“That will fly around SRF’s ears – unfortunately”

New SRF crime series «Tschugger»: «That will fly SRF around the ears – unfortunately» “Tschugger” is the name of the new SRF crime series from Valais, which starts this weekend. Our critic finds it a daring TV experiment. 24.11.2021 “Tschugger” is the name of the new SRF crime series from Valais, which started on Sunday. […]

“I almost had a guilty conscience”

The big winners of the SRF talent show: The “Tüüfner Gruess” family chapel from the village of the same name in Appenzell-Ausserrhoden. SRF/Oscar Alessio The Tüüfner Gruess trio won the “Stadt Land Talent” award. Father Werner Nef cannot yet fully grasp the triumph. But he knows exactly what he will do with the prize money […]

Federal Council does not want to give any more interviews to private media

Before the Covid regime, the Federal Council answered questions from journalists. The interviews for private media should also be over after the pandemic. No more interviews after the media conferences: it used to be possible (right). – Keystone / Nau.ch Ad the essentials in brief Before Corona, the Federal Council was available for bilateral interviews […]

Jann Billeter says goodbye with wet eyes

Could just hold back the tears: Jann Billeter at his SRF farewell. SRF The Olympic Games in Tokyo are the last SRF stop for sports journalist Jann Billeter. After 24 years, the man from Graubünden says goodbye to his long-term employer. It was difficult for him to hold back the tears. When you say goodbye […]

Parmelin gets on the roof by a pesticide activist

Yesterday, Friday evening, the pesticide initiative was discussed in the “Arena”. The debate was surprisingly respectful. Federal President Guy Parmelin represented the opponents of the pesticide initiative in the “Arena”. – Screenshot SRF Ad the essentials in brief On Friday, opponents and supporters of the pesticide initiative fought in the “arena”. Federal President and farmer […]