Strong cross between the director of Incucai and Luis Novaresio due to the corneas that could not reach the country due to the restriction on flights

The flight trap continues to generate controversy. This time it was after a well-known ophthalmologist denounced that five corneas were “stranded” in the United States due to the restrictions imposed by the Government to stop the arrival of the Delta variant of coronavirus.

The director of Incucai, Carlos Soratti, denied that the ocular tissues were lost and assured that “they are well preserved.” However, he had a tense back and forth with journalist Luis Novaresio after he claimed that these transplants “they are not urgent”.

The interview, by radio Network, lasted for about nine minutes and increased in tone as the specialist tried to justify the delays in the transfer of the corneas.

“The entry of a cornea from the outside can be postponed”, sentenced Soratti, who later explained that a country like the United States can offer corneas because it has “beyond the local waiting list.”

Dr Carlos Alberto Soratti, president of Incucai.

It was then that Novaresio crossed it and began a round trip full of ironies, chicanes and unanswered questions until the end …

The spiciest cross

-Luis Novaresio: I tell you this because I am ignorant. They send us corneas because fortunately in other countries they have a surplus and we do not. Is a flight scheduled, Argentina cancels it and does not foresee that this could happen? It seems to me a scandal …

-Carlos Soratti: I don’t know if Argentina canceled the flight, I think it was the company.

-LN: Mr. Soratti, the company canceled the flight because the ANAC did not authorize it, because 600 people left per day.

-CS: Okay, they are measures taken to protect the epidemiological crisis that we are experiencing.

-LN: Are you serious? What six corneas that can arrive in a flight is so that it does not spread the Delta variant?

-CS: I was not referring to corneas, I was referring to flights. The measure that the Government has taken has to do with protective measures due to the epidemiological situation.

-LN: Is the problem that passengers enter or that they enter and are not controlled? Because if what you have to do is make sure that whoever arrives is isolated, let’s do this, let’s not disconnect Argentina from flights on the planet.

-CS: That is another discussion.

-LN: You introduced it.

-CS: The cancellation of flights is not an issue that involves the Incucai. Given the specific fact that the cancellation of a flight prevented the transfer of corneas … that usually happens even in normal situations, for which a surgery is rescheduled, taking into account that it is not an emergency.

-LN: No, of course, there are five people who expected to see. It doesn’t seem so urgent.

-CS: They will surely achieve it.

-LN: But tell him that they have to keep waiting, that untimely decisions like this have to be taken, that today we say white and tomorrow we say black. I respectfully say to you, Mr. Soratti, if you are responsible for people receiving the organs and you say that we have to reprogram, that we remain calm, I’m scared of it.

-CS: There is a waiting list of many people …

-LN: Well, work so that there is less waiting. Do not block the possibility of this happening.

-CS: We are working so that it does not get lost, even in complex situations like the ones we are experiencing. (…) Since the beginning of the pandemic, back in March of last year, we made the rearrangements so that it was possible to sustain the transplantation of organs, tissues …

-L. N.: If you want, another day we make history. But specifically, these five corneas that could not arrive because the Argentine government suspended flights, are they going to reach these five Argentine patients who were waiting for the corneas?

-CS: Of course they should be rescheduled for when possible.

-LN: Don’t tell me “they must be”.

-CS: But it doesn’t depend on me, I don’t reprogram it.

-LN: Talk to the people of the ANAC In order to have it reprogrammed, you are the one who must provide the corneas.

-CS: I heard that Dr. Zaldívar himself said that Aerolineas Argentinas had contacted to offer the possibility of solving this situation.

-L. N.: And what did you do to solve it, Dr. Soratti, as the head of the Incucai?

-CS: Hello … Hello …

-LN: Yes, do you hear me? Well, nothing, it was cut, I don’t care about anything.

The complaint

On the second day of validity of the flight restriction decided by the Government, an ophthalmological specialist denounced that five corneas donated for Argentine patients were stranded in the United States.

“Five lost donor corneas from the USA due to canceled flight. No vision and isolated. #VarianteDelta,” denounced ophthalmologist Roger Zaldívar, scientific director of the Zaldívar Institute, a clinic specializing in eye surgery.

The expert thus referred to the inconveniences generated by the quota of 600 Argentines who can enter the country, a measure that seeks to limit the cases of the Delta variant of the coronavirus.

“Taking the subject of vacationing in Miami, behind this tweet what I wanted to make visible is the problem we have,” Zaldívar told Clarion.

