Netflix: Today’s premieres June 11, 2021

Friday has finally arrived and, to spend a relaxing weekend at home, Netflix has a series of productions ready, including the sequel to his hit series “Lupin”, starring Omar Sy.

  • The 5 most anticipated Netflix premieres of June 2021

Here’s what’s coming to Netflix this Friday, June 11.

Estrenos Netflix

  • “Lupine: Part 2” (SERIES)
    • Pursued by “Hubert” and his henchmen, “Assane” struggle to find “Raoul while trying to come up with a grand plan to expose “Pellegrini’s” crimes.

  • “Skater Girl” (MOVIE)
    • After discovering a transformative passion for skateboarding, a young woman from rural India must navigate a number of challenges to achieve your dream of competing.

  • “The dragon in the kettle”
    • Eager to reconnect with his childhood best friend, a boy named Din knows the magic of possibilities thanks to a dragon capable of granting wishes.

  • “Shakes” (ANIME)
    • In “Manila”, where mythical creatures from Filipino folklore hide among humans, Alexandra It shakes”Becomes fully involved in the fight against the criminal underworld.

More Netflix premieres

Consultation the complete list of Netflix premieres that arrive during the month of June and schedule your favorite productions.



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Netflix: Releases June 4-5, 2021

Like every weekend Netflix has prepared some original productions on its platform for subscribers to enjoy these days.

Then We share all the details about the premieres of Netflix for this weekend.

Estrenos Netflix

  • “Sweet Tooth” (SERIE)
    • On a dangerous adventure through a post-apocalyptic world, a half-human, half-deer boy looking for a new beginning accompanied by a surly protector.

  • “Xtremo” (MOVIE)
    • In this relentless action thriller, a retired hit man seeks revenge of his deadly stepbrother with the help of his sister and a troubled teenager.

  • “Breaking the limits: The science of our planet” (DOCUMENTARY)
    • Sir David Attenborough and scientist Johan Rockström examine the collapse of Earth’s biodiversity and explain that we have time to avoid crisis.
  • “Human body: An endearing world” (DOCUMENTARY)
    • The latest scientific advances and the most compelling personal stories are combined in this docuserie enlightening about the incredible workings of the human body.

Netflix premieres June 5

  • “Cats: An Ode to Cat Love” (MOVIE)
    • Documentalists capture on video the daily life, routines and adventures of a group of Dutch cats, with all his curiosity and tenderness.

More Netflix premieres

Consultation The complete list of the news that Netflix has prepared for the month of June 2021.



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Brazil – Ecuador: schedule, streaming, TV and training

The Brazilian National Team and the Ecuadorian National Team meet today, Friday, May 4, in a new match for Conmebol Classification Date 7 for the Qatar Soccer World Cup 2022, at the Beira Rio stadium, in Porto Alegre.

Schedule and where to watch the game online and on television today

With the arbitration of Venezuelan Alexis Herrera, the meeting between Brazil and Ecuador will be played from 9:30 p.m. (Argentine time) and can be seen live on TV through TyC Sports (Channel 101 of Cablevisión and 629 of DirecTV).

But it will not be the only way to enjoy this match of the Conmebol Qualifiers for the Qatar 2022 World Cup. Brazil vs Ecuador can be seen online by streaming through Cablevisión Flow.

You can also follow the minute by minute through the Clarín website.

Possible formations

El 11 de la Selección de Brasil: Alisson; Danilo, Éder Militao, Marquinhos, Alex Sandro; Casemiro, Fred, Lucas Paquetá; Neymar, Richarlison, Gabigol. DT: Tite

The 11th of the Ecuadorian National Team: Alexander Dominguez; Ángelo Preciado, Xavier Arreaga, Robert Arboleda, Pervis Estupiñán; Carlos Gruezo, Moisés Caicedo, Jehgson Méndez; Ángel Mena, Michael Estrada, Enner Valencia. DT; Gustavo Alfaro.

Fixture, results and standings

On the Clarín website, in addition to being able to follow the game’s minute by minute live, you can also check the schedules and results of the rest of the matches on the date and the Conmebol Qualifying Table of positions.


