in Northern Ireland, “the world will not stop turning”

In the Titanic district of Belfast, the orange of the sky is reflected in a sea of ​​oil. On the old docks that saw the construction of the giant ocean liner at the turn of the last century, clusters of children try out their brand-new bikes and scooters. On Thursday, December 31, at 11 p.m., the United Kingdom left the European Union. A bitter day for Northern Ireland which voted 55.8% against Brexit.

A six-week lockdown and a curfew have emptied the city of its young people, but families intend to take advantage of the slightest ray of sunshine. Maria, in her forties, Philadelphia Eagles beanie pulled over her ears, shrugs her shoulders. “To be honest, I don’t understand a thing”, admits this saleswoman in a cosmetics store. “I still don’t know how it will affect my work. However, things are bound to change because we have European and British clients. “

“It’s a sad day, because we are European! “

The lack of clarity annoys him: “To believe that the government leaves us in the dark so that we can make mistakes and get fines!” “. But the prospect of having to apply for a visa to enter Europe leaves her unmoved: like 700,000 North Irish people, she holds an Irish passport which allows her to travel and work freely in the 27 countries of the Union. .

At the end of the pier, you can see the port. Huge cranes are busy there to unload the cargo ships. Not far away, the ferry terminal welcomes the few passengers from Scotland and Liverpool. “Yesterday, we were on a bench watching the boats coming from Sweden, Germany… I can’t help but think that it will be more complicated now”sighs Pol, who works at the local university. “It’s a sad day, because we are European! “

His mate, Colum, nods. “Being part of the EU made us feel more important than just being Northern Irish, he slips. People here tend to be islanders, and if they stay together it all ends up revolving around the question of Irish or British identity. We have just lost something important, all for a vague ideal of British sovereignty. “

The fear of the reawakening of “old wounds between Catholics and Protestants”

Like many, Colum is concerned that the new deal will “Awakens old wounds between Catholics and Protestants”. Because, if the former want the reunification of the Emerald Isle and are delighted that the land border remains open, the latter are worried about seeing their privileged relationship with Great Britain undermined by controls at sea. Ireland. “We still have hope”, tempers Pol. “Whatever happens, the world will not stop turning, the business will continue and we will always have the opportunity to go on vacation to Spain or France! “

At 19, Karl Duncan shares this optimism. Committed to the Social Democratic and Labor Party (SDLP), he wants to imagine a future where “Prosperity would replace divisions”. Too young to have voted in the referendum on Britain’s exit from the EU, he has followed the negotiations closely. “Much has changed in the past four years: the political scene has changed, in the south and in the north of Ireland. “ Thanks to Brexit? Maybe, he admits, even though he’s fiercely opposed to it. “I especially have the impression that we are at a turning point in our history”, he rejoices.

On the docks, the museum dedicated to the rutile Titanic, opposite the ultramodern studios that hosted the filming of the successful series Game of Thrones. Two projects which have participated in the transformation of the city, since the Peace Agreement of 1998. If pragmatism prevails today, who knows what new industries will complete this district in the coming years?


Aritz Aranburu focuses on the World Cup that gives the ticket to the Games when the circuit stops due to Covid

The decision of the World Surf League to suspend sine die the tests of the world circuit due to the advance of the coronavirus pandemic will alter Aritz Aranburu’s plans “half” this season. “The objective was to be at the top of the game at the World Cup in El Salvador, at the end of May, in which the last tickets for the Tokyo Games will be awarded, and that challenge remains alive”, confirms the Zaragoza.

At the moment, the appointments in Morocco and Hawaii in which he intended to participate are falling from his calendar, and as the weeks go by, depending on how the pandemic progresses, he will mark which tests go ahead and which do not. «We have two difficult months, without any competition, and then we will have to see. My goal is to arrive in the best moment of form at the World Cup and for that I am working beyond whether it is possible to compete or not, ”he warns.

In the next few days he will travel to Las Palmas, where the rest of the members of the Spanish team that also have the Olympic Games as their objective are waiting for him. Zarauztarra Nadia Erostarbe is one of them. Aritz is eager. “It is always positive to measure yourself in competition to know where you are, but I feel that I am training well, calm, taking advantage of the good winter of waves that we are having and these concentrations with other surfers are good to escape the routine”.