Despite the efforts of Incucai and the benefits of the Justina Law, in Argentina “44%” of corneal transplants depend on organs arrived from abroad. It is estimated that there are 4,000 interventions of this type on hold.



Novavax Offers U.S. Fourth Strong COVID-19 Vaccine

Novavax, a small American company fueled by the abundant support of the United States government, announced on Monday the results of a clinical trial of its COVID-19 vaccine in the United States and Mexico, in which its inoculation of two injections was found to provide a powerful protection against the coronavirus.

In the trial with 29,960 people, the vaccine demonstrated an overall efficacy of 90.4%, on a par with the vaccines manufactured by Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna, and superior to the single injection vaccine of Johnson & Johnson.

The vaccine Novavax showed a 100% efficiency en the prevention of moderate or severe disease.

A participant in the Novavax vaccine trial at Howard University in Washington. Photo Kenny Holston / The New York Times.

Despite these impressive results, the future of the vaccine in the United States is uncertain and could be more necessary in other countries.

Novavax states that it may not request emergency clearance from the Food and Drug Administration until the end of September.

And with a plentiful supply of three other licensed vaccines, the agency may tell Novavax to order one instead. full license, a process that could take several more months.

The CEO of the company, Stanley Erck, acknowledged that Novavax will likely get its first clearance elsewhere.

The company is also filing applications in Great Britain, the European Union, India and South Korea.

“I think the good news is that the data is so compelling that it encourages everyone to pay attention to our requests,” Erck said.

When Novavax gets the green light from the US government, it may be too late to contribute to the nation’s first wave of vaccinations.

But many vaccine experts predict that, with declining immunity and emerging variants, the country will need booster shots sometime.

And the protein-based technology used in the Novavax vaccine can do a particularly good job of amplifying protection, even if people have previously been vaccinated with a different formulation.

“They can really be the right fit for boosters,” said Dr. Luciana Borio, who was the FDA’s acting chief scientist from 2015-17.

Last year, the Trump administration’s Operation Speed ​​of Flight program awarded Novavax a contract for $ 1.6 billion for 100 million future doses.

The company garnered this tremendous support despite never having a vaccine on the market in more than three decades.

In January, Novavax announced that its trial of 15,000 people in Britain had found that the vaccine had a 96% efficiency against the original coronavirus.

Against Alpha, a variant of the virus first identified in Britain, the efficacy dropped slightly to 86%.

In South Africa, where Novavax conducted a smaller trial with 2,900 people and the Beta variant was dominant, the company found an efficacy of only 49%.

But the South African trial was complicated by the fact that several of the volunteers had el VIH, which is known to make vaccinations difficult.

Furthermore, the study was so small that it was difficult to estimate the degree of protection that the vaccine provided to seronegative volunteers.

With the support of the Operación Warp Speed, Novavax drew up plans for an even larger late-stage trial in the United States and Mexico.

But manufacturing difficulties delayed its launch until December.

By then, the United States had licensed vaccines from Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna.

In February, with the Novavax trial still underway, the government authorized the trial of Johnson & Johnson.

While awaiting trial results, Novavax partnered with other companies to begin manufacturing massive quantities of its vaccine.

In the India, partnered with the Serum Institute, and in South Korea, with SK Biosciences.

Novavax reached an agreement with Gavi, the Alliance for Vaccines, to supply 1.1 billion doses to low- and middle-income countries.

But the company’s difficulties in scaling continued, and it took more time to develop special tests used to confirm the quality of its product.

The new results were based on 77 trial volunteers who caught COVID-19.

Volunteers who received placebo injections were much more likely to get sick than those vaccinated, a statistical difference that translated into an efficacy of 90.4%.

“It’s a strong result,” said Natalie Dean, a biostatistician at the University of Florida.

“It puts them at that high level.”

The vaccine showed the same efficacy in a group of high-risk volunteers: people over 65, with medical risk factors or with jobs that exposed them to the virus.

Novavax sequenced the genomes of 54 of the 77 viral samples, and found that half were Alpha, the variant that became dominant in the United States this spring.

The side effects of the vaccine were relatively mild.

Some volunteers reported fatigue, headaches, and other minor symptoms.

“This vaccine seems easier on the arms,” ​​said John Moore, a Weill Cornell Medicine virus expert who volunteered for the Novavax trial.

Novavax will apply for authorization in the United States when it finishes developing a quality control test, according to its CEO.

“You have to do tests in every way from Sunday to show that in any condition you get the same response,” said Erck.

“And that takes time.”

