Despite the pandemic: Justin and Hailey Bieber are vacationing in Hawaii

Justin Bieber (26) took a break in the current crisis situation together with his wife Hailey (24). The singer and the model like to travel together. Only last summer they went on a road trip through the USA together and diligently shared vacation photos. And even now they escaped from their everyday lives and enjoyed a trip to Hawaii – despite the pandemic!

Justin divided up Instagram a whole series of snapshots from their vacation together – and the two seem to have experienced a lot. In addition to excursions to the sea including snorkeling units, they were also on the move by car and motorcycle. But in the meantime the couple is back home, because they wrote about one last photo Justin wistful: “We will miss you Hawaii.”

Justin and Hailey are not the only US stars who wanted to escape the dreary everyday life: The actress Naomi Watts (52) and her ex Liev Schreiber (53) have now been separated for five years – but their separation did not stop them from working together to drive away: Between the years they spent time off with their two sons in snowy northern Italy.

Justin and Hailey Bieber, January 2021
Hailey and Justin Bieber, January 2021
Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber in Venice, September 2016


Justice League: Star flies out of the DC Cinema Universe

The emotions are boiling in the DC universe: A star has said goodbye to his role in Justice League. After a fight with Warner Bros, Ray Fisher will not return to his old role. We’ll tell you what it’s all about in this article.


Ibiza and Córdoba star in a sounded cup bombing

Ibiza’s midfielder, Javi Pérez.

Ibiza and Córdoba, both from Second Division B, provided a resounding bang in the Copa del Rey, by eliminating Celta and Getafe, respectively, in the thirty-second finals that Sevilla, Villarreal and Valladolid did, who exercised their status as favorites.

Ibiza blushed the Vigo team (5-2). The Cordoba team accentuated the Getafe crisis (1-0) and Alcorcón qualified at the expense of Zaragoza, in the duel between two teams of Second.

The enthusiasm of the weak prevailed in the Nuevo Arcángel and the Municipal de Can Misses, where Córdoba and Ibiza lived a historic afternoon.

The UD Ibiza, from Segunda B, shattered Celta’s expectations (5-2), in a match controlled by the Ibizans, except in the final stretch, when the Vigo team reacted with the entry into the field of Santi Mina, Denis Suárez and Brais Méndez.

Celta, as their coach, Argentine Eduardo Coudet, feared, took many minutes to adapt to the Can Misses synthetic turf, a circumstance that the Balearic team took advantage of to get the tie back on track with three goals in 28 minutes.

The first two were by Sergio Castel; the third, by Javi Pérez. All this, before a completely overwhelmed Celta, without ideas or conviction to stop the devastating local attack.

Molina, from a penalty, aimed at Celta, who closed the gap with goals from Santi Mina and Scottish Jordan Holsgrove. Later, Ángel Rodado rounded off Ibiza’s win and left the Galicians in evidence.

Córdoba, also from Second B, managed to eliminate Getafe in a match in which the Andalusian team took advantage of their order against an opponent unable to react to an early goal by Willy Ledesma that knocked down José Bordalás’s men, who prolong their state of crisis in this tournament.

The Madrid team is out of the tournament while Córdoba extended its cup adventure.

Sevilla passed the second round after beating Linares Deportivo without setbacks (0-2) in a match that resolved in psychological moments, with a goal at the end of the first half in a free kick masterfully thrown by Óscar Rodríguez and another at the beginning of the second period marked by Fran Lara in own goal.

Villarreal also continues ahead in the Cup. Zamora (1-4) from Segunda B, stood up in some moments but had to surrender to the good work of the young people of the Castellón team.

Unai Emery, Villarreal coach, had Etienne Capoue, a newcomer from English Watford, who accused his lack of coupling and barely came into play in a match in which the yellow Yeremi, Baena and Chukwueze stood out and in which the rojiblanco Ramos signed the goal of the day with a strong shot.