In that World Cup in El Salvador, which should have been held in 2020, four tickets will be awarded in the men’s category and as many in the women’s category. The other 16 to twenty per gender that will compete in Tokyo already have a first and last name. “The games? It’s what we all want. The best in the world will be in El Salvador, there will be none, but why not? ».

It will be the premiere in the Olympic surf program. The competition will be held on the beaches of the town of Ichinomiya. It is a wave that breaks on a sandy bottom.


The smiling trump player who was carrying the Pelosi atrium arrested in Florida

Adam Johnson, the president’s supporter Donald Trump captured when he was carrying the lectern of the president of the US House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, in a photograph of the Capitol on Wednesday, January 6, 2021, he was arrested in Florida.

County Sheriff’s Office Pinellas, on the west-central coast of Florida, indicated this Saturday, January 9, 2021 that Johnson he was captured on the basis of a federal arrest warrant.

In the mugshot of his arrest, he appears without the bright smile he wore when he was photographed on January 6 during the shooting of the Capitol by supporters of Trump who had attended a meeting of the leader, which urged them to march to the building that houses the two chambers of the Congress.

Among other things, Trump He told his followers that if they did not fight with strength, they would no longer have “a country” and that the weak had to be left out because “the hour of strength” had come.

Johnson, according to the police file, is 36 years old, resides in Tampa, was arrested on January 8 and is “awaiting trial.” The file does not specify the charges for which he is charged.

Photography of Johnson with the atrium of Pelosi is one of the most publicized of the events that occurred in the Capitol, where five people died, one of them a policeman, and many were injured.

The assailants caused damage to the headquarters of the Congress and they faced the forces of order in an episode that some legislators They have defined it as an attempted coup and others as an “insurrection.”

The conviction has been practically unanimous and Trump has been held directly responsible for the events as an instigator not only by the Democrats, who have called for his removal, but by some republicans.

Trump you risk being subjected to a impeachment, the second of his term, before the Democrat Joe Biden assumes on January 20 the Presidency of EE.UU. as the winner of the November 3 elections.

The current president does not accept the election results and claims without evidence to have been victim massive fraud, which is why on January 6 he urged his supporters to march to the Capitol.

That day in the legislative chambers the certification of the victory of Biden, what Trump qualifies as a “robbery”.
Once the situation was controlled, Congress resumed the session interrupted by the assault and certified Biden as president-elect in the early hours of January 7.

Trump, whose accounts in Facebook and Twitter have been blocked to avoid incitement to violencewill not attend the investiture of Biden.


Iraq issues arrest warrant for Donald Trump

In connection with the death of a lieutenant of General Soleimani.

UAn Iraqi court on Thursday issued a national arrest warrant against outgoing US President Donald Trump in connection with the investigation into the elimination of Abu Mehdi al-Mouhandis, a powerful pro-Iran commander in Iraq, who killed the last year alongside Iranian General Qassem Soleimani.

Already in June, Iran had issued an arrest warrant and demanded the issuance of a “red notice” to Interpol against Mr. Trump for the death of General Soleimani, a procedure that has so far failed. not successful.

“I said, how long do we have to listen to this shit for?” ”, Had continued the outgoing American president to justify these assassinations qualified as“ illegal ”and“ arbitrary ”by Agnès Callamard, Special Rapporteur on the extrajudicial executions of the UNO.

The death penalty

The Roussafa investigation tribunal, the eastern sector of Baghdad, “has decided to issue an arrest warrant against the outgoing President of the United States of America Donald Trump in accordance with article 406 of the Iraqi Penal Code”, details a press release from the Judicial Authority.

This article provides for the death penalty for any murder with premeditation. The court claims to have concluded the preliminary investigation but “the investigations are continuing to unmask the other perpetrators of this crime, whether Iraqis or foreigners”.

For a year now, pro-Iranians in Iraq have not stopped accusing Iraqi Prime Minister Moustafa al-Kazimi, then only head of intelligence, of complicity in these assassinations.