Direction North rekindles the spotlight on health

  • Also this year, after ten editions, it is back Health Direction North, on May 28 at the Stelline Foundation in Milan. TO True Event, in collaboration with Telelombardia and RadioLombardia, media partner of the initiative, will be broadcast in live streaming on the official page of the event,

Health Direction North, the thematic event of the Dn-A True Event, year after year confirms itself as the stage on which to deepen a paradigm shift in healthcare logic, in which institutions, clinicians, experts and civil society create a receptive fabric for develop and welcome new solutions, avoiding the risk of overlaps and contrasts. And if the public, with the rethinking of laws and the social and health system, is moving in this direction, what is the role of the private sector? What virtuous synergies can we imagine for the future? In an attempt to answer these questions, the new edition of Health Direction North – Turning Point will open.

Direction Nord, name of the exhibition in which Sdn is located, is the place where institutions, politics, businesses and stakeholders meet to talk not only about the role that Milan and the North must have in the development of the whole of Italy, but also of what lies north of Italy, that is Europe and the challenge of relations with the community of states of our continent.

“In addition to changing perception, this pandemic has pushed us to rethink the models and organizational systems for taking care of patients – explains the president of the Amici delle Stelline Association. Fabio Massa, founder of the event and author of the book Escape from the city (in which the issues of health and the change that the pandemic has brought in society are addressed) – aiming at an increasingly solid network between the hospital and the territory that can make a difference in terms of prevention, diagnosis and access to treatment . A model of health that not only looks at the body, but also at the mind, where mental health risks becoming the second world pandemic, with acute and long-term effects on the population ». It is therefore from a turning point that this new edition starts to tell a cultural change in the perception of health, from cost to social value. A turning point that will be analyzed starting with the Lombardy Region, which in recent months has undergone the transformation of most of the players in the health system.

During the initiative, moments of political reflection and technical meetings with companies and stakeholders will alternate. Without any kind of ideological alignment but with a very specific objective: to give space to “people who have something to say”, as it is in the claim of Direction Nord since its inception in 2017. Since then all the Milanese protagonists , Lombard, governmental and non-governmental, have found space to debate and confront each other. By the governors Attilio Fontana, Roberto Maroni, Massimiliano Fedriga, Giovanni Toti a Matteo Salvini e Gian Marco Centinaio, gives Erika Stefani a Enrico Letta; i pm Paolo Ielo e Alberto Nobili, the commander of the GdF Cosimo Di Gesù.

THE VACCINE, A COMMON EFFORT – The proceedings will open at 09:30 with the institutional greeting of PierCarla Delpiano President of the Stelline Foundation, followed by an introductory speech by Attilio Fontana, President of the Lombardy Region and subsequently the speakers will discuss the importance of the community to make an effort together common to participate in the largest massive vaccination campaign in world history and to take stock of the effective “functioning” of the State-Region and Public-Private relationship to produce independently and not get unprepared for the next pandemic. The debate will be attended by: Mariastella Gelmini, Minister for Regional Affairs and Autonomies; Letizia Moratti, Vice President and Councilor for Welfare, Lombardy Region; Guido Bertolaso, Consultant to the President of the Lombardy Regional Council for the implementation and coordination of the anti Covid vaccine plan; Enrico Pazzali, President of the Fiera Milano Foundation; Guido Guidesi, Councilor for Economic Development, Lombardy Region; Massimo Scaccabarozzi, President of Farmindustria; Giuseppe Banfi, Cariplo Foundation; Giuliano Rizzardini, Director of the Infectious Diseases Department ASST Fatebenefratelli Sacco Polo Universitario Milano; Antonio Spera, CEO of General Electric Healthcare.

