccines in high demand, the risk of shortage is high in Saint-Quentin


In front of the Europe social center, we queue to get vaccinated. This Tuesday, October 20, the nurse at the Aisne health promotion center limited the number of people admitted to fifteen. ”


A Jewish student seriously injured in an attack outside the Hamburg synagogue

A Jewish student has been seriously injured in an attack on the Hamburg synagogue starring a man dressed in a paramilitary way and that he could be immediately detained by the police officers guarding the religious temple. Both of them, attacker and victim are 29 years oldreported the police of the Hanseatic city. The student “is seriously injured but his life is not in danger,” said the police spokesman. He added that the attack took place this Sunday around 4:00 p.m., when a man “in military clothing” and “in the vicinity of the synagogue” struck with a ‘blunt object’, apparently a shovel, his victim in the head. The attack occurred when a religious service was beginning in the synagogue. As soon as the events occurred, “many visitors to the synagogue” were taken to safety, police said.

The attack took place a few days before the anniversary of the attack on the synagogue in Halle starring a neo-Nazi activist in which two people were killed. On October 9, 2019, Stephan Balliet went armed to the teeth to the Jewish temple in the East German city with the intention of assaulting and killing as many people as possible. The robustness of the temple door, which withstood the shots and the firing of explosives by the attacker, prevented a massacre among the 52 people who were inside at that time and who were celebrating Yom Kippur, the most important Jewish holiday . Seeing his attack thwarted, Stephan Balliet shot and killed a woman who happened to be passing by the place and who reprimanded him for the noise he was making, before starting a getaway in his car that lasted for more than an hour and a half and in which he also shot and killed a customer in a Turkish fast food restaurant. The two dead were German citizens and casual victims of the attack.

Balliet broadcast his attack and murderous career live for more than half an hour with a video camera through social networks. “My name is Anon and I believe that the Holocaust never took place,” said the neo-Nazi at the beginning of the broadcast. The 28-year-old neo-Nazi activist has been indicted since July 21 by the Naumburg High Court for double murder and 68 assassination attempts, as well as Holocaust denial, neo-Nazi agitation and serious injuries, among other charges.


On TikTok, Polo Guerrero helps you pass your courses in Medicine

In a white room without much light, the bone plates of a person who probably had an accident, are X-ray sheets placed on a wall. In that same room there is plaster everywhere, on the floor, on the metal tables and in his hands, in the hands of Carlos Guerrero, an MIP (undergraduate intern physician) and a tiktoker?

Better known in social networks as Polo Guerrero, the undergraduate intern doctor performs his service in the area of ​​Orthopedics and Traumatology as the basis of his training so that he later specializes in the branch that is to his liking: ophthalmology.

“It all starts with a teacher who gave us the ophthalmology class, I didn’t know anything about the subject, the eye and nothing else, but he was the person who taught us the class in such a concrete way, so digestible that it inspired me to see his office, go see an eye procedure and that’s where I said ‘I want to do this.

Although Polo is an undergraduate intern, that is, he has already finished part of his general medicine degree and is preparing for social service, He is also a regular on social networks and to publish some videos that can help other people who want to study Medicine, one of the most demanded careers in the country.

The task is not easy. Polo searches through his notes, his books and what he learns every day to solve the doubts his followers have. In addition to talking about general topics, since not being a specialist, he focuses on these types of topics.

“I don’t talk about specific issues, I never mention treatments because I’m not the person who can give you treatments. What I try to do is talk about everyday issues, for example, right now I’m rotating in the surgery and appendicitis service it’s what you’re going to see the mostSo how can you tell society ‘hey if your stomach hurts like this, why should you go to the emergency room’ “, says Polo.

The young undergraduate intern not only talks about diseases or their day-to-day life in his hospital rotation, Polo also approaches the students, gives them recommendations on the material they are going to work with, how complicated the procedures can be. exams and how were your days as a student.

“I never imagined that someone would be interested in talking about medicine, second that it was not a specialist, but a student”

How has your time at Tik Tok been?

Polo’s girlfriend played a very important role in the student’s arrival on social networks, as she convinced him to use the platform; however, the goal was not to make videos on topics related to medicine.

“My girlfriend wanted to start making videos, I did not see Tik Tok as a platform where I said I am going to talk about Medicine, but I uploaded a video explaining what the career was and I saw that many normally from middle school or high school began to ask me how is being in the career, what is it like to enter, the entrance exam, what options are there and that’s where I was motivated to say ‘hey, there are people who want to know a little, I’m going to upload content for them’ “

In this social network, Polo has found everything from receiving the odd hateful comment and on the other hand, thanks from his followers, where he has seen how from students to ladies thanking him for the knowledge he disseminates on TikTok, for him this It is what motivates him the most to continue on the social network.

“I love it and I always try to answer all the comments and messages that they send me on other social networks and I always tell them that for comments like that, I don’t know a person who says’ hey, I’m studying medicine, I’m in the first few semesters and I was very frustrated, but I started watching your videos … “

“Many of the topics that I learned in the race was through YouTube, through a video where they explained it easier”

Undoubtedly, the support of the ‘Tiktokera community’ is one of the engines by which Polo Guerrero continues on the social network, where he has taught how to tie knots in a suture, giving advice on what to buy or not to buy in career, supporting students who are interested in this career.

And for all this to end, there is still a long way to go, if it does, because in the future the young doctor not only plans to be an ophthalmologist, his plans may include expanding on social networks or creating a YouTube channel.

“I would like to get to do that, to make a video talking about a disease that maybe the one who is studying for the race says’ hey I don’t understand, I need to see someone who explains it easier and who can find my video , yes it would be the intention but I would wait a little more “.



Prof indicted for a relationship with a student – Chronicle

A 60-year-old literature professor was indicted by the Court of Monza for ‘sexual acts with minors with the abuse of the powers deriving from his position’, for having had a relationship with one of his students, 16, known in class in Lissone (Monza).

Between the two the effusions would have taken place after a brief courtship by the man who, according to what Corriere della Sera anticipates, would have declared that he fell in love so much that he asked for a divorce from his wife. To bring out the relationship between the girl and the adult was a kiss exchanged in the corridors, immortalized by a pupil, which ended first in the hands of another teacher and then the headmaster.