Again and again on Sundays: Stefan Mross seriously – “bad pictures”

“Always on Sundays” (ARD): Stefan Mross with serious words – “very, very bad pictures”

Every Sunday: 3 facts that you don’t yet know about Stefan Mross

Every Sunday: 3 facts that you don’t yet know about Stefan Mross

Stefan Mross has been moderating “Always again on Sundays” since 2005. Here are three facts you didn’t know about the trumpeter and singer.

show description

It is the start of the Schlager Sunday: The ARD-Show „Everytime on Sundays” With Stefan Mross spreads a good mood for many fans even at the breakfast table.

But this Sunday everything was different – “Everytime on Sundays“-Moderator Stefan Mross did not come, as usual, singing and happy on the stage in the Europapark Rust. Instead, you saw the pop star unusually serious.

“Always on Sundays”: ARD broadcast with an unexpected beginning

Parts of Germany are still fighting the effects of the floods of the last few days, many people have died or are still missing. That also lets “Everytime on Sundays“-Star Stefan Mross not cold.


This is ‘Always on Sundays’:

  • “Always again on Sundays” has been broadcast on ARD since 1995
  • First the show was moderated by Max Schautzer – followed by Sebastan Deyle and, since 2005, Stefan Mross
  • The name “Always Sunday again” alludes to the song of the same name by Cindy and Bert
  • Stars from the pop and folk music scene are guests on the show
  • Helene Fischer and Florian Silbereisen have also performed with Stefan Mross


The 45-year-old does not start the sixth edition in 2021 as usual – singing with the classic “Immer wieder Sundays” by Cindy and Bert – but with a serious expression.

“Usually we start our show very differently. But we are like you – we saw very, very bad pictures and many of you have experienced bad things, ”explains the moderator directly. “Dear citizens in North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate, meanwhile also in parts of Bavaria, Saxony, Austria – you are not alone,” said Stefan Mross sympathetically.

+++ “Always on Sundays” star Stefan Mross: wife Anna-Carina speaks plain language – “It’s difficult” +++

“Always again on Sundays” (ARD): Action from hit guests causes criticism

Then he makes it clear: “We want to show you that we are with you.” That applies to him, host Stefan Mross and “to all of my guests” who have already gathered around the moderator.

Then Stefanie Hertel’s ex-husband starts a song of encouragement (“Hand in Hand”), supported by his wife Anna-Carina Woitschak and the guests around Bernhard Brink, Olaf Berger, Tamara Kapeller and many others. The data of a donation account are shown again and again.


More on “Always again on Sundays” (ARD):


However, the special gesture does not go down well with all “Always Sunday again” viewers. On Twitter there is a hail of criticism under the corresponding hashtag: “Oh wonderful. The Schlager do-gooders are back at the start. Perfect world. Save the song and just donate without raising it, ”commented a user on the campaign. Another writes: “With the song for the flood victims, the topic is ticked off and you can go back to the ideal world of hit music.”

The counterpart to “Always again on Sundays”, the ZDF “TV Garden”, takes place regularly on this Sunday – but without YOU. You can read here which popular singer canceled her performance at short notice.


Daring stunt by Jackass star ends with a shark bite –

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“Mother calls you a scarecrow throughout the country”: Miro felt sorry for her daughter Uspenskaya

Last year, Lyubov Uspenskaya had a big quarrel with her only daughter Tatyana Plaksina. The star heiress publicly accused her mother of abuse, after which she fled to her father in America.

Recently, the girl returned to her homeland and reconciled with her parent. She now lives in her house. Ouspenskaya protects her daughter, not allowing her boyfriends to approach her. The singer is afraid that “scoundrels” will take advantage of Tatiana’s credulity.

The artist’s words angered Lena Miro.

“Can you imagine what a nightmare poor Tanya, who is already over 30, lives in? Her own mother throws her legs on her, regularly kisses her mouth and injects into her head the idea that only “scoundrels” who “want to settle down” can want her, ”said the blogger.

According to the celebrity, Ouspenskaya insults her daughter with her statements.

“I, of course, understand that Tatiana is not the most beautiful and, in principle, not a beautiful woman, but hearing about how the mother all over the country calls you a scarecrow that you cannot want, it surely hurts,” Lena wrote on her blog.

Miro advised Plaksina to stop paying attention to her mother’s words and focus on her talents. Namely, drawing.

“You, Tan, unlike many others, are cool. And I like your pictures. You can be wanted and loved, but you shouldn’t care. Do not waste yourself on what is important to the layman. Don’t let your mother hammer into your head the standards of life that she and borshch chickens follow, ”the blogger summed up.


