Stadia: 9 Ubi games and the Ubisoft + beta arrive on the service

To allow the cloud gaming platform to be more attractive, the publisher has added episodes of its biggest franchises. In addition, the Ubisoft + beta is also accessible.

Google’s cloud gaming platform is not dead but will only rely on titles from third-party publishers, like Ubisoft, which is participating in the effort with 9 games coming soon to Stadia.

We find among them (old) grand crus such as:

For Rainbow Six Siege, we will have information during Ubisoft Forward of E3 2021.

Far Cry 6 will also be in the game when it launches on October 7, 2021.

Subscription Ubisoft+, which provides access to more than 100 home games for € 14.99 per month, extended its beta to Stadia in several European countries such as France, the Canada, UK, l’Germany, the Belgium et en Suisse.

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