DEPENDENCIES, URGENT RESCUE PLAN – Every 11:30 Emanuele Monti, President of the III Health and Social Policies Commission, Lombardy Region; Tiziana Mele, CEO of Lundbeck Italia; Mauro Emilio Percudani, Director of the Department of Mental Health and Addictions, ASST Grande Ospedale Metropolitano Niguarda; Laura Parolin, President of the Lombardy Region Psychologists Order; Cristina Colombo, head of the Mood Disorders Unit of the IRCCS San Raffaele Hospital in Milan and full professor of Psychiatry at the Vita-Salute San Raffaele University; they will meet to discuss the need for an urgent bailout, a kind of recovery plan that takes into account the weaker sections of society to ensure that no one is left behind.

RETHINK HEALTH, TURN TO RETURN EXCELLENT – The third meeting will be held at 12.30, which will put the value of innovation and the impacts in terms of health and efficiency for regional health systems at the center of the reflections of the participants. They will intervene: Giovanni Pavesi, Director General of Welfare of the Lombardy Region; Stefano Carugo, Director of Cardiology, Polyclinic Hospital of Milan; Francesco Maisano, Chief of Cardiac Surgery and Director of the Heart Valve Center, San Raffaele Hospital; Roberta Busticchi, General Manager Abbott Structural Heart; Paolo Fiorina, President of SID Lombardia, Director of Endocrine Diseases and Diabetology Fatebenefratelli; Giancarlo Pruneri, Director of the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, IRCCS Foundation National Cancer Institute and University of Milan.

RETHINK HEALTH, START FROM THE BASICS OF THE SYSTEM – At 14:00 the situation will be taken stock in the light of what has happened from the beginning of the pandemic to today, based on the consideration that Covid-19 has, forever, questioned everything. It will be necessary to rethink everything to rebuild excellence, starting with the territorial health reform in the Lombardy Region, to replant the pillars of regional health systems, even those that were presented as “global excellences”. The following will take part in the debate: Alfredo Robledo, Legal Advisor to the Welfare Department, Lombardy Region; Annarosa Racca, President of Federfarma Lombardia; Pierangelo Clerici, President AMCLI; Furio Zucco, President of the Scientific Association Science and Therapy and President of the Presenza Amica Onlus Association; Riccardo Caccialanza, Director of UOC Dietetics and Clinical Nutrition, IRCCS Policlinico San Matteo Foundation; Carlo Gabelli, Director of CRIC, Regional Center for Brain Aging, University of Padua Hospital.

RETHINNING HEALTH, CULTURAL CHANGE TO ENHANCE PATIENT SERVICES – All 15:00 Alessandro Stecco, President of the IV Health Commission, Piedmont Region; Brunello Brunetto, President of Commission II Health and Social Security, Liguria Region; Simona Tironi, Vice-president of the III Health and Social Policies Commission, Lombardy Region; Battistina Castiglioni, National Councilor GISE, Director of the Cardiovascular Department, ASST Sette Laghi – Director of SC Cardiology, Galmarini Hospital, Tradate; Luigi Mazzei, Country Manager Edwards Lifesciences; Valentino Confalone, Vice President and General Manager of Gilead Sciences Italia; they will discuss the identification of new tools for a competitive development of the Health Ecosystem, from telemedicine to patient care.

DESIGNING CITIES OF HEALTH AFTER COVID – At 16:00 a focus will be proposed on the cities that have suffered the effects of the pandemic and, in the same way as those who have contracted Covid-19, have fallen ill and need to recover, so a new policy is needed to bring medicine to the territories and health in everyone’s home, starting with public housing. Speakers: Pietro Foroni, Councilor for the Territory and Civil Protection of the Lombardy Region; Fabiola Bologna, Secretary XII Comm. Social Affairs, Chamber of Deputies; Giuseppe Bonomi, CEO of Milanosesto; Elena Bottinelli, CEO of IRCCS San Raffaele Hospital and IRCCS Galeazzi Orthopedic Institute, Angelo Sala, President of Aler Milano; Mariuccia Rossini, President of the Korian Italia Group; Francesca Patarnello, Vicepresidente Market Access & Government Affairs AstraZeneca; Rosaria Iardino, President of The Bridge Foundation.

