Cooking Brussels Sprouts: Recipes and Cooking Tips | – Guide – Cooking

Status: 14.09.2021 1:20 p.m. Whether as a casserole, soup or side dish: the nutty taste of Brussels sprouts goes well with hearty dishes. It tastes fried, cooked and out of the oven. What is the best way to prepare the florets? With its spicy, nutty taste, Brussels sprouts, also known as “Brussels cabbage”, are one […]

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The new definition of the status of “Russian technology”, which the state structures are obliged to implement, will lead to imitation of import substitution, experts say. There is also a risk of “buyout investments” Photo: Anton Novoderezhkin / TASS The question of what to consider as Russian radio-electronic products sparked a dispute between industry-specific market […]

Western Digital launches exchange program for hacked hard disks

July 16, 2021 – Owners of a Western Digital NAS who have lost data due to the known security gap can now use a data recovery service free of charge or exchange the device at reduced prices. In June it became known that Western Digital NAS devices had been attacked as a result of a […]

Uzbekistan restricts the work of VKontakte, Twitter and TikTok :: Politics :: RBC

The citizens of the country are having problems accessing these social networks. The authorities clarified that the companies did not comply with the requirements of the law on personal data, requiring them to store databases on the territory of the republic. Фото: Sean Gallup / Getty Images The State Inspectorate for Control in the Sphere […]

NVMe 2.0 Specs Released – IT Magazine

4. June 2021 – With the release of the latest specifications for the NVMe communication protocol used in SSDs, the aim is to optimize performance and performance. The NVM Express Consortium has published the latest specifications for the NVMe communication protocol used by most solid state disks. The new standard is backwards compatible and can […]