The Colombian Carlos Bacca opened the account to which Yeremi, Fer Niño and Raba joined. Ramos, on the brink of halftime, scored the only local goal, which provisionally put the Zamoranos in the tie.

Marbella made Valladolid suffer (2-3), who needed extra time to advance to sixteenths. Jose Manuel Aira’s squad took the game to the limit in added time. A goal from Panamanian Irving Jahir Gudino López extended the duel to the extra half hour. It was the tie at two goals that neutralized Valladolid’s advantage for the second time, which took the lead first with a goal by Kuki Zalazar, to which Esteban Granero responded with a penalty and later with that of Oscar Plano.

In extra time, Oscar Plano appeared again to relieve Valladolid and seal his pass.

Alcorcón was the winner in the duel between ‘second’. He went back to Zaragoza (2-1), who took advantage early, at four minutes, with both Oliveira. Ernesto Gómez tied near the intermission and one minute from the end, José León rewarded the Madrilenians and stopped the Aragonese improvement shown with the arrival on the bench of Juan Ignacio Martínez.


“Out of Control”: French Montana on drug breakdown

Now he was making details public about a dark time in his life. French Montana (36) was admitted to hospital at the end of November 2019 with heart problems and severe abdominal pain, where he ultimately stayed for two weeks. While it was still suspected at the time that the rapper had ended up in intensive care due to exhaustion and overwork, the true background is now known: French Montana openly admitted his breakdown was due to alcohol and drugs!

In an interview with XXL the musician remembered that phase. “Drank too much, too many pills – and then: ‘Boom’. I just overdid it for too long”, the “Unforgettable” interpreter confessed. For this reason, he now seems to have renounced drinks – he has not reached for a glass since his briefing over a year ago. Before that, it was a “real high point” when he was sober. “I was out of control,” the Moroccan native is now aware of.

In order to be able to concentrate on his health after being discharged, the rap star then largely withdrew from the public last year – including social media detox! “I think that was the hardest thing I’ve ever done … pulling myself together again”, so Karim Kharbouch, wie French Montana real name is called.

French Montana und Swae Lee, November 2020
French Montana, singer
French Montana im September 2019


New details of the state of health of Alisa Freundlich, who became ill with coronavirus

"Komsomolskaya Pravda" I learned how Alisa Freindlich, who is sick with coronavirus, feels.

“Komsomolskaya Pravda” found out how Alisa Freindlich, who is sick with coronavirus, feels.

Photo: Alexander GLUZ

“Komsomolskaya Pravda” continues to monitor the health of Alisa Freundlich, who has been in a St. Petersburg hospital for a week due to coronavirus infection. Recall that almost the entire family fell ill with the infection – the daughter and granddaughter of the People’s Artist of the USSR. Before the New Year, the doctors reported that Alisa Brunovna was admitted to the intensive care unit. She breathed on her own, except that she received oxygen support from a mask, and even asked doctors to borrow a cigarette. Now the grave condition persists, but there are reasons for optimism.

– Alisa Brunovna’s condition is stable. She is in the intensive care unit as it is a holiday now and needs constant monitoring. She is in a good, optimistic mood. She shows her strong character, she is very friendly and understanding with the staff. We believe that it has overcome the crisis. According to laboratory data, there is an encouraging situation, – a source in the infectious diseases hospital told KP-Petersburg.

We add that 86-year-old Freundlich was admitted to the hospital with a lung lesion of 36 percent. As for the state of health of the granddaughter and daughter of the artist, they felt better.