With the commemorations of the first anniversary of the death of the two men, the political climate already tense with the approach of legislative promised in June has become deleterious.

Pro-Iran media are promising “names soon” as several senior politicians have passed the buck of the accusations in recent televised talks.


The Competitions Committee stopped the Pyramids player 8 matches

The Competitions Committee of the Egyptian Palestinian Football Association punished Mahmoud Wadi, the player of the first football team at Pyramids Club.

Wadi had been exposed to the direct red card in the El Entag El Harby meeting in the match that was held in the fifth round of the Egyptian Premier League, which ended in favor of Pyramids with a score of 3-2.

The Competitions Committee imposed a suspension of 8 matches and a monetary penalty of 100,000 pounds on the Palestinian international, after the match referee’s report revealed an incident of insult by the Pyramids player against the referee Mahmoud Naji.

Pyramids published a statement commenting on the arrest of its new attacker:

“The strange thing is that the referee wrote in his report, on which the Competition Committee took the penalty accordingly, that the suspension decision was due to insulting the player after being sent off for violent play, which is quite surprising from the referee..

By reviewing the video of the shot of Mahmoud Wadi’s dismissal, the referee, Mahmoud Naji, went to review the shot of the attacker’s confrontation with the El Entag El Harby defender and made his decision about a violent game and decided to display the direct red card in the player’s face.

The strange thing is that Mahmoud Wadi, even before Mahmoud Naji declared the card and took it out of his pocket, the player went directly outside the stadium without any objection to the referee’s decision out of respect for the decision and not to waste time, especially since the team was two goals behind..

The club was surprised by the apparent injustice of its attacker in the referee’s report, which caused him to stop 8 matches and a harsh financial penalty of 100,000 pounds, although the player did not intend to hit without a ball and was regular friction in addition to that he did not intersect with the referee after the final decision and left directly and without objection to the card Red, indicating that the referee is suspicious of the player and his club.


Nissan will reduce its sales network in Europe in 2021 :: Business :: RBC

The showrooms will close in 30 countries, most of which are Eastern European. Car sales will continue through the Renault network. Plants in Spain, which produce commercial vehicles, will also be transferred to the French concern

Фото: Toru Hanai / Reuters

Фото: Toru Hanai / Reuters

Japanese carmaker Nissan Motor will significantly reduce its distribution network in Europe in 2021 and will close two factories in Spain. This was reported by the Yomiuri newspaper, citing sources on January 1.

As the newspaper writes, the reduction of the sales network, as well as the closure of production facilities, is associated with a change in the structure of the concern. The sales network and factories will be outsourced to French Renault to increase the profitability of the business in Europe.

Nissan plans to reduce its presence in about 30 countries. This will mainly affect Eastern Europe, in particular Poland and Hungary. They also want to close their distributor branches in the Netherlands. At the same time, sales of the brand’s cars will continue through the Renault retail network.

Nissan will lay off 3 thousand employees from stopped factories in Spain

The Japanese concern, after the closure of two factories – in Barcelona and Avila – will transfer all production of commercial vehicles to the management of Renault. Against the backdrop of plant closures and downsizing of the sales network, Nissan is also planning to cut staff.


Media: Kaliningrad may stop assembling Hyundai and Kia, Avtotor may close – Kaliningrad News

Experts talk about the possible transfer of the assembly of Hyundai and Kia cars from Avtotor, which may lead to the termination of the company’s existence. This is reported by Gazeta.Ru.

Auto giant Hyundai has completed the acquisition of the Russian General Motors plant. The Russian office of the Korean company has not yet revealed the reason for this acquisition. The fact that the deal to acquire the mothballed GM plant in Shushary has been closed was announced yesterday by the managing director of Hyundai Motor CIS Alexei Kalitsev during the company’s final conference in 2020.

“We are currently working on various scenarios. We analyze the capabilities of our plant, needs and market prospects. And, of course, we are analyzing our model range, because it is quite obvious that the project in Shushary is of a long-term nature – we are looking at the horizon of 5-8 years.

Therefore, it is still premature to talk about specific models and volumes, but next year in July we will be able to present you our production program for the new site, ”said Aleksey Kalitsev.