THE ROLE OF THE THIRD SECTOR, DURING COVID – At 17:00 the following will intervene: Alessandra Locatelli, Councilor for Family and Social Policies, Lombardy Region; Andrea Gori, President of ANLAIDS Lombardia; Elisabetta Iannelli, Secretary General of FAVO; Valerio Canzian, President of URASAM; Maria Luigia Mottes, President of ADPMi; Tamara Grilli, FAND National Councilor for Lombardy; Annalisa Scopinaro, President UNIAMO.

The kermesse of the Amici delle Stelline – founded by Fabio Massa – is organized by Inrete Srl and The Bridge Foundation, with the patronage of the Lombardy Region.


Will Netflix compete for Stadia, Xbox Game Pass and Co.?

Updated May 25, 2021, 2:18 pm

  • Will Netflix mix up the game market in the future?
  • In addition to film and series streaming, games could soon also be part of the offer.
  • Do Microsoft, Apple, Epic, Sony and Valve have to fear the competition?

You can find more gaming news here

The gaming industry may soon be upside down: Rumor has it that Netflix is ​​also planning a game subscription in addition to film and series streaming. This would make the successful company the top dogs Xbox Game Pass, PlayStation Now, Google Stadia, Apple Arcade and Co. competition.

The description “Netflix for games” has become established when it comes to describing streaming subscriptions for gamers. In addition, Netflix has found pleasure in producing series and films based on game templates – including “Dota” and “Resident Evil”. Interactive films, in which viewers have to decide what to do next, also opened the door to interactive entertainment for Netflix. With “Stranger Things 3: The Game” the streaming giant produced a game for its own mystery hit.

Several US media have already reported evidence that Netflix is ​​currently preparing the next big step. One of the sources is the online news magazine “Axios”, which claims to have found out that Netflix wants to offer its current customers a kind of Apple Arcade counterpart in addition to their existing subscription as a test balloon.

Subscription games to Netflix?

The website “The Information”, which specializes in digital lifestyle, also reports that the company is currently looking for a manager with experience in the games industry to take on responsibility for developing the new video games division. Another source is “polygon”. The medium quotes the rather brief answer from Netflix that they are looking forward to offering “more interactive entertainment” in the future. At least in one detail the statement becomes more concrete: They are planning video games based on “Stranger Things”, “La Casa de Papel” and “To All The Boys”.

But what kind of portfolio is Netflix planning to differentiate itself from its rivals? Among other things, according to the rumor mill, own games based on Netflix-exclusive own brands such as the series “Stranger Things” are to be offered as a unique selling point. Other company-owned series and films could also serve as templates for an interactive adaptation. In addition, indie games could expand the Netflix gaming offering, according to current speculation.

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doctors don’t understand why it kills so many little boys

RIO DE JANEIRO – Concerned about her young daughter’s fever, which did not subside, the mother took the girl, Letícia, to the hospital. Doctors had worrying news: it was COVID-19.

However, they were calm, noting that children almost never develop severe symptoms, said the mother, Ariani Roque Marinheiro.

Less than two weeks later, on February 27, Letícia died in the intensive care unit of the Maringá hospital, in southern Brazil, after several days of labored breathing.

Ariani Cristina Pereira Roque Marinheiro lost her daughter Leticia, a one and a half year old baby. Photo Victor Moriyama / The New York Times.

“It happened so fast, and she was gone,” said Marinheiro, 33.

“She was everything to me.”

COVID-19 is doing havoc in BrasiHe and, in a new and disturbing aspect that experts are trying to understand, seems to be killing babies and toddlers at an unusually high rate.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, 832 children children under 6 years old have died from the virus, according to the Brazilian Ministry of Health.

Few comparable data exist because each country tracks the impact of the virus differently.

However, in the United States, which has a much larger population than Brazil, and a higher overall number of deaths from COVID-19, they have died. 139 children under 5 years old.

Ariani Cristina Pereira Roque Marinheiro in his home in Maringa, Brazil.  Photo Victor Moriyama / The New York Times.

Ariani Cristina Pereira Roque Marinheiro in his home in Maringa, Brazil. Photo Victor Moriyama / The New York Times.