Bluntly: movie and music stars who made their mental health issues public

Consolidated and successful figures such as Emma Stone or “La Roca” have shamelessly recounted their experiences

On May 31, the Japanese tennis player Naomi Osaka at Roland Garros withdrew from the competition due to anxiety problems, but a few days before, Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds shared with his Instagram followers his struggle with anxiety, “an eternal companion”, he said, although it was not the first time he made reference to her.

“We don’t talk enough about mental health and we don’t do enough to remove the stigma of talking about it. But, as with this publication, better late than never, I hope… ”, wrote the actor we saw in the film“ Deadpool ”.

In addition to Reynolds and Osaka, other public figures have openly shared their experiences, helping to make these issues of the mind visible and normalize.

“I am very susceptible to depression. I can get in and out quite easily, “London singer Adele commented in 2016 in an interview with Vanity Fair.

“It started when my grandfather died, when I was about ten years old and, although I have never had suicidal thoughts, I have had to go to therapy,” he added.

Adele also revealed that she had suffered mentally after the birth of her son Angelo: “I had a very bad postpartum depression after having my son, and it scared me.”

The singer assured that she was reluctant to talk about it and that four of her friends felt the same, but that they were too ashamed to share it.

“I spent a time when I was really depressed,” the American singer Miley Cyrus told Elle magazine in 2014, to the point that she locked herself in her room and her father had to break down the door to enter. He also said that people do not know how to approach the subject and that nothing happens to feel sad. “Everyone can benefit from talking to someone. I am the most anti-drug person there is, but some need it and there was a time when I was also treating myself with drugs ”.

Dakota Johnson told AnOther magazine in 2015 that auditions were still tough for her. “Sometimes I panic, to the point that I don’t know what I’m doing. I have a total anxiety attack. He usually has them all the time anyway, but with the worst auditions. They terrify me ”.

Dakota participated remotely in one of Jimmy Fallon’s shows this year, where she recounted that she suffered a panic attack on set while preparing a scene from the movie “Our friend” in which she had to sing. He assured that the panic episode manifested itself in all possible ways. “I was running around and then I started laughing hysterically and the whole team saying ‘but what is he doing?’ . I started running, laughing. Then I stood up and started crying, ”he commented.

“The struggle and pain are real,” said the American actor and professional wrestler, popularly known as “The Rock” or “The Rock”, Dwayne Johnson in an interview with the Express publication, adding: “I was devastated and depressed” . The actor recounted his mother’s suicide attempt when he was only 15 years old and how, years later, several injuries prevented him from playing professional football and also, after a short period of time, his girlfriend broke up with him. “That was my worst moment,” he said.

“We all go through the mud / shit and depression never discriminates. It took me a long time to realize it, but the key is not to be afraid to open up. You are not alone, ”Johnson wrote on Twitter after the interview was posted in 2018.

Another actress who knows what a panic attack is is 32-year-old American Emma Stone. She said that the first time it happened to her, even as a child, she was at a friend’s house and she was convinced that his house was on fire. She had to call her mother, who took her to her residence to convince her that nothing was wrong. “I had a lot of anxiety as a child. I spent a lot of time in therapy. From eight to ten years old. I was borderline agoraphobia. I couldn’t get away from my mother ”, he told Glamor magazine in 2011. He also assured that he no longer suffered from panic attacks, but from anxiety.


Hand in hand: Katy Perry and Orlando enjoy date night

You are apparently still as in love as on day one! Katy Perry (36) and Orlando Bloom (44) are going like clockwork. Only a few months ago the two crowned their love happiness with their first child together – daughter Daisy. Their relationship and love for one another has apparently not been pushed into the background by any means – on the contrary: Worked on a date night Katy and Orlando like two teenagers in love!

On Monday, the two were guests at an event for the luxury brand Louis Vuitton in Paris. While the singer and the actor posed together quite professionally at the photocall, after the official part they strolled through the location in love. Via Instagram the two shared this cute moment with their fans. Holding hands and with a broad smile on their faces, the lovebirds strolled through the corridors.

Fans of Katy and Orlando were over the moon at this enamored sight of the two. “You’re just so cute together”, “You two look really good together” or “These pictures radiate so much love”, wrote among other things three followers on the net. How do you like the snapshots? Vote in the poll!

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom in July 2021
Katy Perry und Orlando Bloom
Katy Perry und Orlando Bloom


ARD star Gerhard Delling is in love again

The former “Sportschau” presenter Gerhard Delling is taken again. The 62-year-old found happiness in the steak house heiress Christa Block.