Erck said the company plans to manufacture 100 million doses per month by the end of the third quarter, and 150 million doses per month by the end of the fourth quarter.

With each passing week, the United States is amassing a larger supply of licensed vaccines from other companies, raising the question of whether the country needs to give more emergency use authorizations, or USA.

“The law says that once you have enough doses, you don’t need to give more US,” Borio said.

One sign that the FDA is changing its approach to COVID-19 vaccines came last week.

An American company called Occugen had requested an emergency clearance to Covaxin, a COVID-19 vaccine currently used in India.

But on Thursday, the company announced that the FDA had recommended that it take the standard path to full approval, known as biological license application, that takes many more months.

But because Novavax has been consulting with the FDA since last year about its trials, Erck said the company could continue with its plans to seek emergency use authorization.

“So far, they have indicated that if e

you’re in the process for a USA, you can continue for a USA, “said Erck.” Anyone could tell you that that could change, but I don’t know how to predict it. “

Dr. Paul Offit, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania and a member of the FDA’s vaccine advisory panel, said Novavax’s highly effective vaccine would be very welcome.

“The more there are, the better,” he said.

“I think there is room for many more vaccines, because we are going to deal with this virus for years, if not decades. “

Novavax is preparing for that future by investigating how its vaccine might work as a booster.

A new version of the vaccine contains the proteins of the Beta variant first identified in South Africa.

The researchers administered Beta boosters to baboons that had been vaccinated with the original version of the Novavax vaccine in experiments conducted a year ago.

The researchers found that the baboons’ immunity against COVID-19 spiked after this boost, protecting them against Beta, Alpha, and the original version of the coronavirus.

“When boosted, you see a very high recall response,” says Matthew Frieman, a virus expert at the University of Maryland School of Medicine and a co-author of the new study.

The study has not yet been published in a scientific journal.

Frieman said the new study offered encouraging evidence that Novavax vaccines might work well as boosters.

It also suggests that people getting vaccinated for the first time might do well to receive a mix of the original and beta versions to extend their protection against the newer variants, he said.

“Novavax may be used as a booster in the US, but it will certainly be the first vaccine that many people around the world will see,” he said.

c.2021 The New York Times Company


NOVATEK opens navigation along the Northern Sea Route – Business – Kommersant

NOVATEK shipped the first LNG shipment of this navigation season from Yamal eastward directly to the Asian market. According to Vesselfinder, the Arc7 tanker Nikolay Urvantsev is due to deliver the LNG shipment to Japan by 2 July. Now the gas carrier is sailing without icebreaker assistance, but the Yamal nuclear-powered icebreaker has previously cleared a channel for it in the Vilkitsky Strait and is now returning to meet it. This time, the company did not take much risk with the very early passage of the route, sending the cargo through the Northern Sea Route almost a month later than a year earlier.

On June 13, NOVATEK launched LNG supplies from the Yamal LNG plant through the Bering Strait along the eastern route. As follows from Vesselfinder’s data, the Arc7 tanker Nikolay Urvantsev (co-owners – MOL and COSCO) left the port of Sabetta on Sunday, June 13, now it is at the exit from the Gulf of Ob, turning east. The end point of the route is the Japanese port of Sendai, where the tanker is to arrive on July 2. So far, the LNG carrier goes without icebreaker escort.

A Kommersant source familiar with the situation notes that the Yamal nuclear icebreaker has already gone ahead of the gas carrier, which is supposed to “open” the Vilkitsky Strait for it, and then go to meet the ship. According to the forecasts of the AARI, the ice situation is quite decent, a difficult situation this year was observed in the Kara Sea, he says. Now small problems may arise at the exit from the East Siberian and Chukchi Seas, the source adds. At the same time, more attention is now focused on conducting ultra-early flights in February, he concludes.

Traditionally, navigation in the eastern sector of the Northern Sea Route opens in June and ends in December. The rest of the time, NOVATEK’s tankers supply gas to Asia via a longer route – through the Suez Canal and the Strait of Malacca, which takes up to 45 days. The route through the Northern Sea Route takes 18 days to Japan, 20 days to China.

NOVATEK is trying to expand the navigation window to the east: for example, last season, navigation was launched on May 18, and in January, the tankers Christophe de Margerie (January 5) and Nikolay Evgenov (January 6) were sent without icebreaker escort. route “Nikolay Evgenov” damaged one of the three azipods (propulsion systems), after which it was required to dock the ship.

