Crime in Atlanta! Hawks tremble to equalize 2-2 in the series against the Philadelphia 76ers

The Atlanta Hawks have equalized the Eastern Conference semifinals against the Philadelphia 76ers with a 103-100 win. Although the offense does not get going for long stretches of the game, Joel Embiid also has a horror evening on the other side. Led by Trae Young, the Hawks fight for their comeback victory.

The point guard was the top scorer of his team with 25 points. Although Young, like his colleagues, had problems with his throw (8/26 FG, 3/11 threesome), he set a personal playoff career record with 18 assists. Bogdan Bogdanovic scored 22 points (9/24 FG), John Collins (14 and 12 rebounds), just like Clint Capela (12 and 13), put on a double-double.

However, Atlanta only hit 36.6 percent from the field and 30 percent from downtown. This led to an 18-point lead for the Sixers, which fell apart in the second half. Above all, Joel Embiid remained completely pale offensively after the break. He finished the game with 17 points at 4/20 from the field and 21 rebounds.

The best scorer of the guests was Tobias Harris with 20 points, followed by Seth Curry with 17 points. Ben Simmons scratched a triple-double (11, 12 rebounds and 9 assists), but also dived in half two. The second half went to the Hawks with a total of 54:38, who thus equalized the series. In the night of Thursday it continues in Philadelphia.

Compared to Game 3, there were changes in the starting lineup on both sides. Furkan Korkmaz replaced the injured Danny Green at the Sixers, while Kevin Huerter moved into the top five for Solomon Hill on the home side. Both teams would have imagined the start of the game much better, both the Hawks and the Sixers didn’t get much offensive.

Sixers take control – Hawks shooter cold

While Embiid didn’t take a single finish in the zone in the first quarter, but instead was satisfied with 4 jumpers on the ring from the middle distance, Young also had enormous problems with his throw. In addition, the Hawks-Bigs left several alley oops, so that Philly slowly took control in the middle of the section despite a 1/8 start. After eight minutes, Curry sank the first Sixers three of the game, his second a little later put Philadelphia at +10. The guests went into the second quarter with 28:20.

At the start of the round, Young sat on the bench with a thickly wrapped right shoulder, and Embiid also had to be loud TNT treated in the cabin. But both came back on the floor and after five minutes in the second section, Young floated his first goal of the day, followed by a three from Embiid, also his first field goal. The Hawks fought their way back within striking distance, but Harris and Embiid dominated on the opposite side. Philly took control again with a 17: 3 run, the guests were up to 18 points in front. At halftime it was 62:49 for the Sixers.

After the break, the Hawks offense went much more smoothly, a crashing dunk from Collins brought the home side back to 8 points before Harris brought the celebrating Hawks fans back down on the ground. The fans were after another Collins putback hammer but back there. After a tough foul by Simmons on the Hawks-Big, he conceded a Flagrant 1.


NBA Playoffs: Philadelphia 76ers win Game 3 in Atlanta

The Philadelphia 76ers have clearly won Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals with 127: 111 and thus secured the 2-1 series lead against the Atlanta Hawks. The toxic defense of the Sixers makes life difficult for the home side, Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid also dominate on the other side.

Embiid finished the game with 27 points (7/14 FG and 12/16 FT), 9 rebounds, 8 assists and 3 blocks, the Hawks hardly had an answer to the center on either side of the court. Ben Simmons also delivered a strong two-way performance with 18 points (7/11 FG), 7 assists and a good defense against Trae Young.

The star duo of guests received diverse support from teammates, Tobias Harris marked 22 points (10/16 FG), 8 rebounds and 5 assists, Furkan Korkmaz (14), Dwight Howard (12) and Steh Curry (12) also had one to show double-digit points.

Young scored 28 points for the Hawks with good odds (9/17 FG, plus 8 assists), but thanks to the good Sixers Defense he was never really able to put his stamp on the game. John Collins came on 23 points, Bogdan Bogdanovic on 19 and Danilo Gallinari on 17. However, the entire team had to struggle with enormous problems from a distance (6/23 threesomes).

There were no changes in the starting lineups on either side. Young continued an early highlight with a perfect cross-court pass in Bogdanovic’s fingerswho sank the first three of the game after a few minutes of play. But it was to remain the only one for a long time. Atlanta had enormous problems against the toxic Sixers Defense, in which Matisse Thybulle replaced the injured Danny Green (calf strain) early on, especially with too many ball losses.


Boston Celtics and Kemba Walker are both reportedly hoping for trade

At the Boston Celtics, after the end of the season in the first playoff round, a lot is on the test bench, including a new head coach. There are also rumors about Kemba Walker.