“Fate decreed that we are together”: Alisa Freindlich’s daughter and granddaughter were admitted to the hospital with coronavirus on New Year’s Eve

Due to illness, the family will celebrate the holiday in the ward of the St. Petersburg hospital (details)

“Doctors do not give predictions”: Alisa Freundlich, who was hospitalized with coronavirus, had been treated at home for a week before

Now the actress is in the intensive care unit, she breathes on her own (details)

The state of health of Alisa Freundlich, a patient with coronavirus: the star of “Office Romance” suffers without the opportunity to smoke

On New Year’s Eve, Alisa Freundlich’s health condition remains consistently difficult (details)


Royal! TV witch Rachel Boston is related to Duchess Kate

Rachel Boston (38) rummaged through her family tree – and found amazing things! The actress gathered a large fan base in this country through her role as Ingrid Beauchamp in the series “Witches of East End” – and will soon be seen in her first Christmas film “Christmas Carousel”. In interviews about the strip, the native American now explained that her family roots partly lie in Great Britain, more precisely in a very special family: Over some corners the TV witch star is related to none other than Duchess Kate (38)!

In conversation with Southern Living the 38-year-old revealed that branches of her family tree have been royal for several years! “I’m very, very distantly related to Duchess Kate. I’m like her eighth cousin or something “announced Rachel proud. Thanks to her mother she found out in the first place, because she was fascinated by genealogy: “She knew that the mother of Kate’s father had the same last name as my grandma. We checked everything and in fact we are distantly related.”

Will Kate also know about her distant relatives from the USA? The Briton has only been part of the British royal family since April 29, 2011 – and had no blue-blooded connections before. The normality from her childhood and youth is said to have preserved the mother of Prince George (7), Prince Louis (2) and Princess Charlotte (5): “She lives the life of a working mother with three small children – just that she has a different type of day job than most, ”a source recently revealed People.

Rachel Boston im August 2015
Duchess Kate in August 2020
Rachel Boston, actress


Busy Philipps, actress of ‘And where are the blondes?’ reveals that his 12-year-old daughter is gay – Diario La Prensa – La Prensa de Honduras

  1. Busy Philipps, actress of ‘And where are the blondes?’ reveals that his 12-year-old daughter is gay – Diario La PrensaThe Press of Honduras
  2. Actress of Where are the Blondes? reveals her daughter is a lesbianThe New Radio YA
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Did the star of Bethlehem really exist?

Jose Manuel NievesJose Manuel Nieves



It is one of the images most closely linked to Christmas. The star that led the Magi of the East to the very portal of Belen, where he child Jesus had just been born. Now what exactly did they see Melchior Caspar and Balthazar? Was it really a star? Or maybe a comet, a supernova, a meteorite, or even a simple conjunction of planets? Science has tried to explain the phenomenon and verify, as far as possible, its veracity. These are the results.

To find out what was the type of astronomical phenomenon observed by the Magi, the first step is to establish the dates with the maximum possible precision. And at this point the Bible does not help much, since it does not say anything about the exact day of Jesus’ birth, although it does relate the fact to historical events and figures, such as the reign of Herod.

Historians agree that the King of Judea he must have died sometime between 4 and 1 BC. And the Magi visited him shortly before his death, so his trip (and the appearance of the star that guided them), had to take place before those dates.

On the other hand, there are serious doubts that the birth of Jesus occurred on December 25. In the Bible, San Lucas speaks of the activity of the shepherds of the area on the days of birth, taking care of their flocks and newborn lambs at night, something that happens in spring, and not in the middle of winter.

In addition, December 25 is precisely the date on which the Romans, who dominated the region at that time, celebrated their Saturnalia, one of their most important festivities and for which streets and houses were decorated and gifts were exchanged. It is no coincidence that, to avoid being persecuted, the first Christians chose precisely that date to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Later, in the fourth century, when the Emperor constantine officially adopted Christianity, December 25 was preserved as Christmas Day.

But let’s go back to the question of the year. Historians today agree that the birth of Jesus did not occur 2020 years ago. And it is that the chronology that we use, which divides the years into AC (Before Christ) and DC (After Christ), and that was conceived by the Roman monk Dionysus the Meager in 523 AD it contains at least two significant errors.

The first is to place the year 1 AD immediately after the year 1 BC, without going through zero, an essential number in current mathematics and that, in fact, subtracts one year from whatever date we want to consider.