«There are difficulties in April, May with ice conditions … If we succeed, maybe in May we will also open the season. If it’s tense, it will be in June ”, – said at the end of April the head of NOVATEK Leonid Mikhelson, answering the question when the company plans to open navigation along the Northern Sea Route.

Experiments with super-early and super-late shipments of NOVATEK’s cargo are important in the context of the possibility of further launching year-round navigation in the Eastern Arctic. As the head of Sovcomflot, Igor Tonkovidov, said at SPIEF-2021, effective year-round navigation along the Northern Sea Route may begin in the winter of 2023–2024. or 2024–2025

In 2020, Yamal LNG sent 34 consignments along the Northern Sea Route (2.4 million tons, 12.7% of the total production of the LNG plant), follows from the company’s annual report. This is twice as much as in 2019 (1.2 million tons). The number of shipments in 2021 is likely to remain approximately the same, since NOVATEK has already assembled the entire fleet of Arc7 ice-class gas carriers.

According to Mikhail Grigoriev, head of the Gekon consulting company, LNG transportation along the Northern Sea Route to the east reduces the time and cost of transportation, but requires coordinated actions by the entire fleet of gas carriers of the project. This is due to an increase in the duration of a circular voyage almost twofold and a corresponding decrease in the carrying capacity of a grouping of gas carriers of the “Christophe de Margerie” type (Arc7.— “B”), he explains. To ensure uniform export of Yamal LNG products during navigation to the east in the summer-autumn period, vessels of lower ice classes – Arc4, Ice2 are additionally attracted on a charter basis, even without ice reinforcement – to export LNG to the west. This circumstance – the attraction of the “compensation” fleet – should be taken into account when expanding the navigation window to the east, says Mikhail Grigoriev.

Tatiana Dyatel, Anastasia Vedeneeva


Take 2 – How to Impress a Girl…

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Sharp drop in apartment prices due to the number of units for sale

The real estate market is still in a vicious circle from which it cannot get out. In the first half of May, a total of 111,503 apartments for sale were registered in the City, 8% more than the number registered in March when the number was 103,000, according to data from ZonaProp. This oversupply continues to deepen the fall that prices in dollars have been showing for at least two years and that the pandemic deepened.

“The value of the average square meter used for standard quality, without amenities, based on the survey carried out on a quarterly basis since 2005 was located in May of this year at US $ 1,732.2 per square meter, while the average of previous quarter was $ 1810.6, and a year ago in May 2020 it reached US $ 2,097.1 per m2 in CABA “, states the latest Real Estate Report report.

“The fall reaches 26.8% if it is compared to the current value with the US $ 2,367 per square meter corresponding to the same month of the year 2019, “the report details.

According to the Real Estate Report, prices have already gone back to the values ​​observed during the first stocks of the Cristina Fernández government. “The current average value is even below that registered in May 2012 and 2013“, he maintains.

In a context of low demand, very few operations are carried out, which leads to the stock accumulating and impacting prices. “The number will continue to rise, there is an overstock of properties for sale and an almost non-existent demand “, explained Soledad Balayan, director of Maure Inmobiliaria.

For the broker, this scenario means that no one has the upper hand. “It’s a time when the seller is in no rush and neither is the buyer. Buyers take their time before deciding, “he says.

For Germán Gómez Picasso, founder of Reporte Inmobiliario: “With regard to the drop in prices, we are seeing that for now the decline was more marked in the Province of Buenos Aires than in the City “. This drop in numbers marks that in the last year Ciudad dropped 17%, and approached 30% in the last two years; and Province experienced a drop of 22% in 12 months, and of 32% when compared to the 2019 records.

For specialists, sales prices no longer have much room to go down.

For specialists, sales prices no longer have much room to go down.

The specialist estimates that although that stock continues to rise, prices no longer have much room to go down. “It would give the feeling that prices reached a plateau, beyond a certain additional rebound that could be 5% or 6% in the next few months,” he says.

Balayan, however, marks an extra concern and recognizes that it is very difficult make a concrete assessment of a market that is almost non-existent today. “As long as 4,000 operations are not achieved, the market almost does not exist,” he warns. And his assertion is supported by data. The sale of properties in the City of Buenos Aires does not stop picking up. In April, just 2,317 deeds were signed, a 6.2% drop compared to March.

The total amount of operations was also reduced: it fell by 10.9%, to $ 21,312 million, according to data from the Buenos Aires Notaries Association. The average amount of the operations was $ 9,198,639, equivalent to $ 93,384.


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Details of the interest rate on short-term deposits at Al-Ahly Bank and M.