The team and the multiple All-Star are said to have agreed to aim for a trade in the offseason. This comes from a report by Bleacher Report emerged. Accordingly, the relationship between the franchise and the player has been cracked since the previous offseason.

At that time, Danny Ainge, the recently retired team president, is said to have tried to trade Walker; Jrue Holiday (now Milwaukee Bucks) was the destination. A trade failed, but Walker got wind of it and was said to have been upset. Now Ainge has been inherited by the previous head coach Brad Stevens, but he is aiming to rebuild without Walker.

A report from the local TV station WCVB contradicts this representation, however, a source from the team is said to have described the interest in Holiday last summer as “total rubbish”. Walker has not yet informed the team that he no longer wants to play for the Celtics, it says.

The 31-year-old has had his toughest season in years. Due to injury, he missed 29 games of the regular season and also in the playoffs he had to suspend two games against Brooklyn. Walker has been playing for Boston for two years and will be entitled to a good $ 73 million with the Celtics for the next two years.


NBA Playoffs: Thanks to Joel Embiid and an X-Factor

The Philadelphia 76ers have re-registered against the Atlanta Hawks with a 118-102 win in Game 2 of the Conference Semifinals. Joel Embiid is the dominant figure, but in the end he has an unexpected helper.

Embiid, who was named second in the MVP election before the game, dominated the game with 40 points (13/25 FG, 12/16 FT) and 13 rebounds, but this time got more support than in game 1. Tobias Harris ( 22) was particularly strong in the first half, similar to Seth Curry (21, 5/6 threesome). The X-factor in the second half was Shake Milton, who was only brought on for the first time at the end of the third quarter and scored a quick 14 points (5/8 FG) that put the game out of reach.

On the other hand, Trae Young (21, 6/16, 11 assists, 4 turns) did not come into the game as strongly as last, but ended the game as a shared guest top scorer with Danilo Gallinari. Kevin Huerter (20) was also strong, while Bogdan Bogdanovic (14, 6/16) searched for his litter for a long time. With the hosts increasing defensive pressure, the Hawks had some problems.

Both teams started with the same starting fives as in Game 1, but this time Doc Rivers changed his coverage and had Simmons defend directly against Young. This measure also helped the Sixers get off to a far more serious start, which quickly made the audience at the Wells Fargo Center frenetic.

Sixers get off to a dream start in the first quarter

Harris in particular started brilliantly with 12 points and after a three from Green Philly was already in the middle of the first quarter with a 23: 6 lead. It was not until the bankers Huerter and Gallinari gave the Hawks a bit of an offensive rhythm, so that they could at least make up some ground by the end of the quarter. 33:20 for Philly.

In the second quarter, the Sixers offense came to a standstill without Embiid. Atlanta had Gallinari, who reared up further, after free throws from the Italian there were only 4 points difference. Embiid returned and received a poster dunk from Capela, but promptly answered it on the other side with pure power.


NBA Playoff Preview – Phoenix Suns vs. Denver Nuggets: Is One Big Man Enough For Nikola Jokic?

For the first time in 32 years, the Phoenix Suns meet the Denver Nuggets in the playoffs. The duels in the regular season were all close, but now the omens have changed. After LeBron James with Nikola Jokic, will the Suns also be the likely MVP from the postseason?

Here is an overview of all series.

Phoenix Suns vs. Denver Nuggets: The starting point

If it goes purely according to the results of the regular season, a close and high-class series awaits us. All three games were only decided in the final phase, twice it needed an extension, Denver won two of the three games. The parameters have changed, however, and little can be read from these three games, which all took place in January.

Jamal Murray wasn’t absent with a cruciate ligament rupture at the time, Aaron Gordon was still bobbing around in Orlando and Austin Rivers was on duty as a guard for the New York Knicks. Now the cards have been reshuffled, the Suns are favorites in this series. It is only logical, after all, Devin Booker and Co. knocked out the reigning champion with the Los Angeles Lakers and gave LeBron James an unexpectedly long offseason.

Phoenix isn’t just a 2-seed in the west, they play like one too. Deandre Ayton earned his spurs against Anthony Davis, role players like Mikal Bridges and Cameron Johnson proved that they can also perform on the big playoff stage.

And booker? Last but not least, he underlined with 47 points in a closeout game that he is one of the best guards and scorers in the league. There are only question marks behind Chris Paul, who dragged himself through the series with shoulder problems. The three-day break should do the 36-year-old good, he didn’t appear on the Injury Report before Game 1.