And the second is that Dionisio accepted the declaration of Clement of Alexandria that Jesus was born in the year 28 of the reign of Emperor Caesar Augustus, without taking into account that during the first years of his mandate he was known by his original name, Octaviano, until the Senate proclaimed him “Augustus” four years later. By the time the error was discovered, the chronology that we still use today was too well established to change and correct the four-year gap.

In summary, taking into account these errors, the birth of Jesus must have occurred in spring, and between the years 7 and 2 BC. So that is the time frame that astronomers must investigate to see if there was an event in the sky capable of attracting the attention of the Magi from the East so powerfully.

Four possibilities

From a purely astronomical point of view, there are four possibilities to explain the star of Bethlehem. The first is that it was a meteorite, but it is highly unlikely due to the fact that meteorites, which turn into a fireball upon entering the atmosphere, only last a few seconds before disappearing, and the star of Bethlehem shone for weeks on end.

The second possibility is that it was a comet, objects that, this time, can shine in the sky even for months. However, the most spectacular of all known comets, the Halley, whose orbit brings you close to Earth every 76 years and was last seen in 1986, was visible in Judea during August and September 11 AD, which does not coincide with the dates of Jesus’ birth. Of course, it could have been another comet, one that happened then and has not yet returned, but that is something we can never be sure of.

Furthermore, in ancient times comets were seen as signs announcing death and destruction, and not as heralds of the birth of a king or god. The Romans, for example, marked the death of the general Agrippa using the appearance of the Halley in 11 AD.

Another possible explanation, the third, is that what the Magi saw was the violent death of a star. And that brings us to two different possibilities: a nova or a supernova. In the first case, it is the way (a thermonuclear explosion) in which a star is suddenly released from an excessive accumulation of hydrogen on its surface.

It is very spectacular, if the star is close enough, and its appearance takes place unpredictably and at any time. The brightest appear suddenly, without warning, like a spectacular new light in the sky. Its brightness, after a few days, or even weeks, fades until it disappears completely.

On average, a visible nova is produced from our planet once every twenty years (the last was in 1975), so nothing prevents this, and not another, from being the phenomenon seen in Judea or the three Magi from the East. .

Much more spectacular, although less frequent to see, is a supernova, the catastrophic explosion of an entire star that reaches its end and whose brightness dwarfs even that of the entire galaxy that contains it. At the moment of the explosion, a supernova can be seen even in broad daylight, and its brightest brightness can last for months before starting to fade.

During the last thousand years, Humanity has witnessed four supernovae, in the years 1006, 1054, 1572 and 1604. In all cases, the chroniclers of each era referred to the phenomenon profusely. The Chinese, for example, report that the supernova of 1054 was visible for two months even in broad daylight.

The downside is that there is no definitive reference to the sudden appearance of an especially intense light in the sky at the time of Jesus’ birth. If it happened, no one in any culture documented the event, which seems to indicate that we should look elsewhere for the solution. Some Chinese texts speak of a possible nova in the spring of AD 5, but refer to it as a phenomenon of little importance and of little or no spectacularity.

The last (and perhaps the most likely) explanation is the possibility that the three Wizards witnessed an especially bright planetary conjunction, enough to make them believe that it was a new star. But was there any such planetary conjunction between 7 and 2 BC? The answer is yes. Astronomers have determined that, in that time interval, several planetary phenomena occurred that could have been interpreted as the star of Bethlehem.

The first of these was in the year 6 BC, it occurred between the planets Mars, Jupiter and Saturn and it happened in the constellation Pisces. The three worlds formed a brilliant geometric figure in the sky that must have been extremely beautiful and capable of attracting anyone’s attention. Another possibility is the “triple conjunction” of Jupiter and Saturn between the months of May and December of the year 7 BC. Jupiter’s “steps” over Saturn occurred on May 29, September 30, and December 5 of that year.