11:16 AM

Saturday, May 15, 2021

I wrote – Manal Al-Masry:

The National Bank of Egypt and Egypt kept the interest rate on all deposits of various terms without change, in line with the Central Bank’s decision in its last meeting to fix the interest rate on deposits and lending for the fourth time in a row.

Short-term deposits are characterized by the ease of linking them for short periods of one day to 6 months, with the customer obtaining a return on his money, and the flexibility to break the deposit from the second day of linking it without a penalty or prohibition without waiting 6 months to link it, such as certificates.

Short-term deposits attract a large segment of clients who need to obtain a return on their investment with the flexibility to withdraw their funds at any time the client needs financial liquidity without waiting for the end of their terms.

The sale of any deposit in the National Bank and Egypt starts from one thousand pounds, except for the one-week deposit for less than a month, which starts from 100,000 pounds.

Masrawy provides details of the interest on short deposits at the end of the term in the Al-Ahly Bank and Egypt after their decision to fix it following the Central Bank’s decision to fix the interest for the fourth time in a row:

First – National Bank of Egypt:

For a period of one to two weeks: the interest rate is 2.25% annually, and the minimum limit for attaching the deposit starts from 100 thousand pounds.

For a period of two weeks to less than a month: the interest rate is 2.75% annually, and the minimum limit for attaching the deposit starts from 100 thousand pounds.

For a term of one to less than two months: the interest rate is 4.25% annually, and the minimum limit for attaching the deposit starts from one thousand pounds.

For a term from two months to less than 3 months: the interest rate is 4.25% annually, and the minimum limit for attaching the deposit starts from one thousand pounds.

For a term from 3 months to less than 6 months: the interest rate is 3.75% annually, and the minimum limit for attaching the deposit starts from one thousand pounds.

For a term from 6 months to less than a year: the interest rate is 3.75% annually, and the minimum limit for attaching the deposit starts from one thousand pounds.

According to the bank, the interest on the million-year deposit ranges between 7% on a one-year term deposit, or 6.5% on the two-year deposit, with a monthly exchange period, provided that the minimum purchase amount for the deposit is not less than one million pounds, and the return is calculated from the day of purchase.

The bank allowed the million-dollar deposit holders to borrow by guaranteeing the deposit at a rate of 90% of its total balance with a margin of 4% above the rate of return on the deposit.

Second – Banque Misr:

Banque Misr divides deposits into five segments, which vary between interest, but differ within one segment according to the terms of each deposit, which are divided from a week or two weeks or less than a month or two months or 3 months or 6 months or less than a year.

Banque Misr works on linking the interest on each deposit according to the amount, and it is divided into five programs:

The first program: From zero to less than a million pounds:

Deposits from 1 week to 14 days: interest of 2.875% per annum.

Deposits from 15 days to less than a month: interest of 3.375% per annum.

Deposits from one month to less than two months: interest 4.375% annually.

Deposits from 2 months to less than 3 months: 4.35% interest annually.

Deposits from 3 months to less than 6 months: interest 4.125% per annum.

Deposits from 6 months to less than a year: interest 3.875% annually.

The second program: From one million pounds to less than two million pounds:

Deposits from 1 week to 14 days: 3% interest annually.

Deposits from 15 days to less than a month: 3.5% interest annually.

Deposits from one month to less than two months: interest of 4.5% annually.

Deposits from 2 months to less than 3 months: interest of 4.5% annually.

Deposits from 3 months to less than 6 months: 4.25% interest annually.

Deposits from 6 months to less than a year: 4% interest annually.

The third program: From 2 million pounds to 5 million pounds:

Deposits from 1 week to 14 days: Interest 3.125% per annum.

Deposits from 15 days to less than one month: interest 3.625% annually.

Deposits from one month to less than two months: interest 4.625% annually.

Deposits from 2 months to less than 3 months: interest 4.625% annually.

Deposits from 3 months to less than 6 months: interest 4.375% per annum.

Deposits from 6 months to less than a year: 4.125% interest annually.

Fourth program: More than 5 million pounds to 10 million pounds:

Deposits from 1 week to 14 days: interest of 3.25% per annum.

Deposits from 15 days to less than a month: interest of 3.25% per annum.

Deposits from one month to less than two months: 4.75% interest annually.

Deposits from 2 months to less than 3 months: 4.75% interest annually.

Deposits from 3 months to less than 6 months: 4.75% interest annually.

Deposits from 6 months to less than a year: 4.5% interest annually.

Fifth program: More than 10 million pounds: The rate of return between the bank and the customer is determined because it is a special segment.