Suns vs. Nuggets: the series at a glance

game date Time Home Away
1 8. June 4 o’clock Suns Nuggets
2 10. June 3.30 a.m. Suns Nuggets
3 12. June 4 o’clock Nuggets Suns
4 14. June 2 O ‘clock Nuggets Suns
5* 16. June tba Suns Nuggets
6* 18. June tba Nuggets Suns
7* 20. June tba Suns Nuggets

With Paul, Phoenix can draw on unlimited resources, the Nuggets cannot. With Murray (cruciate ligament rupture), PJ Dozier (adductors) and Will Barton (thigh), Denver was missing three guards in the series against Portland, and Barton is hoping that he will be back in action in the coming days. Dozier could also return on a longer series.

The guard rotation remains a construction site. Facundo Campazzo made the best of the situation as the new playmaker, while Rivers, who joined the team at the end of the season on a ten-day contract, scored several important three-pointers in crunchtime. The “next-man-up” mentality is not just an empty phrase in Mile High City.

Of course, it helps to play alongside Nikola Jokic. The Serb makes every player around him better, be it through his passports or the enormous gravity that he possesses through his many skills. Whenever the nuggets needed him against Portland, Jokic was there and was in no way inferior to the famous Damian Lillard on the other side. Now the next Herculean task is waiting.

Phoenix Suns vs. Denver Nuggets: Facts and Figures

Stat Suns Nuggets
Bilanz Regular Season 51-21 47-25
Offensive rating (place) 116,3 (7) 116,3 (6)
Defensive rating (place) 110,4 (6) 111,5 (11)
Net-Rating (Platz) +5,9 (3) +4,8 (6)
Direct comparison 1-2 2-1


NBA Playoff Preview – Philadelphia 76ers vs. Atlanta Hawks: All eyes on Joel Embiid

The Philadelphia 76ers are the clear favorites in the Conference Semifinals against the Atlanta Hawks, but there are again concerns about Joel Embiid. How fit is the MVP candidate and how good are these hawks really? Game 1 of the series takes place on Sunday at 7 p.m.

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SPOX gives an outlook on all series of the conference semifinals in the coming days. Here is an overview of all series.

Philadelphia 76ers vs. Atlanta Hawks: The starting point

It wouldn’t be the Sixers if there wasn’t a certain amount of uncertainty despite a sovereign first-round win over the Washington Wizards (4-1). The reason for this is of course the injury to Joel Embiid, who tore a small tear in the meniscus in game 4 when he collided with Wizards center Robin Lopez.

Now the Sixers attach great importance to the word “small”, but if we have learned one thing in recent years, it is that the Sixers are extremely reluctant to speak the truth about injuries (see Markelle Fultz). Still, there is apparently hope that Embiid can already play in game 1. He is officially listed as questionable. It’s a dangerous game because a crack remains a crack and could potentially worsen under stress.

Game 5 against the Wizards was dominated by the Sixers even without their MVP candidate, with Ben Simmons being the center for long periods. That opened up space for Seth Curry or Tobias Harris, who held the ball more in their hands and were convincing in their roles. This should be an option again, should it not be enough for Embiid to kick off.

Sixers vs. Hawks: the series at a glance

game date Time Home Away
1 6. June 19 o’clock Sixers Hawks
2 9. June 1:30 Sixers Hawks
3 12. June 1:30 Hawks Sixers
4 15. June tba Hawks Sixers
5* 17. June tba Sixers Hawks
6* 19. June tba Hawks Sixers
7* 21. June tba Sixers Hawks

There are no such problems on the other side. With the exception of Cam Reddish, coach Nate McMillan can draw on the full potential, something that has rarely happened this season. It opens up completely new possibilities, especially for Trae Young. The playmaker played an excellent first playoff series, the defensive Knicks found no answer, but they didn’t really try too much.

It was still a good test for the Hawks, meanwhile McMillan staggered the minutes of Young and Bogdan Bogdanovic, which kept the offense going for 48 minutes. At the back, Clint Capela keeps the store tight, plugging many a hole that gets torn. The Swiss has improved again and is an even better defender than when he was Rockets.

With Embiid, however, a real endurance test is waiting for the federal bull. In the regular season, Capela looked pretty good against the Cameroonian, who didn’t even hit 45 percent of the field against the Hawks in three games.


Off for Head Coach Steve Clifford at Orlando Magic

Orlando Magic parted ways with their head coach Steve Clifford after three years. The team of the German national player Moritz Wagner announced on Saturday.

Clifford’s four-year contract would not have expired until after the coming season.

The 59-year-old had led the Florida franchise into the playoffs twice, but ended the current season with just 21 wins from 72 games.

