Prison rather than marriage

The riflemen of Guidonia Montecelio near Rome still can’t get over it. On Sunday October 24, a 30-year-old Albanian presented himself with an original request: he wanted to be sent to prison. The man, convicted of drug-related cases, was under house arrest. He explained to the gendarmes that his life was “turned into hell”. “I […]

Swiss Scientists Discover How To Prevent Virus From Infecting Other Cells

UA team of scientists at the Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne, Switzerland, has discovered a method to prevent the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, responsible for covid-19, from infecting other cells. The discovery – which could be crucial for future treatments against the disease – was published in the specialized journal “Developmental Cell” and announced this Monday by […]

Fed up with woman, man under house arrest asks to go to jail

Ua man under house arrest this Sunday presented himself at a police station asking to be taken to prison. The case took place in Italy. The detainee, a 30-year-old Albanian, claimed he could no longer live with his wife and would prefer to go to prison, reports AFP. “He spontaneously presented himself to the police […]

Parents say their daughter died during childbirth which looked like “horror movie”

MArisa Sheard and Michael Vernon lived, in May, one of the most tragic moments of their lives. The couple, who were preparing to welcome their daughter Winter into their family, ended up losing their daughter moments after giving birth. The child suffered head injuries following childbirth and, after being transferred from hospital, ended up dying […]

Erling Haaland injured – Jan Aage Fjörtoft shocked with testimony

The week-long absence of the Norwegian is a shock for all Dortmunders. But now it sounds like it could be a lot longer before the striker is back on the field. Is everything much worse? Last week, BVB coach Marco Rose announced that Top striker Erling Haaland of the team “several weeks” are missing will. […]

READ BACK: This was the 40th Rotterdam Marathon

Bashir Abdi is the first European to win the Rotterdam Marathon since 1998. The Belgian, who also won bronze at the Olympic Games this year, left former winner Marius Kipserem behind with a course record of 2.03.36. The 40th edition of the NN Marathon Rotterdam is also over for the thousands of recreational users. Read […]

Finally running again in the marathon of Rotterdam: ‘Party to be here!’ –

Finally running again in the marathon of Rotterdam: ‘Party to be here!’ Bashir Abdi sharpens rivalry between Rotterdam and Amsterdam European record at the anniversary edition of the Rotterdam MarathonNRC Barely rested from the Games, Bashir Abdi keeps home at the Rotterdam marathonVolkskrant Abdi after marathon win in record time: ‘Was almost deaf by […]

Tennis player Alexandrova lost in the Kremlin Cup final :: Tennis :: RBC Sport

Ekaterina Aleksandrova lost in the Kremlin Cup final to Estonian Anette Kontaveit. During the meeting, the Russian woman was leading 6: 4, 4: 0 Read us in News News Фото: Getty Images Russian tennis player Yekaterina Aleksandrova failed to win the VTB Kremlin Cup final. In the decisive match, 26-year-old Alexandrova lost to Estonian Anette […]