Photo series with 13 pictures

For a long time it was quiet about Gerhard Delling’s love life. In 2003, the former head of the sports program at NDR married for the second time. The television journalist Isabelle Delling (née Wagner) also worked for the broadcaster. The two had a daughter, and the 62-year-old has two more daughters from his first marriage.

But in 2014 the relationship failed. The couple divorced. Now the TV presenter and sports journalist is happily forgiven again, as reported by the magazine “Bunte”. The 46-year-old is the daughter of Eugen Block, who among other things founded the steak house chain “Block House”. The businesswoman now owns 16 percent of the block group that she leads with her two brothers.

Christina Block with her parents Eugen and Christa Block. (Source: IMAGO / Stephan Wallocha)

Blended family with seven children

Not the only thing for which Christa Block is responsible. She is also a single mother of three daughters and one son. Together with Delling’s three children, this makes a good blended family with seven children.

That doesn’t seem to be a problem for the couple. In an interview with the magazine Delling reveals what a good relationship looks like for him: “Openness, clarity, self-confidence and of course love. Everything else may be comfortable, but at some point you realize that this is not authentic.” Otherwise boredom quickly arises and that is not in Delling’s interest. “I like a certain, benevolent culture of criticism.”

About himself and his new partner Christa Block, the TV star only says: “Yes, we are a couple.” He’ll probably prefer to keep the rest to himself.


Years of absence .. Why did Mimi Jamal decide to return to art?

The Egyptian artist decided to return to the art scene through a new work under the title “Sayeda Zainab”, but she quickly apologized for it, because she did not like the role, waiting for a better opportunity to stand in front of the camera, through an influential role that suits her.

Backstage and absence

And the Egyptian artist revealed, in her interview with “Sky News Arabia”, the scenes of her absence and her return to the art scene, stressing that the main reason behind her departure from art is the death of her late husband, Hassan Mustafa, more than 5 years ago, following up by saying: “It was a very difficult period, so I did not I could comprehend life after his departure, as our relationship, which extended for about 41 years, makes any person lose his balance and become disoriented, due to the departure of his life companion.”

She added that she did not think about the decision to retire while she was sitting at home after the death of her husband, as much as she considered it an opportunity to rest and follow her children and grandchildren, explaining that during this period, the artist Ahmed Helmy spoke with her to participate with him in the movie “Lav and Doran”, produced in 2017, and therefore welcomed With the idea that it was an opportunity for her to come out to life again and overcome the sorrows of her husband’s separation, which was supported by her participation in the movie “High Pressure” produced in 2019, starring Nidal Al-Shafei and Ayten Amer.

Mimi indicated that she did not participate in any works after the movie “High Pressure”, noting: “I was not offered any work after that, so I felt a strong desire to get some rest and devote myself to my personal life with my children, especially since I have been working in acting since I was I am 9 years old and did a lot of work in cinema and theater, without rest.”

She confirmed her happiness at spending this period with her children and grandchildren, continuing by saying: “I have always felt shortcomings in the rights of my children and grandchildren, so this period was an opportunity to make up for this absence.”

Inappropriate roles

The Egyptian artist described the feeling of her return to the art scene after her absence, when she was a guest on one of the Egyptian programs, saying: “When I was on the program and sat in front of the cameras and lighting, I felt that standing in front of the camera is my favorite place.”

And about the series “Al-Sayeda Zainab”, which was scheduled to be her first work after her return to acting, Mimi said: “The series family spoke to me about participating in the series, and I had no objection to working, but when I read the role, I found it not suitable for me, so I preferred to apologize, Because of my ambition to return to the public in a more effective and influential role.”

And she continued: My return to acting is contingent upon participating in roles appropriate to my artistic history, and it is possible that I refuse other roles that may be weak or do not present me new.

artistic vision

Mimi Jamal confirmed that she loves diversity in her work and presents effective personalities with a message such as the “mother” character, explaining that the role of the mother is the most suitable person for her in that period.

When asked, “Would she agree if she was offered the role of a guest of honor”, she replied that she would welcome the idea if the role was appropriate and did not diminish her artistic history.

On the possibility of returning to the theater, Mimi said that she does not prefer to return to the theater at the present time.

trend phenomenon

Jamal added that she does not recognize the so-called “trend”, because success is for the entire work and not for the hero of the work only, and in the end there are audiences and critics who judge who is the best.

In this context, Mimi Jamal advised actors and directors not to rush to work, for the sake of “trend”, stressing that the audience is conscious and is moving towards purposeful things that address and respect their mind.

Touching times

When asked about the most influential times she experienced after the departure of her husband, Hassan Mustafa, she said: “The death of the artist Samir Ghanem was a stab in my heart, as it affected his death very much, and I felt very depressed, as the late represented all the comedy for all of us.”