The Magic, who have a good chance of a high pick in the upcoming Draft Lottery with third and eighth place, are apparently concentrating on a complete rebuild. In the past regular season they gave up three top performers before the trade deadline: Nikola Vucevic, Aaron Gordon and Evan Fournier.

According to Marc Stein from the New York Times Terry Stotts is considered a potential candidate for the Clifford successor. Stotts was fired from the Portland Trail Blazers on Friday. In addition to Orlando, the Blazers and the Boston Celtics are also looking for a new head coach.


Lakers legend Magic Johnson attacks Dennis Schröder: “He’s not a Laker”

Lakers legend Magic Johnson has strongly criticized the German point guard Dennis Schröder. For the Hall of Famer, Schröder is not a Laker, which is why he would not extend the Guard.

“I don’t think he’s a Laker,” said Johnson at AM 570 LA Sports. “But that’s just my opinion. I don’t know whether you want to extend with him or not. I think he doesn’t have the winning mentality and attitude that it needs.”

“He had a chance to prove himself in this series and he failed,” added the former point guard. “If you get him back then I’ll support him and cheer him on, I just don’t think he’s a Laker.”

Schröder came from Oklahoma City via Trade last offseason and put on 15.4 points, 5.8 assists and 3.5 rebounds on average over the season. In the playoffs, his numbers fell slightly, and he could not prevent the Lakers from getting out early against the Phoenix Suns.

Now the German becomes a free agent after rejecting early contract extensions twice. After the end against the Suns, Schröder never tired of emphasizing that he would like to play for the 2020 champion in the coming season.


Coach Jason Kidd appears to be a candidate for the Boston Celtics and Portland Trail Blazers

Jason Kidd could apparently get another chance as head coach of an NBA team in the summer. According to media reports, both the Boston Celtics and the Portland Trail Blazers are targeting the 48-year-old.

That goes from a report by Chris Haynes from Yahoo Sports emerged. Accordingly, it is assumed in league circles that the Boston Celtics will invite Kidd for an interview. The previous Celtics coach Brad Stevens recently took over the role of President of Basketball Operations in the front office, and Kidd is one of the candidates for his successor on the sidelines.

In Portland meanwhile, head coach Terry Stotts’ chair wobbles after the first round against the Denver Nuggets. Should the Blazers take a new path on the sidelines, Kidd is considered a top candidate, according to Haynes. This is also confirmed by Marc Stein from the New York Times.

Kidd has spent the past two seasons as Frank Vogel’s assistant coach with the Los Angeles Lakers. During his time in LA, he is said to have impressed the front office with “innovative ideas” and his skills as a communicator and motivator, says Haynes. Accordingly, the Lakers also assume that the Hall of Fame Point Guard will be in demand with several teams in the summer.

Before joining the 2020 Champion as Assistant Coach, Kidd was Head Coach of the Brooklyn Nets and Milwaukee Bucks. Taken together, he comes to a balance of 183-190 in four and a half years as the main person responsible for the Nets and Bucks in the regular season. In the playoffs he is 9-15, with the Nets he reached the second round in 2014.


Los Angeles Lakers are out! LeBron James and Co. lose Game 6 against Phoenix Suns

The reigning champion has to say goodbye to the playoffs! The Los Angeles Lakers also lost Game 6 against the Phoenix Suns 100-113. A catastrophic start for the Lakers and the outstanding Devin Booker put Phoenix on the road to victory. The comeback of LeBron James and Co. has not been crowned with success.

Booker was really on fire in the first quarter and gave the Lakers 22 points. In the end there were 47 points (plus 11 rebounds and 3 assists) with an outstanding 15/22 from the field and 8/10 from Downtown on the account of the Suns-Guard. After Charles Barkley, he is only the second player in franchise history to put up such numbers in the playoffs.

Jae Crowder also did well for the Suns with 6 three-pointers for 18 points, Chris Paul got 8 points (4/12 FG) and 12 assists in 29 minutes. His shoulder injury seemed to be affecting him, but the veteran’s experience was an important factor in bringing home the fourth quarter win.

The Lakers showed morale after a temporary 29-point deficit in the first half when the game seemed already decided. Led by LeBron James (29, 9 rebounds and 7 assists at 11/26 FG), Dennis Schröder (20, 6/14 FG) and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope (19), LA started a comeback, but the Lakers never came to less than ten points.

Anthony Davis was no help, although the Big Man tried to play despite his groin problems, but after five minutes he had to give up, the pain was too great. In the end, LeBron suffered his first first round bankruptcy in the postseason of his career after 14 wins in 14 appearances. Meanwhile, the Suns meet the Denver Nuggets in the second round, who prevailed against Portland.