According to the newspaper, more and more information appears about the possible transfer of production of Hyundai and Kia models from Avtotor to a new site. If this happens, then Avtotor may cease to exist, and part of the capacities will be sold to BMW, experts interviewed by Gazeta.Ru believe.

Earlier, the St. Petersburg edition of Fontanka reported, citing its sources in Smolny, that Hyundai’s decision to purchase a second plant in the immediate vicinity of the first is due precisely to the fact that the Koreans are planning to transfer their models from Avtotor.

“Banal economic considerations suggest that if the logistics leverage can be reduced, it will be done. Kaliningrad, let’s be honest, from the point of view of production is very inconvenient: at first, vehicle kits and components are transported from the mainland to this enclave. Then from there the assembled machines are delivered to the mainland. This is inconvenient and costly. In addition, Avtotor charges a fee for each assembled car – wouldn’t it be more logical to leave this money with the company? ” – automotive expert Sergey Ifanov shared his opinion with Gazeta.Ru.

The press service of Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Rus, in response to a request from Gazeta.Ru, did not confirm or deny information about a possible phased transfer of production from Avtotor to its new plant.

Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Rus will determine plans for further use of the plant later, taking into account the economic situation in Russia and the demand in the car market. Due to the epidemiological situation, it is currently difficult to say anything about the specific timing of the start of production, “- said the head of the public relations department of the Hyundai production unit Maria Maltseva.

The press service of Avtotor declined to comment in response to similar questions.

The decision to transfer production is not in doubt from the independent consultant for the auto industry, Sergei Burgazliev. The expert is convinced that, in addition to this goal, by purchasing the plant, the Koreans also tried to get rid of a potential competitor in the person of Chinese companies, which could also claim GM’s mothballed asset.

“It looks like Hyundai’s departure from Avtotor is just a matter of time. Another thing is that the Kaliningrad plant will have a hard time staying afloat without a contract with the Koreans. I believe that in the end, with a high degree of probability, BMW will buy Avtotor or some of its capacities. The time for contract assembly has passed, in its current form nobody is interested in it, ”concluded Burgazliev.


The pandemic does not stop the enrollments in the degree of Performing Arts of the ERAM of Salt

The pandemic and the difficulties that the cultural world has with covid has not stopped the desire of many young people to pursue their careers as actors. And this year, two more students have enrolled than last year in the degree in Performing Arts offered by the ERAM University School, attached to the University of Girona (UdG). In addition, the director of studies, Eduard Molner, explains that the promotion that has entered this 2020 has done so with “a lot of drive”, despite the “many negative news” that have been coming out of Culture. Molner also explains that many of the future graduates who are now finishing their Final Degree Project (TFG) are incorporating streaming, after seeing the success they have had in the High Season.

The blow that the pandemic has dealt to the entire cultural sector has not translated into a decline in students who want to dedicate themselves to the world of the performing arts. The most obvious proof is that the only degree in Catalonia related to this field, that of the ERAM School in Salt, has seen the number of enrollments grow compared to last year. A fact that the head of studies of the degree, Eduard Molner, admits that he has surprised them, especially after seeing the avalanche of “negative” news that have appeared on Culture in recent months.

In addition, Molner claims the new promotion of students which, he says, is one of the ones that has started with the most drive of all. “We are very pleased because we are in the line of 30 students which is a very comfortable number to teach and the people who have signed up are really looking forward to it,” Molner points out.

The head of studies explains that, like the rest of the universities, they have had to adapt to the restrictions imposed by the pandemic. In this sense, Molner points out that the theoretical subjects are done online, but remarks that the face-to-face – an important part of the career – have been maintained, as through the computer quality in teaching is lost.

Of course, Molner makes it clear that thanks to the possibility of being able to work in large spaces and small groups have been able to do so “with all the guarantees” of security. In addition, the teachers have seen how the students themselves took measures such as not grouping together to study together or have lunch together at the university if they were from different groups. All in all, the cases of contagion in the ERAM were “very few” and the activities could be carried out “relatively normally”.