Furthermore, the official number of child deaths in Brazil is most likely a substantially lower count, as the lack of widespread evidence means that many cases are not diagnosed, said Fátima Marinho, an epidemiologist at the University of São Paulo.

Marinho, who directs a study that totals the death toll in the child population in both suspected and confirmed cases, estimates that more than 2,200 children under the age of 5 have died since the start of the pandemic, including more than 1600 babies less than one year old.

“We are witnessing a huge impact on children,” Marinho said.

“It is a figure absurdly high. We have not seen this anywhere else in the world. “

A photo of Ariani Cristina Pereira Roque Marinheiro and her daughter, Leticia, at their home in Maringa, Brazil.  Photo Victor Moriyama / The New York Times.

A photo of Ariani Cristina Pereira Roque Marinheiro and her daughter, Leticia, at their home in Maringa, Brazil. Photo Victor Moriyama / The New York Times.

Experts in Brazil, Europe and the United States agree that the number of child deaths from COVID-19 in Brazil seems to ber particularly loud.

“Those numbers are surprising. They are much higher than what we are seeing in the United States, ”said Sean O’Leary, vice chairman of the infectious disease committee at the American Academy of Pediatrics and a pediatric infectious disease specialist at the University of Colorado Campus of Medicine.

“By whatever parameter we are using here in the United States, those numbers are much higher.”

No evidence is available on the impact of virus variants – which scientists say are causing more severe cases of COVID-19 in healthy young adults and increasing the number of deaths in Brazil – on infants and children.

However, experts say the variant appears to lead to higher death rates among pregnant women.

Some women with COVID-19 are giving birth to stillbirths or premature babies already infected with the virus, said André Ricardo Ribas Freitas, an epidemiologist at São Leopoldo Mandic College in Campinas, who led a recent study on the impact of the variant.

“We can already affirm that the variant P.1 it has much more serious effects in pregnant women, ”said Ribas Freitas.

“And often, if the pregnant woman has the virus, the baby may not survive or both may die.”

According to experts, lack of timely and adequate access to children’s health care is likely a factor in the death toll.

In the United States and Europe, experts said, the early treatment it has been key to the recovery of children infected with the virus.

In Brazil, doctors are overwhelmed and have often been slow to confirm infections in children, Marinho said.

“The children are not being given diagnostic tests,” Marinho said.

“They send them home, and it is only when these children return in really serious condition that the presence of COVID-19 begins to be suspected.”

Lara Shekerdemian, director of intensive care at Texas Children’s Hospital, said the death rate in children who contract COVID-19 remains very low, but that children living in countries where the medical care is uneven they were at greater risk.

“A child who may need only a little oxygen today could end up on a ventilator the following week if he does not have access to the oxygen and steroid that we give him early in the disease process,” Shekerdemian said.

“So what could end up being a simple hospitalization in my world can result in a child needing medical care that they simply cannot get if there are delays in accessing it.”

A study published in January in the Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal, revealed that children in Brazil and four other Latin American countries developed more severe forms of COVID-19 and more cases of the multisystem inflammatory syndrome, an extreme and rare immune response to the virus, compared to data from China, Europe, and North America.

Some of the children who have died from the virus already had health problems that made them more vulnerable.

However, Marinho estimates that these cases represent just over a quarter of deaths among children under 10 years of age.

This suggests that healthy children also appear to be at higher risk from contracting the virus in Brazil.

c.2021 The New York Times Company

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Medicine with a gender perspective: they propose to create Centers for the Care of Women

Paraná, 15 may (APFDigital)

– In the town of Oro Verde, Vice Governor Laura Stratta participated this Friday in a meeting at the Entre Ríos Nuclear Medicine Center (Cemener), where a project was presented to promote the creation of Centers for the Attention of Women

Nahuel Tawata and Julio Rodríguez Signes, general manager and member of CEMENER, participated in this meeting in person. While, through the Zoom platform, the three health professionals who presented the initiative were present: Guillermina Barrera, a gynecologist, specialist in Gynecological Endocrinology and Social and Community Medicine from the city of Oro Verde; Verónica Vílchez, specialist in medical clinic and clinical oncology at Cemener; and Cintia Bertoncini, specialist in Radiotherapy at Cemener.