There is no doubt that all these events were perfectly visible, since they happened on the night face of the Earth. The two planets also shone very close to each other for eight long months, the time that is estimated to be necessary for the Magi to cover nearly a thousand km. of distance between Babylon and Judea.

However, what was surely the brightest of the planetary conjunctions of that time was the one that occurred between Venus and Jupiter in the constellation of Leo on August 12, 3 BC.

The two planets shone extraordinarily close to each other that day. And when Venus retired, Jupiter stayed with Leo for at least ten more months, adding its brightness to that of the star. If the encounter of the three Wise Men with Herod occurred during the spring of 2 BC, the dates would fit perfectly. In fact, after their first meeting and after Jupiter and Leo continued to shine together in the sky, Venus returned to the area and aligned with Jupiter in June 2 BC. On the 17th of that month the brightness of the two planets was so intense that they became confused.

Venus and Jupiter lowered slowly toward the horizon together as their brightness became one. By eight thirty in the afternoon, Jerusalem local time, they had practically merged into a single, luminous star. In a time when there were no instruments of observation, no sunglasses, it is very likely that observers were not able to distinguish the two individual objects and that they only perceived a single bright flash over the skies of Judea.

Was this what the Magi saw? For Science it is difficult to say. The only certainty is that these alignments occurred, and that they were clearly visible in a time that coincides with that of the biblical account. Beyond that, there are no absolute certainties. Everyone is therefore free to draw their own conclusions.

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Chrissy Teigen makes origami lily for her lost baby

Chrissy Teigen (35) now remembers her deceased baby in a very special way. In October, the model announced shocking news: it had a miscarriage. As the Lip Sync Battle-Co-presenter, she and her husband John Legend (42) have given their dead child the name Jack. In memory of him, the American has now posted a touching photo with a self-made paper flower.

Can be seen on it ChrissyHow she holds her daughter Luna Simone (4) in her arms with her eyes closed while she hugs her mother. They are holding a white origami flower in their hands. It is not just any plant, but a lily that symbolizes deep sadness. “This origami is for our Jack”wrote the 35-year-old Instagram for their moving reception.

Had in another post on the social media platform Chrissy declared a few days ago that she would not have any more children after her miscarriage. “Unfortunately I will never be pregnant again”, the mother of two had revealed on the net – that makes her very sad.

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend with their children Luna and Miles in December 2020

Instagram / chrissyteigen

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend with their children Luna and Miles in December 2020
Chrissy Teigen and her daughter Luna in December 2020

Instagram / chrissyteigen

Chrissy Teigen and her daughter Luna in December 2020
Chrissy Teigen, Model


Luxury Mansion in Boston: How Hilaria Baldwin Really grew up!

Now more details about her childhood and adolescence are coming to light! Hilaria Baldwin (36) has given her fans an account in the last few days: Social media users found out that Alec Baldwin’s (62) wife does not come from Spain, as previously claimed, but grew up in the USA. With the help of an artificial accent, she is said to have concealed her true identity. It is now known how Hilaria actually grew up …

Records of the Daily Mail According to the fitness lover, grew up in the luxurious Beacon Hill neighborhood in the US city of Boston. There she is said to have spent most of her childhood and adolescence in a four-million-dollar mansion – but she had previously claimed to have lived in the USA and Spain alike. “She has lived here since she was a child. Her name was not then Hilariabut Hillary. And she definitely didn’t speak with a Spanish accent “, a former neighbor of the 36-year-old told the media company.

Hillary Hayward-Thomas uses her accent like Hilaria before her wedding meant back to the fact that she had spent a lot of time in the sunny European country. Not only was she often on vacation there, she also went to school there. “It was a real mishmash”, the model explained in an interview with The New York Times.

Alec and Hilaria Baldwin in 2019
Hilaria Baldwin im Februar 2020

Instagram / hilariabaldwin

Hilaria Baldwin, wife of Alec Baldwin