Pulling forward the High Season, a success

Molner explains that if anything has “given encouragement” to the sector in general, but especially to students studying Performing Arts has been the fact that the festival Temporada Alta de Girona and Salt go ahead “yes or yes”.

Beyond the collaboration of ERAM itself, Molner notes that the entire sector has been “supported” by this decision. “It could not have been more successful, because it has been a boost not only for those involved, who are many, but also because it has raised morale throughout the Culture in general,” remarks Molner.

One of the keys to the Temporada Alta has been the streaming of some of the shows. In this sense, Molner points out that students who finished the degree “have taken note” of this initiative and reveals that there are already some Final Degree Projects (TFG) that incorporate this novelty.


Who sees the future with more uncertainty, however, are the students who are now finishing their careers and who are facing the difficulties of the labor market, hit by the pandemic in a sector as sensitive as this. Precisely for this reason, Molner explains that from the ERAM they have a teacher dedicated to accompany them once they have finished and begin to make their way into the profession.

In addition, the head of studies points out that the transversality of studies allows students to offer more opportunities, as they not only study a specialization, but also touch on all aspects of the performing arts, both creative and programming.


The project to buy back Chantiers de l’Atlantique by Fincantieri at a standstill

A fusion that falls apart. Postponed several times, the takeover of Chantiers de l’Atlantique by the Italian shipbuilder Fincantieri seems more and more improbable, as the deadline of December 31, set by the European Commission, approaches. A new twist in the eventful shareholder history of the industrial flagship of Saint-Nazaire.

In 2017, nationalization by the state

Alstom, the Norwegian Aker Yards, the South Korean STX: so many key shareholders who have succeeded at the helm of the company which, in 2008, became STX France, until its parent company knew at its turn of the difficulties.

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In 2017, while STX had agreed with Fincantieri – the only candidate in the running – to sell its European subsidiary to it, the French government got involved, believing that the company had already suffered enough from the last changes in shareholders.

He had entered the buyout project alongside the Italian company then, in July, had nationalized STX France – which then regained their name of Chantiers de l’Atlantique – while waiting to find an acceptable and reassuring way for the company. job of ceding his jewel to the Italian. In February 2018, the French government and Fincantieri signed an agreement, providing for the State to gradually cede control of Chantiers de l’Atlantique to it.

Two companies in force on cruise ships

For Fincantieri, the takeover of Chantiers de l’Atlantique would have strengthened its dominant position in the cruise ship market, in which it is the largest player worldwide. Born at the end of the 18th centurye century, partially privatized in 2014, the company keeps the Italian State as its main shareholder, and has twenty-five sites – more than half in Italy – in eleven countries.

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The largest, the one in Monfalcone, employs more than 2,000 people. Chantiers de l’Atlantique employs even more, and has a solid order book guaranteeing several years of activity.

The European Commission and the crisis get involved

Alas, since January, the health and economic crisis has largely reshuffled the cards, under the suspicious eye of the European Commission. As early as October 2019, the latter had opened an in-depth investigation into the project’s compliance with competition law.

The Commission feared that a European monopoly held by Fincantieri could put a strain on the price of cruises. She asked the Italian to submit to her a plan to sell assets… which Fincantieri would have refused, citing the current economic crisis. ” At a time when the cruise market becomes uncertain, analysis Arnaud Aymé, from Sia Partners, Fincantieri may no longer be very motivated to complete the buyout “. If the companies have not, to date, canceled any order, the manufacturers have not registered any new for six months.

Global market

Fincantieri, less inclined to buy Chantiers de l’Atlantique because of the economic context, could therefore leave the European Commission responsible for derailing the takeover in the name of free competition. ” By this argument, this file recalls the refusal of the Commission to the proposed merger between Alstom and Siemens, recalls Arnaud Aymé, at the risk of underestimating the global scope of these markets ».

The Chinese now produce 40% of merchant ships. Within this category, European shipyards have specialized in passenger vessels, leaving their Korean, Japanese and Chinese counterparts to have primacy in other types of vessels (oil tankers, bulk carriers, freighters, etc.).

