Apple iPOD -ALL models and their history- – clipset

Apple iPOD -ALL models and their history-clipset This gigantic original iPod prototype leaked on its 20th anniversary is basically airApplesfera The iPod celebrates 20 years and this was one of the prototypes of the 1st generationIPhone news The 5 Steve Jobs prophecies that never came to passClarion Extremely rare first-generation iPod prototype comes to lightComputer […]

The entrepreneur who lied to Steve Jobs and lost the business of his life

“Fake it ‘till you make it” (Lie until you make it, in English) is a phrase widely heard in Silicon Valley for entrepreneurs who are starting and approach investors to convince them to participate in their idea or even sell their business to them. Ali Parvoti via Twitter / Getty Images via Entrepreneur US However, […]

The analyst revealed the differences between the iPhone 14 and its predecessors

The new kind Apple is working on a completely new iPhone, which will not be similar to the improvement of the previous one, as happened with the iPhone 13. This was announced by well-known analyst, Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman in the new issue of the newsletter Power On. According to him, the American tech giant […]

A new project after the iPhone success is missing so far

Tim Cook at the opening of the Apple Tower Theater A completely new product that comes close to the success of the iPhone is still missing from his trophy cabinet. (Photo: AP) San Francisco If the prognoses for Apple’s iPhone event are correct, it will be a celebration of small steps: The four new iPhone […]

The French Alice Guy-Blaché was a pioneer of early narrative cinema

EA fairytale-like derivation of the gender difference goes like this: Girls come from roses, boys from cabbages. There are cultures where the stork brings the children, and then there are those where they grow in vegetables. The French filmmaker Alice Guy knew the story of vegetables and adapted it to a small film in the […]

An “email” to Gates reveals his opinion on the way Jobs works

In that letter, Bill Gates expressed his admiration for Jobs’ performance and his astonishment at the way he worked and his accomplishments. “Steve Jobs has an amazing ability to focus on the things that matter, to surround himself with people who have the ability to create good user interfaces, and to market in a revolutionary […]