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According to the National Anti-Terrorism Committee, they were planning attacks. The security forces blocked them near the village in the Sernovodsky region and offered to surrender, but the militants responded by opening fire


In Chechnya, during the counter-terrorist operation, two armed bandits were neutralized, according to the report of the National Anti-Terrorism Committee (NAC), received by RBC.

The NAC said that the decision to conduct the operation was made in order to prevent the militants from committing terrorist attacks.

The security forces received information that armed bandits are in the Sernovodsk region of Chechnya, the committee said. As a result, the security officials blocked them 2 km from the village of Assinovskaya and offered to surrender. The militants responded by firing automatic weapons.

FSB detained two members of Basayev and Khattab gangs

In August, several counter-terrorist operations were carried out in neighboring Ingushetia, during which militants were eliminated. On August 7, NAC employees eliminated two militants who were preparing terrorist attacks in the republic. The operation took place in Nazran and the village of Sagopsha, Malgobek region. Law enforcement officials found weapons, ammunition and an improvised explosive device at the scene of the shootout.


President of Karabakh together with special forces went to the front line

President of the unrecognized Nagorno-Karabakh Republic Arayik Harutyunyan stated that he was heading to the front line together with special forces units. Since September 27, martial law has been introduced in the republic and mobilization has been announced for men over 18 years old.

“Heavy fighting is taking place along the entire length of the contact line with varying intensity. Cities, including the capital, Stepanakert, are under artillery fire. The nation and homeland are under threat. Together with the special forces units I am heading to the front line. I will be more useful there than in the rear, ”Mr. Harutyunyan wrote on Facebook.

He called on his compatriots to defend their homeland. The time has come to become a powerful national army, he said. “This is our last battle, which we will definitely win,” the President of Karabakh said.

Earlier today, the press secretary of the president, Vahram Poghosyan, citing intelligence data, said that the losses of the Azerbaijani army during the fighting had already exceeded 3 thousand people. Azerbaijan reported that the military occupied new strongholds on the line of contact in Nagorno-Karabakh. Active hostilities between Armenia and Azerbaijan have been going on for almost a week.

More details about the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh – in the material of “Kommersant” “Karabakh does not surrender to diplomacy.”


How Macron is waging his secret wars

INVESTIGATION – Since his election, the President has launched increasingly offensive military operations and authorizes serial “neutralizations”. Our collaborator Vincent Nouzille investigated this top secret facet of presidential action.

By Vincent Nouzille

Emmanuel Macron, May 14, 2019, during the tribute ceremony to the two special forces soldiers who died on May 10 during an operation in Burkina Faso.
Emmanuel Macron, May 14, 2019, during the tribute ceremony to the two special forces soldiers who died on May 10 during an operation in Burkina Faso. Jacques Witt / SIPA

It was a summery, but chilling defense council. On August 11, 2020, from Fort Brégançon, President Emmanuel Macron meets by videoconference with his Prime Minister Jean Castex, the royal ministers, the chief of staff of the armed forces and the bosses of the intelligence services. The agenda is serious, mourning the murder, on August 9, of eight people, two Nigerians and six French members of the NGO Acted, in the Kouré reserve, near Niamey, in Niger. A real massacre committed by men arriving on motorcycles.

Until now, this area still seemed protected from repeated attacks by jihadist groups who have spread their guerrillas in several countries of the Sahel. The 5,100 French soldiers of Operation Barkhane have increased for six months the lightning operations aimed at weakening the two main rival nebulae, the GSIM (Support Group for Islam and Muslims), linked to al-Qaida, and the EIGS (Islamic State in the Great Sahara), affiliated with Daesh, in particular

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Police search for service weapons robbers with a large contingent

MWith several hundred officers, with helicopters, thermal cameras, special forces and a dog squadron, the Baden-Württemberg police continued to search for the 31-year-old Yves Etienne Rausch on Monday afternoon. “We are combing through the forest area, because we started the search early, we assume that he is still in the extensive forest areas,” said a spokeswoman for the police headquarters in Offenburg. The homeless man and gun man had threatened four police officers during a check on Sunday morning, and he is said to have managed to steal all four of the police officers’ weapons and then escape.

The check had been made following a tip from a citizen who had reported about a suspicious man in camouflage clothing near a forest hut. Initially, Rausch was cooperative when checking for police information. Then he is said to have pointed a pistol at the police, so that the officers had no choice but to hand over their service weapons. Rausch is said to have been armed with a bow and arrow.

The municipality in the Renchtal (Ortenaukreis) with almost 5000 inhabitants, west of Freudenstadt and east of Offenburg, is surrounded by parcels of the Black Forest. Oppenau alone has 2,000 hectares of communal forest. The forest has grown there densely and is difficult to access. Above all, it offers many hiding places, which made it difficult to find the suspect who had good local knowledge on Monday.

Schools and kindergartens closed

The public prosecutor’s office in Offenburg has meanwhile initiated an investigation into serious robbery and extortion in which the unauthorized use of a firearm against intoxication was carried out; the police are asking citizens to help with a public investigation. The schools, the swimming pool and the kindergartens in Oppenau had to be closed on Monday, the German air traffic control even imposed a flight ban. An innkeeper, who claims to have housed the suspect for a while, told the SWR that Rausch had also set up an arms store in his restaurant. The fugitive had left ammunition, pistols, a crossbow and bomb-making material in the attic of his house. Because the suspect had not paid his rent, he had the room cleared.

Rausch is said to have grown up in Oppenau, many villagers know him because he is said to have been out in the town more often with a long black coat and occasionally also with a rat on his shoulder. The “Badische Zeitung” reports on contacts to the so-called Reich Citizens’ Scene; the spokeswoman for the Offenburg police headquarters was unable to confirm this: “Nothing is known to us at the moment.” However, the man was noticed earlier under criminal law: Ten years ago, he was said to have been sentenced to a youth sentence for dangerous bodily harm. Uwe Gaiser, Mayor of Oppenau, said Rausch recently signed up with the registry office because he wanted to move abroad.