In France, a report submitted to the Senate at the end of September called into question the sale of Chantiers de l’Atlantique to Fincantieri. He then pointed out the risk that Fincantieri would repatriate the Chantiers de l’Atlantique activity to Italy in the event of unfavorable economic conditions, as well as the risk of a technology leak to China: Fincantieri indeed has a joint venture with the public conglomerate CSSC (China State Shipbuilding Corporation), established in Shanghai, which does not hide its ambition to become the world number one in the construction of liners. The ownership of Chantiers de l’Atlantique by the French state should continue next year.


Barça seeks to stop its bad streak in Valladolid

Valladolid, in relegation places, awaits the visit of Barcelona, ​​which it needs change the dynamics that has made him the second worst visitor in LaLiga and achieve a victory that has resisted him since October 1 in Balaídos.

After their respective draws with Sevilla (1-1) and Valencia (2-2), pucelanos and culés will face each other for a result that let the first out of the red zone and in the second to shorten the gap with the leadership, widened to eight points after the stumble two days ago at the Camp Nou.

In the premises the Joaquin’s return to the center of defense It will be one of the changes in the eleven of Sergio González, who will be able to count on Javi Sánchez and have Guardiola drop, after a bad feeling in the hamstring in the game against Sevilla.

The coach will not have Saidy Janko who is still out, but in his position, a priori, Hervías will come out again, since the coach praised the player’s performance, turned right back “to give a solution to the problem in that position.”

Gónzalez has advanced that “there will be variations” with respect to the team that jumped to Sánchez Pizjuán, since “both Sevilla and Barcelona are two rivals that require a high effort in the tilts and transitions” and “it will be good to rotate and give minutes to those who have had less.”

Aware that Barça can “you can change the chip at any time”, Sergio is committed to “playing with daring and impudence in attack and to continue improving in defense to leave a clean sheet” against an opponent who “cannot lose any more points.”

Barcelona needs a victory not to get off the hook and find a consistency that resists him after failing again when he seemed to have everything on his face.

The momentum that produced last week’s victory against Real Sociedad (2-1) was diluted by the draw with Valencia, which deprived them of link three wins in a row and keep track of Atlético and Real Madrid.

On your visit to Valladolid, The culés are also faced with the challenge of winning again away from home in LaLiga after more than two and a half months of drought, after doing so for the last time on October 1 against Celta de Vigo (0-3) in Balaídos.

Barcelona coach Ronald Koeman hopes to reverse this situation without the need to make many changes in the eleven. It is expected to continue in the central couple to Óscar Mingueza and Ronald Araújo, who scored a goal against Valencia.

In the core, the young midfielder Pedri González will accompany Sergio Busquets and Frenkie de Jong although, if Koeman decided to do rotationsYou could exchange any of these three pieces for the Bosnian Miralem Pjanic.

In attack, Philippe Coutinho appoints alternate. Martin Braithwaite could again accompany the fixed Griezmann and Messi, who against Valencia equaled Pelé’s record of 643 goals scored in the same team.

Probable lineups:

Real Valladolid: Masip; Hervías, Joaquín, Bruno or Javi Sánchez, Nacho; Jota or Toni Villa, Alcaraz, Roque Mesa, Óscar Plano; Marcos André, Weissman.

Barcelona: Ter Stegen; Dest, Araújo, Mingueza, Jordi Alba; Busquets, De Jong, Pedri; Braithwaite, Griezmann and Messi.

Referee: Melero López (Andalusian Committee)

Stadium: José Zorrilla

Time: 22: 00h.


Classification: Barcelona occupies the fifth place. Real Valladolid, the eighteenth, in relegation places.

The key: Check if Barcelona is able to meet again with the three points to finally start a regular dynamic of victories that brings it closer to the leadership.

The data: Barcelona have not won away from the Camp Nou for more than two and a half months, on October 1 in their visit to Balaídos against Celta de Vigo (0-3).

The phrase: Sergio González: “I am sure that Real Valladolid will have options, because against the greats they have always shown their face and in the last visits of Barça, the score has been very tight”.

The environment: The acceleration of Ousmane Dembélé in the recovery of his injury in the hamstring of the right leg gives a reason for optimism to Barcelona.