In the first place, Bertoncini explained the objectives of these centers: “The Centers for the Attention of Women, have as their main objective to provide a safe, comfortable and enjoyable space for the care of women. They are modern spaces and focus on advising on screening studies with the ease of accommodating shifts on the same day, streamlining logistics, as well as assessing the results obtained and monitoring the captive population that you want to attend to in said institution, generating reminders of studies and facilitating the necessary consultations based on the pathologies detected. Some also include, depending on the infrastructure, studies of other complexity and treatment of various pathologies ”.

In turn, Barrera considered it necessary to have tools to open the door and start the project. “We must try to offer comprehensive services where women can carry out all their controls in a coordinated manner in the same institution, with the premise of shortening times and being able to carry out inter-consultations if necessary with the same care team, thus providing greater containment both professional as well as institutional to our patients ”, he expressed.

Finally, Vílchez spoke about the importance of informing and raising the awareness of the population on the subject. “According to the incidence and mortality data in the province of Entre Ríos: for every 100,000 inhabitants, the three main types of cancer that are detected are breast, colon and cervical. It is extremely important to create an area dedicated to the pathology of women, taking into account the high incidence of breast and cervical tumors ”.

After the presentation of the professionals, the vice-governor expressed the support of the government of Entre Ríos before this initiative. “We feel challenged by these data and the main causes of death. I experienced this when I was Minister of Social Development, and the thousands of cases of people who did not have access to treatment. For this reason, we believe that it is essential to work on prevention, treatment and comprehensiveness regarding the care of women ”.

“Eradicating the inequalities that women face also implies generating tools to eliminate barriers, bring closer and strengthen a State that takes care of them. That is why we maintain the importance of the gender perspective being transversal to all the actions that are undertaken, and this proposal is one more step on that path ”, he added. (APFDigital)


MHONI VIDENTE predicts RADICAL CHANGES in Mexico and the WORLD this May 13 – El Heraldo de México

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Russia may harvest one of the highest grain yields in history

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has published a forecast for the grain harvest in 2021 in Russia, according to the department, this year it will be possible to collect 126.5 million tons, of which 85 million tons of wheat and 41.5 million tons of feed grain. This is a very high and optimistic assessment, says Vladimir Petrichenko, general director of the analytical company Prozerno.

He reminds that the American method of calculation differs from the Russian one: we additionally take into account the Crimea (the forecast for the harvest there this year is 1.7 million tons), as well as legumes and buckwheat (this is another 4-5 million tons). Taking this into account, the harvest can be comparable to last year, which was the second in history and amounted to 133.5 million tons, the expert argues.


Which states in the United States can you travel to without quarantine or test?

With the growing wave of coronavirus cases, in some parts of the North American country the requirements have been tightened in recent weeks to be able to travel without quarantine or test. Although, it is expected that for Christmas there will be some type of release, at the moment, we review to which cities or states in the United States you can travel with or without restrictions.

The number of states with restrictions increased from 18 to 22 from November to December, including California, Minnesota, Oregon and the state of Washington. But, on the contrary, 28 states still have no travel restrictions, even with some of the highest infection rates in the country (for example, North Dakota).

And as infection rates increased in the US, so did the number of states that were placed on “high risk” lists; in many cases, now only visitors to Hawaii can get to any state unhindered.

However, there is no uniformity between the current travel restrictions: some quarantines are voluntary, others mandatory, and in others a negative COVID-19 test is required.

And although some states do not have restrictions, such as Florida, which attracts a large number of tourists from all over the world, it is necessary to wear face masks in public places, limit the capacities in closed places as well as the number of people in public and social gatherings.

The following states (in alphabetical order) do not currently have statewide travel restrictions: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska , Nevada, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, West Virginia, and Wyoming.

And these 22 states (in alphabetical order) have travel restrictions: Alaska, California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington State, and Wisconsin. (Washington DC also has travel restrictions.)

Remember that these data may change from one moment to another and it is best to check with the official websites of each state and / or city.