And about her future ambitions, she revealed that the artist, no matter how old he is, does not feel that he has fully achieved his ambition, and that as long as he remains alive, he will continue to work until he always offers the best.

Mimi Jamal concluded her dialogue with “Sky News Arabia” by sending a message to her late husband, the artist Hassan Mustafa, “I miss you and am very tired after your separation, but I am trying to hold on.”


ZDF shows EM quarter-finals: Suddenly YOU can be seen in the stands

ZDF shows EM quarter-finals: Suddenly YOU can be seen in the stands

These are the eleven EM stadiums

These are the eleven EM stadiums

The 2021 European Championship will be held in eleven different countries and eleven different cities. We will introduce you to all of the venues.

show description

The EM quarter-finals between Italy and Belgium were probably one of the most beautiful games of the EM 2021 for the audience. And not just because of the ball skills of the players on the pitch, like that ZDF showed in a short sequence.

Because already when the hymns were played it was swinging ZDF-Camera on the loudly singing along with the Italian fans. And wait: we know one of the people in the audience.

ZDF broadcasts EM quarter-finals and films YOU

It was a great quarter-finals of EM 2021: That ZDF was there live when Italy played the 32nd game in a row without defeat in front of 13,000 spectators.

You could see the pride of the Italians right from the start when they sang their national anthem. When it came from the speakers of the Allianz Arena, he emerged ZDF all of a sudden a person comes up that you already know from German television.

As Vox presenter of the docu-soap “Biete Rostlaube, sucht Traumauto”, 41-year-old Panagiota Petridou is actually nothing new to be in the TV spotlight.


This is Panagiota Pertridou:

  • Panagiota Pertridou was born on July 13, 1979 in Solingen
  • She became known through the VOX documentary “Biete Rostlaube sucht Traumauto”
  • Panagiota Pertridou was a successful handball player. She played for the women of Borussia Dortmund and Fortuna Düsseldorf, among others


However, when she was caught by ZDF on Friday singing the Italian national anthem loudly in the audience stands, it still seems to have been a special moment for the Vox presenter.

ZDF mocks the Greek Vox presenter in the Italy grandstand

Even if Panagiota Petridou is a native of Greece, she seems to have sided with the Italians at the 2021 European Championship.

Even before the quarter-finals, the Vox presenter posted a picture on Instagram in which she proudly held up the Italy flag. The big surprise followed after the game. “Am I coming on TV now?” Wrote Panagiota Petridou under an Instagram post. In addition, she posted the said ZDF scene.


More TV news:


A Greek woman who is now on the side of the Italians? This could probably be because Panagiota Petridou married a man of Italian descent. So her heart seems to be beating for three countries at the same time: Germany, Greece and Italy.

This weekend there was also a lot going on at the ZDF “TV Garden”. The spectators even had to be evacuated. What happened?

While ARD broadcast the semi-finals between Italy and Spain on Tuesday evening, ZDF countered with THIS successful format.

Sky: Next setback in rights – it hits the pay TV giant at a sensitive point

More and more streaming services have to fight for their position on the Internet. The competition doesn’t make life easier for Sky either. The next blow now follows. All information here >>>


Globular cluster Palomar 5 is full of black holes

The globular star cluster Palomar 5, around 80,000 light years away in the constellation Snake, may not look as good as some of its other spherical celestial colleagues. It is faint, and among the around 150 known globular clusters that astronomers know in our galaxy, it is one of the lower-mass representatives with not quite as many stars. Its star density is barely higher than that in our own stellar neighborhood – and after all, we are not in a globular cluster.


“Infinite”: Katy Perry shares sweet kiss photo with Orlando

Katy Perry (36) is still on cloud nine! Since 2016, the singer and Orlando Bloom (44) had had an on-off relationship again and again, but ultimately got engaged three years later. The actor and the “Roar” interpreter crowned their love with the birth of their daughter: Last year they became the parents of little Daisy Dove – and the two apparently couldn’t be happier with their lives: Well made Katy her Orlando a sweet declaration of love.

On Instagram the musician posted two snapshots from their vacation in Turkey with their loved one, showing the couple standing at the edge of an infinity pool. In one photo they both grin happily at the camera, in another they give each other a loving kiss on the mouth. “Infinite and Beyond”, titled Katy the small photo series.

Only a few days ago the lovebirds were photographed by paparazzi on a day together on the beach. You can see that they really enjoy their time together – they could hardly keep their hands off each other. Katy and Orlando splashed in the sea and kissed tenderly over and over again.

Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry in Turkey 2021
Orlando Bloom und Katy Perry
Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom in Venice in June 2021